How Girls Can Try out New Styles: 45+ Fashion Tips

When it comes to being stylish, no one does it better than girls, but even they might hit a brick wall sometimes when everything starts to feel boring. Try to keep experimenting with different styles to keep things interesting. Here is how to start. 

Tips for girls to try out new styles 

Sort out your current wardrobe. This is the first step to trying out new styles, as until you realize what you have in your wardrobe and what does it lack, you will not find the right solutions. Sort your wardrobe and organize it now. 

Keep only what you wear. If your wardrobe is all cluttered with clothes that you hardly wear or haven’t worn in years, now would be a good time to discard them and start afresh. Keep only what you need and keep adding to that list. 

Know your body. Knowing the shape of your body and what would look the best on it is a great place to start when looking to try out new styles. When you have a better understanding of your physique, you feel comfortable trying out new aesthetics. 

Try different fits. It is all about perfecting the fit when it comes to style and fashion. There is a lot of room for experiments when it comes to the fit; even if you are comfortable with one, it does not mean you should not try more. 

Experiment with other silhouettes. Silhouettes are an essential part of any outfit. The outline that your outfit creates on your body determines how good you look; play around with different silhouettes to find the best one for you. 

How to experiment with length of outfit

Try out new prints and patterns. There is a vast ocean of prints and patterns out there, and one gets more comfortable with them over time. The designs that you might have thought to be too extreme a few years back might make sense to you know, try them on. 

Play around with colors. Even if there are already a set few colors that look the best on you and have crowded your wardrobe, it is time for you to expand your color horizon and go for some offbeat colors that you would not wear otherwise. 

Push your boundaries. Force yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try out things that you normally would not. Trying out new styles is all about experimenting with what you are feeling and what you are not, push yourself to find new comfort zones. 

Have fun with the length. Be it your dresses or even your jeans; you can get a new look altogether just by altering the length. You could also play around with the length of your sleeves or even your tops. Shorter or longer, keep trying new things. 

Denim. Pieces of Denim provide you with great opportunities to try out new styles. The color, the texture, or even the distressing, there is just so much that you can play around with. Do not forget to try the classic denim on denim look. 

Try on new jackets. Having a good collection of jackets is a key part of any good wardrobe, but it is also important to try different kinds of jackets to keep things interesting. Leather, denim, or even bombers, find your fit. 

Go window shopping. This one is a no-brainer, all girls love to shop, and we encourage you to go window shopping as much as possible. It just allows you to try on so many different styles from your favorite stores without breaking the bank. 

Why is window shopping an important thing

Visit new fashion stores. Even if you are comfortable with those select few fashion stores that you love to go to, you must try out different brands once in a while to know how big the market is and how many new styles are just waiting for you to discover them. 

Benefits of visiting new fashion stores

Focus more on the quality. No matter how many different styles you try out, one thing always has to remain constant, and that is no matter what you buy, it has to be of great quality to make sure it is worth the investment. 

First, imagine yourself in the outfit. Before making the purchase or even before you place the order online, make sure to have a good long look at the item and picture yourself wearing it, but only if that picture makes you completely happy. 

Make the trial room your favorite place. Finding comfort in the trial room is not an easy task, but if you spend enough time trying out clothes, you will finally be comfortable trying out as many clothes as you want, which is what you should be doing. 

Try new kinds of make-up. Sometimes to push you to try new styles, just buying clothes is not enough. Try out different shades, different techniques of doing your make to get a new feel of the change in style. 

Get a new watch. A good watch is a key part of any outfit, and we all love to match the right watch with the right outfit. When you buy a new watch, you ultimately open up doors to new style avenues ready to be explored. 

Try on new kinds of heels. Heels are a tricky business, and there are so many kinds of heels out there that it is easy to lose your way with them. However, each kind has its specialties and calls for a new style of outfit.   

remember when you go to buy heels for the first time

Some trendy sneakers. Keeping up with recent trends is the easiest way to try new styles as something new keeps popping up every other day. Get some trendy sneakers, and you never run out of new style ideas to match with them. 

How to style trendy sneakers

Try on different kinds of tops. There are more kinds of tops out there that anyone can name or list. You have complete freedom to try on as many as you can and keep shifting from one to the next to push your style boundaries. 

Start with the basics. Starting with the basics is your best chance to transform your style. Find out about the basics of your current style and improve on it to take it to the next level. 

Go one step at a time. Do not rush through the process and go for any drastic changes. Take one step at a time and start with minor tuning. Enjoy the process rather than rushing to the result. 

Look for comfort in different styles. Even if you already have a comfort zone in your current style, you would never know what you are missing out on unless you try new things yourself. Find comfort in other places too. 

How to be comfortable in anything you wear

Try on different kinds of leather. Leather is probably the most versatile fabric that there is. It can be made into anything from jackets to bags, and it looks equally good everywhere. Make sure you have the right leather. 

Wear colors you haven’t worn before. Understand that as we grow, our ability to understand our limits and our confidence also grown. The colors that you could not stand a few years back might be the best ones for you right now. 

Get a new haircut. Getting a new haircut can make your life so much easier when you want to try new styles. It is the easiest way to transform your looks and then try to match your clothes with them.

Expand your horizon. Widening your understanding of what style means to you and how it leads to constructing your wardrobe would eventually force you to try out different styles and make you more versatile as a human being. 

Learn more about color science. Color science is a skill not easy to master, but once you understand what colors are best suited for what occasions or even what skin types, you would have no problems breaking the norms. 

Learn to mix and match. Most of the time, you do not even have to go out to try out new styles. There is just so much versatility in your wardrobe already that it is enough. You just need to learn to mix and match them to come up with new ideas and styles. 

Mix different styles. You do not necessarily have to stick to one style, even in a single outfit, let alone for a whole period. Learn to mix and match different kinds of styles to always keep things interesting. 

How to mix different styles

Try on new perfumes. How you smell also plays a key role in how you feel and how confident you are. When you try out new fragrances, you ultimately feel like revamping your style. 

Look at some handbags. Handbags are great accessories to help you complete your look, and when you try out new handbags, you ultimately stumble upon new styles that you would want to check out. 

What should you carry in a handbag

Know your aesthetic. Know what makes you look and feel your best and then, keeping that in mind, move forward to build on or around it. There are just so many closely related and interlinked aesthetics that you can try on. 

Accessories. Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit, and when you try out new and different styles of accessories, you ultimately feel like trying out new styles. 

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