how To Gain Followers on TikTok: 51+ Proven Ways

Social networking is ruling the world nowadays. It has a vast list of advantages of its own, but you need to have a large audience to access those.

It takes lots of effort, patience and creativity to gain visibility in such a community. TikTok is a viral brand running across various youth heartthrobs today.

how To Gain Followers on TikTok

1. Be consistent. Generally, people tend to incline towards those who upload their content frequently. If you can, then post regularly or at different time intervals of the same day, but try to be regular with your schedule.

2. Fill in exciting details about you in the description area but don’t deviate it with the kind of content you make.

3. You should make an effort to add an attractive profile. Try to put a smiling and realistic picture.

4. Take your hands on the viral challenge since challenges are among the most demanding content on social media.

5. If you want people to discover you soon and desire more visits to the audience, then create videos that are disseminated on the internet or running trending. Add in your pinch of creativity too.

6. If you feel that the current trend is not related to the kind of content you make, then try making something related to your style. If you are lucky enough, it might get into tending too.

7. Use as many Hashtags as you can, but they should be concerned with the video. You can also add in as a marketer.

8. Try adding unique Hashtags, don’t go for the most used ones. Don’t add that provides no sense with your content. Also, avoid adding banned hashtags.

9. Take advantage of your followers on other platforms. Add a link to your TikTok account in descriptions of Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will bring in your old followers.

10. Ask in poll or stories-“what kind of videos they would want” from you in TikTok.

11. Always take in constructive criticism. Judge the quality of videos with the number of likes or dislikes you gained {but not always}.

12. Take in suggestions and advice from your fellow competitors by carting a network with them. If possible, plan out a collaboration. This can help you to exchange followers.

13. Look at the videos of better people than you, figure out “what more you can do to improve further.” There is always room for betterment.

14. Don’t forget to add in your original content regularly. The more you add stories, the more your followers will think that you are active on the platform, and hence will increase your reach.

15. Use good lighting to create good videos. Don’t make videos in ugly backgrounds -until it is actually on which you are making on.

16. Learn and use the editing features presently inbuilt in TikTok. This can enhance your quality of content.

17. Try to figure what is working on your account. Replicate those tactics with a bit of experimentation in your other videos. 

18. If possible, then, as used by “Alexandria Pereira,” repurpose your content on both IGTV and TikTok. This helps you to engage your followers on both platforms.

19. Try to keep content ever-changing. E.g., initially, most of TikTok’s feed was filled with lip-syncing or dance challenges initially followed with transition videos, but now it is not the case. Keep in with your followers’ demands and desires but don’t forget to add your unique share.

20. Most of the TikTok audience is youth {both young and late teenagers to young 20s}. Create content that resonates with the child.

21. If you do not want to make videos that cater to youth’s desires, then do not worry. It has room for all kinds of creators. Make an effort to identify and target your audience wisely since you can’t cater to everyone’s demands.

22. You should have a dream to create a loving and supportive community where people love to watch your videos. They must feel light while engaging their time with your content.

23. If you can afford, then upgrade your account to a Pro account. Here you will receive a better analysis of your audience.

24. Realize when your audience is most active. It may be on some special days or any time of the day. Make it possible for you to post on such days.

25. Give credit to original users if you fail to create videos on some days. It’s convenient to perform it via the UGC facility provided.

26. Take on the facility of call-to-action. This can boost the count of followers quickly.

27. Follow those fellow TikTokers that can help you to compliment your brand. Try to do a partnership with them. Those can raise support for your channel.

28. Reply to as many of your comments as you can. The more you keep your channel engaged, the better number of loyal followers you can achieve.

29. To gain followers soon, experiment with TikToker’s various paid options available. E.g., with the help of Tik Tok Adds, you can reach out to wider audiences.

30. Experiment with your raw creativity as you can. Try to be original and don’t be unreal.

31. Learn from the best. Watch videos of your idols in TikTok or Instagram and try creating videos in their theme.

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