how to Manage time: 51+ Proven Ways

Time never stops for a person. Everyone has 24 hours, so it depends entirely on how to utilize those hours to produce quality output. Suppose you are doing the same work for years and still get no results. Then, you have to make little changes in your schedule. 

how to Manage time

Determine realistic ambitions. The ambitions that you make for yourself should be realistic not like a fairy tale that cannot come true. 

Transparently set your expectations. 

Make a list of your priorities. You should prepare a list of priorities so, that you can understand how much time to give to everything present on the list.   

Complete the difficult task first. You should engage and complete the tasks that are difficult first so, that you can finish the rest easily. 

Work upon your attention, not on-time schedule. Work till the time you can focus on it not according to the time denoted by the schedule. 

Keep work & things in an organized manner. If you keep your work and things in an organized manner it will help you to save a lot of time. 

Select your optimum productive hours. You should point out the hours in which you are the most productive throughout the day. 

Never be a multi-tasker but focus on one thing at first. If you try to do everything at the same time then would end up with no results, do one thing at a time. 

Never waste your time on the less knowledgeable things. If you feel that the work is not known then you should not waste time on that work. 

Set a deadline for every task to be completed in time. Try to set deadlines for your work it will help you to stay focused and complete tasks in time. 

Maintain a diary and note essential items. You can always note down the things that are important for you if you maintain a diary, it will be very helpful.  

Always focus on the positive outcomes. You should always think that the outcome of your hard work will be positive and do not focus on the negative outcomes. 

Leave your bad, unhealthy habits. You cannot be good at time management until you leave the habits that are bad or unhealthy. 

Change your goals or projects if not making progress. If you see that you are not making any progress in your goals, then you should think about or make amendments to your goals.  

Unsubscribe irrelevant emails, newsletters, or promotions. Your time can get wasted to check through the emails, unnecessary newsletters, unsubscribe them.  

Don’t take part in back-to-back meetings. Taking part in the meeting in a row will not help you to manage your time to do other works. 

Put your phone on silent mode at the time of working on serious projects. If you are working on an important project then you should put your mobile phone on silent mode.  

Set a timer to complete the assigned task. You can use a timer to track if you can complete your work within the time assigned by you. 

Consider your ‘waiting time’ or free time into ‘me time.’ If you get free time from your work or a break between the work, then turn it into “me time.”

Take short but productive breaks. If you are taking a break from your work, then you should be able to make it productive. 

Handle one task at one time to waste time in a confusion that may occur by being multitasked. You might get confused and things can go wrong if you are trying to do multitasking, do not try unless you are good at it.  

Choose the workplace where you feel more concentrated. You should choose a place where you can work and feel more concentrated on it. 

Arrange your relevant documents at an easily accessible place. If you properly arrange your documents, then it can be easily accessible when necessary.  

Maintain your soft copies/documents in the folders to find them at one click. Create a folder that contains soft copies of your documents so, that you can find them with just one click. 

Set the reminder for an important task to deliver it on time. You may often forget to do a job or submit it will be very helpful for you to set a reminder for yourself. 

Never leave things to the last minute as it can take more time. Do not leave work thinking that you will complete it at the last minute, you might fail to do that. 

Always take back up of essential data. You never know when things can go wrong backing up your essential data is very important for you to do. 

Carry your notepad all the time to note essential points. Carry your notepad with yourself wherever you go, it can come to use anytime.  

Ask yourself before leaving your desk-Is there anything left? Before checking out from your desk, you should make sure that you are not leaving anything. 

Don’t delegate your duties to someone else. Do not delegate your work to others they might not be able to do it or meet those standards. 

Motivate a person positively for better and timely outcomes. Always try to motivate the people who are working under you better results. 

Never signup for irrelevant newsletters. You should never signup for newsletters that you are not sure about or unknown. 

Delete the unnecessary applications from your mobile phone. Unnecessary applications on your mobile phone will always waste your time and get you distracted.  

Limited your time on a mobile phone or social media. You should not use your mobile phone or social media for hours and hours, limit the time of your usage. 

Never hesitate to say ‘I’m busy’ or ‘you may leave now’ when you’re are busy, or work is over respectively. If you are busy with your work and someone comes to you for work do not hesitate to tell them that you are busy. 

Never hear music or radio at the time of working. Hearing music or radio during work can distract you and take too much of your time. 

Please stay away from caffeine or tea as it may slow you down. Consuming too much caffeine or tea may slow you down in the completion of your work. 

Attend meeting only if there is some purpose. You should not attend a meeting if it is not important. 

Never be in the company of people who wait for your time. Do not stay with the people who always try to waste your time. 

Have light food at lunchtime as over lunch makes you sleepy at work. Do not eat too much during lunchtime it may get you sleepy. 

Take dry fruits frequently to avoid hunger. Consuming dry fruits will help you to avoid hunger. 

Avoid personal phone discussions during working hours. You should not take personal phone calls during your working hours. 

Try avoiding spicy foods. Spicy foods should be avoided by you to increase your productivity. 

Cut down smoking or alcoholic products because it cost time. Smoking or alcoholic products can take a lot of time of yours.   

Don’t work in front of the TV if working from home. If you work while watching T.V. then your work can take a long time.  

Plan all your meetings. You should have a plan for the meetings that you are going to attend.  

Take adequate sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary for you. 

Never spend lots of your time in research. Sometimes research can take a lot of time of yours. 

Don’t overwork as it creates stress, which makes you less productive. Working too much will create a lot of stress and will make you less productive. 

Never respond to unnecessary missed calls. Unnecessary phone calls can waste a lot of time. 

Ask people to leave a message if a call is not required. Ask people to leave a message if it is not that important. 

Follow the bookmark to organize all essential sites. The important sites should be bookmarked and organized according to your needs. 

Put your basic stuff such as wallet, keys at designated places. Keeping your wallets and things similar to, them at designated places will help you to save time.   

Never start the least interesting work. You should not start a work that is less interesting it will ruin your work mood. 

Don’t work on one project for a longer time. Taking too much time on a single project will delay your other projects. 

Schedule meetings through video conferencing if possible. Instead of going out, you should save time by doing a video conference if it is agreed by the rest of them.

Never waste time on unproductive work. You should not waste your time on work that is not productive. 

Don’t memorize past things. Memorizing past things can take too much time of yours. 

Take only less & required items while traveling somewhere. Taking unnecessary things while traveling will slow you down so, you should do carry things that are required. 

Plan your meals. You should plan your timings for consuming meals. 

Be accountable to someone. If you are not accountable to anyone, you will not work properly. 

Always carry an optimistic attitude. An optimistic attitude will be very acceptable and will help you to progress a lot.  

Be active to take instant actions. To take instant actions you should be active and aware of your environment. 

Enjoy your ‘me time’ to calm your mind. The only way to calm yourself down is to enjoy your “me time.”

Schedule your time to check emails. You should fix a time to check your emails. 

Take short actions to reach bigger ones. Bigger goals can be achieved only by taking short actions. 

Install relevant apps that help to complete a task on your behalf. Installing apps that will help you in your work would be great. 

Be proficient in people interaction to eliminate confusion. You should be very specific while you are interacting with people. 

Address problems at the initial stage as it will take more time once it becomes complicated. If you have a problem address it does not wait otherwise it can get a lot complicated. 

Try keeping every single thing ready for the next days. Before going to bed you should be prepared for the next day to save time. 

Do what makes you happy. Get involved in activities that will make you happy. 

Don’t do overwork. Overwork will be tiring, and you will take more time to regain your energy. 

Participate in fun or hobby activities. Taking part in hobbies that are fun will be very interesting. 

Work on your unproductive habits, which make you lazy. Often some habits will make you lazy in your work, try to get rid of them.   

Set a substantial vision or ambition to keep you motivated. You will be motivated only if you have a substantial vision.  

Think before committing to a new task. You should give a thought before committing to any new work. 

Never do other people’s work until it is required. Do not get involved in other’s work until they want you badly it is necessary for you to do it.  

Focus your attention on the highest payoff task. You should give more attention to the task that pays you more.  

Don’t save too much data in your computer folders or files. You should save too much data in your computer folders or files, it will slow your computer down. 

Correctly arrange your essential documents. If your documents are correctly arranged, it will be easy for you to find them when you are in need.  

Record shows you love and watch them when free. You should record the shows that you like and watch them when you are free.  

Increase your reading speed. You should increase your reading time because if you not then it can take too much time of yours. 

Keep your frequently used stuff in one place. You should keep the things that you use more often in front of or near you.  

Clean and organize your office desk. You should always keep your office desk cleaned and organized. 

Schedule your regular time to check urgent projects. You should fix a time to have a look through important projects.  

Start using a physical calendar or mobile calendar for better time management. To manage your time more efficiently use a physical or mobile calendar. 

Hang a clock before you to track a time. you should hang a clock to track your working time. 

Wake up early. You should always wake up early to get more time in your hand.  

Utilize your travel time to do your essential work. You should do your work even when you are traveling to someplace to be more efficient. 

Unfriend or unfollow less essential people from your social network. You should remove the people from your friend list of social network accounts who are not important to you. 

Unsubscribe from irrelevant Youtube channels to eliminate distractions. Subscription to unwanted channels on Youtube, will distract you from your work and waste your time.  

Leave social media groups or mute groups. To reduce the wastage of your time you should mute or leave the groups on social media that are not necessary. 

Be in the company of highly motivated people. If you have a group of highly motivated friends, then you will also get motivated by spending time with them. 

Prepare your weekly work chart on your off day or ‘SUNDAY.’ Preparing a weekly chart on your off day will help you to stay productive and stop you from doing unnecessary activities. 

Watch inspiring content as it keeps you energized. Contents that are inspiring for you will fill you with energy and motivate you to work,  

Work smartly. You should not only work hard, but you should work smartly also to increase productivity and save time. 

Never make excuses. Do not try to run away by making excuses from the problems or the results. 

Don’t answer every call but use a ‘chat system.’ Instead of answering every call, you should use a chat system to reply to everyone. 

Do questioning yourself for the better use of time. You should always question yourself if you are making better use of time. 

Work on your health to work better and productive. If you are not healthy you will not be able to work better or be productive. 

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