Safe Travel Tips: 51+ Perfect Ways to Check

This thought may persist throughout the trip and eventually may kill all the fun. It may even add to the stress that you wanted to eliminate by going on a trip. Here are some tips so that you can ensure a safe trip.

List of 100 tips for safe travel

1) Have a good knowledge of the destination before your arrival. Try to be sure about where exactly you are going. Be sure of the hotel or guesthouse where you will put up.

2) Consult with your friends who have already visited that location. They will be able to guide you properly about what to do. They can enlighten you better than anyone else.

3) Try to gather as much information as possible about your destination. Ensure that you have a perfect list of destinations you would love to visit. This will make you more confident about the things you want to do.

4) Check reviews about the hotels and lodges to know about their safety. If the reviews of a hotel or a lodge are not so good, try to find another one.

5) Try to keep the contact number of the local authorities in case of an emergency. This will allow you to get help from the cops if need be. You will also get guidance from an authentic source.

6) Try to blend in with the locals as much as possible so that you do not look different in the crowd. This will reduce the chances of a pickpocket. The thieves or snatchers will also not be able to spot you.

7) Be careful about your purse or wallet so that pickpocket can be avoided. You may lose your money if you are not careful enough.

8) Try to ask the traffic police about the directions if need be. The traffic police will not misguide you. They may also give you additional information.

9) Keep a copy of all the important documents with you. You may need to produce your identities in multiple places. 

10) Scan all the important documents and save them on your phone to produce in an emergency. This will not require you to carry the photocopies of the originals. This will also provide you with some extra space.

11) Always let your family members know about your trip. In the case of unprecedented situations, they will be able to let the authorities know about you correctly. Tracking you will also become easier.

12) Try to let your dear ones know about your travel itinerary in brief. This will enhance their ability to track you when needed. They will be able to reach you in time if you need them.

13) Keep your friends and family updated about where you check-in. Regular contact with your dear ones will make you more confident about the steps you take. They will be able to guide you if you are confused.

14) Let them know where you are currently. Once they are updated, they will also be relieved. Do this to make them tension-free.

15) Try to avoid public Wi-Fi connections as much as you can to avoid being hacked. Using a public connection makes you prone to being hacked. Use your mobile data.

16) Lock the hotel windows and doors properly. This will ensure that no thief enters your room. This is an additional layer of safety.

17) Try to put a lock in your bag while you keep them in the hotel and go out. This is an extra layer of safety. Even if someone enters your room, they won’t be able to unlock your bags.

18) Never carry all the money with you while going out of the hotel. In case you drop your wallet, you will have no money with you for the rest of the tour.

19) Never allow strangers to enter your hotel room before talking with the hotel authority. Since you do not know anyone in the new place, never trust anyone. Always confirm the identity of the stranger.

20) Contact the reception or the concerned authority before allowing hotel workers into the room. Thieves may try to enter your room in the disguise of hotel workers. Verify the identity of the person.

21) Always keep a close watch on your personal belongings. This will allow you to keep proper track of the materials you carry. Also, you will not leave them anywhere by mistake.

22) Always ensure that your privacy is completely maintained inside the hotel.

23) Do let the hotel authority know if you find any discrepancies. The hotel authority will then take care of your concern. This will also ensure more safety.

24) If you find someone suspicious when outside, try to be in the crowd. This will not let the suspicious person harm you in any way. The public will be able to help you in extreme situations.

25) If someone’s presence is making you very uncomfortable, try to leave the place if possible. It is always best to listen to your own. Trust your inner judgments.

26) Do not wear jewelry when you are traveling. This will attract thieves towards you. You will also not lose valuables if you don’t wear them.

27) Try not to carry expensive watches or similar objects. If you lose them in any way then you will lose something very expensive. Avoid carrying such items.

28) If you are trying to enjoy the nightlife of any place, then drink very responsibly. If you lose your senses, you are exposed to an uncountable number of dangers. You will also be unable to take proper steps.

29) Never accept drink offerings from strangers or from people whom you got to know recently. You may end up befriending a criminal. This will increase your danger in many folds.

30) Do not carry a very large amount of cash when you travel. Managing them becomes extremely difficult. Also, you will always have to worry about keeping them safe.

31) Try to keep your credit or debit cards at different places so that you do not lose them together. In case you lose one, you will be able to use the other one. You will not be devoid of money completely.

32) Always travel with reputed companies. Reputed companies will never compromise with safety measures. You will get to travel with a group of similar travelers.

33) Before boarding a cab using an app, verify the details regarding the driver and the cab number. This is to check the authenticity of the person.

34) Download the apps which are designed to ensure safe traveling. You can send emergency messages to the people you want. These apps will enhance your security levels.

35) Always keep your mobile phone as safe as possible. Your mobile phone can be misused if you lose it. You may lose your important documents.

36) Do not get lost while capturing a photo if you are inclined towards photography. You may meet severe accidents. You may drop some of your important things.

37) Always carry a small first aid box. In case of medical emergencies, you may be able to help yourself or anyone traveling with you.

38) Keep all the essential and emergency medicines that you think you may need. If an emergency situation arises, you need to go running for medical stores. Also, it is best to have some arrangements beforehand.

39) Always keep your mobile phone charged before you leave the hotel or your stay. You need your mobile phone for different purposes and if it shuts down, it may be problematic for you.

40) Consult with your hotel front desk about the safe traveling methods and areas. They are some of the best guides. They will also give you authentic information.

41) Try to avoid changing money in the airport to avoid attention from thieves. The thieves may spot you from the very beginning of your journey and you may end up losing the money.

42) Try to avoid shared cabs if possible to avoid strangers. You may get spotted and then get robbed!

43) Try to know about the emergency exits from your room or hotel just after you check-in. In case of emergencies, you will be able to save your life. You will also be able to contact the authorities discreetly. 

44) Make sure that you do not look ‘lost’ even if you are lost. You may get spotted by robbers and thieves. You may get misguided.

45) Ensure that your map reading is discreet. Once you look absolutely like any other pedestrian on the road, you are safe from the people who want to harm you in some way.

46) If you are hiring a tourist guide, make sure the organization is registered once. A fake organization may take the payment and then not provide the tour service at all!

47) Do not share personal details with your tourist guide. The tourist guide may not be a genuine person. It is also best to not share details with strangers or newly met people.

48) Try to learn about the scams with the tourists so that you avoid one. You may be able to mark anything similar happening to you and then take the necessary steps to be safe.

49) Never think you are too smart for being scammed! Everyone with whom scams occurred once thought that they are too smart. Hence, you are always a step back from the scammers.

50) Purchase a backpack with nice zips. Faulty zips may cause you to drop important documents. Robbers may easily pull out valuables from your backpack.

51) Do not display the wealth that you possess. Be safe from being marked by the robbers. Your wealth will attract scammers, thieves, and other criminals.

52) While using buses, make sure that the company is trusted. Trusted companies always commit to their terms and conditions. They also provide more safety than others.

53) Do not carry too much luggage so that you can manage them properly together. A huge number of bags become a headache. It also becomes difficult to carry all of them at the same time.

54) Be clear at saying no to someone if you do not feel like it. Let people know that you cannot be easily manipulated and you are not an easy target.

55) Never share your contact details with strangers. A stranger may misuse your details for unfair works. You are open to dangers in unimaginable ways once a stranger knows your details.

56) Do not let people know if you are a solo traveler or traveling in a group. Once a criminal knows you are alone, it becomes easier for him or her to harm you. 

57) Make sure the children with you know the emergency contact numbers. In case the children get separated from you in a crowd, they can give your contact details to the cops or the people who came forward to help.

58) Get a medical check-up done before visiting any place with harsh climates. Your body may not be able to tolerate all the harsh climatic conditions of a place. So, make sure your body is capable.

59) Try to communicate with people properly so that they can help you when needed. Proper communication with people will lead you to get help faster. You will be able to express your concern in a better way.

60) Try to gather information from the persons you know for more authenticity. A person whom you know will always be more reliable. The information you receive from him or her will also be more appropriate.

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