Makeup Tips: 51+ Perfect Ways to Change Your Look

When it comes to makeup games, want to turn the spotlight on you only? Want to be the queen bee of any party and slay it off with your flawless makeup? Never mind, girl, you don’t need to be a pro for this. Just some simple tips and tricks will help you earn your desired look.

Follow some simple steps and get set to glow. You will definitely nail it with your look.

List of Tips for Perfect Makeup

Cleansing- Before applying any makeup to your face always clean it. Cleansing must for prepping your skin up for makeup. You can either wipe all the dirt out using a face wipe or wash it off with water. You can also use some gentle cleanser or face wash while washing. Just make sure that your face is absolutely clean and ready for makeup.

Toning- After washing your face, make sure to close the pores with some toner. Toner helps us to lock the pores. And it also prevents harsh chemicals from getting absorbed by our skin. So, toner is another necessary step before makeup.

Moisturising- The step which is followed by cleansing and toning is moisturizing. Lock the moisture of your face by applying some mild moisturizer. It will help your skin to get proper nourishment and also adds some natural glow to it.

Apply sheet mask- If you want to pamper your skin more and are not in a rush, you can also opt for a sheet mask before makeup. Apply a sheet mask of your favorite flavor. Close your eyes and just relax. After 10-15 minutes after removing the mask, you will feel fresh from within. And the freshness will reflect in your face after makeup.

Exfoliate lips- While prepping up your face for makeup, do prep up your lips too for a smooth application of your lipstick. Use a lip scrub and exfoliate your lips. It will remove all the dead dry skin cells and will leave you with two times softer and smoother lips.

Apply lip balm- Once you are done with exfoliating your lips, apply a lip balm to lock the softness.

Pore minimizing primer- Before applying your foundation you should always use a pore minimizing primer. Primer will make a smooth canvas for your foundation and also make blending easier.

Colour Corrector- If you have acne, acne marks, or pigmentations on your face, then you must apply some color corrector before going to your foundation. For Indian skin tones, it is always better to go with a peach or orange color corrector. Apply it to the targeted areas and blend it smoothly for an even tone, flawless base.

The right shade of foundation- It’s a bit tricky but always be very careful while choosing your foundation. First of all, you have to keep one thing in mind that foundation is not a skin-lightening tool but a skin-brightening one. So, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone properly without giving it any extra whiteness or lightness.

Foundation brush- If you are someone with an oily skin type, always try to use a foundation brush to blend your foundation. A foundation brush works better for oily skin rather than a beauty blender.

Beauty blending sponge- For dry skin type people, it is always better to take the help of a damp beauty blender while blending your makeup. And in that case, it is always better to damp your beauty blender in lukewarm water. Because it is more effective than a beauty blender damped in normal water.

Blend foundation with downward strokes- We often blend our foundation with upward stroke but it’s the wrong manner to do this. Blending foundation with upward strokes does nothing but make our facial hairs look more prominent. So, don’t make this mistake again and always blend in a downward motion.

Concealer of two tones lighter- Your concealer should always be two tones lighter than that of your foundation. We use concealers to cover up our dark circles or any sort of darkness persists in our face. So, your concealer needs to be a little lighter for those stubborn pigmentations on which your foundation can’t give 100% of the result.

Concealer as a highlighter- You can also use concealer as a highlighter. For your daily wear or when you are just opting for a no-makeup look apply some concealer on your nose bridge, forehead, cupid bows, chins, and other high focal points and blend it nicely to get the highlighting effects.

Blend in order- While blending your concealer you should always blend those areas first where there is almost negligible probability to crease out after blending. The areas under our eyes are often creased. So, it is better to blend that part later.

Conceal under eye areas in conical shape- If you have hollow under your eyes or suffer from puffiness or recurrent dark circles, then always apply your concealer in conical shapes. Applying a concealer in the triangle will help you cover up all those problems you face regarding your under-eye areas.

Apply translucent powder- As soon as you are done with blending, pack your concealer with some translucent powder. To get rid of a cakey finish always bake your makeup with translucent powder, not with compact powder.

Take the help of a spolia to brush your eyebrows- It is always better to set your brows first before adding some color to it. Take the help of a spolia and brush the hair towards the hair growth. Once done, switch to your brow setting kit for a proper shape and even finish.

Apply brown shades on your brows instead of black- No matter what product you are using to set your eyebrows, whether it is a powder or a gel, just try to avoid black. Use brown instead. Because the hairs on your brows are already black. So, if you add blacker color to it, it will just intensify the density and make your brows look unnatural.

Clean your eyebrows with concealer- After drawing your eyebrows, apply some concealer on the outer edges. It will define your brows properly and will give it a clean finish. 

Draw a brief outline for contour- Applying foundation and powder often makes our face look flattest, get back to the original shape of our face, apply contour. And start contouring with the hollow of your cheeks and extend it to your hairline. Also contour the sides of your nose bridge, jawline, forehead areas, and hairline to give a proper shape to your face.

Brush off some powder to cover unwanted darkness- If you are a beginner, it might sound common to you to make your face unnecessarily dark while contouring. Don’t get worried about removing your makeup and doing it once again. Because you can simply cover those unwanted dark patches by brushing off some powder on those targeted areas.

Never skip blush- Blush is one of those underrated makeup products which we often skip while doing our base. But you should never skip this. This is the only product that adds some extra freshness to our look and makes it look this. Because some color on the apple of your cheeks and you blush!

Apply in reverse- To make your look more natural and evenly finished, you can reverse the application. All you need to do is to apply blush first and then foundation on top of it. But for this process, you need to apply a cream blush, not a powdery one. 

Highlight high facial points- Finish off your base makeup by adding a little shimmer on your high facial points. Apply highlighter on your nose bridge, forehead, cupid bows, and on the high point of your cheeks.

Use a fan brush for highlighting- While highlighting your face you should be very gentle with the strokes and the pressure. You don’t need to apply your highlighter in upward strokes with mild pressure. So, always use a fan brush for highlighting it in the right way.

Use concealer as an eyeshadow base- If you do not have an eye primer, you can use your concealer to serve the purpose. Apply your concealer with a flat brush on your eyelids and then blend it out with the help of a mini sponge. This process will also help your eyeshadows to turn out two times more pigmented.

Use tapes to give your eyeshadow proper shape- Stick a cello tape or masking tape on the outer corner of your eyes in an angular direction and then apply eyeshadow. This will help you free yourself from all the hassles and messes during the eyeshadow application.

Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend colors- Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend your eyeshadows. It will give you more coverage and also not leave any harsh lines. And one more important thing about this is always trying to grip your eyeshadow brush from its outer edge. 

Apply light color as transition shade- Always start with a light color from your eye pallet and slowly develop your color’s intensity. And also start from the outer corner and gently move to the crease line. Therefore, it will help you to get a nice transition without any prominent lines.

Blend eyeshadow in a circular motion- Blend the eyeshadow in a circular motion. Blending it in a circular motion will help you reach every single place and will not leave any places bare on your eye curves.

Use fingertips to add shimmer on eyelids- It is always better to apply loose shimmer using your fingertip rather than brushes. Because it will help you to concentrate on small areas and also will help you to be precise with your application.

Take the help of a spoon for the perfect winged eyeliner- If you are a beginner and face trouble drawing perfect wings, you can take the help of a spoon and get the magic.

Highlight brow bone and inner corner of eyes- To give your eyes more definition apply some highlighter on your brow bones and inner corners of eyes.

Curl eyelashes before applying mascara- Take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes before coating them with mascara. To give your lashes more depth, just heat your lash curler with your hairdryer before application. Be very careful while heating because it should not be too hot or too cold, it just needs to be bearable and comfortable for your eyes.

Apply eyelash primer- After curling applies a lash primer to your lashes. It will help prevent all your lashes from getting saturated at a point and make your lashes ready for a smooth mascara application.

Apply translucent powder in between two coats of mascara- If you want to avoid falsies but still want voluminous lashes, just take the help of this simple trick. Apply some translucent powder on your eyelashes after the first coat of mascara and then get back to it again.

Apply black or transparent glue for your falsies- Use black or transparent glue for your falsies because using white or any other color may become visible and ruin the look.

Pack your kajal with eyeshadow- Most of the marketed so-called smudge-proof kohls often fail to keep their promises when it comes to living longer. They often get smudged after a few hours of application. Take help of a simple yet smart trick; apply some eyeshadow on top of the kajal and lock it at its place to prevent it from smudging out and keep intact at its place for long.

Tightline for a no-makeup look- To go for a no-makeup makeup look, apply your eyeliner beneath your lash line instead of on the upper lash line. This will help your eyes appear big and prominent and give you a calm, subtle look on no-makeup days.

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner- If you don’t want to wear your traditional eyeliner or create dramatic eyes, just switch to your black shadows to make the feel yet to play wisely. For this technique, all you need to do is to apply your shadow with an angular brush closer to the lash line and smudge it out to the outer corner of your eyes.

Dark lips with neutral eyes- Try applying a dark shade on your lips when you opt for neutral eyes. This helps in balancing the whole look and gives a good contrast to the face and prevents from highlighting any of the parts more than required.

Line your lips with a lip liner- The first thing to do while doing your lips is to draw your outline using a lipliner. This helps highlight the shape of your lips and prevents any kind of mess while applying your lipstick.

Draw an X to give proper shape to your cupid bows- Start your lipstick application from your cupid bows and make an X to define it. It will give your lips a proper shape and will make them precise.

Apply a light color on lips with loud eyes- To not get over the top, prevent applying dark lipstick with dark eyes. Always select some neutral shades for your lips while opting for loud colors on your eyes.

Turn your satin lipstick into a matte one- To transform your day-to-day lipstick into a matte long-lasting one, put tissue paper on your lips after the application of lipsticks. Splash some amount of translucent powder on the tissue paper and wait for a minute. It will make your lipstick matte and will be long-lasting.

Fix your makeup with setting spray- Use a setting spray before or after the makeup. This will help in fixing the makeup and keeping it naturally set.

Do makeup under natural light- As makeup looks different under different lights, so always try to do your makeup as much as possible under natural light. Because only natural light can give you the proper idea about shades and colors which might confuse you under artificial lights.

Do eye makeup before face makeup- Try to do your eyes before your face to avoid unwanted hassles of fallouts and wipe them out by the touch of hands.

Do not share your makeup items with others- It’s a very unhealthy practice to share your makeup items with others. Because makeup and skincare products are very delicate and should be different for different individuals. So, always maintain proper hygiene while doing makeup and try to avoid using someone else’s products.

Always wash your hand before makeup- Last but not least you should always wash your hands before starting with your makeup. Being particular with your hygiene is always a must in every field whether it is combatting a disease or to do makeup. 

Like doing your makeup you should also be very careful when it comes to removing it. Makeup removal is also an important part of your makeup and skincare regime. When you are doing makeup make sure you will be removing it gently before going to bed otherwise it will end up having acne, pimples, blackheads, and premature aging. So, do makeup, enhance your beauty that already persists, and be gentle to your skin and promise to go to bed with clean and clear, makeup-free skin. 

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