How Girls Can Master Travel Dressing: 31+ Fashion Tips

It is always a major problem to look your best while traveling because of several reasons. Travel dressing takes a lot of trips to master, and once you know what you have to pack, everything gets a lot easier; here are a few quick hacks.

Tips to master travel dressing for girls

A capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe should be sufficient to help you look stylish throughout the trip. Make a mini version of your wardrobe that you can easily carry and which will have all your favorite pieces. 

benefits of having a capsule wardrobe

A toiletries bag. A toiletries bag will be your lifesaver while dressing. A single bag with all the right products and other accessories to make traveling a lot easier for you and to help you get ready whenever you step out. 

What are the things to carry in a toiletries bag

Portable skincare. Your skincare routine is the most important part of your day, and you should maintain that routine even when you are out traveling. Make sure you give the same love and care to your skin to look your best. 

Compact make-up kit. Your make-up kit might not be travel-friendly, but that should not stop you from looking your best. Instead, make a compact make-up kit that is easier to travel with and would help you get ready like you normally would. 

Small hair care kit. If your hair is not in the right place, you will not look and feel the same no matter how well dressed you are. So give the right love and care to your hair by carrying a small hair care kit while traveling. 

Sunglasses. Your sunglasses would help you get ready much easier and make your outfit ten times better. They are easy to travel with and even make you sleep better on the journey. Always have your favorite sunglasses with you. 

Slippers. A pair of comfortable slippers to help you just relax when not much is going on, plus they are the perfect footwear for traveling, easy to slip into and get out of. Have a cool pair for the pool and the beach. 

Heels. Just a single pair of heels should be enough to complement all the dresses that you have packed for the occasion. Pick a single color that would go with most of your outfits and decrease the burden on your luggage. 

Sneakers. Just two pairs must be enough to take you through the entire trip. One clean pair for all the casual outfits and another one for all the running around and endless walks. Learn to pack them more compactly. 

Winter wear. Winter wear takes up most of the space while traveling. Pack them in a way where they do not take the entire bag, pack not more than a couple of jackets and the other woolen wear. One boot should be enough. 

What to keep in mind while buying winter wear

An accessories bag. An accessories bag is a must-have while traveling. It could just be a small pouch of all your favorite accessories to go with and complete your outfits. Easy to carry and perfect to make you look better. 

Comfy t-shirts. A few comfy t-shirts should be enough to make sure your travel is cozy and that you never run out of things to wear. So pack your favorite t-shirts together, keeping in mind the tenure of your stay there. 

How to choose the perfect t-shirt

Some shirts. Do not go overboard and pack all the shirts that you have in your wardrobe. Instead, figure out how often you would be wearing them and pack accordingly, do not carry any extra clothes unnecessarily. 

A few dresses. Not more than a few dresses should be in your luggage while traveling. Pick the ones that look the best on you and those you know for sure that you would be wearing. Do not take everything that you have. 

How to select the perfect dress

Jackets. When it comes to jackets, you can never make up your mind which ones to take with you and which ones to leave behind. Take not more than two depending on the days that you’d be staying and the weather there. 

Go shopping. You do not need to pack your entire wardrobe while traveling. Just take the essential things with you and the other stuff you can easily buy when you get there. It is always fun shopping in an unknown place. 

Socks. You would need a lot of socks while traveling. At least one pair for every single person that you would be staying there and just a few more to be on the safe side and to make sure that you are always clean and hygienic. 

Lingerie. There would not be a laundry day there, so it is better to pack all the lingerie that you think you would need there. Again, it is better to overpack here than under-pack. 

Shorts. Shorts are undoubtedly the most comfortable piece of clothing out there and to make sure that you never run out of comfort. So pack all your favorite shorts as they are easy to slip off the mind while traveling. 

A few tops. Just the right amount of tops would be fine to last you the trip. However, you must not pack all the tops in your wardrobe just for the sake of it. It is always better to be a minimalist here and travel light. 

Deodorant. Your favorite deodorant is going to be your best friend while traveling. A new time zone, a messed up cycle, is going to make sure that you spend some quality time with your deodorant and stay away from the rest. 

Perfume. The right perfume can do wonders for you, especially while traveling, and give you the whiff of confidence that you need. Make sure to take your favorite bottle of perfume with you and never leave it behind. 

Hairstyling product. Your hair straightener, curler, drier, and all of that stuff deserve a lot more credit than they actually do. Make sure that they have a place in your travel bag to make sure that you get that perfect look every single time. 

Watches. They are the easiest accessory to carry around. Wear one while traveling, and you can have the other one in your purse. Sometimes just a small watch can make all the difference in your outfit and make it look timeless. 

Belts. Your belts need a lot more love than they do. Make sure to carry all your favorite belts with you as they hardly take up any space and can be easily rolled up to take up even lesser space. 

Bracelets. Your favorite bracelets do deserve to be your partners on your trip, and they are going to make sure that all your dresses and outfits are well complemented. Match them well, and you will look a lot better. 

Packing technique. When it comes to mastering travel dressing, the packing technique becomes super important. If you pack in an organized manner, you would be able to fit in more stuff in your bag and carry more pieces with you. 

Hats and caps. Your hats and caps would prove to be your favorite accessory, especially in warmer places. They not only make the outfit come together in a more organized way but are also super fun to wear around. 

A small mirror. A small portable mirror that you can easily carry around in your handbag or your purse. To make sure that there is nothing wrong with your make-up and your hair is in the right place, the small mirror would be perfect. 

benefits of carrying a small mirror

Boots. Boots are the hardest things to pack as they take up too much space and have a big and bulky shape which makes other things difficult to fit. So do not pack them unless absolutely necessary, plus pick sleeker shoes. 

Sleeping masks. Sleeping masks turn out to be a lifesaver while traveling as they not only help you fall asleep in a foreign atmosphere but also help you keep your skin smooth and light. 

benefits of sleeping masks

Face mask. You have got to have a few of these ready at all times to make sure that your skin is clean and hydrated at all times, and you look your best every single time. 

benefits of face masks

Versatile pieces. Pack pieces that are more versatile and can be paired with most of your other pieces, and are suitable for both formal and casual events. Pick versatile pieces that allow you to be more creative. 

Best parts of your wardrobe. Make it a point to always take a few best parts of your wardrobe with you to look your best even while traveling; you know what looks best on you. 

Detergent pen. When you have to get ready in the next thirty minutes, and the coffee stain on your dress would not budge, this detergent pen is going to be your lifesaver. It is a great tool to have while traveling. 

Dress shirts. A dress shirt is a must-have while traveling as it is super versatile and makes you look clean and crisp in every given situation. White is always the right color to go with. 

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