How Girls Can Look Like Rock Star: 51+ Fashion Tips

Everyone who listens to rock and is a rock fan wants to look like a rock star, be it a girl or a guy. Especially for girls, if they idolize a rock star, they would want to look like them and dress like them. Here is how you can achieve that rocker look. 

Here are Tips for girls to look like rock stars

Wear Skinny jeans. Skinny jeans have to be your go-to type of jeans when wanting to look like a rocker. They work with everything and allow you to look more at that era when rock was extremely hot and popular everywhere. 

Invest in Distressed clothing. Anything from distressed jeans to jackets to even shirts, they bring a certain amount of grunge in your outfit, typical of rock lovers and rock artists alike. There is no limitation on the distress here. 

Wear some Heavy belts. Rockers have always had a thing about super flashy belts. Leather belts with big and bold buckles kind of symbolized the true rocker and many of the famous artists have been seen rocking them, get one for yourself now. 

Choose a favorite Band t-shirt. You have got to have a few t-shirts of the bands that you love to listen to. Anything from their members to their logo or maybe even a line from their songs would make you stand out and appear as a rocker. 

Never shy away from a Leather jacket. Looking like a rock star is all about those crazy leather jackets. You have to pick the right one for you and the biker jackets with lots of pockets and belts would be a crazy good option here, pick something nice and snug. 

 Wear lots of Black clothes. If you really wish to achieve that rocker look, you have to start with going all black. All of us know how much the rock stars love the color black and they would wear it in every piece of clothing possible. 

Wear a western denim shirt. Denim shirts are yet another piece of clothing that can immediately make you look like a rocker if done right. Not those light-colored fun and lovely denim shirts but preferably something along the lines of black or deep blue. 

Don’t forget Band merchandise. You already might have a lot of band merchandise to go with your rocker looks but in case you do not, now would be a good time to buy some. Just google the name of your favorite band or artist and go to the shopping section. 

Throw on some leather pants. Leather pants are yet another piece of clothing that can automatically take you back to that rocker era. They were extremely popular back in the day and every famous rock star has worn them at least a few times. 

Show off those Rings. Rock stars loved to wear those cool and fancy rings so much so that it became a fashion statement for a lot of them. Invest in some rocker-like rings with those crazy symbols and bold designs to truly feel like a rockstar. 

Try out Pins. Along with the unique choice of fashion, their way of accessorizing was also a bit different. You can see them wearing a lot of pins of different causes, different signs on their shirts or t-shirts many times. Get a few vintage pins now. 

Bring out those Pendants. Bold and bright pendants were their thing and they knew how to make a statement with their jewelry. You could try and get their band logo on your pendant to truly show your love for the band that you have grown up with. 

Bracelets are never out of fashion. One thing that you would notice about any rockstar is that their wrists would never be bare. They always had at least one bracelet on their wrist and some of them had more than one could count. Get a few for yourself. 

You can’t have enough Armbands. Armbands were another piece of accessories that made them look cooler. Unlike other accessories, this was even functional especially for the guitarist and the bass player in case their clothes got in the way of playing. 

Choke them with those Chokers. Chokers had been in trend recently but they were super trendy and hot even in the golden era of rock. They are something different and even the male rockers were seen wearing chokers once in a while. 

Rock a Black denim. Rockstars did everything a bit differently and even when it came to denim, rather than picking their usual light blue denim, they always preferred the black denim, be it in jackets, shirts, or even jeans. 

Wear Denim jackets. Denim jackets were always cool but they were made even cooler by Rockstars with their different colors of denim like black, brown, or even green other than the usual sky blue or blue.  

Incorporate Patches. You would notice a lot of patches on the clothes of the Rockstars. This grungy aesthetic was made mainstream very quickly and before you know it, everyone had patches on custom made on their clothes. 

Sunglasses go a long way. Rockstars and sunglasses go way back in time. They were hardly seen not wearing any sunglasses when out in public and some of them even wore them in the night or at a concert. Aviators or wayfarers are the way to go. 

Sneakers are always in style. Although this was towards the later phase of the rockers, they did wear some iconic sneakers like the converse, the Cortez, or some classic Adidas famous at that time. Remember, classics only when it comes to shoes. 

Chelsea boots are your go-to piece of fashion. Chelsea boots were their go-to and almost every one of them loved Chelsea. They would wear them with jeans, with pants, with almost everything and almost all the time. Black and brown both work equally well with almost all outfits. 

Leather boots work as well. Rockers and boost were a match made in heaven. They are all about those leather boots to go with their leather jackets or just about anything else that they ever wore. Invest in a few good leather boots. 

Badges to show off your knowledge. They loved wearing badges with even their normal clothes and when it comes to their costume for the concert, you would see them going all out on the badges. Not much about honor, but more about style, get a few badges now. 

Go for that Vintage look. Looking like a rockstar is all about that vintage look and making the right mark. Look for a piece that has a vintage vibe and is straight out of the nineties or an eighties lookbook. Regular fits and bland colors basically. 

Choose the perfect rockstar Hairstyle. If you can do your hair right, half of your job is done. Female rockers of that era mostly had short hair with maybe a few occasional readings done. ABBA would be a great band to follow for some style tips and how to manage your hair.

Skulls are a must. Skull printed t-shirts, skull rings, skull on the hat. Skull on the back of the jacket, skull on the guitar and bike, and almost anywhere that they could put it. The more the better when it comes to the special skull print and rockers. 

Guitar logo, needless to say. The guitar logo is very sacred and special for any rockstar. Just like the skull logo, you can have it anywhere on your clothing or anyplace else, and you would begin to feel like a rockstar yourself, get a few guitar logos now. 

Frills look unique. Frills were yet another unique part of Rockstars. Especially for the girls who love frills, Rockstars made it cool and mainstream by adding them to their jackets, shirts, and even pants during their concert costumes. 

Try out Eye makeup. Eye makeup is a very important part of achieving that perfect rockstar look. Even if you do not pay much attention to their looks, you would notice that their eye makeup was always on point and they had a different vibe going on.  

Leather bands are as good. Leather bands on their head, on their forearms or biceps, or even their waist were also very popular. Even if they are hard to come by these days, they are a stamen piece that would make you look like a rockstar immediately. 

Hats for that country vibe. From top hats like Slash to golf hats from Scorpion, they had it all and they knew how to make a statement. Pick a hat that your favorite band member or artist used to rock and get a few eyes rolling when you put it on and step out. 

Over shirts to layer your outfits. For girls especially, wearing over shirts is the easiest way to get that rockstar look. Not everyone wears that and you are bound to stand out and make a statement if you manage to bring about the grunge in your outfit with it. 

Crop tops for that sexy rock chick look. Believe it or not, everyone from male rockers to female Rock Stars was a huge fan of crop tops and used to wear them daily. Don’t pick something cute and fluffy to kill the rockstar vibe but wear something along the rocker lines. 

Invest in good Watches. All of them with no exceptions had a love for watches and Rockstars would always have something fancy on their wrists wherever they went. Moreover, one must invest in some quality watches even without any reason. 

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