How Guy Can Keep up With Fashion Trends: 51+ Fashion Tips

It is great to follow the current fashion trends and stay in touch with the latest styles and changes. However, one should keep in mind that trends are not meant to be followed blindly and they do come with a few terms and conditions. Keep the following in mind while following any trend. 

keep in mind while following guy trends

Know your body type. It is always important to keep in your head that some trends are directed towards a specific group of people with a particular body type. If you do not happen to have that body shape, you should stay away from it. 

Know your face cut. There are also a few trends that might not be best suited for your face. Especially when it comes to accessories like hats or glasses, they are not meant for everyone. Follow only those trends that make you look better. 

Know your complexion. You are allowed to wear everything that you like but you also have to know that you will not look good wearing everything. Wear things that go well with your complexion and make you look better. 

Do not overspend. Overspending is a sin no matter what you are spending on but spending over some trend that might disappear in a few months is a bigger sin itself. Be very smart while following these trends when money is involved. 

Spend on timeless pieces. Rather than spending on something that would be out of trend in a few months, spend on pieces that are in trend now and will be in trend for a relatively long time. Focus on timeless pieces. 

Trends are temporary. Know that trends are temporary and they will not be here for a long time. It is okay or even good to follow them but there is no need whatsoever to invest your time and energy in them more than you should. 

Not every trend is for you. Understand that there are a few trends that will make you feel better but there are also a few trends that will make you look like a clown, learn to differentiate between the two and you would be good to go. 

It will fade. All trends fade some time or later and most of them come with an expiry date. There is no need for you to keep holding on to them and reviving them when they have already overstayed their welcome, learn to let go. 

Know your style. Know what your style truly is and the kind of outfits that you can build to boost your confidence. Once you figure that out, you can use the current trends to implement them in your style and make them better. 

Understand your fashion aesthetic. Understand the kind of aesthetics that you feel confident in. If you are all about that loose and baggy fit, follow the trends in that field, if you like to stay sharp, keep in touch with developments in that area and show on. 

Follow the right trends. You have to be able to distinguish between the trends that make you look better and those that make no sense at all. Pick the right kind of trends and they would take your style game to the next level. 

Know the group that you are in. Know what kind of a fashion group you fall in, your interests, your budget, and your aesthetics to follow the fashion trends suited only to you. When you find people of the same group, it gets a lot easier. 

Some trends are just hype. Some trends are nothing but the hype that people follow simply because of a big name or brand associated with them. Learn to see through those trends and decide for yourself, if you are a person who would enjoy following them. 

Take everything with a pinch of salt. Whatever the latest fashion trends are, whatever new is coming into the picture, do not take everything at its face value but find out for yourself whether it is worth your time and energy. 

Feel free to experiment. Be open to try out new things and experiment with your wardrobe. Be open to try new fits, new styles and keep pushing the boundaries. Trends teach you to keep evolving and especially guys need to not be stagnated with their style. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Push your comfort zone and keep trying to do things that you would not normally do. A recent trend that might seem to be too out of your comfort zone might just be the things that can get you started. 

Do your research. Do the proper research before getting into any trend whatsoever. You cannot just blindly follow trends just because a friend suggested it to you or because everyone else is following it, decide for yourself. 

Imagine your outfits. Before you decide to follow any trend and buy an outfit that goes with it, just imagine yourself wearing it and picture yourself like that for some time. If your heart still says yes, go ahead, otherwise, you know what to do. 

Step up your shoe game. Shoes are a major subject of changing trends that need to be focused on, especially with guys. Be it those clean white sneakers, the trainers, or the chunky sneakers, you have to get your footwear right. 

Follow the seasonal trends well. Trends most likely change with seasons changing because of clothing brands dropping a new collection every season. Follow the new releases and you would know which trends to follow. 

Comfort should be the priority. No matter what the trend is, no matter what the hype or who started it, comfort should always be the priority. No matter how incredibly popular the trend is, if it is not comfortable, it is a no-go. 

Dress to your body type. Follow the trends but follow your body type more. Dressing according to your body type is the best fashion advice that anyone can give you and if the trend matches that school of thought, definitely go for it. 

Read the right magazines. Magazines are a great source of information when it comes to trends. Especially renowned fashion magazines that curate all the latest information about fashion trends in detail by real experts. 

Take advice from trusted sources. Take advice related to fashion or fashion trends from trusted sources like a famous fashion website or a real stylist instead of listening to your friends or family who couldn’t care less about how you look. 

Develop your taste, don’t change it. Know that your fashion taste need not change because of a recent trend but you have to keep working on and develop the sense of style that you have right now and keep tuning it instead of revamping it completely. 

Do not fall for big brands. Do not fall into the illusion of big brands that shrewd marketing creates for buyers. Just because the trend has a famous tag attached to it, does not mean it adds any value to it, look at the trend in isolation and not because of its brand value. 

Focus more on the quality. Instead of focusing on the other things, focus on the actual build quality of the item that you are interested in. If it is worth every buck that you are willing to spend on it, do not hesitate. 

Be very practical. Be very practical when it comes to trends. Just because something looks good on a model with a well-built physique, does not mean it will look good on you too. Know the reality and know your limitations. 

Know when to stop. It is completely fine to follow a trend if it makes you feel better and you enjoy being a part of it. However, you should know where to draw the line and stop before it becomes an obsession or a necessity. 

Do not believe everything on social media. Social media is not real no matter what anyone says and not everything that you see there is true. Whatever you see on social media is false more likely than not and you should know better. 

Check yourself. Learn to check yourself at regular intervals when it comes to these trends. Learn to say no to yourself when you go out to buy new shoes for the fourth time in a month or go out to buy the latest sweatshirt that just dropped. 

Follow the right celebrities. Follow the celebrities that always dress sharp and are presentable no matter where they stand or what the crowd is. You should have someone like that to take inspiration from even if they are styled by professional stylists. 

Pay attention to fashion events. There is always some fashion event going on in the event, you just have to google the ones that you know that name of. Sometimes you can really get ahead of the trend if you follow these events. 

Fashion blogs. Fashion blogs are a great place to not only stay in touch with the latest trends but also to know about the things that have become outdated now and are worth letting go of. 

Pick the right fashion influencers. Fashion influencers are really a life savior when it comes to ideas about daily outfits or just outfit ideas in general. There are several different options out there, pick the one you relate with the most. 

Visit your favorite store. Sometimes, all that you have to do to know about a trend is to visit your favorite stores. Looking at the different collections will let you know what is in style and what is not.

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