How To Follow Your Passion: 51+ Proven Ways

At a point in your life, when you are not too happy with yourself and have this constant regret about not being able to do more in your life, about wanting more from life, you feel as if something is missing and that something is passion. You should always follow your passion, following are some tips to follow your Passion

Here are tips to follow your passion. 

Talk to experienced people– When it comes to taking such a big decision in your life, you must take some expert advice from the people who have already experienced and gone through what you are going through right now. 

Meet people with similar passion– Meet new people who more or less share the same passion as you do and have meaningful conversations about what would ideally be the right thing for you to do at this stage in your life.

Why should you follow your passion

Be very practical– Be very rational and practical in your approach. You need to figure out whether this step that you are taking is premature or rash and would leave in a worse position or would take you to the place where you wish to be. 

Ask yourself important questions– Ask yourself necessary questions like whether this step is what you want, whether following your passion right now will be sustainable, and most importantly will it make you as satisfied as you want to be. 

Think about the future– Think about the future and be sure that this step does not hinder the picture that you have in your head but only makes the journey much more enjoyable and fun. Make sure you know what you are doing.

reasons why you should always be the one you are

Picture yourself a few years down the line– Picture yourself and what would you be doing after let’s say five years. Are you happy in the position that you are in? Are you happy with what you have? Are you satisfied with the life that you are leading?

Do not think about failure– Do not take your head down the road of failure while thinking about following your passion. Do not disregard failure but also do not keep thinking about it. Think about good things and good things will happen. 

Do not worry too much about the consequences– It is an important step and every action in your life will bear an inevitable consequence. Well, it is time for you to stop worrying about consequences and focus more on the present. 

Know what will truly make you happy– Ask your heart if this is what it truly wants and if the answer happens to be yes, then nothing in this world should be able to stop you. End of the day, all that matters is your happiness. 

Change is the only constant– If you are too bored of your life and want it to change, do not repel your thoughts. Know that change is the only constant and the one who fails to adapt and change with time, will be left worthless.

Read some motivational books– All the knowledge and all the wisdom that you need, all the answers that you are looking for are hidden inside that one book which pulls you towards it. Visit it and it will be the last green flag that you have been waiting for. 

Be aware– Be very aware of your surrounding and everything that is changing around you. If you are visiting these thoughts of following your passion after some time, know that things might not be the same as they once were a few years ago. 

Reasons to follow your passion not money

Be prepared to let go– Be ready to let go of your current life, your present routine, and even the kind of lifestyle that you are leading right now. Everything in your life will probably change because of this one decision and you need to be prepared for it. 

Life is short– Get one thing clear in your head, life is too short to be spent thinking. You will have no time left before you know it and this one regret of not doing what you wanted to do will eat you for life. Make good use of the time that you have. 

Chase happiness– All of us are chasing happiness in some way or the other. All of us are working as hard as we can just to be able to rest and be happy at the end of the day. There is nothing wrong with choosing your passion as a path to reach that happiness. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously– In all that is going on, do not be too hard on yourself and never take yourself too seriously. Treat your skill and your passion with the utmost respect and seriousness but never take yourself too seriously as a person. 

Keep your mind and body healthy– The path that you have chosen is not at all an easy one. There will be no guaranteed success but it will take a lot of hard work and undying motivation to reach where you want to and you cannot get there if your body and brain are not in their best shape. 

Value time– Value the time that you have in your hands. Time is like grains of sand in your fist, the harder that you try to hold on to it, the faster it slips and before you realize it, it will be empty. Make correct use of the present moment. 

Keep your priorities straight– Never have any doubts about what is on your priorities list and the chronology in which its items stand. Know what is more and most important to you and take your decisions accordingly. 

Be very level-headed– Always try to be very calm and composed. Things are going to get hectic pretty soon and you would feel your opportunities slipping away a lot of time, hang in there and be level-headed about it, keep trying. 

Hone your skills– Hone your skills to their utmost limit where perfection does not seems enough and everything that you would touch will turn into gold. Try to be the best in your field, even if you can’t be, you’ll reach a good place. 

Evaluate your worth– Evaluate your worth as a human being, not in financial or monetary terms but in terms of the relations and bonds that you have created, in terms of the people that love and care about you and would love to see you succeed and be happy. 

Stay motivated– No matter how hard or unforgiving the day has been, no matter how many rejections and failures you have had to face, do not let anything affect your motivation. Always keep in mind why you decided to start this. 

How to strive hard to achieve your dreams

Do not allow external things to affect you– Be inner protected, so much so that nothing from the outside should have the power to affect you in any way. Create a shield around yourself that protects you against anything toxic. 

Talk to your friends and family– Talk to the people closest to you and the people who truly love and care about you. Share with them the things that you are feeling and what you are going through, they always know what the right thing to say is. 

Be open to suggestions– Be open to receive any suggestions about the path that you have taken and treat every bit of advice with sincerity, given that it comes from a genuinely caring person. Know what is headed your way. 

Learn to take criticism– Develop your brain to deal with criticism in a positive, irrespective of how harsh it is, and even if it affects you and your passion, know that you have to learn from it and improve on it. Keep your head away from pure hate. 

Do not make any hasty decisions– Do not take any important decisions in the heat of the moment but weigh all your options carefully and then ask your heart about what it really wants to do. The answer will always be true and right. 

Learn when to take the big step– Learn to time your decision well. If it is a little early, things might look premature. If it is a little too late, you would already have missed all your opportunities. Learn to hit when the iron is hot. 

Understand your purpose– Understand your purpose for being in the place and time that you are in. You were sent here with a purpose and you will be here till that purpose is fulfilled. It does feel like your purpose here was to follow your passion right now. 

Know what you are naturally good at– There are always a few things or at least that one thing that all of us are good at. Find out what is that one thing that comes naturally to you and when you are doing it, you feel on top of the world. 

Be efficient– Be efficient in your work and never let inconsistency take you over. It is easy to postpone the work to the next day, what is hard is to sit right down the moment that you get it. Smart work over hard work any day.  

Do what you love the most– Following your passion is one thing while doing what you love is another. Understand the difference and pick something that you will never regret in the future. Know the difference between what is right and what is best for you. 

Do not doubt yourself– Nothing good has ever come out of a state of self-doubt. If you do not believe in yourself, who else will? The day you begin to doubt yourself and allow that thought to linger on, it is over for you. 

Be expressive– Do not shy away from expressing your thoughts and letting your emotions come out once in a while. Do not keep everything boxed in but come out clean with how you feel to the people who would love to listen. 

Follow up with the results– There is no point in following your passion and taking every risk in the world if you are unable to produce any results. Make sure you prove to everyone that what you are doing is for the best by producing the desired results. 

Be consistent– Be consistent in whatever you do. All that talent and all that effort will prove to be worthless if you cannot be consistent in your work. Even if you cook the same soup every single day, make sure it tastes the same even in your sleep. 

No substitute for hard work– There is no substitute for hard work in the whole wide world and there will never be. You could try and take the easy way out but at the end of the day, you would be cheating the craft, you would be fooling no one but yourself. 

Have faith in your qualities– Have utmost faith in your skillset and the qualities that you possess. Believe in the gifts that you have to be the ticket to the place that you have always wanted to reach. Back it up with hard work and character. 

Reasons you should have hobby to nurture your passion

Have a message you’d like to spread– With your work and your passion, have a message that you would want to spread in the world. The bottom line is you would be happy only if the people around you are happy and this message is going to help you achieve that. 

Listen to your heart– Listen to your heart more than anything. It will always tell you the truth and point you in a direction that will lead to your happiness. If ever in distress or doubt, just turn to your heart and everything will be alright. 

Trust your conscience– Trust your conscience and your instincts to not only keep you away from trouble but also to help you make the right decisions at the right time. A clear conscience is the most prized possession that one can have. 

Have a plan ready– Be prepared with a plan. Even if lacks any detail or practicality, have a rough sketch ready to take you in the right direction. You could also make some contingency plans in case the first one is flawed and does not work out. 

Aim higher– Aim higher than you have dreamed about. Aim higher than anyone that you have ever met. Even if you can’t reach the stars that you are aiming for, you will at least reach the sky which is not too bad. Do not be afraid to fall a few times. 

Have clarity about life– Make your head clear about the things that you want from life and what you would have to do to get it. Have clarity about the kind of person that you are, know your strengths and your limitations, and keep pushing them. 

Ways to have absolute clarity in life to follow your passion

Make sure it is sustainable– Make sure that the path you have decided to follow is good enough to sustain you and your future family. End of the day, it comes down to the basics, and if you cannot support yourself, you will not be able to support your journey. 

Take the passion test– A passion test is a test devised to check how strong your inclination towards your passion is. The individual is usually given a piece of paper with sentences such as, I am happy when I am, I feel proud when I am, followed by a blank which he has to fill. 

Benefits of following your passion

Know what gives you joy– Know what the real definition of joy is and where does it come from in your life. Joy should not be momentary but should bring a smile on your face for a longer duration and if this is a joy for you, it is the only reason that you need it. 

Enjoy the process– The decision has been made, the step has been taken. The tough part is taken care of, now is the fun part. Enjoy your struggles, your hustles, and your journey before you finally reach the place you know you have always deserved. 

Give yourself importance– Give yourself the importance that you deserve. However, do not go and look for validation from the outside world, only you can decide your worth and it should be nothing short of priceless. 

Have time for yourself– Give yourself time to relax and rejuvenate while the hard work and toil takes a toll on your mind and body. Do not get drained but take some time off to chill and get your energy back up and keep trying. 

Have realistic goals– Have goals that are humanly possible in the field that you have chosen. You cannot possibly reach the moon if you have decided to become a painter. Set goals that you can meet if everything goes according to the plan. 

How to determine your goals

Give it everything you have got– You have only one chance, only this one opportunity to fight for, dig deep and give it everything that you have got and then hope for the best. Even if you fail, you will have no regrets knowing that you tried your best. 

Let your passions guide you– Allow your passion to guide you through the way instead of you trying to control or channelize it. Let it take you over and it will take you in the right direction. Believe in yourself and what you are most passionate about in life. 

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