How to Fight Failures: 51+ Proven Ways

A person becomes stronger with every unsuccessful attempt. There is hardly anyone who has achieved all the successes in his or her life at once.

But unable to achieve something often demotivates people and may mentally damage the person. But mental breakdown needs to be managed and thus, here are some tips that can help you to fight your failure.

tips to fight failure

1) It is not a failure but an unsuccessful attempt. Your failure should always be perceived as an unsuccessful try. This will give you peace.

2) Keep in mind that failures bring you huge success afterward. Failure motivates you, even more, to achieve what you want. Your desire increases more when you do not get success.

3) Always keep yourself involved in some kind of activities. If you are involved in doing some work, you will remain distracted and will not think about your failure.

4) Talk to the people whom you trust the most. They can motivate you to do something even better. They can help you to remain to persevere.

5) Go for a short trip. If you experience a change in the air, you will feel lighter.

6) Try to join an art class. It can be anything. Arts can give you the serenity that will heal all your pain.

7) Keep yourself away from demotivating people. There occur situations when people often mock you for your failure but do not praise your hard work. Stay away from them for mental peace.

8) Do all the things that you planned to do after succeeding. Never punish yourself for being unsuccessful. This will only make the situation more depressing.

9) Discuss your failure with your best friend. Your best friend can cheer you up in a way better than anyone else. You will feel energetic after a discussion with your best friend regarding your failure.

10) Never be unfair to yourself. Once you start being unfair to yourself, you will start losing the other opportunities available to you.

11) Listen to music as much as you want. Music has the power which nothing else in this universe has. It can heal the deepest of the wounds and thus will also comfort you.

Benefits of listening to music

12) Watch your favorite movie once again. Your favorite movie will never fail to cheer you up. This is perhaps the best way to fight your failure.

13) Go out cycling with your friend. You will be able to gossip and have fun. Going out of the house with your friend is always a mood uplifter.

14) Start exercising at the earliest. Since fighting failure can be best done by being distracted, exercising is the best way to remain distracted.

15) Go swimming. Swimming is the best exercise and also gives you a lot of relaxation.

16) Write down your feelings on a paper. Writing down the feelings of your pain will give you a lot of relief. It will make you lighter in a way better than anything else.

17) Try to take up a new hobby. Get yourself involved in new hobbies so that you get other good things to do than being sad!

18) Try out decorating the interiors of your house. Interior decoration is one of the best ways to invest your time in productive works.

19) Do not look at your past. The more you look into your past, the more the failure hurts you. Try to look forward and start planning for the next step.

You should avoid your past

20) Start cleaning your house. Failure gives you the feeling of being purposeless. Involve yourself in all the small works so that you never sit idly.

21) Start preparing for another time. You should never be discouraged by your failure. Give it another try.

22) Believe that if you could not succeed then something better is waiting for you. Remember that you are destined for the best if your efforts are real.

23) Try to find out where was your lacuna. Once you get to know where you lacked, you will be able to improve yourself. The next attempt will give you what you wanted.

24) You may think of keeping a pet. Play with your pet in your spare time. Look after your pet and love it so that you forget your pain.

25) If you want, take a bubble bath. Taking a bubble bath helps a lot of people to get over things that are painful to them.

26) Start practicing deep breathing exercises. This will calm you down so that you get stable after the unexpected result.

27) Do not think you are less than anyone. You might be better than many. It might be that the time has yet not come.

28) Failure means you challenged yourself to do something tough. Had the task been easier, you would have succeeded. But failure proves that the task was difficult.

29) Try to learn from your failure. Remember, your failure has made you more experienced. You know more than the rest of the people.

You can learn from failure

30) Find out the causes of your failure. Look into the minute details that might have caused you to not succeed.

31) Do not try to find out excuses. Always analyze the causes of your failure. Do not blame the situation or anything.

32) Look into the ‘failure’ stories of famous personalities. Famous actors get rejected from movies. Businessmen also face huge losses.

33) Think about doing the same thing next time in a different manner. This will ensure that you are getting a life lesson.

34) Make a good strategy for the next time. Having a well-planned strategy will increase your chances of success.

Make a good life strategy

35) Use the information properly. Remember that when you could not succeed, you gained information. Try using it optimally.

36) Try to face your fear of failure. Fearing failures will make the situation worse when you finally do not get success.

37) Failure is not as bad as you think. Failure is also a part of life. If you do not face failures, you will not be prepared for every situation.

38) Accept the situation and make a move on. If you do not, you will even have everything worsened.

39) Do not try to hide your feelings with a smile. This will make you feel more burdened. Take a break if you need.

40) Do not hide your impulses. If you are being impulsive then just let your feelings flow. Suppressing them will not give you any relief.

41) Let your emotions flow out without hindering them. If you do not let your sadness come out, it will pop out in unexpected times.

42) Not achieving what you wanted is not a failure. Failure cannot be defined only by a single event or even by a set of events. Success and failures are relative things.

43) Failing does not mean that you will fail tomorrow. If you keep on trying, you will not be disappointed in the successive tries.

Accept failure open-heartedly

44) Today’s failure will not last forever. But if you keep on centering your life on a single failure, the rest of your life may get affected.

45) Think of failure as feedback. Not being successful also is strong feedback about your actions.

46) Let your emotions vent out in front of someone close to you. If you vent out in front of someone not very close to you, you may have to face bad consequences.

47) Try to take small steps. Achieving success cannot be done all at once. Take small steps towards success.

48) Try as hard as you can to move on. Once you start moving on, you will eventually be forgetting your failure.

49) Failure is the key to success. If you do not fail, you will also not succeed.

50) Failure teaches you life lessons. It will push you towards success and eventually to your final goal.

51) Remain calm to your best. No action of yours can change past events.

52) Try to channel your frustration and anger constructively. Once you do it, you will have stronger grounds for success.

53) Stay in the present. Moving into your past always will not turn your failure into success.

54) Try to find out the root of your failure. Identifying the main cause of your failure will give you better methods to plan your strategy for success.

55) Be honest towards your failure. Accept where you were wrong. If you try to cover it up then you will continue to fail.

56) Failure is nothing but just a part of life. Failure is as important as success so that your character builds up to be the best.

57) Take time and strategize your next steps. This is one of the best ways to overcome your failure because being optimistic is always helpful.

58) Try to get yourself involved in the things you love the most. Your favorite activities will make you forget about your failure.

59) Listen to the inner you. If you want to cry, do it. But never try to do the opposite of what you feel.

60) Start doing handicrafts. Doing them can give you immense involvement and you will get distracted from your pain.

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