How to Dress for Remote Working: 51+ Proven Ways

We are all conscious of how the year 2020 has been and how our circumstances changed after that. Due to this pandemic, millions of people have started working from home and are studying online.

When you are working in a remote environment, what you wear or the simple act of dressing up can surprisingly boost your work from home productivity.

Here are tips to dress for remote working

Mentally preparing yourself to get dressed. In your mind, you have to make yourself believe that you are still working in the office, where maintaining certain decorum is important, dressing right is important and looking professional is necessary. When you wake up in the morning, push yourself to get out of your pajamas and dress correctly.

Embrace the change. The shift in the workspace has refreshed a wardrobe and the way we dress while working. It is important to keep it up to the fashion point to look good and feel confident.

Do not make yourself feel at home. Even though you’re working from home, remember you are a part of a very reputed organization. So, do not get into the laid-back attitude zone and start hustling as you do in a regular office environment, which also includes dressing up formally.

Comfort is important. Since working from home allows you to have more control over your environment, do not hesitate to make space and environment as comfortable as you want them to be. This also includes dressing up comfortably, so select clothes which make you feel comfortable while walking.

Soft and casual fitted attire. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting garments when you are working from home.

Seize the opportunity as a fashion breakthrough. Dressing up while working from home can be usually unnecessary, take this opportunity to reinvent your fashion ideas. Since there are no norms and regulations to what to wear to work you can play around as you like and where you like.

Be aware of what you wear. There will be times, where you will be distracted from your work and might well have to do other things at home.

But remember when you have to switch back to work then your attitude and dressing sense should match the environment. In short, don’t get back to work wearing the clothes you wore to get your groceries.

In case of emergency. Few things which scare me the most include surprise video calls or zoom calls with the team. Feels like a nightmare, when you are already at ease and comfortable but suddenly have to jump back being very energetic and participating in a call. For moments like this, it is always nice to be prepared and dress right.

Set a timetable to change your outfit. You may choose to change multiple outfits according to the demand of your work, but it is important to set a particular time or a timetable in general.

This way you can keep a track of things you have to do other than self getting ready for your work.

Lifting your mood. We all have good days and bad days, for the bad days, it gets difficult to get up from your bed and push yourself to work.

I understand it can get very underwhelming but you gotta do what you gotta do. So, dressing up can be a great idea to lift your mood and cheer yourself up for the rest of the day.

Strike a balance between style and comfort. Working from home created opportunities for us to try out things that we can never do in the office environment. Of course, it is necessary to look formal and presentable but we can cancel out the things you don’t like to do regularly.

For example, a lot of people don’t like to wear those wired undergarments, you can skip wearing shoes, and give your skin some break from all the makeup you use daily.

Establish a few uniforms. Previously, we would decide or plan on outfits we would wear the next day, this habit is lost in this work from home concept. But it is a wise decision to stick to this habit, it creates a disciplinary factor in your life and makes your schedule for the next day simpler. Don’t have to go to the length after taking out every outfit each day but set the formula and keep a few outfits handy.

Get creative. Utilize creativity to put together outfits with pieces you have never tried earlier. This can be a very fun reason to go through your closet and find such pieces. The sunny side is, if it does not work out, no one will see you and judge you.

Carefully choose your shirt. A classic button-down shirt or blouse is a very good option if you are aiming to be remarkable. Your clothes must look professional and camera-friendly. Do not take an extremely bright color or old shirt. Your dressing sense should leave an impression on your behavior and presence.

Say no to T-shirts. The T-shirts are very comfortable but very casual. It brings down the idea of looking formal and professional. My suggestion would be, if you are planning to dress smart casual, do not go for T-shirts in any circumstances. But even if you have to, select a very basic T-Shirt with no graphic prints on it.

Keep in mind what you are wearing from the waist down. Do not make the mistake of not caring about bottom wear. Women can still avoid this by wearing a dress jumpsuit but for men, it is mandatory to wear something decent down. Settle that in your mindset, a comprehensive ensemble package is certain to attend a professional meeting with confidence.

Try not to over-accessorize. Be aware of over-accessorizing. It is sweet to add a little touch of style by adding accessories. But try not to overdo this, keeping it simple and subtle is the best way. Be wise while picking your accessories, it can make or break the whole look.

Pick the right tie. Our office culture allows us to wear ties. and picking the right tie can be very intimidating. You do not want to choose or select something too flashy for the work environment. Get something subtle and smart.

Comforting outfits. These outfits are a kind of mix between leisurewear and pajamas. Suppose you wake up feeling anxious or sad and you want to let yourself feel a little relaxed and comfortable and wear something as easy as these. 

Peace and calm outfits. These are the outfits that include clothes that have basic cuts, calming color, or comfortable material and are good for your mood.

Productivity outfits. They are nothing but clothes that make you feel more focused and organized. In short, we are referring to smart casual clothes that can be worn as formal wear for work from home. 

Energy outfits. Energy outfits are those outfits that you consider wearing when you wake up with really low energy and you want to change that. Clothes that make you feel more energized and push you to do your thing the best even if you don’t want to or feel like it. They not only make you feel energized but also a lot happier.

Outfit Ideas to consider:

For women:

  • Coordinated set: They can be worn together as a pair or separately. It gives a free and comfortable Vibe, unlike the pajamas would give. They add a little chic and style to the outfit by putting on little makeup and accessories.
  • Jumpsuit: They are super comfortable and can be adjusted with various styles. They are very soft and lightweight and they are perfect for any body type.
  • Joggers: This is one of the easiest to Pull off and easy to carry. Can be matched with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, and buttoned shirt.
  • Tank tops: It is a very stable item and easy to style, they are very comfortable and look very elegant while working from home.

 For men:

  • Polo shirts: They never go out of style and they are very versatile when it comes to styling and wearing something while working.
  • Chinos: They are a semi-formal option when it comes to what to wear while working from home, which is very effective and stylish. Which can be paired with a T-shirt, buttoned shirt, and blazer.
  • Basic T-shirts: The most comfortable and easiest option to go to while dressing up. You can dress up down by wearing a t-shirt and jeans and also dress up by layering and a Leather jacket or blazer.

Maintain the difference. Understand the difference between working from home and working in a professional space. Do not get this too mixed up as it can mess up your fashion goals and fashion choices.

No point pretending if you are not ok. If you think that all this process of dressing up is getting inside your head and messing up with your internal peace, stop doing that. You can always work from home without putting out so much pressure on yourself.

Do not feel guilty when you are not ready. Like we said in the previous point, if you think you are not ready, mentally, do not feel guilty or stress yourself by reminding yourself repeatedly that this is needed. No, it is not, so relax a bit.

Intentionally dressing up for a video conference or an interview will create an impression that will make you more credible and professional. Also, help you to get in the right mental state.

There is a Golden rule when it comes to dressing up for a video call for a conference, dress in such a way that the focus is on you and what to speak and not on the attire.

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