how to Develop a Positive Attitude: 65+ Proven Ways

Our mind is a powerful depository that develops our attitude to do anything in life according to our store’s quality of thoughts.

Sometimes, all it takes is a spur of positivity while dealing with a challenging situation to turn it favorably towards us. It is indeed a constraint to remain optimistic all the time. How can you stay positive?

tips to develop a positive attitude 

Start your day with positive affirmations- It is known to us that mornings set your tone for the rest of the day. Instead of letting negative or pessimistic views dominate your thoughts, start the day with positive affirmations like “Today I’m going to be awesome” or “It is going to be a productive day,” and you’ll be amazed how positive your day turns up.

Focus on the present- By the word” present,” it is not about the recent bad events that happened or the exact moment. It’s about your present-day life scenario. Count on the good things you have today and feel blessed since not everyone has what you have in your life.

Enjoy small things in life- Life is beautiful if you have eyes to see the beauty. Now, you do have eyes, but when you value little things in life, you find happiness in those moments that can nurture your positive attitude.

Exercise- Researchers claim that daily workouts boost your confidence and strengthen immunity, making you physically and psychologically fit. Exercising daily also improves your energy levels which discard negativity stemmed from fatigue.

Gain wisdom- Even if it is less, gaining knowledge every day should be a habit to refrain your brain from remaining idle for long. It is a beneficial practice if a person finds time for reading books of different genres resulting in overall growth.

Learn from the past and let go- Mistakes are general. They should not overpower your thoughts by regrets and disappointments; instead, learn from the mistakes and let go of the situations that don’t serve you happiness. Letting go can help your mind gain its strength to move forward in life and achieve better things.

Find your inspiration- There will be days when you will feel low about things not going your way. In those days, you should find something that can inspire you. It can be a simple set of quotes, a life story of a specific person you admire, a favorite motivational song that can push you to take action.

Trust in yourself- No matter what, don’t stop believing in yourself. You have come to life for a purpose; make sure you identify them and start working towards them. Start digging deep into your potential.

Learn to forgive- Forgiveness is a powerful key to lead a happy life. Putting oneself into the other’s shoes will help you understand things in a precise manner, thus enabling your mind to find your inner peace.

Channelize negative emotions- The moment you feel lousy about yourself or feel despair, try to steer those anger, frustration, guilt, and all other negative thoughts into something productive. Quickly start thinking if all these emotions can serve you at that moment or not, and you will have your answers.

Enjoy me-time- Make sure you have time just for yourself. Take some time out of your busy schedule and engage yourself with activities that can make your heart be at peace. It can be a cup of tea and music or anything that you don’t often do.

Volunteer- Start doing something that can help others; this will give you a sense of fulfillment, and you will feel positive and happy from inside. It doesn’t matter how big your help is; it just matters that you are helping someone somehow.

Watch your words of speech- Your words affect the things that happen to you. When you are being asked questions, instead of using a lousy mouth for everything, respond positively. When you do, you are equipping yourself with hacks to nurture your mind with positivity. 

Appreciate small wins- Sometimes, looking back at how far you have come is a good idea. You must have started something from zero levels, and it got somewhere better after a time. Looking back will make you realize that your journey defines you at present, so your mind will react positively, providing you strength and optimism of doing the “impossible” in the future.

Meditate- It is an excellent practice to control your mind. According to the researchers, people who meditate regularly intensely tend to be successful in their lives. Meditation can help you regain control of the powerful mind and detach yourself from any negativity that may come your way.

Watch your company- The truth is the people you accompany with yourselves have a way to influence you and your thoughts more than you can realize. You must, therefore, relate to people who understand you, support you and lift your spirit without pushing you towards negativity.

Limit your complaints- Whining constantly about anything and everything isn’t conducive to an upbeat personality. Whenever we complain, we say words out of anger or frustration without finding any solution to fix the problem. Instead, accepting the very situation can lead us to a path of hope.

Stop comparing- The idea of happiness is unique for every individual. A person can be happily single with lots of luxury in his/her life, or a person can be highly successful and happily married with children. No matter what your life story is, it can still be fulfilling and beautiful.

Ask for help- Don’t go in denial if you need help. Your friends and family are there in your life for a reason. Whenever you feel intensely depressed, do not refrain from consulting a therapist or anyone who can help. A reminder to look on the beaming side may be all you need.

Write it out- Taking some time out to write your emotions on paper will help you release those emotions. If you let your feelings pile up over time, it will lead to a more stressful life. What’s essential is just letting go of the emotions through your writing, no need to care for grammar.

Intimacy- According to marriage counselors and psychotherapists, intimacy plays a significant role in fighting against mental stress, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and other negatively vibrated thoughts. It is advisable to spend some time with your loved ones to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Proper sleeping schedule- Sleeping 7-8 hours a day enables your lifestyle to be healthy. If you do not get adequate sleep every day, your stress levels can likely rise quickly, and you will start developing a negative attitude more often. You can schedule your bedtime accordingly such that you have an idea about when to wind down, just like you set your alarm to wake up in the morning.

Visualize- When situations are worse around you, and all you can see are blockages in your path, know that it is time to visualize yourself thriving in that condition and achieving your goals. Remember, what you cultivate in your mind is what you gain; there is nothing to lose.

Stop expecting- “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it” ~ We have heard of this quote many a time, but when it comes to deal with the problems, in reality, we forget that most of these problems stemmed out of expectations. The least we expect, the minor pain we get.

Stop the blame game- Stop being in the passenger’s seat of your car. Take the steering wheel in your hands and stop blaming others for your failures. When you take charge of a situation, your mind responds automatically with positivity, thus developing your attitude towards a problem in life.

Do reality check- One of the best ways to positively mold your attitude is to do a reality check. In your leisure time, think about whether your life is this bad as you portray? Think about people who are worse off than you and are still surviving without any complaints, and you will start to see how your attitude towards everything in life changes for the better.

Share- Positivity is inclusive, and it can be expressed through sharing. Start to share credits in your workplace and time with your loved ones at home. Expressing thoughts and feelings can foster human connection positively, thus changing your attitude.

Travel- Fly off from your mundane schedule and enjoy a nice vacation with your family or friends to cheer up your mood. Sometimes, all you need is some time off away from your daily schedule to recharge your brain, which will help keep up your attitude positive.

Be patient- It is essential to keep your patience in check. Keeping your mind calm and composed in taxing situations can keep you focused on your work resulting in a better output. It is required to remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Express gratitude- Practicing gratitude every day is a good thing to keep your attitude positive in life. Think of people, events, or items for which you are grateful; this can be thanking a co-worker, your loved one, or even your pet. You can also write about things you’re thankful for on paper, motivating you to check on those.

Practice Self-talk- Research shows that even a slight change in how you talk to yourself can be a decisive factor in determining your attitude in life. We tend to be the hardest on ourselves and be our own worst critics. If you allow your mind to think negatively about yourself, it can worsen over time and generate thoughts that can be hard to shake.

Seek medical help- If you are feeling consumed by negativity, see a doctor. You may benefit from the medical therapies, thus shaping your positive psychology. Sometimes, persistent negative emotions and feelings can root from an underlying psychiatric condition that needs treatment.

Find humor- Studies show that laughter lowers stress, anxiety, and depression and improves imitation skills, mood, and self-esteem. People who can laugh at themselves are the strongest of all personalities. When you lay off, try to remind yourself that there is no reason to mope about the bad scores in life.

Take action- Nothing in life comes to you just by sitting there all alone. Instead of being passive and letting things pass by, you need to jump into the situation and take the initiative to build anything. By doing so, your perspective of seeing life will change.

Don’t procrastinate- Procrastination has been called an opportunity’s assassin and the grave where we bury our dreams. If you don’t have the guts to face failures in life, you may never understand what winning or success truly means. The more you delay your actions, the more stress your mind will feel.

Learn new things- According to psychologists, learning something new shifts your brain chemistry. To be healthy and happy, learning things you never did before is necessary to challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and provides much confidence.

Change your room layout- You don’t have to be an interior expert to ace your room in a new way. Sometimes changing the room décor can help us feel afresh, which has a lot to do with keeping up a positive attitude in daily life.

Block negativity in its tracks- It is always up to us to let our minds cross by a certain quality of thoughts. Uncountable thoughts are running around in our subconscious minds, and we are the ones who chose them. Dwelling on one particular memory or thought that is positive will help to improve our attitude.

Smile- A study shows that people who often smile while doing even stressful work felt more favorable than those who wore a neutral expression. Smiling fills your heart with confidence and relief, which results in positive outcomes only.

Value your own opinions- In your lifetime, you face many people who will try to pull us down or tear us apart. It is just that these people find their comfort in putting you down. The only opinion that should matter is of your own. You know yourself better than anybody else; don’t let those people get the best of you.

Compliment others- Passing a compliment to your friends, family members, or even a stranger helps us to notice and appreciate what’s good around us. “So being complimentary helps us to create an optimistic, and happier outlook” ~ Berger.

To conclude, in a nutshell, if you change your perspective, you’ll have a better chance of being able to do anything in life. Your thoughts create vibrations that influence how you feel, impact what you attract, and create your reality; this is called the “Law of Attraction.” No work is impossible if you are determined enough. Try to incorporate these vital tips in your life, and I am confident that you’ll start noticing how positives always outweigh the negatives.

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