How to Develop a Good Personality: 56+ Proven Ways

Your personality is nothing but a simple demonstration of your inner beauty. Personality is not about your look, beauty, or appearance; it’s all about your inner self. How calm, composed, compact, and complete a person you are from within.

And it simply reflects through your attitude to a certain situation or something or someone.

Some basic changes in your perception and their regular and consistent practice can also turn you into a great personality by evolving the best version of yourself.

Here are tips to develop a great personality

Do not compare yourself with others- We all are different individuals possessing some different characteristics. And those unique, individual characteristics make us distinguishable from each other. So, never compare yourself with someone else or copy them in your life. The least you can do is get inspired by them but don’t try to be like them ever.

Mistakes are part of life- As we all are human beings, we make mistakes in life. Because no one is perfect out there. But don’t take your mistakes too seriously that you lose respect for yourself. Instead, learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them next time.

Never criticize yourself for your mistakes- You should never criticize yourself or demean yourself for making mistakes. Because making mistakes are natural and learning from those mistakes without getting humiliated is normal.

Be kind to yourself- Never be harsh to yourself. Be kind. Treat yourself as nicely as possible. Never forget that you too are precious. So give the proper respect to yourself which it deserves.

Accept yourself as you are- Never complaining about yourself for anything to anyone. Like the way you accept your good things, accept your flaws and drawbacks similarly. Just accept yourself the way you are.

Stop trying to please everyone- You can’t please everyone around you with your behaviors. No matter how nicely you treat them, few people will always try to put you down every now and then. So, ignore them and carry on with yourself.

Don’t live on other’s approval- Don’t ever try to do things to please others. If you feel like that, then, do it for yourself but not to impress others. Because it is your life and you should live it for yourself only.

Take care of your mental health- This is another important thing that we give the least importance in our daily lives: our mental health. We never consider our mental health seriously. And many people are still ignorant about the fact that how our mental health is solely related to each and every activity. That’s why taking care of mental health is very important from every aspect.

Love yourself and pamper it- Get the fact that, like every other human being, you too deserve love and care from yourself. So, give that love to you and pamper yourself as much as possible.

Your failure should not be your weakness- Like making mistakes, falling in certain situations is also part of life. But that doesn’t mean, considering that failure you should be hard and harsh on yourself. Take your failures even positively, learn the lesson from them, and move forward. 

Hold the charge of your happiness- Always stay happy from within. Don’t let others control your happiness. You should always hold a charge of your happiness and should not get affected by others.

No other person in the world worth your inner peace- Do things that make yourself happy. Because often our expectations have become the reason for our pain. 

Do not let others get into your head- While developing your personality you have to know that every time everyone in your surroundings should not behave like the way you want them to. But it is your part of responsibility not to get anxious or angry with it, rather you need to know how to handle it wisely.

Learn to deal with imperfections- The world is not perfect. No other creature can fit in your perfection parameters. That’s why you need to learn how to accept and deal with imperfections, not for others but for the sake of your betterment.

Be spontaneous, not impulsive- People often get confused with the meaning of these two words. But to frame yourself as a good personality, you should know the difference between these two. There is a thin line between ‘being spontaneous’ and ‘being impulsive’ and you should always maintain that thin line and act accordingly.

Stop overthinking- Studies say that we develop negative vibes and energy from overthinking. Overthinking always ends up causing negativity. So, to stay away from all those negative thoughts and negative vibes, stop overthinking immediately.

Do not allow negative thoughts to consume your mind- As mentioned in the previous point, overthinking always leads to negativity like hatred, greed, jealousy, misery, and melancholy. You can avoid all those negative vibes consuming your mind by practicing meditation for 5-10 minutes daily.

Learn to forgive-  Learn to forgive people not because they deserve forgiveness but you deserve peace. Forgive people for your inner peace because holding on to grudges affects none but you the most. That’s why remove all those grieves and grudges as early as possible by forgiving others for your mental peace.

Take it easy- Do not make things complicated unnecessarily. Because complicating things leads to overthinking, overthinking gives birth to negativity and negativity disturbs your happiness solely. That’s why avoid complications and take it easy.

Never lose your positivity- Staying positive in every situation is another important trait of having a good personality. Do not allow negative thoughts to consume yourself, whatever the situation be. There always comes a ray of light after every darkness, believe in that and stay utmost positive.

Do not allow stress to affect you from inside- Stress, tension, job pressure is now very common in all of our lives. But don’t carry that stress everywhere, wherever you are going. Drop the stress of work at the office and get back home as a new personality. Similarly, don’t let your personal problems reach your work field, keep it at home and you be off to the office with a positive mentality.

Stay calm and relaxed in every situation- Do not get hyper with any problem that arises in your life and lose your cool. Stay calm, analyze the problem and try to think how you can fix the problem peacefully.  

Hold your breath in a tense situation to get sudden relief- If you feel you are in deep stress and can’t burn it out normally, you can automatically practice deep breathing to automatically see the result. Take a deep breath, hold for at least 10 to 20 seconds and exhale slowly. 

Do not panic in situations that are out of your control-  Do not panic in situations out of your comfort zone or out of your control. Stay calm in those situations because doing panic you can’t change the outcome rather it will get even worse than before. That’s why you should have control over your nerves and deal with those situations calmly.

Face everything positively that comes in life- There are always two outcomes of everything in our lives. One is positive while the other is negative. We should always consider the positive thing and remember it in our way. And should not get overwhelmed with the negative consequences rather take lessons from everything and move on to life.

Learn to let things go- Holding onto something or some incidents makes our life difficult and disturbs our happiness. Therefore, we should learn to let go of whatever happened in our past and concentrate on our future for its betterment.

Do one thing at a time- Avoid multitasking. Do one thing at a time. But do that with full passion and complete dedication, means, do that wholeheartedly.

Be optimistic and enthusiastic- Never be a spoilt sport. Always be optimistic and enthusiastic from within. If you are a positive and energetic person from the inside, that will reflect your behavior from the outside. And people always like and admire such personalities. 

Sharpen your social skills- Work on your communication skill. Because if you don’t be a good communicator, nobody will have any interest in knowing about yourself. People might start considering you as arrogant and egoistic. To develop yourself as a good personality, if you have to put the most effort into something, that is sharpening your communication skill.

Be a great communicator- Mix up with people easily and spontaneously. Your words can win over a situation; always keep that in mind.

Greet everyone with a smile- Whenever you meet someone; always greet them with your beautiful smile. Because you never know, just your smile can change someone else’s day.

Learn the difference between “friendly smile” and “formal smile”- Giving a wrong smile to the wrong person at the wrong time might get you into trouble. So, smile accordingly.

Be a good listener first to be a good speaker- To be a good speaker you need to be a good listener first. Because if you don’t listen to others carefully when speaking or stating a fact, they will also not pay attention when you will be giving your speech. That’s why to speak, listen first with your full concentration.

Hold a charge over your decisions- While taking any decision, you should be confident in it. That means you will hold a charge over your decisions otherwise people will develop trust issues on your decision-making capability.

Believe yourself first, others will start believing you automatically- If you don’t have faith in yourself, then you can’t expect others to have faith in you as well. To make people believe in yourself you need to believe yourself first.

Be confident in what you are saying or doing- To be a good leader or a good speaker you have to be confident from within. You should not look nervous or confused while taking action or saying something or doing something. That’s why to be confident in what you are saying or doing. 

Be humble- While talking about confidence, we all know that confidence is good but overconfidence is surely not. Therefore, you need to be humble as well while being confident.  

Show yourself as a down-to-earth person- Do not show your overconfidence anywhere, starting from family occasions to your workplace. Because nobody likes a rude person. That’s why don’t show your superiority rather try to show your humbleness, how down to earth you are in person.

Make others feel good- People around you should feel confident and comfortable. Treat them with warmth and make them feel good by addressing good things about them.

Help people- Always strengthen your hand for people in need of assistance. Whether it is mental assistance or economic or some other. Helping others is always treated as a very good trait of human nature.

Do not pass judgment on others- Be least judgemental. Don’t pass any random judgments or comments on others. Because you have not lived a single day of their lives. So, without stepping into their shoes you can tell anyone how to tie its knots. 

Don’t laugh at people- Don’t laugh at people and make fun of their weakness or disability. Rather laugh with them, spread the joy and be the reason for someone to laugh.

Be loyal to everyone- Always be loyal to everyone. Do not betray others. Whether they are your close ones or not, betraying or cheating someone is a very ill practice which one should always keep away from. So, never betray anyone and stay loyal and honest.

Develop hobbies-  A good personality must possess some hobbies and should be passionate about certain things. Having hobbies does not mean you should be pro at those things but you have to have some passions related to them. And whenever you get time from your busy schedule, practice them with full dedication.

Do things that make yourself happy- Like your hobbies there can also be few things, which are not your hobbies but you enjoy doing them. It can be playing guitar for someone, reading novels, writing journals, or listening to romantic numbers. But whatever it is, don’t deprive yourself of doing those things which you actually enjoy doing.

Be creative- Try to explore with your creative sides. We all have a creative mind hidden somewhere in our minds. Try to find them and nurture them. Because creative people are thought of as the most productive people amongst all and everyone loves a productive personality.

Expand interests to various fields- Read various kinds of books and papers and novels and expand your interests beyond your limitations. Because the more you read the more you become knowledgeable about the world and your surroundings. And as you will gather more knowledge, it will be easy for you to connect with people with different tastes and different topics of interest.

Stop Procrastinating- Nobody likes a person who delays his work and postpones things unnecessarily. So, stop procrastinating. Because it is considered as a drawback of one’s personality and you should not rear this bad habit in your characteristics.

Self-evaluation-  Last but not least, self-evaluation is very much important. Above all, you need to have a clear perception of yourself. Identify the personality traits that you need to work upon first. Then shortlist them and start to work on them one by one. This is how you will be learning and growing yourself as a warm personality while evaluating yourself.

Here is a list of the top personality development books that you can read to ensure the complete development of your personality apart from following the personality tips mentioned above. 

Top 10 Personality Development Books to Read Now

As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen – This book, released in 1903, by James Allen, describes all about how someone can change their life by just changing how they think. It describes how one can rise and fall depending on the thoughts that we harbor. This book is definitely helpful when it comes to shaping our lives. 

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy – There is a dimension that goes beyond our conscious mind and it is often referred to as the subconscious mind. This book describes how one can change one’s future by focusing and directing energies to the power of the subconscious mind. 

How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie – Networking and successful communication skills are two of the biggest weapons that help you solidify your aura in the world. The kind of energy that someone puts out in front of the world helps you generate similar vibes. 

You Can Win, by Shiv Khera – This book focuses on how someone can make the most use of their common sense and bring about modern-day thinking. It focuses on building confidence, turn weaknesses into potential strengths and also take charge of things 

The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck – This book focuses on making people understand that how we think about our talents and abilities makes us achieve things. People who have a growth mindset and those who believe in their abilities and want to further learn are sure to benefit from this book. 

The Power Of Now, by Eckhart Tolle – This book focuses on how one should take a detour from emotions and attachment and set foot on the path of enlightenment through meditation. It helps one focus on implementing things in the very moment. 

Awaken The Giant Within, by Tony Robbins – This book focuses on how an individual can set realistic goals for oneself and also understand what motivates them. This book helps you get set with your path and follow it to emerge big and victorious. 

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho – This book focuses on the heroic journey of a young Andalusian man who wants to search for a treasure that he has always dreamt of. This book works great especially if you like stories more than facts. 

Autobiography of A Yogi, by Yogananda Paramahansa – The most successful modern-day monk talks about the experiences of an ordinary human being walking on the path of enlightenment. This is a book that is a must-read for any person who has an undiscovered side towards spirituality.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**K – This book talks about how a society can ruin a generation by limiting people’s imaginations and asking them to believe in stereotypes. This is a must-read for someone who is suffering from mental issues and gives perspective to solve real-life struggles.  

Now you know all the good traits of a great personality or personality. Everyone wants to develop a good personality. Because a person of such overwhelming personality is always loved by others. And who doesn’t like to be loved? So, the solutions are in your hand now. There are actually several ways open to work on your personality.

Sharpening them a little bit and polishing on those characteristics that a person with a nice personality possesses, can also turn you into one of them. 

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