How to Create A Reading Space: 38+ Proven Ways

Books are our best friends and the only friend who is never too busy for us. After a long, hectic day, come back home and spend at least 15 minutes reading a book or a magazine or even the daily newspaper. Here are a few tips for you if you want to create a reading space of your own.

Here are tips to create a reading space.

Place: The first and foremost thing which has to be kept in mind while creating a reading space is the place or the location. Choose a comfortable spot in the house that is airy, and, if possible, a bit isolated. 

Creating a Space: If your house does not have the provision to set up reading space or you are already out of space, you can always create your own reading space. You can choose any nook of the house or any transitional area between the rooms and transform it into your own reading space.

You can create a reading space

Lighting: Make sure that the spot is well-lit naturally. You can also put up reading lights and tube lights. Avoid putting up yellow lights as they strain your eyes while reading and are really very harmful to your eyes.

Table Lamp: Do not forget to add a table lamp for reading late into the night. It gets difficult to keep the lights switched on when everyone in the house is sleeping, and at times like these, it is very convenient to switch on the table lamp for reading.

Seating: Arrange the seating positions according to your own comfort. You can put on some comfortable mattresses or bean bags or chairs with adjustable backrests. You can also place a swing in the reading room, considering there is enough space.

How to make your reading space more beautiful

Books: Try and add as many books as possible to your collection so that you are actually spoiled for choices. Make a list of your favorite books or the books that you want to read and purchase them one by one

Add Functional Value: While choosing the seating arrangement or the lighting make sure you add some functional value to your space. For example, you can put in some small easy-to-carry chairs which can be carried to other parts of the house too.

How to get most out of your books

Storage: Add some extra storage if possible where you can keep old newspapers or magazines. This will make the room look tidy and arranged. You can also use this additional storage to hide away your secret things.

Aesthetics: Make the room aesthetically pleasing by putting up fairy lights, pretty pictures and by painting the walls with a soft solid color. You can also add a small table at the center of the room for writing.

Tea/Coffee Maker: You can add a tea or a coffee maker to the reading space. Who doesn’t enjoy sipping on a hot beverage while reading their favorite books?

Mini Fridge: If you plan on spending quite a lot of time in the reading space you can also add a mini-fridge stored with your favorite cold beverages like cold coffee, iced tea, or fresh fruit juices.

Adjust the Temperature: You can adjust the temperature according to your own comfort. If you feel that the location is not too hot you can simply buy a stand fan or a ceiling fan.

Salient features of reading

Ventilation: Make sure that the space you are choosing has proper ventilation and has proper air circulation. If there is a lack of proper ventilation the room will feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Adequate Plug Points: Make sure that the location you choose has an adequate number of plug points so that you can charge your phone or your laptop while reading.

Shelves: Choose the shelves which will match the theme of your reading space. You can also put up bookracks which are easier to set up and are very handy.

Stationary: Keep a notepad and a set of pens in the reading space. You can also buy hand-made bookmarks to mark the pages when you are done for the day.

Proven benefits of reading

Plants: Keep some small plants in the reading space which will make you feel fresher and rejuvenated every time you walk in or walk out.

Room Fresheners: Hang pouches of room fresheners all around the reading space to make it smell amazing and refreshing.

Magazines: Apart from fictional and non-fictional books you can also keep a bunch of magazines of your choice. If you are a sports enthusiast stock up sports magazines, or if you are a fashionista you can stock up fashion magazines.

Arrangement: Arrange the books in a manner so that they will be easier to locate whenever you are looking for them. Arranging the books in a convenient manner will save a lot of time and effort and will make the room look neat and tidy.  You can arrange the books alphabetically or according to their genres. Divide the shelves into two halves- Fiction and Non-Fiction and then arrange them in a manner that is convenient for you.

Things to keep in mind while creating a reading space

Music System: If you enjoy listening to some light music while reading, then you can install a music system in your reading space. You can also carry a portable Bluetooth speaker for music on the go.

Cushions: Add as many cushions as you want to in your reading space. You can scatter some cushions on the floor or put them on the chairs.

Carpet: Lay a carpet down on the floor so that you can lie down while reading. If you have a pet, be very careful with the carpet, though!

Proper Space Utilisation: If you have limited space, use it properly. Do not waste any floor area by adding unnecessary things or by keeping the space messed up.

Journal: If you are in the habit of lending out your books or magazines, maintain a journal so that you do not end up losing anything. A journal will also help you keep track of all the transactions that are taking place.

Hygiene: Maintain proper hygiene of your reading space by keeping it clean and arranged. Sanitize it regularly and sanitize yourself before entering the room.

Air Purifier: You can also add an air purifier to the reading space for fresh and healthy air. It not only cleanses the air but also kills a lot of germs that might be present in the room.

Snacks: Store some dry snacks in your reading space so that you can munch on them while enjoying your favorite book. You can store protein bars, chips, chocolates, or any dry snack that you enjoy.

Make Room for Two: Try and make a room for accommodating two people. When you feel like you do not want to be alone, you can invite a friend over to be your reading partner. If there is enough space then you can also use this room to complete all the group projects and assignments. 

Why it is important to have reading space

Insect Repellent Machine: Add an insect repellent machine to your reading space for uninterrupted reading and also for maintaining the hygiene of the space. Insects are carriers of diseases and it is advisable to keep them away from your home completely. 

First Aid Kit: Keep a first aid kit handy in your reading space for minor paper cuts or scratches. You can include an antiseptic liquid, a couple of band-aids, and some cotton in your first aid kit.

Thesaurus: Always keep a thesaurus or a dictionary handy while relaxing in your reading space. 

Alexa/ Google Nest: You can keep an Alexa or a Google Nest in your reading space for smart lighting or music on request.

Wi-Fi Router: Install a Wi-Fi router in your reading space for an uninterrupted internet connection.

Posters: You can put up posters of quotes from your favorite authors or phrases from your favorite poems. This will add a different vibe to your space and will also make it Instagram-worthy!

Wind Chimes: Put up a wind chime on the door or the ceiling for the sweet tingling sound while you enjoy your favorite book.

Emotional benefits of reading

Keep it Cozy: Make your reading space as comfortable as possible. Design it according to your own maximum comfort so that you can have a gala time relaxing and chilling with your favorite book.

Make Use of your Imagination: Use your imagination to liven up the room or space. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the space as much as you want to.

Blend it in: Make sure that the accessories that you add to your space blend with each other and make sure that no single accessory stands out. 

Wall Clock: Add a vintage wall clock or one that goes with the theme of your space so that aware of the time. Who doesn’t love getting lost in their favorite books, but with the busy schedule of the modern world it is a rare luxury.  A wall clock will help you keep track of time and keep you updated with your schedule. 

No Smoking Zone: Make sure that your reading space is strictly a no-smoking zone. Your reading space is a getaway for you and keeps it free from all the bad and toxic habits. Let it rejuvenate you and detox your mind and body. 

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