how To Create A Podcast: 51+ Proven Ways

Podcasting is a skyrocketing branding vehicle running recently. It requires very minimum effort and is easily accessible. Podcasting isn’t that difficult until you know the correct way to do it. It is much less crowded, and there is no such cut-throat competition running currently.

how To Create A Podcast

Select your topic wisely. It plays half of the game. You should not only take an issue that can attract the right audience but also present your voice well. People are smart enough to guess whether you know the topic or you are just copy-pasting it.

You should invest some of your time thinking about whether you can continue the topic in the long run or not.

After you have been successful in deciding such a topic. Narrow your topic so that you can speak on it for multiple episodes. E.g., if you wish to talk about journaling, then describe each kind in an attack rather than giving an outlook on it all at once.

Outline- You shall include all the points that you wish to speak about while recording. You really don’t have to exaggerate anything here; just give a short note to everything. You can do it in a notebook, whiteboard, or even on a tissue.

You should present views that have some senses. Add weak points.

Don’t overboard an unnecessary point and explain an issue that requires attention. People will way pass away you if you showcase any nonsense and immature content.

Show your passion for your project. If you are not keen on voicing it, you can not expect your audience to hear you or appreciate it.

Try to keep an active meeting within both parties. It shall showcase good engagement. Remember, if your audience likes it once, they shall decide to hear from you again and share your podcast with people interested in the same topic.

If possible, try to go with the trend. If you keep making podcasts that are running viral, you will be acknowledged soon by at least a couple of people.

Find out your dedicated listeners or find out your targeted audience.

You shall seek a clear picture of your listeners. E.g., if your audience is youth, then you shall create content accordingly -something youthful. If your most audience belongs to a specific country, then create content acknowledging their interests

Record your voice correctly. There are various free applications available across the Google Play store for androids to install any recording app.

If you have a slightly higher budget, then you shall run after the right quality equipment. You need to understand this- that nobody is going to strain themselves to hear you. There are better voices and content available out there.

If you can’t afford it all, try at least investing in the decent quality of the microphone, headset, and audio editing software. This can weave a good impression on your listeners.

The very first impression of your podcast will be its title. It shall consist of a very captivating title. 

Don’t create a title that is tough to describe its content. People can pass by your project if they fail to understand the title.

In my suggestion, you should opt for a broader heading { a slightly broader}. This way, you can widen your views if you fail to say much about your definite or found something more interesting in sideways topics.

Practice. Podcasting is again a skill that can only be sharpened with loads and loads of hard work. It requires a weird combination of continuous learning and practicing before you become an expert in it.

Try learning regularly and developing your knowledge in your respective niche. Strive for the best, and you will rise many levels up.

Try to reach where a mass of people loves listening to you. Remember, you can’t make everyone happy, but if the majority is wounded, you need to improve it.

You will definitely make a thousand couple of mistakes before making a successful podcast. Learn from your shortcomings and record until you launch an amazing one

Do cheating. Good one! Listen to the demands of your audience. If possible, fulfill them.

Some might want you to add some more lines; some might want you to call in someone special. Some might ask you to change your format. Try to take in only those that do not harp the dignity of yours.

Try being smart, decisive, and don’t behave gullibly. You need to hear out only those critics that will add some wellness to your podcasts. But don’t ignore your audience completely.

Try to present your views and opinions positively. Don’t go for negative affirmations. They create negativity and attract hatred.

Mostly, the audience of podcasts dislike casual talks; they prefer real, informative, and practical pushovers. 

Direct your podcasts in a way where your audience tends to understand you and starts loving you.

SEO friendly projects are needed. You would fail to establish successful podcasts until you consider this point.

Include a bunch of keywords. Try to use tropical keywords. Use “Sound Player,” “Podcast web pages.” Listeners are often preferring listening to only those pieces of words or texts in your podcasts.

At the same time, don’t add in a lot of keywords. Adding keywords also provide a little push up in ranking.

Keep it real. People tend to like authentic and genuine content. 

Try to segregate your content into a bunch of subtitles, titles, and a brief description of each. This gives listeners a better experience. This can also bring in a good ranking for your podcast.

Collaborations. This is the most favorite segment of listeners. Bring in some good talented guests on your channel. This will elaborate your skull a bit and educate your audience with some wise piece of their knowledge.

An expert celebrity guest will also bring in loads of their followers. Engage them with some both intelligent and juicy questions. This can add some real value to your channel.

Try not to stick to the questions you have jotted down. Give them a chance to express their interests, opinions, and experiences.

If requested by anyone, be a guest for someone. Present your thoughts and put exciting answers to their questions. This can give you a little acknowledgment, and if you are lucky enough, their viewers might incline towards your channel too.

Setting up an environment can give you a whole new experience and opportunity to showcase your potential. Try, if possible, to tell me that you have your show as well. This can boost your confidence too.

If you are just a beginner and fail in collabs, then bring in a co-host. This co-host can be any one of your friends or known people. This will tend to bring in more exciting and engaging conversations.

You can split your dialogues, editing, and topics. Try to keep the conversations light.

Ask them if they can continue in the long run. Take in only committed and trustworthy people.

Maintain a schedule for yourself. Try to be regular. You have to assure your listeners that you are fully committed to them.

If you fail to make consistency, then you might lose some of your loyal audience.

Select a domain. Both paid and free available. Be decisive and choose the correct one for yourself.

Choose an apt length for yourself. Don’t go with the trend in this. Speak as much as you can create engaging content. Avoid going off track.

People tend to lose interest in long podcasts. There are 5 -6 damn successful min podcasts, and there are failures in avg length podcasts.

You should invest in artwork and launch also. Make a template and graphic. You can keep it ready to use every time you create a new episode. However, it can vary from episode to episode.

Cover art is the first visual impression. Create it with all your strengths and try to make it picture-perfect. You can seek help from “99Designs” – it is paid.

Research for a format for your podcast. You can go for an intro, then an ad followed by welcome, then the main context, and then again an ad, any way you wish. Try to be a little creative in this.

Edit it before broadcasting. There are various factors in an audio track to keep in mind, like EQ, compressor, dB, Hz, etc. If you are deficient in these skills, don’t feel shy to seek help from someone.

If you desire to add intro music, then you can seek help from “PremiumBeat or Royalty-free music for better options.

The best platforms to stream your podcast are Spotify, SoundCloud and Buzzsprout.

If you want to upload your podcast in iTunes, you simply have to active your Apple ID and submit your podcast in iTunes.

If you want to submit your podcast in Google Play, simply active your Google Play account and click on the publish button after logging in.

Starting a podcast is worth it if you have all of the necessary and unique skills for podcasting. You need to be a great speaker, entertainer, self-promoter, digital marketer, and be willing to spend a lot of time marketing your podcast and building your audience.

If your podcast channel grows after a few uploads, you can easily earn money out of it. The best way to do so is by selling sponsorships.

You can also monetize your podcast by participating in any affiliate program.

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