how To Buy A Perfect Smartphone: 51+ Proven Tips

Mobile is a small portable device which is very important in our lives nowadays. Smartphones are the most vital companions that help us to be in touch and share necessary information.

Mobile phones are advanced in the era through which you can manage your personal as well as professional lives.

how To Buy A Perfect Smartphone

1. The most important thing before purchasing anything is deciding a budget. All kinds of phones are available from cheapest to most expensive in today’s world, with all essential features. You could go for premium versions on EMIs so that your high-value purchase could go easy on your pocket.

2.  Assure you are aware of all the necessary phone characters before purchasing one online or offline. You shall pretty well know what you want to buy, whether it’s only to make calls and other essential functions. If you want a phone to watch movies and other series, you shall invest in a large screen phone.

3. Try to make the most and best of the available choices. The operating system serves you the interface and defines your experience on the phone. Choose it wisely from iOS to Android moving to Windows, BlackBerry Os, etc.

4. It’s essential to decide what kind of phone you want, either iOS or Android. You should better compare them and determine what qualities you want in your portable device. So choose wisely.

5. Nowadays, phones are from cheapest to most expensive, so buy as per your need. If you have a tight budget, go for Blackberry, and if you don’t have any boundary, go for an iPhone.

6. Buy the mobile, considering the screen size. If you like playing games or watching videos, you must buy a big-screen phone, or if you want to use your mobile for work, then you must purchase a small screen.

7.  You must consider the color quality and brightness level of the mobile as it will make your mobile phone more attractive, and it will be easy to see the screen outdoors.

8. Try to find a high-resolution mobile phone as the higher the resolution, the higher will be pixels, which makes your display more visual.

9. Find a mobile phone with more battery life because we all need a phone that works more as our workload. Battery capacities of 5000 mAh is considered good.

10.  Nowadays, the camera has become the most prime feature in smartphones. So try to buy a camera which captures an accurate image. Nowadays there are mobile phones with quad-camera to a single camera. So, believe that that fits your demands.

11.  In this decade, the average rated mobile phones also give you the excellent performance that you want. But if you high-quality processor, then the iPhone’s latest version will provide you the fastest chip. 

12.  Try to find a mobile phone which provides you a minimum of 32GB storage, and you can even get more internal storage smartphones to store your data as much as possible.

13. It is an essential feature in today’s world as you can connect too many displays using this function and can watch your screen on LED or any other device.

14.  You must buy a phone which has looks which match your personality. You can choose a colour from black to red, which is your choice.

15.  Look for small aperture lenses for good picture quality.

16.  While buying the smartphone, you should consider a 4G connection, which provides you the better speed.

17. Look for more Android mobiles while provides the best quality in the average range.

18. Try to find a good selfie camera phone as it is quite a popular and essential feature.

19. Try to find a suitable quality image sensor in your camera so that you can get a better picture quality to upload on your social media accounts.

20. Try avoiding buying those mobile phones who have low storage and lousy quality camera.

21. Try to buy the phone whose display lighting and camera lighting are incredible to get good quality images and to see a good display.

22. Buy those phones whose RAM and ROM are more than 3 GB.

23. You must also buy a phone cover right after the purchase of your phone, which will protect you device from any damage.

24. Consider those smartphones which look bright and visual, which is very calm and attractive.

25. Buy that mobile phone, which is balanced in every aspect where it is storage or memory. Minimum 3 GB RAM and 64 GB storage.

26. Take advice from your friends and family members who know about smartphones before buying your portable device.

27. Assure that your product is bright and shiny to attract a lot of attention of your friends and family.

28. Adopt the natural look on your mobile phone as it one of the best and really visual. Make sure you choose the best to make yourself satisfied.

29. Buy a mobile that serves you well for one year, so you don’t have to waste much of your money every time.

30. You should have the basic knowledge of smartphones so that you can choose wisely. You can also take advice from your friends who are well versed in this genre.

31. Accumulate all the smartphones you have used and compared them to what is lacking or what is right. It will help you in buying a new good one.

32. Try to gather as much information as you can from books, the internet, or from any individual about smartphones.

33. Don’t just buy any random mobile phone. Check all the functions and systems before purchasing, such as processor, RAM, battery and camera dimension.

34. Take your time to decide which smartphone do you want by considering all the points, such as RAM, battery, colour etc.

35. Mobile phone is one of today’s world’s most prime things to work or to communicate. So choose yours wisely.

36. Don’t ask for suggestions from random people; ask them who have some knowledge about technological things to guide you well.

37. If you want your mobile phone from a new and modern perspective, try to buy those who are bright, promising, and with a good connection (5G).

38. A good processor is required for the excellent working of smartphones. The suggested processors are Helio, Exynos and Snapdragon.

39. If you want to explore the photography area, you must buy a phone which has a suitable image sensor, lens, and camera. Minimum 12 MP of camera is preferred for Android devices.

40. Buy a phone with good composition and with incredible battery life and storage as these two are essential features.

41. Take advice from your tech-savvy friend for buying a good smartphone.

42. Make your options less as per your conditions and choose from them to buy a wonderful mobile.

43. If you are from the States, make sure your phone supports 5G connectivity if you want to use your device for the next 3 years.

44. If you are a traveler so you must consider a high-quality camera and increased battery life.

45. Try not to be too in to hurry to buy first sit and think appropriately with patience about what kind of smartphone you want.

46. Before buying your mobile phone, make sure you have proper knowledge about all the prime parameters, like camera dimensions, screen size, and processor, to look for to make the correct choice.

47. Always set your demands before buying your dream portable mobile phones.

48. It is advisable to buy a mobile phone which has a new Microsoft operating system and a high-quality display since they are smoother than Android.

49. Buy a mobile that has dual SIM capacity with a little space for a mobile chip.

50. For those who dream of buying a phone out of their budget, so there is a way for you. Buy a mobile phone with no-cost EMI, which makes your life a little easy.

51. In today’s world, Mobile phones are essential and make our lives smooth and easy. So buy a mobile phone which actually fulfills your requirements and suits you best.

52. If you are a thrilling person, then you must buy a quad processor with an HD playback.

53. Choose your mobile phone as natural as you in terms of a suitable operating system with an honest and real look.

54. Embrace the natural and visual view of your dream portable device.

55. Choose your smartphone wisely beforehand to waste your time when you reach the location.

56. Always check the operating system and processor before buying any mobile phone. If you’re buying an iPhone, go for A13 biochip.

57. If you want to buy a technology phone the opt for iPhone and pay the price in EMI’s. The high price is worth the money.

58. Make an effort to select your dream mobile phone in every single possible direction.

59. Always make your way to what you love by gathering information about that so you can get the best.

60. It’s essential to check the camera quality for both front and back cameras.

61. Always buy a mobile phone with a selfie camera as it is the prime feature.

62. Make sure who selects the mobile phone-based on new features like split-screen and second space.

63. Buy that smartphone which has special connectivity features.

64. Make sure you have a unique feature that makes your phone more attractive, like app space and password.

65. Try to buy smartphones with all security systems, including the app lock and system lock.

66. High-security system regarding the information and the system’s storage is a must to have in mobile phones.

67. Understand the spontaneity of the moment and decide the perfect piece for you.

68. Blend colors in your display and get the perfect smartphone.

69. Make sure to select the phone based on features, not on price. So that you can get the best things you want on your smartphone.

70. Don’t get fascinated by the advertisements you watch. Go on the internet and read yourself to get pertinent information.

71. If you are a beginner, then buy a phone which easy and straightforward to use so that it won’t be challenging for you how to use.

72. Many people use two mobile phones, one for personal use and others for work, and it can vary in size. So be careful.

73. The part of your mobile phone used most will be the touch screen, so be careful while deciding your screen’s contrast and resolution.

74. Make sure you buy a smartphone which has a different mode of using the mobile like while reading, there will be reading mode, and while watching a movie or something, there will be normal mode.

75. Retina display, which helps us see the words clearly, is essential in today’s world. Always choose the same if given an option.

76. The heartbeat of any smartphone is its hardware so buy a decent hardware mobile, which is tough to break.

77. Always try to look for extra features that increase your productivity, as LG G4 Stylus provides you with an incredible marketing presentation idea.

78. Embrace your journey from a simple phone to the perfect features of smartphones.

79. Make sure your phone is water resistent, and can survive a drop in the pool.

80. If you are a lover of new models, then buy yourself a good one every year.

81. Grab your smartphones and surf on the internet to make the best choice for your next.

82. Top-notch features and apps are vital for smartphones.

83. Make yourself more advanced and buy an advanced technology smartphone from saving yourself and your data from hacking and all.

84. Security and storage must be of top-notch quality to make a mobile phone more attractive. Always activate fingerprint centor and face scanner.

85. More excellent the background of the phone, the more will be the attractiveness.

86. Always protect your incredible and most used touchscreen by covering it with the best screen guard.

87. If you want to buy a good phone, then also buy a good and original charger, of minimum 18 Watts.

88. More contrast features in your smartphone, and more will be the natural and visual look.

89. Make sure you buy a smartphone which have all advanced system apps like sharing apps, navigation apps and writing notes, etc.

90. Display brightness should be more than a resolution to get a better display.

91. Make sure you always get a smartphone where typing and fast swiping is comfortable.

92. Always keep in mind that never compromise on usability and comfort. Buy a good quality phone cover which feels good in hand.

93. What matters the most nowadays is a good performance, not an extra performance above the threshold. So mid-range phones are doing a great job.

94. If you are a graphic user or gamer, then you must take extra specification smartphones.

95. Whether you want Android or iOS, it totally depends on your budget list and requirements. So choose what fits you better.

96. Don’t just buy an expensive smartphone to show off. Think carefully and then make a decision.

97. Affordability is critical to buy a new smartphone, and you can even get good phones in the mid-range.

98. Make sure you always look for a large battery and fast charging feature before deciding.

99. Make sure you focus more on lens, aperture, and image sensor rather than megapixels while deciding on the on-camera feature.

100. Always take care of the launch calendar for buying a better mobile phone. Stay up-to-date and stay connected with the world.

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