How To Buy Smart TV: 51+ Proven Tips

Smart TV is one of the best friends of a family for years since we spend millions of hours watching it. There is a wide range of options to choose the best combination of features for yourself in today’s market.

Tips to buy a Smart TV:

1. Decide on a budget. The more money you spend, the more features you receive in return. 

2. Define the combination of features that you wish to have in your Smart TV set. Go for a bigger size, Netflix and YouTube applicable, and a higher refresh rate.

3. Always prioritize picture quality if you can opt for 4K or higher resolution HD. This will offer you a spectacular viewing experience.

4. If you want your Smart TV to show every color with excellent dynamic range, then upgrade it to HDR.

5. Do not opt for a Smart TV without a built-in Wi-Fi connection. It’s essential in today’s generation.

6. If you are looking for a Smart TV to fit in today’s generation, then serve for those Smart TVs that can surf through Netflix, Facebook, and other applications comfortably at your place.

7. If you have a higher budget, go for OLED since it has proved its best picture till today.

8. If you can’t go for the best, try out 4KLED. It still provides you with superb picture quality.

9. LEDs work better in- well-lit places; on the other hand, OLEDs work better in gloomy locations. Buy as you desire.

10. The better the picture’s ability to attain a contrasting nature, the better is its image.

11. Check for Smart TV Depth. It entirely depends on you how thin you wish your Smart TV shall be.

12. If you wish to install a Smart TV such that you receive perfect angles via all-sided, then go for OLEDs. Grades of Smart TV do matter a lot.

13. If you wish to watch sports or action movies on your Smart TV, make sure to exchange your pennies with a Smart TV with better “Fast Action” capability.

14. According to most expert’s flat Smart TV is better than curved ones in terms of picture quality.

15. Take a bigger screen as you afford. The bigger, the more remarkable. Don’t go below 35 inches.

16. Try to pay attention to all the options of connection that your Smart TV can connect.

17. Stay away from no-name Smart TVs. They will tend to clog your experience. It is not advisable to buy a Smart Smart TV from any unknown company. Always go for branded ones.

18. Keep in mind the wattage required by the Smart TV for running.

19. Pick a durable Smart Smart TV. Even if you have to spend some extra bucks, never mind. You will always want your television to last for at least two years.

20. Look for a Smart TV that is subtle in color changing. It shall have the ability to switch between SDR to HDR.

21. Search for a Smart TV that gives you a refresh rate of minimum 60Hz to maximum 120Hz.

22. Audio plays more than half the game. Purchase a Smart TV with a higher inbuilt speaker quality.

23. If you prefer wall mounting, then check if your Smart TV is designed to support ultra-low profile mounts so that they come out a little away from the wall.

24. Spend a few bucks and plumb HDMI cable worthy of your Smart TV. It gives you a golden opportunity to view jaw-dropping picture quality. Hence buy only those Smart TVs which can connect with at least 4HDMI ports.

25. Choose the design wisely. The end effect shall be to mount less space and be less intrusive.

26. If you are confused between multiple Smart TVs, ask the vendor to switch multiple Smart TVs on with fireworks side by side. You will understand the quality instantaneously.

27. Similarly, ask the company to put multiple black shades to check on contrast.

28. Recently, all Smart TVs can be added to all broadband networks. Take the one if you want to have a smart Smart TV.

29. Check on brightness; remember the one which goes for higher intelligence can’t support low brightness that well.

30. Don’t forget to buy a Smart TV without guaranteed support and manufacturer’s warranty. You will regret it if you buy one without a contract and need any servicing after a year.

31. Make sure you can access Skype from your television. This will be very handy shortly.

32. Check the YouTube picture quality before buying your Smart TV. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.

33. Make sure you can insert your external hard drive or pen drive at the back of your Smart TV.

34. Make sure your Smart TV supports WIFI connectivity. It will also be handy shortly as you can perform all your essential day to day work from television only.

35. For some Smart TV, you can access the icons of television with the help of the mobile application. Make sure your Smart TV is compatible with that feature.

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