How to Build a Reliable Wardrobe: 51+ Proven Ways

We have all experienced frustration because of the lack of a proper reliable wardrobe. Having a reliable wardrobe is necessary for functioning in adult life.

Most of our closet is full of clothes that don’t fit us, are set aside for specific occasions, or do not go by our lifestyle.

By building your dream closet, we do not mean you have to go for a shopping spree at this moment. 

Here are tips to build a reliable wardrobe.

You can always do so by organizing it, keeping the Essentials, discarding the unnecessary, and taking care of existing items. So here are a few of the important tips to build and enhance a reliable wardrobe.

Determine your body type:  Before you proceed with anything, it is important to learn and understand your body type. Measure your shoulder, bust, waist, and hips. Based on your measurement, find out what goes out best with your body type and shop accordingly. Keep pieces that flaunt your body. And dump the items which do not flatter your body type.

Define Your Style: it is vital to recognize your style before constructing your desired wardrobe. You need to narrow down the list of items that intensify your style and make you feel confident. So that you feel good when you wear them.

Do a closet inventory and create a purchasing calendar:  To meet your future shopping and dressing easier, you need to manage your wardrobe by composing a closet inventory. It is a skillfully distinguished approach to decluttering your closet. And keep a purchasing calendar ready, to plan when to go shopping. This way you can organize your space and decide on a budget. You will see that you will be able to save a lot of money and add value to your closet.

Create Your Color Palette:  Pick the colors which enhance your skin tone. Select and purchase clothing items based on those specific colors. Also, it is important to choose the right color outfits for various occasions. Colors can cause a long-lasting effect. 

Uncertain about selecting accurate colors, stick with neutral colors: Neutrals colors are the most competent color combinations available. They are excellent for every moment, just need proper styling. So if you are not too sure about picking the right colors, neutrals can be a lifesaver.

Design your ideal closet space: Decide in advance, where to keep the items. Before you start decluttering, mark the places where you want to keep particular things like the jacket, dresses, etc. This will help you to clear your mind and save a lot of time when you start organizing the wardrobe.

Detox Your Closet: The need to discard clothes that we do not need is the most effective step for building your dream closet. Be very honest and make decisions and with a farewell to the outfits that you never wear. This is a very emotionally relaxing process, but environmentally impactful as well.

Declutter your clothes by category: To ease the process of detoxing your existing closet, try to declutter it by category. This way it is easier and less time-consuming.

Sell your old clothes: You might be having pieces which are brand new, with a price tag on them. Items that you never got to wear and are in very good condition. Such items should go for resale purposes. You can earn some extra money by selling those items to your local thrift shops.

DONATE: Donating is the most generous and best way to get rid of your existing clothes, which are unnecessary for you. There was someone out there who needed that crop top that you don’t use. So many people can’t afford new clothes. For them, your clothes can bring happiness and can turn out useful.

Start with what you have: Now that you have selected the item that will remain in your closet, you need to start organizing them. Divide the main categories and plan outfits. Decide the accessories. Set aside the clones that you use daily from the occasion wear.

Invest in what you already own: Start fixing the clothes that you already have and have selected them to stay in your closet, if they have any defects. Wash them, iron them and place them in their respective places. Use high-end products to take care of the clothes and accessories.

Store your clothes by category: You can also show the clothes according to the categories, like shirts, trousers, Blazers, pants, etc. This way you will know where to find the items you are looking for. It reduces confusion and is visually pleasing.

Color-code your wardrobe: You can also color-code your existing wardrobe. It is again very visually pleasing. Helps you to separate bright color clothes with neutrals.

Identify gaps that need filling:  Look out for items that are missing in your closet after all the decluttering and detoxing. Make a list of things that you need. It should not be an impulse purchase or a shopping spree. This should be a thoughtful process, we should impact you financially and spiritually.

Buy for Your Lifestyle: Purchase a new item entirely based on your lifestyle. Clothes your lifestyle allows. Which you can use daily and for a long period. Buying unnecessary clothes will make you go back to the vicious cycle and all the efforts to build a reliable wardrobe will go in vain.

Shop online on consignment sites:  Shopping online consistently sites, an easy way to look for more eco-friendly fashion brands and developing sustainable fashion habits. You can find vintage clothes and clothes which are up for resale. You’ll find a lot of unique vintage items that are in great condition.

Don’t buy something for just one occasion: Strictly try to avoid buying clothes for any specific occasion. They will eventually land up in one of the corners, waiting to be used again. You can save a lot of space and money by not purchasing any occasion wear.

Try saving the money for something more expensive or valuable, like a designer bag that you can use for years.

Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit: Also try avoiding purchasing clothes that don’t fit you well. A well-fitted clothing item flatters the body and makes you feel confident.

Don’t go on extravagant shopping sprees:  Just because you need new clothes does not mean you will go on a shopping spree. It is important to not get tempted by the thought of buying more clothes.

The Internet and peak consumerism have makers believe that we need to purchase everything. But hold on to impulse behavior and be a smart consumer.

Buy durable fabrics: We all need to be aware of fabric that is durable and will last for years. To increase the life cycle of a clothing item, we need to select the right fabric of the material. Also, look out for the fabric which is breathable to the skin.

Learn what quality looks like: Investing in excellent quality garments and textiles will automatically level your clothing experience. Plan on acquiring high-quality products, which can be utilized for years. This way you don’t have to repair the items or buy new clothes and you end up saving money, time and energy.

Choose quality classics: It is always advisable to adhere to classic apparel items instead of impulsively following any Trend. It is not only sustainable but also cost-effective for your lifestyle and your bank balance.

Earlier, the clothing brands would launch a new collection every season, making 3 to 4 launchers every year. However, currently, the brands are launching a new collection every week. So, it is very hard to follow any trends.

Shop secondhand: There is an abundant reason why one should always shop second-hand clothes and accessories. The items that you find are unique and are of really nice quality. There are mostly statement pieces that enhance your wardrobe collection. And they are very affordable and eco-friendly.

Shop local: Instead of purchasing from large fashion corporations, you can always opt to buy from local shops and Markets, this way you will be encouraging your local community, obtaining locally sourced fabrics and materials, generating opportunities and jobs for many people, and will be supporting a small business to flourish to success.

Embrace rental fashion: Whenever you require clothes for a special occasion, it is advisable to rent clothes. Usually, most occasion wear is used once or twice, then they land up in your closet and take up space.

You do not want to do that when you are preparing to build your dream closet. There are lots of budding designers and fashion labels who are willing to rent their outfits at a very affordable rate.

Avoid Fast Fashion: Rigidly, dodge to purchase from brands that promote fast fashion, they are dishonest and they do not treat their workers fairly. These brands are running a business just to earn money by treating the people involved in this process of production poorly. They are unethical, unsustainable, and mostly made up of bad material.

Stick to classics: Always, cherish classic clothing items. They nevermore go out of fashion and they are always beneficial. We can be layered, prepared, and styled in so many diverse ways. The variation is enormous. The quality is commendable.

And we can be affordable as well. You need to learn how to acquire the right classics clothing items for yourself, which enhance your style, flatters your body type, and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Get the Basics: Invest in a basic clothing item. We go on for a long period, buying the right quality can increase their life cycles which will impact the environment and your bank balance. Basics are always helpful when it comes to dressing up when you are in a rush.

Whenever you feel you do not have anything to wear, you plan on styling the basics. They are the foundation of your closet. There is nothing that can go wrong when you are wearing the right basic items.

Chose the MUST HAVE:  The following items should be there in everyone’s closet. They are called essential for a reason, irrespective of gender, age, Lifestyle, etc. They are timeless and can be utilized all the time. The items are listed below: LBD, KICKS, SOCKS, CLASSIC CAMI, COLLARED SHIRT, LONG-SLEEVE SHIRTS, TOP STATEMENT BAG, BLUE DENIM, BRANDED TEE, and BLAZER.  They are always in vogue, available at different price points, and can be styled in many ways possible.

Add Statement Pieces: Whenever you consider adding pieces of jewelry to your collection, go for statement pieces. Items that are classic, Vintage, and can harmonize with any outfit. Accessories complement your look and present an impression that you had put a lot of effort into dressing up.

But one needs to take care of a very vital point, an accessory can make or break your entire look. So it is important to choose the right accessories for the right outfit.

The Versatile Layer: The fashion community looks down on people who recur their outfits. While it is an absurd idea to comply with, there is no harm in trying to look different using the same outfit. The solution for this is to go for amazing layering items like blazers, coats, jackets, scarves, etc. It also bestows your craft of styling the layering item efficiently. So never hesitate to invest in good, unique, and chic layering items.

Don’t Forget Shoes: Measure your feet, get your shoe size. And with the right size, purchase your shoes. Seize good-quality shoes depending on your lifestyle. Get different kinds to go with different occasions. Select the right brand and type and you’re good to go. 

Care for Your Garments: The most significant measure after developing your complete closet is managing to take care of your garments and accessories. It is very evident why it is very critical, you need to show care for things you love and you want them to stay. They can only sustain and survive for ages if they are being taken care of.

Learn basic repairs. Educate yourself about the fundamental repairing techniques. This will help you in the long run. You need not consult someone or hire someone to repair trivial defects that appear in your garments. You can also save a lot of money and time.

Find a reliable tailor: a skillful tailor is your clothes best friend. To repair, stitch or reinvent old clothing items, a tailor can solve thousands of problems. In case you are bored with your ready-made clothes, you can always get your design stitch. They can also upcycle your old clothes into new items.

Pay attention to laundering: Chose the detergents and cleaning agents very carefully. There are varieties of detergents available for types of clothes. Make sure you know the right purification product for your garments to avoid maligning your clothes.

Wash less frequently: Wash clothes less frequently and use natural detergents. If you wash them too often you are putting stress on the fabric. We can get worn out very easily if you are using hard detergents and cleaning them very frequently.

Also washing clothes releases water waste, which should be reduced as much as possible. It is not environmentally friendly because the microfibers released from synthetic clothes can contribute to micro-plastic pollution.

Wash Dark Clothing Inside-Out: Washing the clothes Inside Out is a very effective way to clean your garments. It causes less damage to prints and patterns.

Wash Metal Separately: Clean the garments with metal embellishments, separately. These clothes can tarnish other pieces if not supervised accurately. They need exceptional care and maintenance separate from other clothes. Separate commodities are supposed to be used for them. Details like this should be taken care of otherwise they can get damaged very quickly.

Maintain Your Wardrobe: Take good care of the area. Cleanse your closet periodically, make sure it is staying sanitized and repaired often. It is necessary because it can be spiritually enlightening. That space contains most of your garments and accessories, it can’t be devised untidy and chaotic.

Consider purchasing organizational tools: Collect organizing tools for your closet. They are extremely effective, required, and needed to put together a closet. For your complete closure experience, they add up space and compartment to keep categorized clothes separately. They are affordable and available.

Use the vertical space in your wardrobe: Utilize your vertical available space to store, intelligently. Attach hooks so that you can Store scarves and pieces of jewelry. Install cabinets and use them at your convenience. This way you can utilize the maximum space available to you.

There is no right way or wrong way to put a dream closet, these are just basic guidelines that you can follow. But there is no one stopping you from following your heart and doing whatever it says. You can create your boundaries, guidelines, and steps to build your dream closet which goes according to your lifestyle.

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