How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: 51+ Proven Tips

If you have ever found yourself standing in front of your closet, which is at full capacity, saying that you have nothing to wear every time you decide to go out, then a capsule wardrobe is your answer.

A capsule wardrobe is an amalgamation of a number of clothing pieces that work extremely well with one another and can be your go-to wardrobe. Such a wardrobe is functional and is a boon to fast working professionals with an extremely tight schedule. 

Here are Tips To Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Now before you start rummaging through your closet or rushing to the stores, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose a Colour Scheme: This will involve you choosing one or two base colors that compliment everything, typically for bottom wear, bags, and coats. Next choose accent colors – brighter than base colors – to co-ordinate with each other, usually for tops, dresses, or accessories. Once a color scheme is established, all items will be interchangeable.

Consider Your Body: Certain cuts and patterns flatter one body structure more than the other. You are more likely to keep wearing something if it flatters you. Be sure to only keep those items that flatter the shape of your body.

Consider Your Complexion: Your complexion plays an integral part in choosing colors that look good on you. When you buy colors that highlight your complexion, you are more likely to favor those items.

Choose Classic Shapes and Patterns: In the age of fast fashion, choosing shapes and patterns which are considered classic for your capsule wardrobe is wise. Classic pieces do not go out of fashion and you can keep wearing them for years.

Choose High-Quality Fabrics: A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that has lesser items that can be paired easily with one another. Therefore individual pieces are won multiple times. Buying items that are well made will ensure that they continue to look good despite the wear. 

Items choices for a capsule wardrobe for women:

A classic capsule wardrobe is one that is built with the basic pieces of clothing and fundamentals of clothing science. Here are some ways tips: 

Invest in some T-shirts: A staple in every wardrobe is a simple t-shirt. Buy mostly neutral colors and some bright ones just to add a pop of color to your closet. Choose the neckline that suits you most. Find your perfect fit and buy it in all available colors.

Go for Denim: Denim is a significant part of your closet. Focus on choosing a shade that you are comfortable with and also check the material of the denim. Choose colors like black or white that will complement other components of your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress is a must: A LBD is a classic dress and a staple in your wardrobes. These never go out of fashion. When styled properly, an LBD can be worn in both corporate and social settings.

Sundresses add some fun: Keeping a sundress handy is good for your days at the beach or those scorching summer days.

Pencil Skirt for formal days: A neutral-colored pencil skirt makes you look polished and elegant. You can style it casually as well as for work.

Get proper fitted Tailored Pants: Like a pencil skirt, a pair of tailored pants work in both corporate as well as casual settings.

Button-up Shirts to lift the look: Invest in a couple of button-up shirts even if you would not wear them every day. It can be styled casually as well as for corporate purposes. Stick to a neutral color palette as it is easier to mix and match.

Knitwear important as outerwear:  Go for something that flatters your shape. Knitwear is mostly for winters, so you can easily choose brighter colors. Be sure to not go too crazy with your colors and designs because you will need to pair them cohesively with items already available in your closet.

Outerwear that adds value to your closet: A solid outerwear should be a staple in every closet. Keep a belted trench coat or any other heavier coats that will complement most of your outfits. A blazer over a dress can give you a corporate and polished look.

Jackets as other options: A simple jacket can elevate even the most basic clothes. From denim jackets to faux leather ones, jackets can help in changing your look. Throw on a simple denim jacket over a plain white t-shirt and jeans; and voila!

Great-fitting Suit to flare your personality: A tailored suit not only makes you look polished but also never goes out of style. Stick with a neutral palette – it can either be darker neutrals or lighter neutrals.

Belts to not let your bottom wear fade away: Every now and then you’ll want to jazz up your outfits and what better than a statement belt. You will want to make your selection based on fashion and not functionality. If you need a belt to hold up your jeans, you are wearing the wrong size.

Silk Scarf to add extra artsy: A scarf can be worn in a variety of ways – top, headband, or a bag accessory. A scarf is very versatile and timeless and a necessity in your closet. Besides making you look absolutely stunning, a silk scarf has a variety of benefits.

Bags, the most important accessory: No woman’s closet is complete without bags. However, buying too many bags is definitely a problem for a capsule wardrobe. Keep one handbag that goes with most of your outfits.

Sunglasses for all seasons: One pair of classic sunglasses should always be a part of your closet. Choose a pair that suits your face. This will ensure that you will reach for that pair in the future. Since sunglasses don’t take up too much space, you can opt to own more than one pair.

Shoes, never forget to go for what is best for you: Is a wardrobe ever complete without shoes? While there is no such thing as too many shoes, you will have to put a limit on your collection when building a capsule wardrobe. 

Items choices for a capsule wardrobe for men:

Capsule wardrobe selections for men are relatively similar to those for women, with only a few minor changes. Check out these tips on selecting versatile pieces of clothing and new items for a capsule wardrobe for men:

Try different types of T-shirts: Keep your t-shirts simple for your capsule wardrobe. Black, brown and white t-shirts work well with most colors. 

Denim is important: Denim is an important addition to any man’s closet. Jeans never go out of style. Colors like black, deep blue, or midnight blue match with all colors and are timeless. Avoid choosing jeans with rips or crazy splatters. This will make sure your jeans last all year round.

Trousers to save your day: Good pair of tailored trousers look very sharp when paired with shirts. Trousers are appropriate for corporate settings. They can give you a smart casual look.

Belt to add the statement:  Choosing a belt for functionality only isn’t a smart choice. If you need a belt to hold up your pants, get them altered to fit you perfectly. Choose a belt that looks lovely and polishes your look. Go for a slim belt – something that’s relatively fashionable as opposed to just functional.

Button-up Shirts for the everyday look: Button-ups work great as casual and corporate wear. Have a shirt in black, white and blue. Once you are comfortable, experiment with other colors and prints.

Knitwear for winter: Having at least one knitwear in your closet is important. You can go for expensive options like cashmere or cheaper options. It is better if you can have one in a creamy beige color and another in a darker gray or black color. You need one or two knitwear maximum to get you by.

Try variants of Outerwear: Just like women, men too should have a good trench or a pea coat or any other style of coat that you can throw over any outfit. A good coat should be a staple in every wardrobe.

Wool Sweater for the save: If you don’t want to wear a jacket or coat every time you go out during winters, a wool sweater is your answer. Go with brighter colors but choose colors that suit your complexion.

Black Suit is the best option: Always a version of a black suit hanging in your closet. Get your suit tailored to suit you perfectly. If you only wear your suit occasionally, ensure to go with something simple. That way it will last you 15, 20, 30 years; and you would not need to spend a lot by renting or buying one.

Jackets are versatile for all occasions: A simple denim jacket can make you look stylish by putting in minimum effort. A jacket polishes your look.

As staple as Watch: Something as simple as a watch can elevate your outfit and make you look polished even when you are wearing the most basic clothes. Choose colors that you know you will reach for in years to come.

Sunglasses to pull off any look: A pair of black aviators or wayfarer sunglasses suits almost every face shape. Sunglasses are functional and add to your style quotient with minimum effort.

Shoes, the most important: Shoes are as important as your clothes. While you do not need multiple pairs of the same type of shoes, you do need one pair for every occasion.

Formal shoes for corporate events, casual shoes for outings with friends around the city, a pair of trainers for when you hit the gym or go running, a pair of rugged boots for hiking or for when you take a trip to rugged destinations.

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