How To Boost SEO On Pinterest: 51+ Proven Tips

Pinterest is a social network platform to share recipe ideas, outfit ideas, decor, inspiration, DIY hacks, and it also doubles as one of the most significant search engines out there.

If you have a small brand and have not paid much attention to optimization on Pinterest, you might be missing out on a lot. 

How To Boost SEO On Pinterest

Use the right keywords. Keywords tend to play a vital role in determining the reach of your post. Hence try to add suitable and popular keywords like the recipe, keto if you are in the culinary business. If you are in the fashion industry, the use of aligning keywords like the outfit, couture is essential.  

Pick an optimum username. Make sure to choose a username that reflects how you want to be portrayed and discovered on the platform, and the URL will serve as your keyword. So you have to choose a unique username that sticks out, is memorable and direct.

Set a pinner. Every pin on your profile represents your work; hence pins have to be optimized as much as possible. The pins will help the search engine to discover you, so don’t hesitate to be descriptive. 

Usage of rich pins. The rich pins refer to nails that have some kind of additional information that can help the search engine to comprehend better. So that added detail can improve your reach to a great extent. There are four types of rich pins: app, recipe, product, and article. 

Have a thoughtful pin description. The pin description should not be generic with just all the popular keywords. The pin description should be meaningful and exciting, making your pin perform better, thereby improving your pin’s SEO ranking. Tell viewers about your hook, what it represents, and use a strong call-to-action.

Optimization of Pinterest Boards. Just like pins, you should optimize your board names using a meaningful and memorable name and suitable description as it can improve your SEO. Pick a relevant board category that best describes it, and you can do this using the small pencil icon in the lower right section of your board. 

Be consistent. Rather than posting in bulk on one or two days and being inactive the rest of the days of the week, you should be consistent and post pins on day to day basis, the new day starting at 8 pm EST as the Pinterest algorithm prefers consistency over volume.

Use useful pin images. The optimal ratio of pin images is 2:3, or 600×900 pixels. Going taller than that may cause your pin to get lower distribution, or it may get cut off in the app. Having vertical pins will also get you larger space in the feed than having the square ones.

Verify your website on Pinterest. A verified website gets leverage in the search engine over the rest, improving the searches’ ranking. Proving the website has multiple perks like analytics using which you can analyze the performance of your pins and your presence as well as the audience who view your pins.

Focus on the quality of pin images. Quality will get you a better ranking in the search engine, and you can get more repins and traffic on your site. So the use of images that stand out and are relevant is significant. The users may not notice the description, but they certainly see the image, which makes choosing the right image quite important.

Have a Pinterest follow button on your website and urge your users on other platforms to follow you on Pinterest. This will enable you to reach a larger audience and have more of an impact.

Try to keep up with the ongoing trends on the platform and customize your pins accordingly so that they will perform better and have a greater reach.

Determine your most popular boards and keep them on the top of your feed. Incorporating this practice will help you to show your viewers the best stuff you have. This will attract more viewers to your Pinterest profile, and they may share your best pins, so the more they share your pins, it will improve your ranking. 

You should always avoid posting duplicate content as Pinterest may detect this using its algorithm, and this will adversely affect your ranking on its search engine. Besides, it might lead to defamation of your brand or website if a viewer detects it. So post fresh content.

Attaching a link to your pin description will also improve the reach. These links can be directed to your website or the product you are marketing, enabling the users to purchase it. This will add to the convenience of your viewers and will also benefit your cause.

Have some space between your pins. Spacing out your pins will prevent the overcrowding of content. Instead of posting all the pins in a row, you can fix some time so the pins will be published in a queued schedule over some time on the same day. This will be helpful for your audience and improve the reach of your individual pins.

Engage your viewers. Organizing fun activities for your followers will benefit your SEO as it will maintain an active follower base, thereby encouraging more and more people to come forward and participate in your activities.

Conduct regular analytics reports to determine what is working and what is not. This will give you a perspective of what your viewers enjoy and will help you to modify your content accordingly, thus improving your follower base.

Add a Save button on your pins. This will require some HTML coding, and once installed, it will enable your users to save an image or link to their devices. This will enhance the viewer’s experience with your feed and hence improve your reach.

Share your pin images on Google+. Using appropriate and customized images does not suffice. It would help if you also shared your pictures on Google+ as it is one of the most used search engines, and hence your image can pop-up on using the right keywords, thus increasing your reach on platforms like Google+, which have a wider audience. Use descriptive content on pin images. Images with some description on them tend to do much better than standard pin images. So always try to add some background description on the image for it to be more viewer-friendly.

Share pins about topics beyond your concerned area of business. Always sticking to trade will make your content too dull. Let your viewers know about your interests and post stuff that gives you happiness. This will help your viewers to engage with you on a more personal note, and they get to know that you are well rounded and are not just confined to work.

Build relationships with other influential users. When you are trying to improve your reach, it is always good to have a cordial relationship with other users who have to build a substantial follower base. This will help you to get collaborations and more commercial deals, which will benefit your business and the SEO as you can get featured in their feed, which has greater reach.

Statistics show that women tend to use Pinterest more compared to men; hence target your pins to attract more and more women by improving the graphics and content. This will help you to expand your network.

Use Pinterest ads to promote your pins. This enables you to pay Pinterest to promote your pins. This will enhance your reach to a larger audience. When you see “promoted by” on a pin, it means the pin has paid promotion, and here you pay for every click-through on your pin.

Use videos and animated GIFs to promote your pins. Pinterest has the feature of adding videos to promote your pins. This will include an animated GIF on the feed which when the user clicks, will be redirected to the full video of the pin. This feature was targeted to mobile users.

Timing is crucial when it comes to pinning. Specific topics perform better during certain seasons—also, the time of the day when your post is essential in determining your post’s reach. There are certain timings in a day when most users are active on Pinterest; hence identifying this time and posting is essential.

Identify the topics which are trending and focus your content on that topic. This will improve the relevance of your feed and help you keep up with the transient trends.

Also, take inspiration from successful users and try and improve your content accordingly. Follow people with significant reach and learn their tactics to achieve success on the platform.

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