How to Become a Genuine Person: 51+ Proven Ways

From time to time, we come across some charismatic people who light up a room with their mighty presence. You may think that these individuals give a lot of effort to portray themselves like they are. In reality, this might be an entirely wrong notion to consider.

They are the ones who are very comfortable in their skin and never pretend to be someone that they are not. Sometimes, our thoughts get confined in some corner of our mind which refrain us from being a genuine person. 

tips to enrich your genuineness

Speak your mind- Conversing is fine, but conversing in some sense is essential. Watch your words while you speak. Speaking your mind does not need to be harsh always; it implies not saying something you don’t mean.

Using a lousy mouth while responding each time is not something people appreciate. Instead, conversations need to be more tactical than bluffs.

Do good without expecting- Never expect in return while you are doing some good to anybody. A selfless attitude catches everyone’s attention and is considered a strong trait of a genuine person. As long as you are staying true to your values, you get your tips in some way. It is just that you don’t see in another way.

Face your fears- Genuine people never abstain from facing any challenges in their lives. They have immense courage while dealing with every circumstance and accept every situation that may seem impossible at first. You have to be brave enough to face the hurdles if you want to become a genuine person.

Be truthful- People gravitate towards the ones who they can trust. It becomes difficult to like a person who doesn’t know who they are and how they feel. A genuine person stays true to their commitments if they made it to you, be it in professional or personal lives.

Respect others- Genuine individuals are unfailingly polite and respectful towards others. Respecting goes hand in hand with acceptance. Being truthful is by accepting your flaws and embracing individuality and differences. When you do that, people appraise you as a responsible person.

Gather solid self-esteem- Having strong self-esteem means having balanced self-esteem, neither too high nor too low. Now, self-centered or selfish people have high but brittle self-esteem.

On the contrary, people who do not get succumbed easily to criticism and failures and never get threatened by negative emotions are the ones who are genuine. They accept every situation and acknowledge areas of their character that need improvement without diminishing self-worth.

Listen more- Genuine people are great listeners. Before they speak, they give value to other person’s opinions and then share their perspectives. You need to listen very carefully because conversations can bring clarity on many grounds. So, it is advisable to listen more than just hearing and be considered a sincere person.

Don’t try to fit in- You are not a genuine person if you are constantly changing your values and trying to be flashy as a whole. It will help if you do not care what others may think of you and be in true self spirit, which shows how confident you are.

Shiny costumes or doing over makeup won’t attract people around you; instead, people look for simplicity more, showing how comfortable you are in your skin.

Practice what you preach- Genuine individuals always “walk the talk.” They don’t behave like hypocrites and are the ones who stand firm to their commitments. They believe in ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Therefore, try never to promise or say things to people which you cannot stand by. 

Never brag about your deeds- We all have faced such people who love to show off their worth to anybody and everybody; their conversations are usually about themselves and their accomplishments. They boast out of insecurity that no one will ever notice them if they don’t show off.

Genuine people don’t need to brag and are confident that it undoubtedly stands on its merits no matter how many people appreciate when you indeed do something that matters.

Get rid of jealousy- It is necessary to stop comparing your lives with other people to be genuine. Jealousy can arouse competition which yields catastrophic outcomes in your lives. You must know that the idea of a happy and fulfilling life is unique for each individual. Jealousy slowly turns you into a person you do not wish to become.

Find your life purpose- Some people are not afraid to take risks in pursuing their passion and purpose in life and let their internal compass guide them.

Sure, they appraise the consequences of taking such risks and yet become determined to forge an entirely new path. Now, trying to follow your passion sometimes can lead to success if you are adamant enough.

Be lack material neediness- Material neediness destroys the genuineness of a person because instead of looking around in the community, you whine about things that you don’t have.

In addition, your lack of appreciation for the things you possess in your life arouses neediness in your attitude, which is well visible to other people.

Be active- Don’t sit around and let things happen to you. Rather than being passive in your life, take responsibility for your actions. When you are competent enough and can handle things independently, know that you are a genuine person. Doors of luck open for those who try.

Try to be thick-skinned- Genuine people have a substantial self-value and don’t go for emotions or circumstances that don’t serve them at any level. When people criticize them, they don’t treat it as a personal attack.

They can objectively assess negative and constructive feedback and accept what works for them and leave the rest. They never jump to conclusions rather listen to the criticism before evaluating them.

Embrace vulnerability- People with an open mind find emotional vulnerability as their strengths.

They accept that human beings are bound to have emotions, the difference being on people’s attitude to show or not to show and some stereotypical mentality that prevails till date.

Use positive affirmations- If you want to be a sincere person, you must have the ability to look for the good in every circumstance. Learn to block harmful or pessimistic views on their tracks and dominate them with positive affirmations. You will be amazed how positives can outweigh the negatives and bring out considerable outcomes.

Appreciate small things in life- Genuine individuals are not the ones who try to extract only the big stuff out of their lives, but they make the best of what they already have.

Therefore, when you value and try to appreciate people and their gestures towards you, you feel fulfilled and happy from the inside and tend to have a more positive attitude towards life.

Be proud of who you are- Never doubt yourself if you want to be a sincere person. You must have started your journey somewhere at zero levels and accomplished few things which you never thought you would. If you are not proud of your life, figure out why and work on how you can change it.

Have clear intentions- Authentic people communicate transparently without having any ulterior motives.

People admire them for being spontaneous and engaging while they converse. It is always appreciable if you have clear intentions in what you do in your life and not sugarcoat every time.

Never give up- Individuals with ambition, and intense zeal, and determination for achieving the same are a lot more attractive than a person who is always hopeless and passive in their life.

So a genuine person needs to have strong willpower and strength towards their aim in life. There is no replacement for hard work for achieving things that you want in your life.

Don’t complain every time- Whining constantly about anything and everything isn’t conducive to an upbeat personality. When we complain, we say words out of anger or frustration without finding any solution to fix the problem. Genuine people focus more on the solution than the problem.

Don’t try to please everyone- No one is perfect. Mistakes make us better human beings. We learn and make mistakes every day, and it doesn’t matter. A genuine person never tries to please everybody around them.

No matter how much you try, there will always be people who will have problems with you. You need to understand and start giving value to yourself, nonetheless.

Don’t pass judgments- Having an open mind is crucial to be a genuine person. However, it does not make people approachable if you are rigid or hold a pessimistic attitude.

It is necessary to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to eradicate pre-conceived notions and judgment; this does not require you to condone their behaviors and beliefs; instead, stop passing assessments and value ‘acceptance.’

Meditate- Meditate to keep yourself focused and to discover your authentic self. It helps you eliminate distractions and respect your thoughts and actions, a stable trait to be considered a genuine person by heart.

Keep your patience in check- Rome, a beautiful city, was not built in a day. However, dreams do come to reality if a person has the determination to struggle every single day without fail. Success will follow your steps if you can hold your vision till the end.

Know yourself better than others- Knowing your inner-self goes hand in hand with self-esteem. If you feel you are indecisive about your future, you need to check your values and know who you are; understand your sole purpose before you become sincere about others.

This checking is basically about your strengths, weaknesses, how you want things done or how you want to make people feel about you. 

Release patterns that no longer serve you- When you come across an old habit, an emotion, or a thought that doesn’t represent your authenticity, work on letting it go. We grow up, and so do our values.

You can write this up on something and cross it out or crumple the paper, impacting your subconscious mind through this physical activity.

Be more compassionate- Understand that just because you hold power or authority doesn’t mean you have the right to behave according to your free will. You need to understand that time is a fickle thing.

Times do change, and your power and position, too, will. Be generous and kind, and don’t blame people unnecessarily. The world desperately needs more healers, empathetic personalities.

Smile more- Smiling releases endorphins which help a person feel happier and positive. A gentle smile can lift your mood and of others filling your hearts with positivity. Genuine people retain a smile whenever they try to boost others, impacting many people surrounding them by inspiring them to be more positive every day.

Examine your confusions- When exploring your inner-self, you might be a little indecisive about how to approach it. You may question yourself whether it is possible to change what feels so deeply ingrained in you.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your inner feelings. Meditation is the best thing that goes hand in hand with questioning your mere self.

Share your wisdom- Genuine people are never self-centered. They try to pull others by inspiring or by sharing their vision and insight.

They never feel insecure while sharing their knowledge and know that knowledge sharing is one of the best traits of being genuine by heart. It also helps in your growth, limits the skill gap, and many more.

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