How To Be Popular On Instagram: 51+ Proven Ways

Instagram is one of the most used social media in today’s date; you can know everything about everyone with the help of this app.

This is kind of a safer and more intriguing version of the good old Facebook. However, Instagram has replaced this social media giant called Facebook. 

How To Be Popular On Instagram

  1. Pick the relevant and targeted keywords for hashtags to get the level of engagement you are looking for and get the highest traffic. Please don’t go for a generic hashtag, as it will not attract a lot of crowds. 
  2. According to research, you need at least 11 hashtags to get a fair amount of traffic. So search for a perfect keyword that matches your post.
  3. Inspire your followers with your thoughts or inspirational quotes. Sometimes all a person needs is a firm motivation quote after a long tiring day, and maybe your post of a motivational idea may lift their spirits and leave them motivated for the next day.
  4. Make your fans happy by giving them lovely gifts or arrange some giveaways to engage people in our account more. 
  5. Don’t be shy to show off your lifestyle. It is called lifestyle marketing and has taken the app by storm. 
  6. Selfies are never wrong. A funny selfie of your day-to-day life or a selfie of you doing something extravagant is helpful to intrigue people. 
  7. If your marketing purpose is based on beauty or style, people expect more pictures from you, and you can never upset your fans! So post your pictures regualarly.
  8. Interact with your followers more. Ask them how they feel about your posts, reply to their DMS, reply to their comments. This will make followers like you more and hence will make them follow you. Being nice is never out of fashion!
  9. Comment on other people’s photos; this will make people feel good about themselves and make you like them!
  10. Upload more and more pictures to engage your followers in your account. People always look for posts, several followers, and followers before following some Instagram celebs. 
  11. Try to buy an Instagram account that already has a big audience. This may not be possible because the admins of such pages ask for a very high price for their performance, but whenever you get a good deal, don’t forget to grab it and then renovate that account as per your likings.
  12. If you have an official business account, don’t forget to make it an official business account.
  13. Ditch any cringe usernames and go for a relevant, memorable, and sassy name.
  14. You can’t be at the top if you don’t help others; keeping this in mind, cross-promote accounts in your bio.
  15. Use your bio meticulously and add your email id or any form of contact that will help brands or companies interested in contacting you quickly.
  16. Most of the Instagram users are also on Facebook, so it will be wise to connect your account to Facebook.
  17. Link your Facebook account, and make sure to create an Instagram tab on your Facebook page.
  18. Ask your acquaintances or friends to join Instagram and follow you; if they like you personally, then it’s a given that they will definitely like your page.
  19. Always keep your competitors close; make sure to check what they are engaging in, what brands they are collaborating with, and things like that. 
  20. Branded Hashtags always brings more followers, make sure to use them, or create some.
  21. Know the Hashtag; sometimes, people don’t bother to know the hashtag’s story and end up using it in the wrong post. Don’t do that, and always use the proper hashtag.
  22. Interaction is the key to being famous, interact, or respond to all the hashtags.
  23. Before posting a picture, make sure nothing is wrong with that picture and make sure it won’t stir up any controversy.
  24. Contextual images are a great help if you are trying to promote a business account.
  25. People should be aware that you are up to date with all the current events, and you have to do that by talking about relevant books and publications.
  26. 3. Blurry, grainy, too edited photos are naughty for your Instagram account; always go for high-quality images.
  27. Keep checking your account and keep deleting your bad photos or photos that don’t go with their performance now.
  28. Don’t be afraid to re-use images for marketing purposes.
  29. Never back off from your already set guidelines; always maintain consistent policies.
  30. Humor always attracts people, therefore don’t be afraid to show off your funny side by creating memes or uploading a funny picture.
  31. Never forget to upload BTS content of any photoshoot, music video, or film.
  32. Posting quotes will never go out of style.
  33. Use a filter, add a new caption, and just remix your old content.
  34. Some pictures need that editing power to make them look more beautiful; take some help from photo editor apps to do so.
  35. Have fun with your fans and hide something in your photos and ask your followers to find them. This way your followers will be engaged with your profile.
  36. Tell a story through your Instagram to make you seem more attractive.
  37. Add more photos of the same idea. This will help you convey a more detailed message without messing up your feed by uploading too many pictures.
  38. Update your followers with everyday moments by uploading a simple selfie or picture of someplace or something you found interesting.
  39. Don’t give out the idea of being self-centered and include people in your photos.
  40. Don’t forget to tag your friends, any celebs, or brands in the post you uploaded.
  41. Make people pay attention to your account by making some announcements, big or small.
  42. Respect fan-made content and show them that you love them, and you see their work by posting their content.
  43. Take feedbacks from your client if you are running a business account.
  44. Engage your followers by stimulating the desire of your followers.
  45. Increase the curiosity of your followers by posting confusing content.
  46. Upload more and more explaining videos of any product or item, that may or may not be sponsored by any brand.
  47. Partner with some well known and trustworthy brands, who are interested with your content creation.
  48. Post ads that focus on entertaining your audience, and keeping them engaged.
  49. Don’t be boring and try exciting stuff such as Boomerang and MSQRD to add creativity to your videos
  50. Don’t forget to add a location when you post a picture in some high-end place.
  51. Maximize conversations by mixing subtle and explicit CTAs.
  52. Look out for comments that will help you stir up conversations with your audience.
  53. Proper announcement of your contest is significant in order to attract your followers.
  54. You can also trick the followers by exposing them to like your posts to enter the competitions that you arranged.
  55. User-generated contests spread your messages and also engages your users.
  56. You can again run contests on your site or some place other than Instagram.
  57. Make supporters aware of your presence by liking their pictures or content about you.
  58. If you are promoting an item, reply to questions on your followers’ specific item.
  59. Instagram Blog’s Weekend Hashtag project gets your massive exposure; hence participating in it is a perfect option.
  60. Concerning the previous point, follow accounts that your competitors follow.
  61. Swap your Instagram account with any brand or influencers.
  62. Keep a tally of your posting habits and then post accordingly.
  63. Keep in mind all the details of your previous posts’ results, and then post accordingly.
  64. You can have fun with your pictures by asking your followers to caption your photographs.

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