How to Avoid Sleep when Studying: 51+ Proven Ways

Stories that our grandma used to narrate. They were mostly filled with dragons and phoenixes and horses that could fly.

This was how we used to go to sleep. Now when sleep has become a necessity and life keeps on throwing us in different shapes and sizes, people lack sleep, and this affects a person’s life tremendously which is often reflected when we doze off to sleep during working hours and majorly for students while studying.

Top Tips to Avoid Sleep When Studying

Here are 70 tips you can do to avoid sleeping while studying-

1.Let there be light. Light is a cue that promotes awakeness. It is required to be in a lighted room while studying as our body responds to environmental signals like darkness and light.

2.Avoid studying in the bedroom. There should be a different place for studying and for sleeping. As our body gets drowsy by the thought of being in our bedroom. It also makes it easier to turn off our brains while sleeping.

3. Sit upright. Maintaining a perfect posture is definitely a win-win situation which not only helps to avoid sleeping but also keeps us focused and alert. Mostly, it is found that we get comfortable while studying by lying down, which acts as a negative impact on our body and also affects our performance in work.

4. Stay hydrated. Drinking water solves most of our problems in life. It is advisable to drink plenty of water during the day. It not only avoids sleeping but also has a drastic positive effect on our body.

5.Eat healthily. Neither junk food nor a heavy meal helps us to be awake as junk food leaves us feeling sluggish and after a heavy meal it is often seen that we are dozing off. It is better to have healthy food like an intake of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

6. Wash your face. The most practical way of not falling asleep is to wash your face. It helps us feel fresh. Also brushing our teeth helps us feel awake and refreshed.

7. Read aloud and write more. Reading aloud helps us to be more attentive than reading through our minds. It is also a good method to memorize our notes and helps us to feel awake and focused.

8. Keep moving. It acts as an energy booster. It helps us to stay awake. Walking outdoors for at least 10 minutes not only helps us to avoid sleep but also helps students to perform better in studies, and helps in brain development. It also helps to be free from stress.

9. Study actively. Reading textbooks or class notes can be tiring then leading to drowsiness, so it’s better to shift to some informative type of studying like making diagrams, charts, teaching our classmates, and practicing exercises.

10. Study with friends. It takes studying to another level when discussing the study materials with friends. It not only avoids nodding off but also makes the study more motivating and stimulating. It also helps to understand the subject better.

11. Get quality sleep. Make sleep a priority but not while studying. When needed, have a good sleep. Good sleep is related to good performance. A detailed study says that one must have at least 7 hours of sleep.

12. Take strong power naps. A short energy booster is required in the middle of the day in order to make us awake. When we cannot get the requisite amount of sleep at night, power naps are necessary.

13. Don’t study too long at a stretch. Many say to study for 5-6 hours at a stretch but it is not possible as we lose concentration. So during the course of the period, get up, stretch for a while, do some breathing exercise for about 30 minutes then go back to your study.

14. Rotate your study topics. Sometimes studying the same topic for hours can lead to boredom and can help you feel sleepy. So, it is advisable to change the topics frequently as possible in order to maintain a good study.

15. Talk to yourself. While studying, initiate a conversation with yourself. This not only helps us awake but also to understand better and allows our thought process to be more firm. Though it sounds crazy it really helps! Always try affirmative sentences so that they can boost our self-confidence.

16. Guard our eyes. In this pandemic, we are shifting more to gadget-specific study rather than a pen and paper mode. So, it is highly recommended to keep our eyes safe. Constantly staring at the computer screen can be stressful for the eye.

17 Drink caffeinated beverages. Drinking coffee can boost our energy and helps us to avoid sleep. But too much coffee is harmful to the body.

18. Put on some music. Music therapy definitely elevates the mood. It helps balance our brain waves and also helps us to concentrate more. While studying if we are sleepy then we can put on some upbeat music.

19. Chew gum. It’s bad for the teeth, but definitely, a medicine to avoid sleeping. As it keeps the mouth active which makes the chances few of us dozing off. 

20. Refrain from alcohol. It makes our mind unstable and there is a high possibility to sleep. It makes our nerves weak which makes studying very difficult.

21.Get some sunlight. Sunlight is necessary for our body as it helps the body to generate vitamin D, which is essential for our body. It also helps to rejuvenate our mind and body which refrains from feeling sleepy.

22.Early to bed. Here comes the famous saying,’ Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. It’s totally appropriate to go to sleep early and rise early, which makes the mind fresh and full of energy. With a fresh mind, we can concentrate on our studies and won’t fall asleep.

23. Never encourage distractions. In order to avoid sleep while studying, you should find yourself in a less distracting place. Avoiding phone calls, text messages are required in order to study well and to avoid sleep. Light music enhances the study but it also depends on the individual.

24.Meditations. To avoid sleep during studying one must meditate daily for about 20 minutes, concentrating on one particular thing for a while. After meditation, one must follow some yoga and stretching exercises in order to be physically and mentally fit.

25. Be positive. It is really difficult to work when tired so try to watch some inspirational videos which would lead towards a positive and persistent life.

26. Avoid night-outs. Night-outs can be worse than consuming alcohol. Case studies show that it is not at all sustainable. Our body takes almost a day to come into its original position.

27. Keeping snacks near us. It is advisable to keep some snacks beside us when we feel sleepy. As it helps us gain energy due to the glucose intake. 

28. Keep a cold environment. It helps the working process to be smooth and also keeps us alert. It is advisable not to keep the temperature too cold, so we will end up cuddling in bed and fall asleep. 

29. Know our body limits. Each and everybody works differently. So it’s better to know our body. Face the limits that our body has. One can write a first-class paper staying awake for the whole night and some simply could not function after 1 a.m.

30. Do not use a table fan while studying. Avoid using a table fan while studying as it feels more sleepy. It is best to be under a ceiling fan and also it has to be ensured that the table fan is not blowing straight into our face.

31. Don’t multitask. Try to keep our phones off while studying. The best way to study at night is to be silent, it helps us to focus more and to concentrate on the work more. If we are studying from a laptop keep all the notifications off. Avoid any sort of distractions.

32. Keep your senses alert. It is very important to keep the senses alert as it helps the mind to engage in some activity that keeps us away from falling asleep.

33. Study with like-minded people. Studying with a person of the same goal helps to keep motivated so that the mind gets diverted from feeling sleepy. It also helps us to evaluate our ability to focus and to stay productive.

34. Keep optimizing our routine. Managing our time is an art. Interchanging work routines can be beneficial for our workday. Also, try to take a  break by interchanging tasks and make sure that the tasks are completely different from one another. 

35. Maintain a good posture while studying. Maintaining a good posture while studying keeps us away from sleep.  The backbone has to be straight while studying.

36. Make an effort to teach ourselves. The best teacher is always ourselves, if we can teach ourselves then it will not only help us to progress but also will make us reach heights that can be unimaginable. Our thought process will take us to a new level.

37. Keep a consistent time to wake up every day. It is very important to wake every day at the same time, if this does not happen it hampers the biological clock of the body and makes the body tired. 

38. Set a goal. Always set a goal before studying, like how many topics you need to cover today and also some certain mentally strong points that have to be taken care of. This will help us to sleep at a certain time and will also make our minds strong.

39. Revision while walking. When we feel bored it is advisable to revise the topics which are already studied but while walking. By doing so it would help us revise the chapters, as well as the sleep, would vanish.

40. Feet wash. There are various nerves in our feet that are connected to our brain. So by washing our feet it would feel a bit more relaxed and fresh which would take your sleep away. 

41. Exercise daily. In order to make a mark on your study, we need to avoid sleep, and exercising daily can have a drastic effect on our study.

42. Be motivated. We shouldn’t get diverted from our focus, stay grounded and stay motivated in order to excel in our studies, which in turn would keep us away from sleep.

43. Make a perfect timetable. We can either be an early riser or a night person, it really doesn’t matter as we can be successful in either way round. All that is required is the perfect timetable in order to do a certain work which includes ample amount of sleep as well.

44. Nature of work. The creative work comes the best when we are tired like what JKRowling had said, and if there is some analytical work it should be done in the morning while our mind is fresh which again requires ample sleep during the night.

45. Keep our study materials minimal. The brain becomes more fatigued if there are so many books and notebooks open in front of us. Keeping the study materials limited helps the brain to be less distracted.

46.Warm-up and keep warm. Try first with some practical sums which act as a warm-up to the big race, then slowly go to the difficult ones. This will make us go deep into the subject and also will keep our mind focused and concentrated which will help us to stay awake.

47. Taking a hot shower. It is important to take a hot shower as it activates our body cells and nerve endings which helps us feel relaxed and extremely lively. It also makes us feel less tired and fatigued.

48. Try acupressure. The nerve ending on our hands, feet, and face helps us release our stress hormones. It makes our minds filled with energy. 

49. Stress management. Try not to complete an entire syllabus in one whole night, one would end up being stressful and nothing productive can happen out of it other than sleep. So it is recommended to keep a few things for study before the exam.

50. Breathe in oxygen. When we fall asleep it is necessary to breathe as much as we can. Because our body cells lack the level of oxygen.

51. Stay active. Skip a rope, or a hoopla, or jump, run, do whatever it takes to make you feel energetic once more so that sleep can’t conquer your soul.

52. Stay at least 25 cms away from the eyes. This will make a strain on our eyes and we might have glasses or even our power might increase. This is also an important factor that needs to be looked after.

53. Keep our alarm out of our hands. It is often advisable to keep the alarm away from us and not beside us, as when the alarm rings our body must engage in some physical work if the alarm is not close to us. This keeps the body physically active and alert.

54. Sleep hygiene. We must prepare our brain at least two hours before going to sleep. This keeps the brain alert, hygienic and active.

55. Have our meal at 8 pm.  It is required to have a light meal because our body starts to secrete melatonin which makes us feel sleepy, so after dinner, one can take a short nap after that they can sit for study, which is highly recommended by various studies.

56. Keep our phones away while sleeping. Any sort of gadget has to be kept away while sleeping because during the night our body secretes melatonin which can be hampered due to the waves that any kind of electronic gadget emits.

57. Study in a well-ventilated room. Good ventilation is very essential to be in a mood to study. It keeps us motivated and fresh and also does not allow sleep to take over.

58. Avoid difficult topics during the night. During the night it is advisable to go for some easier topics which don’t require a lot of logic and analysis. It is better to revise the subject which is theory-based in order not to fall asleep.

59. Be serious. Being serious is very important as if you aren’t serious now, life will make you serious at a point and along with many paybacks. So if you are serious then your mind would never encourage you to sleep. 

60. Be a bit tense. Tension helps us to stay focused, and when we stay focused in life, which later on would definitely have a better outcome in the near future. Tension doesn’t allow us to sleep, but any extreme tension can affect our mental health. So it is advisable to be a bit tense.

61. Don’t Overthink, and start acting. Overthinking just gives us a negative outburst. It drains out the energy from our body, so don’t overthink, rather start studying what makes us think and act accordingly. We might not be successful in the first go but we will succeed.

62. Don’t be lazy. Being lazy would not fetch you anywhere. There is no shortcut to success. Keep working when needed and sleep when needed. If there is a perfect balance between your sleep and study then you are a winner. 

63. Don’t procrastinate. Keeping up loads and loads of work will only lead us to stress so it’s better to do the work when it’s said. It helps us to build a good life for ourselves and also keeps us from sleeping while studying and working.

64. Don’t make excuses. Excuses will lead you to nowhere, always remain true to yourself. If you are not true towards yourself then you will be a big failure. Try to avoid excuses and focus on yourself.

65. Try to fool your mind. Like while studying during the night, clean your table and keep those extra things on your bed. So, when you feel like sleeping and turn your head towards your bed, but your bed already contains so many things you need to clean up before you sleep. This fooling of the mind might help you avoid sleeping while studying. 

66. Spend quality time with nature. This will help you prioritize your thoughts and would make your mind expand more towards different perceptions. This would definitely help your studies better and sleep won’t take a toll on you.

67. Don’t stay up till late studying. Studying at night hampers our sleeping cycle and our biological clock gets disrupted. Due to this, you will feel lethargic throughout the day.

68.Sleep on time and wake on time. This keeps the body physically fit and fresh. The topics that are being taught or learned would not take enough time to understand. 

69. When sleepy you can study your favorite subject. It is a good option to do maths during the afternoon because doing maths makes us stay awake. It is better to study practical subjects during the afternoon or your favorite subject.

70. Try to be productive. Make the most out of your day. Try to engage yourself in certain work which makes you comfortable. 

Sleep can be your friend as well as a foe, now it’s up to people’s decision whether they want to be a friend or an enemy. Follow the tips stated above to control your doziness when you are studying. 

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