How to Avoid Nervousness: 51+ Proven Ways

Being nervous is very common and it only proves how human you are. You might easily get nervous when in a tense atmosphere and lose track of what is going on. There are a million ways to deal with nervousness and we have a few for you. 

Here are Tips to avoid nervousness.

Read the room. Read the atmosphere that you are in, read the kind of people that you are surrounded with, and more importantly read your surroundings. If you are well versed with all of it, you would have no reason to feel nervous. 

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be comfortable with who you are, what you do, and how you look. When you are comfortable with all three of them, there is nothing left in the world that could possibly make you feel nervous. 

Do not be afraid of being judged. People have always been judgmental and they will always be. Do not feel nervous about how the next person would think of you and just focus on the things that you excel at and you’ll be alright. 

Have a few lines ready. Prepare a few lines from before which will help you get out of tricky situations or even keep people from getting into your life. Have many of them ready and you will have an impenetrable defense mechanism. 

Have a smile on your face. Keeping a smile on your face is the easiest way to avoid nervousness. When you smile, it sends a positive vibe across the room and people feel less threatened by you. Make sure to work on your fake smile. 

Learn to hide it. Learn to hide your nervousness as the more that you show it, the more people will try to exploit it and take advantage of it. Learn certain ways in which you can cloak your nervousness and escape without anyone knowing. 

Control your breathing. Breathing helps a great deal when being nervous. Usually, what happens during nervousness is that the person starts breathing haphazardly and starts experiencing palpitations. If you can check your breathing, nervousness would be in control. 

Do things to keep yourself distracted. Keep yourself distracted by engaging yourself in different activities. Do not allow your brain to think about this condition and let you have a nightmare in the middle of the day. 

Look for a familiar face. When you see a known face in the crowd that you can count on and talk to, you feel a lot relieved already. Try looking for a person who knows about your condition and would help you in case the worst happens. 

Try to engage in a conversation. Try to talk to people about the most general of things. Master the art of small talk and you will have a smooth ride no matter what place you go to. Do not allow the conversation to be too intense and act as a trigger. 

Learn to socialize. Try to socialize more with people. The more you socialize, the better your condition will get as you would be more comfortable around people and talking to people. You’ll handle unknown places and faces better. 

Practice at home. Practice at home what could potentially happen and what you should do in case something does happen. Play out the whole thing in your house, in your head, probably with a friend, and the nervousness could be avoided. 

Make new friends. Make new friends that understand the kind of person that you are and the condition that you have. They will not only help and shield you but also in the process of making new friends, the condition will get a lot better. 

Let everything sink in. Once you enter an environment that could make you nervous, take a moment and allow everything to sink into your system. Take in all the information and make sure to act in the best possible way. 

Take your time. Take things at your own pace and take your own sweet time when you feel nervous. This is not something that you are doing consciously or have to command over so you don’t owe an apology to anyone even if you are a bit slow. 

Do not try to escape. Do not try to escape from the situation where you feel nervous. Face it, and if you can face it enough, it will eventually get better and you would not have to worry about it anymore. 

Have a little toy. Have a little toy to help you deal with your nervousness. Take care of the size and try to use it in such a way that nobody notices it like keeping it inside your pants pocket. This is only a temporary solution but it works. 

Listen to some music. Music is the best therapy when you feel too nervous or when you receive the warning that you are about to feel nervous. Turn to your anti-nervousness zone or your relaxing playlist to protect you. 

Think about a good memory. Think about a pleasant memory that makes you feel happy to this date. All you need is just one glimmer of happiness to take all your nervousness away and you need to have one ready in your head at all times. 

Be more confident. Confidence is the ultimate enemy of nervousness. The more confident you are, the farther nervousness will stay from you. Work on being and appearing more confident when you need to be. 

Be a better listener. When you are a good listener and listen closely to what others have to say, you are so focused on them that you get lost and forget about yourself and your nervousness for as long as the conversation continues. 

Observe things closely. Observe things in detail and keep your eyes and ears open at all times. When you are so alert, you can see what’s coming next and prepare yourself to guard against the things that might make you nervous. 

Think before you talk. Before you say anything, that might put you in a spot, think. Before you do something stupid, think. Be in control of your mind and body and you would always be able to avoid nervousness. 

Work on your body language. Try to make your body language appear more confident and more comfortable. Nervousness changes your body language entirely and you lose control of it. Make sure it does not happen anymore. 

Dress better. Dress according to the occasion and dress in such a way that makes you feel confident and a lot better about yourself. When you feel amazing about yourself, you would not even think about being nervous. 

Keep yourself groomed. Take good care of your hair and skin and make sure they are well kept. When you are groomed well, you feel better and when you feel better, you exhibit confidence and when you are confident, nervousness stays a mile away. 

Talk slowly and clearly. Nervousness hammers your speech like anything and when trying to avoid nervousness, you need to talk clearly. There is no rush, take your time and talk slowly but clearly so that everyone listens to you. 

Have a sense of humor. Develop a sense of humor so that you can do both, crack a joke and take a joke well. Anyone fine with laughing about and on himself will have nothing to do with being nervous. Also, it is a great defense mechanism. 

Make your own space. Make your own space even if you are surrounded by hundreds of people. Govern the rules in your space and do not allow anyone to make or anything to make you feel nervous, keep that power to yourself. 

Force yourself to go through it. As dreadful as it might seem, force yourself to stay in that situation and bear it through to the end. Even if you want to run as far away from it as possible, if you go through a few of these, you’ll eventually know how to deal with them. 

Keep trying. Be it dealing with nervousness or avoiding it, it will not happen in a day. It is a long learning process that requires constant effort and giving up is not an option. You have to keep trying no matter what happens. 

Accept your nervousness. Accept that deep down you are someone who gets nervous frequently, and it is only when you have accepted it that your actual journey to recovery will begin. Accept who you are first and you will not have to avoid anything. 

Acknowledge it at the moment. The moment that you feel nervous, acknowledge it and it will become a lot easier. Instead of trying to hide and feeling miserable all by yourself, let the people around you take care of you and your nervousness. 

Drink some water. The moment you feel like a wave of nervousness is headed your way, grab some water and start taking small sips. It not only helps you calm down by cooling down your body but focusing your mind on the water will shift its focus from nervousness. 

Sit down and take a moment. Grab a chair, sit down and take a moment to grasp what is happening. If you keep standing or moving, your brain will be burdened with extra information, which it is incapable of processing right now. 

Do the butterfly hug. The butterfly hug is a simple technique where you hug yourself by crossing your arms and resting them on your shoulders and counting till five. Try it the next time you feel like an attack might be coming. 

Hold on to something. Hold on to a pole, a chair, or even a person that might give you the support to deal with the nervousness. It is alright to lean on something or someone when you are not in your right mind. 

Be physically fit. Even if nervousness is mostly a mental problem, if you have the physical strength and control to deal with it, you should be just fine. Train your body in an efficient way to deal with early signs of nervousness. 

Take care of yourself. Take better care of yourself by waking up on time, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and most importantly surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. If you are doing everything right, everything will be alright. 

Learn to relax. Learn how you can calm yourself down and relax when the situation needs you to be calm. It could be anything from a breathing technique to just taking a walk; find out what works best for you. 

Be ready for an attack. Be prepared to feel nervous and do not be surprised when it finally arrives. You can only avoid it so much but when it finally approaches, you would be in better shape if you are prepared for it. 

Do not keep thinking about it. The more that you spend your time and energy thinking about it, the more are the chances of it actually happening. Do not allow your brain to think about it or recall the incidents when you were nervous over and over again. 

Forget that you ever get nervous. Try and forget that you have a problem with nervousness. Treat it like a normal thing in life and stop paying much attention to it. You will eventually forget about it and hope that it does not come back. 

Know that it will take time. Understand that this journey will take a long long time and that there is no reason whatsoever for you to get frustrated with yourself if it repeatedly happens. It is a long war that you have to fight. 

Be positive. Be hopeful about two things majorly. One, be hopeful about not having to face any nervous situations. Two, be hopeful about one day being able to conquer this weakness and rise above it. Either way, it works. 

Know when to call it a day. Know when it is a day for you to keep facing it and keep trying and when to hang up your cloak. Do not push yourself too hard and know that sometimes it is okay to conserve your energy to fight the next day. 

Visit a therapist. A therapist might be an angel in disguise for you. He will not only tell you what you need to be told but will also tell you about a million different people who go through the same things and how they are handling it. 

Be in an unknown environment. Make yourself uncomfortable consciously by putting yourself in an unknown environment. When doing this to yourself, there would be better chances of you handling it when it happens unknowingly. 

Do not fight with yourself. Do not blame yourself, do not be frustrated with yourself, and most importantly, do not be in a state of inner conflict about what to do. Just keep trying and you will wake up a non-nervous human being one day. 

Stay away from the blame game. The worst part about getting nervous is that you have no one to blame for it except yourself and you cannot spend your entire life blaming yourself or looking for people to blame, accept it and move on. 

Avoid any triggers. Avoid anything or anyone that might trigger your nervousness and cause a nervous breakdown. By now, you should be well aware of what or who are those triggers and how you should stay away from them. 

Know what soothes you. Make a list of things that soothe you, make you feel comfortable, and help you relax. Have a few of those items with you at all times so that you can successfully fend off the next nervousness attack. 

Keep yourself preoccupied. Keep yourself busy with your work, some hobbies, things you are passionate about so that you don’t have the time or the energy to be nervous about anything else. 

Have someone caring on your speed dial. Always keep a person that you trust with your life on a speed dial so that you can easily contact that individual when you need it. Maybe for some advice, or just to hear their voice, whatever works. 

Try performing arts. Performing arts is going to help you over time by making you deal with stage fright. Stage fright is a kind of nervousness and if you are in the performing arts, you have to deal with it in the early stage. 

Try public speaking. If you think you are brave enough to walk down this road, try public speaking and all your nervousness issues will be taken care of in time. Just be careful about the fear that you will have initially, your knees might get locked. 

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