How To Avoid Cyber Bullying: 51+ Proven Ways

Cyberbullying is one of the hottest topics across the country. It is more common and way harder to cope with than anyone can really understand. Till today we have not developed any best solution for the same, but we can really make efforts to avoid it.

How To Avoid Cyber Bullying

  1. Remember, you can be bullied anytime, anywhere based on any piece of information. It would help if you also understood that you could be driven and even unaware of the same.
  1. Try avoiding adding any kind of personal information online. Sharing unneeded private information online can unnecessarily attract embarrassment or hatred online.
  1. Remind yourself to check the TO field while writing an email for any company.
  1. Don’t be gullible all the time as it can create a massive scene in your life.
  1. Try responding to anguish messages with patience. Bullies mostly want to end up an argument with you and use it to defame you.
  1. Don’t forward messages – mails, hoaxes, memes, any similar thing until you have verified it by your side.
  1. Don’t argue on a topic or raise your views until you know it well or are briefed with main points.
  1. Avoid responding or replying to strangers until it’s necessary. It can create unwanted trouble for yourself. If God forbid it from bullies, they can extract some piece of information acting too nice to you.
  1. You can delete messages before giving them a watch as they can consist of malware. Malware can cause damage to your PC or devices with which you are accessing it.
  1. Keep a high-end security password. It shouldn’t be easy for anyone to hijack it except you. Try to upgrade or change them regularly.
  1. Don’t write your passwords in your mobiles or PCs or any easily accessible diary. For instance, if any of your bully is able to access them, it can harp you.
  1. Safeguard your all digital media passwords. Please don’t share them with anyone unless you are sure that he or she is trustworthy. Leaking or sharing them can give an opportunity to the person to use it unfairly.
  1. If you wish to share any racy picture online, do it only if you are ready to make it public. You should be prepared to listen to all kinds of comments {until its unacceptably bullshit}
  1. Make sure to check anything and everything while posting any picture. People tend to judge how you appear to them online. Bullies can incline this to further to make your happy life miserable.
  1. Being a responsible human being, you shall create and raise awareness about cyberbullying and ask people not to share any fake messages or posts that can hurt any body’s emotions and make them enter the world of depression.
  1. Don’t forget to log out from your private accounts when using public devices. If you fail to do so, someone can use it to access your account, and then you will be at a loss as all your information will be leaked.
  1. You should also log out when using an internet connection via Wi-Fi publicly, like on railways, restaurants and keep yourself safe and protected.
  1. Keep a small online circle. Accept request or send request only whom you know and trust. If you feel that any of your followers behave strangely or seek unwanted bullying behavior, befriend them instantaneously.

19. Use the privacy controls tool. This feature is fantastic and helps you to allow only trusted people of yours to access your posts. This will help you to restrict the leakage of your personal information.

For example, on Instagram, you can make a close friend list. Similarly, there is a wide range of features 

available on Facebook. In WhatsApp, you can hide your display picture and stories by un-saving their contact.

  1. Make yourself aware of the way to communicate with a wider volume. You can’t completely delete your existence if you were there once. Hence it’s advisable to share as much as you can afford; otherwise, block them from your account.
  1. If you are bullied once, then figure out the reason behind it. It is impossible to find who did it since mostly bullies are from anonymous accounts, but you can at least try to curb the situation on your part.
  1. You shall accumulate pieces of evidence by either taking screenshots, harassing recordings of calls as a piece of proof for future reference, and make fair use of technology to seek help from the cyberbullying experts. They are always ready to help you.

23. If you are bullied by the same bunch of people regularly, then it’s better to ignore them. Block if you wish. Make sure to report them as well and seek justice from experts, and they realize how wrong and stupid they are.

24. Make sure to monitor your account wisely. If you are an infant in this field, seek help from someone learned. You can also access support from applications like is a parental control app, and then you will be safe while using digital media.

  1. If you are unaware of Cyber Bullying entirely, then you can join any Cyberbullying community to understand this field nicely and explore your knowledge more widely. Then help yourself and people who got bullied.
  1. Try to avoid any unwanted messages that come in between your work on many sites as it can give you a massive blow at any time and make you face the worst situation ever.
  1. Don’t share your personal information on any site before confirming that the site you are working on is legal or not so that you can protect yourself and the people around you well.
  1. Try to avoid people who try to be more friendly and try to ask many questions about your personal things as they can use this for blackmailing you.
  1. Try to seek help from the cyber experts if you can’t handle the things personally. There are several cyber crime branches present in each country across the world.
  1. Make sure you know the basics about cyberbullying as it will help you while interacting with people who do such cheap things.
  1. Make sure you don’t share your any personal pictures online as it will be easy for people to bully you.
  1. Make sure you know that it’s not your fault always for being the victim of cyberbullying as it can take you to another world called nights (depression).
  1. Try not to retaliate or respond to those people who not trustworthy and known.
  1. There is one good thing about this bullying: you can always save all the evidence by taking screenshots or recording it. Then you can take help from experts if things get escalate.
  1. Try to use advanced technology tools to save you from getting bullied.
  1. Make sure you block the person in digital media accounts who try to behave abnormally.
  1. Don’t ever share your password with anyone. It will help you to maintain your privacy and safety.
  1. Make sure you don’t save the password in your Google account as it is easy to hack and blackmail you.
  1. Try to avoid unwanted pop-out messages as it can get you in a personal attack. If you want, you can turn off the pop-up option in your browser.
  1. Try to put passwords that are high-end security and hard to crack or hack.
  1. Try to motivate and support those who got bullied as it can be a ray of light and hope in the darkness to them so that they move on in their lives.
  1. Try to seek help from your parents if you ever get bullied. Make sure you share with someone who loves you and can protect you well.
  1. Always be careful before installing and giving permission for any app. Make sure you don’t use your real name or other information while playing games or doing some extra things where this thing doesn’t matter much.
  1. Make sure you know the basics of netiquette that is proper internet etiquette, which involves how to use all the messages and other digital things.
  1. Many things can be sent accidentally or intentionally, leaving the sender or receiver hurt or embarrassed.
  1. So try to be more careful before sending anything to anyone.
  1. Never accept message request from any stranger as it can put you in danger make things difficult for you. So try to be more reserve.
  1. Be aware of certain things before entering into the digital world so that you can protect yourself well from certain unwanted people. Then you can change things by spreading your knowledge about all kinds of bullying by using digital media.
  1. Don’t post anything before you are very sure that you can make these things online so that no one can try to harm you personally.
  1. Try to raise your voice against cybercrime and spread awareness to all people through campaigns or movements. No one suffers from these worst situations, which puts your and people around you lives in danger.

51. Restrict people from seeing your display picture or statuses so that you can maintain your privacy and safety and make sure that you are safe in this digital world.

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