107+ Tinder Pickup Lines to Get a Match

Did you recently install tinder in hopes of securing a date for a weekend? Maybe you have been right-swiped by a few potential partners, but you are unsure about where to take the matter from here.

We understand that sliding in people’s DMs is no less risky than extreme sports, but that is exactly where pickup lines come in clutch! The best first text to send someone on a dating app like tinder is probably a smooth, cheesy pickup line that gets your potential date invested in you! We have brought forward the perfect collection of tinder pickup lines to help you during your next online dating ventures!

Funny Tinder Pickup Lines

The best first-hand rule of sliding in someone’s DMs is saying something funny that gets them smiling at their screen! Use these funny tinder pickup lines to start a conversation and avoid being boring and generic!

-Can you guess what little mermaid has in common with me? We both are willing to do anything just so you let us be a part of your world.

-I think my barbeque is broken. Do you have time to come and take a look at it? (What?) Well, I assumed that you should be able to help, considering the fact that you are way more smoking hot than my barbeque has ever been.

-What are your thoughts on a gif war? This one right here is undoubtedly my best of all time. (we recommend cute cat). Do you think you can beat it?

-I would say that you are as gorgeous as a Greek Goddess, but keeping in mind what we were taught in history lessons, all of them were kind of crazy.

-My mom always told me not to share messages with strangers that I met online. But I mean, I can make an exception for you.

-Do you want to know how I would describe you with just three emojis? (Send three cute emojis). Well, now your turn; describe me with emojis however you like.

-Wow looks like we matched! So, does this mean you are driving down to my house tonight, or should we see each other at a park to make sure that we are not psychopathic killers or still living with our moms?

-I am going to be very straightforward with you right now. I decided to text you, half of the reason being you are cute, and the other half is the fact that your dog is freaking adorable. What breed is he?

-Do you not think that it is crazy how we have known each other for well over 5 minutes, and we still do not have each other’s numbers?

-If you are as amazing at cuddling as you look, I am one hundred percent down to come over to stay the night at your place. Deal?

Tinder Pickup Lines

Cheesy Tinder Pickup Lines

Pickup lines can never be “too cheesy.” In fact, the rule of thumb is if you feel like a line is too cheesy, chances are that it is not cheesy enough. Use these cheesy tinder pickup lines the next time you find yourself wondering about what to say as an opener!

 -I woke up in a bad mood and thought it would be just another boring Monday. But then I saw your notification from tinder, and it proved me wrong. So what’s up?

-3.14 is not anywhere near as sweet as you. Now you have to admit that this one here won the title of the cheesiest pickup line of the year.

-Let us play a history game. You can name one historical time period, and I will try to make up a pickup line related to that particular era.

-If you are not one of those people that clap after their flight lands, we can go ahead and plan a wedding right now.

-Hey girl, I was about to tell you that you are really beautiful, but chances are you have told me so on tinder already! So how about you come over to my place tonight, and I can tell you that in person?

-If you had the power to be anywhere on earth right now, where would you choose to be, and what would you be doing?

-Since I read your bio that says that you are interested in psychology, I have been trying to come up with a chat-up line about it, but I’m a Freud I failed to do so.

-I think I forgot to tell you, but did you know that I am currently working on a book? It is a phone book, and all it needs to be added is your number.

-Hey, look at that! We matched with each other! So let me just assume that we are in a loving relationship now and change my Facebook status!

-I was about to ask you to come to the cinema and watch a movie with me. But I do not think I can take you with me because they don’t allow people to take their own snacks.

Cheesy Tinder Pickup Lines

Rare Tinder Pickup Lines

The thing is, chances are you are not the only person on tinder who resorts to pickup lines to break the ice, but it is also quite a shameful incident to be caught using second-hand chat-up lines, right? Well, fear not; you have got yourself covered! Follow through the list for the rarest tinder pickup lines!

-Hey girl, you just solved the century-old mystery about the existence of aliens because my heart just got abducted by you!

-You remind me of my favorite fast food joint, hot and addictive.

-The weather is quite cold today. Do you know where you can warm yourself up? Right in my arms.

-So, how long have you been practicing telekinesis? Because you managed to move a part of me, and you didn’t even touch me yet.

-I think I should call you my Tinderella because that pretty white dress is going to disappear into thin air tonight.

-I think you are a small wooden stick, and I am a pinch of red phosphorus. Because we just matched with each other.

-So, how much does your job pay? I need a lady that can provide for me while I spend my days on the computer playing video games.

-I apologize for taking so long to send you a text. I was busy in Walmart trying to figure out what you would like for breakfast tomorrow.

-You must have consumed Lucky charms for breakfast earlier today. You are the most delicious thing I have seen all day!

-I stalked your boyfriend’s profile on Instagram, and to my surprise, there was an option to add edits to your bio.

-I hope your phone comes with a GPS navigation system because I am afraid that I will keep losing myself in your deep blue eyes.

Rare Tinder Pickup Lines

Catchy Tinder Pickup Lines

If you are looking for interesting chat-up lines for tinder that will leave a lasting impression, try the ones we have listed below!

-Can you tell me what the most amazing thing about kisses is? If you think you don’t like them, you can always give them back to the sender!

-I do not have the habit of flirting, but you should know that when I see very attractive people, I tend to be very nice to them.

-I am currently accepting cuddle-buddy applications. The most important part of your application is the phone number.

-Can you tell me what an attractive, funny man like myself is doing without your personal digits?

-You should probably stop staring at the pictures on my page and text me already. Trust me; I do not bite unless you want me to.

-Is it just me, or do you also get in bed at night, look up at the ceiling and wonder why there are so many wrong things in the world? Like why does the word “fridge” have a ‘D’ but the word “refrigerator” does not?

-If a million painters worked day and night for a million years, they would still fail to create artwork as beautiful as you.

-Hey girl, just know, what if I had the ability to send you one star every time you cross my mind? You would have your own milky way by now.

-I am amazing at number games. You should probably give me yours, and I can show you some magic!

-It seems like you are not doing well with the cold. I can be the blanket you need.

Best Tinder Pickup Lines Ever

Using these clever and cute pick up lines will surely help you on your next tinder adventure! Rely on this list the next time you receive a notification about someone swiping right on you!

-There are two kinds of girls in this world. One prefers to spend the vacations climbing rocks and mountains, and the other would rather be on a beach sipping a piña colada. Which type are you?

-Let us discuss our favorite activities to do on the weekend. a) cuddling with each other and binging Netflix on the couch till we fall asleep, b) going on a long drive around the town, c) dinner party, d) you come over tonight, and we decide in person?

-I have never felt so much attraction for anyone before. I do not know your name, but I think I will call you magnet.

-Can you please direct me to the nearest police station because I urgently need to report the fact that I just got robbed of my heart?

-I should probably go see a doctor because the way my heart starts skipping beats every time you are around do not seem normal.

-I think you should start paying me rent because you spend way too much time in my head rent-free.

-It is honestly disheartening to see how a gentleman like myself does not possess the phone number of someone as beautiful as you.

-Do you want to know my name? It is Doug. It is spelled like God but backward and with a U in the middle.

-I want you to hold my hand so that I can brag and make my friends jealous about how I have been held by an angel.

-Did Santa Claus visit early this year? He must have been because I kept you on the top of my wishlist.

-I might not be at Madame Tussaud right now, but you make me feel like I am because you’re the prettiest work of art I have witnessed in a long time.

Short Tinder Pickup Lines

I mean, we all know that girls on tinder do not entertain anything below 6 feet, but luckily the same does not go for pickup lines! These short tinder pickup lines are great for delivering something quickly when you have a lot of messages to go through!

-My boy right there wants your phone number, so he knows who to ring up when I am not answering any calls.

-Can you lend me your phone for a minute? I need to inform God that I have finally found the angle that went missing.

-Your beauty blinded me. You need to hand me your phone number so that I can claim my insurance.

-There is a terrible problem with my cellphone. It does not contain your phone number.

-My friends set up a bet that I would not be able to talk to the prettiest girl in the bar. Do you want to buy some drinks with the money I just won?

-If you get put in a bag by some fat man tonight, just know that all I wished for Christmas this year is you.

-You look innocent, judging from that face. But that body is telling me a completely different story.

-Phew! I was an inch away from swiping left! I am so glad I saved the day.

-I have 5% battery remaining on my phone, and I decided to send you a message. Do not make me regret my decision.

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