109+ Thanksgiving Pickup Lines to Take Your Crush out This Thanksgiving

We are all aware of “Thanksgiving.” It is that day of the year when we come together around one dining table, enjoy each other’s company, and express thankfulness for the things God has blessed us with.

But you know what else we should be grateful for? We should be thankful for all the cheesy, funny, and flirty pick-up lines we can come up with based on this special occasion! So if you are over at someone’s house for dinner and saw that cute guy/girl, use a Thanksgiving pick-up line and the opportunity of the occasion!

This article is all you need because it has everything from turkeys to dinner and more! So stay with us till the end, and do not hesitate to add the pick-up lines of choice into your cheesy arsenal!

Funny Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

If you are sitting around the table, funny conversations and laughter is the way to go! These funny Thanksgiving pick-up lines are all you need to come off as amusing yet smooth!

-Hey girl, even if you are not a turkey, you look fresh out of the oven because you are hot!

-Hey baby, you are perfect for pleasing my sweet tooth because even pumpkin pie is not as sweet as you are.

-Trust me, girl, I am the one that makes sure that the pumpkin pie has a pump.

Call me after dinner if you are still hungry all. I have something for you that you would love to gobble on!

-Damn, girl, you might not be a turkey, but I would still love to give you stuffing tonight!

-Trust me when I say this, but that turkey in the oven is not the juiciest thing I have seen today.

-Damn, baby, when I think of someone buttering my biscuits, you are the only one I can think of!

-I am lucky I did not forget to bring the oven mittens. You are way too hot to be handled without them!

-My extended family will come over for dinner and ask why I am single. Do you want to help me in changing that?

-If I were the turkey, you would be my gravy girl!

-You are the one thing I am the most grateful for this year.

Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

Rare Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

These rare Thanksgiving pick-up lines are perfect for breaking the ice if you are looking for some unique chat-up lines! So borrow a few from this list and use them whenever in need!

-Damn, girl, you make me want to ignore the turkey and jump straight into the dessert!

-Hey girl, do you happen to be a turkey? Because you look like you need some basting.

-The way you have sailed through my head all day, I think you should be named the mayflower.

-Even a candied yam topped with a hot marshmallow is nowhere near as hot as you, baby girl!

-The food is the second biggest reason I like to come to your place; the first one will always be you, girl.

-I will be packed to the brim after this dinner; I hope you are willing to help me loosen my belt.

-What are the chances of you letting me spoon you after I am done with spooning the dessert after dinner?

-Damn, girl, you look more tempting than the cranberry sauce sitting in that jar right there!

-The only good way I can think of spending this Thanksgiving is by stuffing your turkey!

-Hey girl, if you are looking for someone to rock your Plymouth, congratulations, you found me!

-Damn, girl, you have the most delicate pair of yams I have seen all day.

Rare Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

Cheesy Thanksgiving Pickup Lines 

The food is not the only thing that can be cheesy at a Thanksgiving dinner; the pick-up lines also rank h up on the list! Go through this list of cheesy and corny Thanksgiving pick-up lines!

-Damn, baby, you might not be a fresh turkey out of the oven, but those thighs still look juicy!

-Even if I fail to break the wishbone, I want you to know that the only thing I wish for now is a date with you.

-It might not be a full-course dinner meal, but I am still trying to loosen your belt tonight!

-Damn girl, is it starting to get hotter in this room, or is it just that you are around me?

-Hey girl, are you the turkey on a Thanksgiving dinner? Because I think you need a basting session.

-Trust me, baby, when I am done with you, no leftovers will be left.

-It might not be a Thanksgiving dinner, but I still have some gravy for you.

-If you feel sick hearing the guests arguing about politics, do not worry; I can be your distraction!

-I like my girl exactly how I want to have my potatoes – sweet and perfect.

-I do not care about the pumpkin pie; the only cutie pie I need is you, baby!

Cheesy Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

Best Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines Ever

You are searching for the best Thanksgiving pick-up lines to deliver them smoothly to the Thanksgiving dinner table, and you are at the right place! So stay with us through this list for the best Thanksgiving pick-up lines!

-I have a unique attraction for butterballs, and I would love to be the one who stuffs your turkey tonight.

-Turkey legs have nothing over the ones you have, baby; yours look more delicious!

-If you are not looking forward to parental advice from people you see once a year, ditch the dinner and stay with me, girl.

-I can not wait for you to hand me your wishbone.

-Hey girl, I YAM loving your makeup tonight; I hope we can spend some quality time after dinner!

-Trust me, girl, you should consider hopping on my gravy train tonight!

-I thought Thanksgiving came early this year because, damn girl, you look like a whole meal!

-So tell me, what are you more interested in tonight, breasts or thighs? Oh yes, I am talking about the turkey, of course!

-You do not need to worry, girl; my corn always comes with the husk on.

-You might not be a turkey but look at you! You lost some weight. Are you being carved out already, girl?

-Trust me, girl, I can give you many reasons to be thankful to me for the rest of the year.

-Even the gravy in that boat is not as hot as you are, girl!

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