104+ Text Pickup Lines to Send as Texts to Your Crush

Are you unsure what text to send that cute girl/boy across the room for the first time? We get it; approaching your person of interest can be scary, but that is precisely what chat-up lines are for! With a smooth pickup line, you can slide in those DMs you have wanted to very quickly.

And the good news for you is that it is easier to approach the person via text than in person! So do not worry; if you are looking for text pickup lines to slide in those DMs as smoothly as possible, we have your back!

The following list of text pickup lines is all you need to break the ice after you get their digits or to get their digits if you are using any other social media! Follow through!

Funny Text Pickup Lines

A funny message is enough to get someone smiling at the screen, and if that is precisely what you are aiming for, this list of funny text pickup lines is all you need!

-Hey girl, do not worry about this message; I am just checking if a notification from me gets you smiling at your phone! 

-Can I get a selfie from you right now, by any chance? My mom really wants to see what her future daughter-in-law looks like.

-Do you think love in the first text is accurate, or should I delete this message and send you one again?

-Hey girl, I was willing to send you all the love that I have for you, but it is kind of impossible to fit it within the message box.

-Hey girl, you must be called Google. Because you have everything that I have been looking for.

-I am willing to get rid of my space bar so that I can be closer to you.

-I accidentally bumped into an electric pole and hurt my head because I was stupidly smiling at my phone when I looked at the notifications of your text message that you sent me.

-I hate holding my phone to be talking to you; I would rather have you in my arms when I talk to you.

-Hey girl, can I get your parents’ phone number? First, I want to thank them for bringing the most beautiful girl to this planet.

-I like flirting with you over text messages, but it is tough to fight the urge to lean in to kiss you.

-Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I am taking you out on a date tonight: at 8 PM, at your place.

-I am not sure what potion of love I drank, but whenever you cross my mind, I can not stop smiling.

Text Pickup Lines

Crazy Text Pickup Lines

It is easier to show your crazy side in text messages than in real life, so do not think about holding your quirky side back! These crazy text pickup lines might come in handy!

-I was planning to wait a few days before sending you a message, but I quickly realized that it is impossible to wait that long without hearing from you.

-You should consider stopping by sending me mixed signals and cute memes to laugh at instead.

-How about you come to my place tonight and mess up my bed? Are you down?

-My fingers are getting tired like this. We should be texting each other all day so much and start meeting up more often. Preferably in your bedroom or mine.

-You are so gorgeous that I can not recall which pickup line I was about to send you.

Have you noticed how quickly I reply when you send messages? If this is not real love to you, what else is it?

-Hey girl, do you have any plans for tonight? Because I do not, I was wondering if I could make one with you.

-Let us play a guessing game. It would help if you guessed what emoji I have saved beside your name in my contact list. Try it.

-Hey girl, should we skip the introduction and jump straight into the flirting part?

-Is that you in that profile picture? If yes, I want to let you know that you made my heart skip a few beats.

-I am really bad at starting conversations on text. Do you want to try doing that instead?

Crazy Text Pickup Lines

Rare Text Pickup Lines

If you use these rare text pickup lines, chances are the receiver of the text has never seen a notification of the same kind. Do not hesitate to use these pickup lines to stand out!

-What is the most fantastic part about kissing, please? You can always return them to the sender if you decide not to like them!

-Although I’m not particularly eager to flirt, you should be aware that I usually treat attractive people very nicely.

-I’m looking for snuggle buddies right now. The phone number on your application is the most crucial component.

-Can you explain what a handsome, humorous man like myself is doing without your contact information?

-You need to text me immediately and stop staring at the photographs on my page. I promise not to bite until you ask me to; trust me, baby!

-I’m going to be upfront and honest with you right now. I chose to text you for two reasons: first, I think you’re cute, and second, I think your dog is really excellent. His breed is what?

-Do you not find it absurd that despite having known one another for well over five minutes, we do not yet have one other’s phone numbers?

-I would be more than willing to come over and spend the night at your house if you are as good at cuddling as you appear to be. Deal?

-I’m sorry it took me so long to text you. I attempted to determine what you would want for breakfast the following morning when I was at Walmart.

-You had to have had Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning. The tastiest thing I’ve seen all day is you!

-I observed your boyfriend’s Instagram profile and was surprised you could modify your bio.

-I hope your phone has a GPS navigation system because I’m worried I’ll keep getting lost in your deep blue eyes.

Rare Text Pickup Lines

Cheesy Text Pickup Lines

“Too cheesy” is not a real thing regarding pickup lines, and you can use these corny Pickup lines to get a laugh! This list might come in handy for you!

-Hey girl, so what are your terms and conditions? I agree with whatever you say, so it does not rely on the matter.

-Hello, Girl. Is your name Wifi by any chance? We must be connected strongly, in my opinion.

-This is the FBI! You are being held in custody for being too attractive. Now extend your arms so I can grab them.

 -When I look into your eyes, It is like getting a sneak peek of the world I want to live in.

-Hey girl, your hands look heavy in that photo you just posted. Do you need me to hold them for you?

-If I stop messaging you, will you be the one to text first?

-So, this weekend, my place, 20:00. Are you down with the plan?

-Hey girl, I was thinking of suggestions for “Netflix and Chill” tonight, but if you come over, we will probably start Disney and cuddle.

-Trust me, girl, I am not lying! You are the only girl in my message!

-Hey girl, do you want to come over and watch the transformers movie? Because you look Optimus fine.

Beautiful Text Pickup Lines

These beautiful text pickup lines are bound to make anyone smile, so if that is what you are aiming for, do not hesitate to borrow a few!

-Hey girl, you are the only reason I keep my phone charged all the time.

-I want to meet you today; I am tired of texting you.

-Your lips seem to be lonely in your profile picture. Do you want me to introduce my lips to yours for the company?

-Can you send me a selfie, baby? I want to show Santa what I wish for this Christmas.

-The more I text you, the more I fall in love. Imagine what meeting up could do. Are you down?

You might not be an Instagram post, but I would still tap you twice and get that heart.

-Merry Christmas! I thought Christmas arrived early this year because you were on my wishlist. 

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