123+ Terrible Pick-Up Lines that Will Surely Work Magic on Your Date Night

 Pick-up lines come in all types of shapes and sizes. Sure, a smooth, good pick-up line works wonders in pulling attention, but the art of chat-up lines isn’t limited to that.

To draw attention, a terrible pick-up line works just as well as a good, well-planned one. Don’t know what to say to that girl/guy across the room to start a convo? Try a terrible pick-up line that will leave them thinking about you for the rest of the day (in a good or bad way, depending on how awful the pick-up line was, right?).

We have collected the most terrible pick-up lines and put them into an easy-to-access compilation for you. Stay tuned to add these hilariously awful pick-up lines to your arsenal of icebreakers!

Cheap Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Warning! The following pick-up lines are so cheap and terrible that they can have the opposite effect. But don’t worry, you miss the percentage of the shots you don’t take. Follow along the list for these cheap terrible pick-up lines!

-Hey baby, did it hurt you when you fell straight from heaven? Because it seems like you went down on your face.

-Wait there for a while; you just dropped something! My standards.

-If looking beautiful was illegal, you would be an innocent civilian.

-You would look so pretty if I was intoxicated.

-I don’t know why but my eyes behave strangely. All they can catch in the glimpse is you.

 -Would you play lion with me? (She asks you, “What is that ?”) It’s the game the

-Come play lion with me; you get on all fours and roar like a lion when I start feeding you the meat!

-I dreamt about you last night. You died.

-Sorry, but you should buy me a drink right now. [Why?] Because when I saw your smile, I dropped the one I already had.

-Are you named ariel by any chance? I swear we mermaids for each other.

-Damn by, are you my appendix? My gut feels like I should be taking you out.

-If I had a dollar every time I saw a girl prettier than you, I’d be rich.

-Are you a tumor? You grew so fast on me.

Cheap Terrible Pick Up Lines

Funny, Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Can a pickup line be both terrible and funny at the same time? Research says, “all the funny things are terrible.” Sorry, we just made that up. Dive right in

-Damn Girl, is your name Gillette? You look like the very best a man can manage to get.

-If humans were vegetables, you would be a cute number.

-Are you a loan issued by a bank? You indeed got my interest.

-My mother suggests I should take people on dates that are not attractive enough for me. It’s good for my self-esteem.

-Could you please be kind enough to leave the party early tonight? You’re making the other girls look bad.

-You look sick. It might be a shortage of Vitamin Me.

-If I were an octopus, you would steal all three hearts I would have.

-Hello there, why did you not just talk to me? Are you guilty? If not, can you please start?

-I can not manage to find my phone number. Can you please give me yours instead?

Terrible Pick Up Lines

Best Terrible Pick-Up Lines Ever

Although terrible and best are opposites, you can surely try to team them up to accomplish your mission. Here are the best terrible pick-up lines you could ever come across.

-Can I take a picture with you quickly? I want to be sure that Santa knows what I wish for Christmas this year.

-Is your father a professional UFC fighter? You indeed look like a knockout!

-Aside from being the prettiest Girl, I have ever seen, what else can you bring to the table?

-Do you think there is anything like “love at first sight”? Or do I have to walk past you again?

-Are you a sorcerer? Because you made everybody else disappear from the room, and all I can see is you.

-Hey, baby, you should take a seat on my lap, and we can chat about the first thing that happens to pop up.

-Do you happen to be a fruit by any chance? Because you’d be a fine apple.

-I’ve been wondering, do those lips taste just how good they look?

-Are you Hispanic, by any chance? Because you are my Juan and only!

Best Terrible Pick Up Lines

Rare Terrible Pick-Up Lines

We know good things are rare. But when it comes to pick-up lines, the terrible ones are equally rare to find on the internet if you are looking for them; congratulations on finding this article!

-I need an inhaler because when I saw you, I lost my breath.

-Are you an alkali metal? Because you are sodium fine.

-Do you like raisins? What about a date?

-I have an assignment about important dates throughout human history. Would you want to be one of them?

-I found you on apple music yesterday! You were on top of the list of hottest singles out.

-Life must be a game of peek-a-boo. It took me ages to find you.

-You should be on a driving ban because you’re driving me crazy.

-Are you an alien? You look like you come from out of this world but in a terrible way.

-I don’t capture photos too often, but I can picture you and me with each other.

-Excuse me. You dropped something behind you! (What?) This conversation, let’s pick it up later tonight.

-What do you and a black hole have in common? The attracting power gets increasingly assertive, and time starts getting distorted the closer I get to you.

Short Terrible Pick-Up Lines

We understand if you do not want to waste much time making up a long pick-up line because they might very well not be understood. Go for these short, terrible pick-up lines instead.

-You should come to my party this week, and you look like fungi.

-I did not know I had a type until I met you.

-If you were a piece of literature, you’d be finely printed.

-Do you happen to be a camera? Because whenever my eyes turn to you, a smile appears on my face.

-I called the police on you; We both know you stole my heart, and you need to give it back to me.

-You are so gorgeous that I forgot which pick-up line I was about to say.

-My mother advised me always to follow the dreams that I hope for. So will you give me your Instagram?

-I would fall so hard for you, even if we were in a space station with zero gravity.

-“So, are you aware of the tale of the couple who had the most romantic relationship of all time?” The reply, “Nope,” You reply, “Well, that’s a problem. It would be great if I took you home with me and told you everything about it.

-God was flaunting his artistic skills when he brought you to life.

-Do you regularly go to Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.

-Are you a taser? Because I feel like I just got stunned by your beauty.

-When I try to think of one person with whom I would survive the zombie apocalypse, you are the only one I can think of.

Crazy Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines are not meant to be sane and calculated. The crazier the energy is, the better the effect. We have created this list of crazy terrible pick-up lines to help you win the battle.

-If we were pretty socks, we’d make a good pair.

-My name is not Microsoft. Can I still crash at your house later today?

-You must be a parking ticket because when I look at you, all I think is “fine!”.

-I am preparing a thesis about beautiful things in life. Can you take out a few minutes for me to interview you?

-You must be an A+ result card. I can not wait to return home and show you to my parents.

-Are we at an international airport right now? My heart is so close to taking off for you.

-Your eyes remind me of the Pacific Ocean, and I can’t swim.

-You must be very fit. You’ve been running in my head for way too long.

-Now that I am here, what other two wishes do you have?

-You look like trash. Can I take you out?

-Your eyes remind me of IKEA. I lost my way in them and didn’t know where to go.

 -I am not religious, but you look like the answer to all the prayers I could make,

-Your hands seem heavy; do you need me to hold them for you? 

Quick Terrible Pick-Up Lines 

If you are in a hurry, you might not have time for a long, elaborate pick-up line. The following list of short, terrible pick-up lines is all you need to get your hands on.

-Are your terms and conditions? Because it doesn’t matter what you say, I’ll agree with it anyways.

-Hey, Girl, are you called Wifi? I think there is a strong connection between you and me.

-This is the police! You’re under detention for being illegally pretty. Now raise your arms where I can hold them.

-Staring into your eyes is like peaking into the universe I want to be in.

-Congratulations! You’ve been nominated as the “Prettiest Girl at the party,” and the grand prize is that you can take me home with you.

-Can you give me a spare band-aid by any chance? I might have scraped my knee when I fell for you.

-Hey Girl, are you from France? I think Eiffel is for you.

-Are you, by any chance, a black hole? Because attraction gets higher and time gets distorted the closer I come to you.

-I’m thankful I did not forget to wear my mittens before leaving the house today. Or else I would have difficulty touching you; you are too hot to handle.

Catchy Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Is it even a pick-up line if you are not attempting to make it catchy? We have sorted out this list of the best catchy terrible pick-up lines.

-You’d be much more gorgeous if you had my wealth. [whatever she replies with] Sorry, I don’t like to take out gold diggers!

-If you were in the transformers movie, you would be called Optimus fine.

-I bet I can manage to kiss you on your lips without touching you. Do you want to prove me right?

-Her: “I currently have a boyfriend” You: I have a trigonometry test. Her: “what do you mean?” You: “I assumed we were talking about things we were about to cheat on.”

-If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask people to be the default browser, I can be daring enough to invite you to come home with me tonight.

-I’ve thought that your lipstick smells like strawberries. Do your lips taste the same?

-You remind me a lot of my last takeaway order. Bitter and diarrhea-causing.

-Hey baby, I was about to suggest that we should probably NetFlix and chill, but the vibe right now is more like should Disney and kiss.

-What’s that on your face there? Oh, it must be beautiful. Come, let me wipe it off. Hey, it refuses to get off of you.

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