165+ Witty Tennis Pickup Lines to Game, Set, Match

When we talk about sports, it’s not just winning or losing the game. It is a spirit of participating, sharing emotions, etc.

Tennis is such a sport of overwhelming emotions. There is always a person with whom we practice all day; we share a bond with them and gradually get attracted to them.

So, if these things happen to you and you want to tell your feelings to that special one, we are here for you. We have tennis pickup lines for the two people attached to Tennis.

Cheesy Tennis Pickup Lines

Passionate about Tennis? Or a sports fan. You might have a person with whom you want to share everything. Your ups and downs win and lose.

So, what is your next step? Don’t get confused. We are here for you to start your conversation in an interesting you. 

Are you Raquet cause I want to be your Ball?

I’m Racquet. Can you be my Ball and serve me?

If you were Racquet, I would be your Ball, so you can touch me often.

I may not be a Tennis player, but I would grunt if you would touch my balls. 

Let’s rally forever and stay in love.

Let’s play Tennis. Bring your Racquet. I have two Balls.

Girls leave that Tennis ball when you can get better balls.

Yesterday’s match was fine, but not better than our Match!

I have heard you like playing tennis. Do you need any ball?

Come to my place, and check my western grip.

Crazy Tennis Pickup Lines

The sportsman spirit is a crazy thing. Whether it be a World Cup tournament or just a race competition at your primary school, it fills you with overwhelming emotion.

So for your friend’s group who are crazy about sports, we have Crazy Tennis Pickup Lines. Give it a try. 

Your beauty made me double fault. 

I want you more than I want Wimbledon.

May I know your favorite stroke?

Don’t run for Dunlop balls when you can have better balls.

Excuse me; your Racquet is tight, I guess. Do you want me to lose it?

Let’s play Tennis and make a perfect match.

You play well on the court and in my heart as well. 

Are you single? Just asking if you want t play doubles.

We”ll play Tennis and I promise the court will not be the only place you will enjoy.

I don’t mind letting my score love you cause I love you.

Rare Tennis Pickup Lines

Trying something different is all we want, whether it be the new techniques for sports or the methods to impress your sports partner.

You might be trying to talk with her but might not know about the different ideas. We heard you.

Go through these Rare Tennis pickup lines and check how you can speak with her differently. 

Do you play Tennis daily or have you just come here to see me?

You own the court with your moves. 

I love the way you swing.

I have heard you like Tennis. I’m a good player, too (pause) on the bed.

Trust me; I will only play with you on the court.

Is there a ball in your Pocket? Or you are just glad to see me.

Are you a Tennis ball? Cause I want to hit you.

You may not be lob, but I want to smash your back.

Do you want to hit my ball?

Great, that was an excellent deep shot; it seems like things to go deeper.

Best Tennis Pickup Lines

Sports people are always attractive. The players working hard the entire day for each score attracts everybody.

So, if you plan to impress someone who plays Tennis, we can help you. We list a few of the Best Tennis Pickup Lines for you to try.

You were good in the match, but you and I made a better match.

If you were lobbing, I would smash you.

Where is your Raquet? The tighter one.

Let’s play the match on my Bed today.

Yeah, that shot was deep, but trust me, I can go even deeper.

I may not be a Tennis player, but trust me, I can grunt harder than any player.

Are you let? Cause I want to do you over and over again.

Here is my ball; hit it with your racquet as hard as you want.

The match on the court was good, but not better than our match in life.

You are as elegant as Roger Federer’s groundstrokes.

Awesome Tennis Pickup Lines

For the excellent players like you. We have some fantastic Tennis pickup lines that would help you to make friends on the Tennis court.

You and your boyfriend look fine, but I guess his Racquet would not be as big as mine.

We might not be the double’s partner, but I’m always here for you.

I know you are passionate about Tennis, wanna come with me to see my Racquet?

If we ever play Tennis, I will let you score so I can stay in “Love’ with you.

I have heard you like sports, so do you want to play with me? 

Do not worry about the Racquet; just think about the balls.

Do you know what Western Grip is? Then, come, I’ll show you.

Hello, can you please hold my ball? I have a racquet in my hand.

I bought a new ball; wanna try it tonight?

Can you ride the Tennis Express the entire night?

Good Chat up Tennis Pickup Lines

To start a good conversation, you also have to use good words.

So, if you want to start talking with a particular person on the Tennis court, you can try pickup lines. So, why not create Good chat-up Tennis pickup lines? 

Let’s play Tennis, and I would be happy if you score, cause then I can stay in “love’.

We might not be double partners, but do you want to be my life partner?

Do you know what a good match looks like? Me and you.

I grunt harder (pause) at night.

Return my serve, and I promise i” ll return your call.

I don’t mind giving you unlimited lets.

Are you a Tennis player? Or are you just following me?

You must be tired of playing singles. Be my doubles partner, then?

Give me a head, and i” ll give you a Yonex.

I may not be a Tennis player, but I can hurl it down there.

Super Cheesy Tennis Pickup Lines

The hardcore Tennis players might avoid the cheese on their platter, but the cheese on your pickup lines could be good.

So, don’t stop yourself from trying these super cheesy Tennis pickup lines to make thighs go smooth. 

I like your moves, on the court and the bed.

What is your favorite Stroke? (Pause) in Tennis, obviously.

I like to see you playing.

I have one racquet and two balls. Want to play?

I’m a ball; hit me with your Raquet.

I don’t mind fetching my balls; you may hit them the way you like.

Pass or Smash? I do both in Tennis.

So do you just play well on the court or the bed?

You must be a lob cause I want to smash you.

Your favorite sport must be Tennis, cause you are a 10.

Beautiful Cheesy Tennis Pickup Lines

Playing games with your school friends is the best childhood memory you will ever have.

So, if sometimes you are planning a school reunion, you can try these sports (say Tennis) pickup lines to make those memories fresh again.

Let’s play Spin the Racquet in my court. 

I’m perfect in SMASH; do you want to have a look?

I may not be the racquet, but can I be your ball?

If I were Racquet, would you be my Ball and serve me?

I wish I could be the Ball; you hit me every day.

I don’t play Tennis, but I can grunt harder than any.

Let’s rally for a lifetime. Cause I want to stay in love with you.

Have you ever heard of Western grip? Wait, I’ll show you.

It requires only one ball to play tennis; I have two.

Why settle for a Tennis ball when you can play with my balls?

Funny Tennis Pickup Lines

Preparing for a Tennis competition or a match is not a joke, but at least to break out the tension, we can make the environment a little chill, right?

So, here we have a few Funny Tennis pickup lines for you to try on the court. 

It feels like I made a double fault whenever I look at you.

The most precious things in my life are Wimbledon and you.

What’s your favorite stroke?

Why settle for Dunlop balls when you can have my balls?

You Racquet must be tight; may I lose it for you?

Trust me; the Tennis court will be the only place where I will play hard with you. 

Unlike others, I won’t play with your life. Tennis is enough for me.

Are you Tennis? Cause you are a Ten.

I don’t care whether you are single or not; I want to play doubles with you for a lifetime.

Baby, I will play hard with you, not just on the court but on the bed.

Flirty Tennis Pickup Lines

Are you flirting with your Tennis doubles partner, a Damn cool thing, right?

Cause you are trying to make your Doubles partner your life partner.

So for cute stuff on the court, we have some flirty Tennis pickup lines for you.  

Do you play Tennis every day? Or you just like to follow me?

I like the way you move.

I may not be a professional player, but I can play well with you.

I don’t want to play with your feelings. I’m good with Tennis only.

Is my Tennis ball in your pocket? Oh sorry! It’s your balls.

I wish I were a Ball, and you hit me.

You must be a lob cause I want to smash your back.

The shot was deep, but not as deep as I could go.

You swing well on the court as well.

 I want to play with you all day, but not on the court.

Catchy Tennis Pickup Lines

Try these catchy tennis pickup lines and rock the day to make your court more enjoyable.

I wish you could also show me the same moves in the bed.

Do you want to be a Racquet cause I have balls, and we can play with them?

Do you want me to hurl there?

I want to be your doubles partner for life, not just on the court.

Would you like to see my stroke?

Whenever I see you playing on the court, my heart stops for a while.

Can you show me your Racquet? I want to see what the thing that will hit me looks like.

I want to smash you in the court and the bed.

You should check the quality of the product by touching it. So, would you like to touch my balls?

If i” ll give you a Yonex, can I get your head?

Short Tennis Pickup Lines

Sometimes you might have time to go long and start a whole conversation to tell a person how you feel about them.

You can try these Short Tennis Pickup Lines for such cases and tell them about your heart’s feelings. 

You look gorgeous in that dress, but you’ll look even more pretty with my Racquet.

I want to be your doubles partner forever.

Do you know why I let you score all the time? Cause I’m in love with you.

Do you like to play? So, what about a match tomorrow?

Can I get your Racquet? I have the balls to play.

I have seen a lot of good matches, but nothing is better than our match.

If you were let, I would do you over and over again.

I have the racquet in my hand. Can you hold my Ball?

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