201+ Teacher Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush’s Heart

Getting a crush on your teacher is a part of adolescence. Everyone has that one teacher who becomes the object of their misplaced admiration and attraction.

But in the future, if you meet someone like that teacher but someone you can date without any legal repercussions, you must be ready. That is why here is a compiled list of the best pickup lines for you to catch their eyes!

Cheesy Teacher Pickup Lines

You must make a lasting impression to capture your love interest’s attention. Cheesy pickup lines are the best type of pickup line for everyone. Here is a list of cheesy pickup lines for you. Use them well with confidence to get the best kind of reaction from your love interest. 

-Hey baby. I’ve lost myself in your *insert color* eyes.  

-If you were my teacher, I’d have 100% attendance. 

-Damn! You’re too young to be a teacher. 

-I think you should fail me this year because I will miss you so much. 

-Do you need help to feel the burn?

-What must I do to receive an A+?

-I am good at maths and know you’d never be an ex.  

-Do you want to do a one-on-one evaluation after class?

-You know I have a pinto, yea? I can give you a spin on it. 

-Let me carry your bag.

-If you need to go to the pool, I’ll clean it up later. 

-I can’t tolerate your organized, chaotic energy.

-You rocked me in my seat with how much you talked. 

-I’ll help you with your work as you help me with my grades if you want.

-Friday is almost ending, but you’re good! You’ve got it. 

-You’re like my essay- engaging and interesting. 

 -If I were your teacher, you’d get an A for that ass. 

 -I’d pour you a glass of wine if you want. 

– I have an early practice tomorrow. So, will I pick you up at 5?

 -Can you help me relax? Please hold me. 

Cheesy Teacher Pickup Lines

Funny Teacher Pickup Lines

Laughing is the best way to get close to someone. That’s why it is always suggested to make your crush laugh. Not only that, but funny pickup lines also help you become friends with newer people, which is a great thing to consider as you can never have enough friends. 

-I wanna unzip your jeans like magic. 

-Come explore my alpha sheets. 

-You must be the science teacher. It shows we got chemistry  

-You look a-cute from this angle.

-Let’s be complementary angles to each other. 

-I wanna see if your legs can do obtuse angles for a while, can I?

-Can you be an acrobatic teacher for bedrooms?

-Chuck your chalk at me to kiss the booboo better later.

-I’ll make you sing and scream. Your choice.

-Understanding you is more complicated than trigonometry. 

-You’re like an Exothermic reaction! You make me hot when we’re together. 

-If our clothes were electrons, oxidation would be interesting for us. 

-Ma’am, my hands are cold! Can you warm them with yours?

-You’re like Sodium, fine!

-Induction needs us to share your hotness to be at thermal equilibrium. 

-You are an electron, and I’m electrophilic.

-We are on the same side of the reaction!

-So what’s your Sin?

-If you’re sin π/2, then it’s good. You’re the 1. 

-You’re like the root of -1 because you’re unreal. 

Teacher Pickup Lines

Crazy Teacher Pickup Lines

Have you ever had one of those classmates who would sit in the class and look absolutely out of it, but whenever they opened their mouths, they always ended up making the craziest statements that blew everyone’s mind away? Well, what if you want to do that even though you’re simply on social media? These are the best type of pickup lines that would catch everyone’s attention and make you feel confident in yourself.

-You’re sin², and I’ll be cos², and we will be 1. 

-You’re so 1/cos C. 

-Ma’am, will this card help me check you out? 

-You’re made of a black hole because you’re indescribable and suck me in.  

-You’re Pluto because you’re no way from Earth. 

-You’re Mars, and I am Curiosity. I want to explore you. 

-The milky way galaxy had nothing on your eyes. 

-You’re as rare as a Venus eclipse. 

-Be my Saturn, and I’ll give you rings. 

-You’re like a concentration gradient. So I want to go down on you. 

-That suit must be made of lover material. 

-Sir, your shoes are untied! You might fall for me!

-That binder looks heavy! Let me hold it and your hand.? 

-Sir, you don’t even have to teach us about gravity. You got me attracted to you. 

-You light up my day as if I have a switch. 

-Sir, I play soccer. Can I be a keeper for you? 

-Sir, the neurology class was enjoyable. You’re definitely the cure for Alzheimer’s because I can’t ever forget you. 

-You’re like this keyboard. You’re perfect for me. 

-Sir!!! Look. I’m wearing the thing you gave me! This smile. 

 -For this summer, I would like to be yours. 

Crazy Teacher Pickup Lines

Flirty Teacher Pickup Lines 

For those moments when you feel comfortable in your skin and sexual, these are the best pickup lines to go for. Use these pickup lines when you’re ready to make an impression on your teacher crush and let them know you’re down if they’re down discreetly. 

-I haven’t been up to good, so please discipline me.

-Can you teach me things hands-on?

-I prefer learning things practically.

-Can you give me a practical of the reproductive system?

-I’m happy to teach you one-on-one. 

-Private lessons? Count me in. 

-You are like my maths homework because I could do you the whole night, but I wouldn’t be near done.  

-You got me more complicated than my integration homework.

 -Is that a duster, or you’re just pleased to see me?

-On your knees, and give me 69. 

-You’re like my English homework. You make me cry but in a good way. 

-I can definitely pick you up. 

-Can you raise my D?

-I can raise those two D’s you got.

-Sir, you’re a pillow. I want to give you head.

-Am I sexy enough to sway you, or do you need to think?

-You’re the reason for Global Warming, yes.

-Will you give me a fake number, at least?

-You seem blessed already, so I won’t ask God for more.

-You’re perfection embodied. 

Beautiful Teacher Pickup Lines 

These are the best pickup lines to choose from that you can use when you’re on the spot and wish to make yourself look confident and intelligent. To be on their mind, these pickup lines are the best ones to go for. These will leave a fantastic impression on your crush. 

-Could you replace my X?

-You’re sweet. You never wonder Y. 

-You are the powerhouse of my cells. 

-You stimulate my sympathetic nervous system. 

-Your pupils dilate when you see me. So cute. 

-Your spit has opiorphine, so spit in my mouth?

-You’re like a drug I didn’t know I needed. 

-You make me blush brighter than a tomato. 

-Stop, drop and roll out of your clothes. 

-Let’s add a bed and subtract our clothes tonight. 

-You make me blush when you scold me like that. 

-You’re a chemistry teacher, but you never Bohr me. 

-You’re basically a chemical compound- Be Au Ti. 

-You should never go to a nuclear reactor because you’re so hot. You’d cause a meltdown. 

-We should pair up because we have unpaired electrons.

 -You’re hotter than this burner I am using. 

-Is that blush or eosin dye?

-You turn brick red like Benedict’s positive test.

-You’re a triple bond because you’re alkynes of fun. 

-I wish I could be Adenosine to bond with U. 

Catchy Teacher Pickup Lines

With these pickup lines, you’ll be a trendsetter. You’ll set a trend of being funny, charismatic, and hilarious. This is the most imperative way to make a good impression. You also get to popularise yourself amongst the general public as someone witty, which is a great thing to consider. 

-Sir, I think you’re Bluetooth! We’re so connected right now. 

-This photography class is excellent. I look at you, and I smile. 

-I love having your attention.

-Woah, sir. This is a cool trick. Everything disappears when we meet. 

-Sir, I lost my phone! Please call me. 

-I am not surprised if you’re exhausted. You must be. You have been running around in my dream all night.

-My heart took a flight when I saw you.

-You are the embodiment of everything I’ve ever prayed for. I can’t explain how lucky I am.

-You’re a flower petal because I’m so glad you landed before me.

-Wish me luck. I’ll dive inside your eyes and drown myself.

-My arms would look better around your neck than a scarf. 

-It’s illegal to look that good.

-What are your other two wishes? You keep wishing for me.

-You must be a C sample. Let me date you.

-Are you an environmentalist? Because if you feel like you’re trash, I’d like to take the garbage out.

-I didn’t know you could leave the museum, your work of art.

-You can’t click pictures here. Photography of works of art is prohibited.

-I’m stressed. Can I hug you to feel better? 

-You’d be the only thing I’d want in my closet.

-I want to pin you against my door like my poster. 

Pretty Teacher Pickup Lines

Astound your crush with curated pickup lines that are pretty sarcastic, clever, and funny, to say the least. They are perfect for capturing everyone’s attention, which amazingly helps to break the ice. Use these to be on the good side of your crush’s thoughts. 

-You have heaven between your legs. 

-Your mind is the most exciting part of you.

-You’re like a hedge maze. Once I see you, I can’t help but go in and explore.

-Where’s the inhaler? I am simply breathless.

-Thank God this isn’t a game. You drain my breath bar.

-Where’s a doctor? My heart stopped for a while because of you. 

-You’re the number 1 in my periodic table.

-I like to have a to-do list. Wanna be on it?

-If you let me hit on you, I’ll let you hit on me.

-So dates over raisin, yeah?

-Importance of dates, am I right? 

-Your body looks like a bomb; I need a bomb squad to diffuse it.

-Can I interview you for my paper ‘Important people in my life as my future partner? 

-You’re the reason for that naughty list. 

-So wanna make my dreams come true?

-You complete me, you beautiful jigsaw piece.

-So glad we aren’t in chess because I’d always die to protect you, my queen. 

-People who say perfection doesn’t exist haven’t met you.

-Being with you is everything I had hoped for and more. 

-You denatured my proteins. 

Cheap Teacher Pickup Lines 

These are the best pickup lines for ultra-confident people in their sexuality and “swag.” Display your sexual attraction towards the person of interest with the following set of pickup lines. A fair warning will result in an extreme reaction- either a good one or a bad one. 

-You seem to have telekinesis because you’ve given my zipper a mind of its own. 

-Did you know kissing is a love language? So I wanna talk to you in that language. 

-I like checking off the work on my to-do list one by one before I move on to the next. You’re at the top of it. 

-Seems like you, Winter, will be coming soon. 

My watch says it’s time to get naked. 

-What name will you be moaning tonight?

-I think you’d be a beautiful sun and I would love to see you go down. 

-I am studying you like Crazy. 

-You make me want to explore you like my favorite game 

-I want to leave my marks on you as my legacy. 

-You’re like a rollercoaster. I want to scream as I ride you. 

-You don’t need your hands to undress me. 

-So where do I sign for that package of yours?

-Semen has fructose, so if you are hungry, you got me. 

-Are my keys in your pant?

-You’re so-da-licious!

-I want to get your name right so I don’t moan stupid stuff in the heat of the moment.

-If you are (x+3) = 9 and I am x, then we know who we are. 

-So let’s put on our birthday suits, baby. 

-We can play firetruck where you’ll scream, and I won’t stop. 

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