169+ Amazing Taco Pickup Lines

A taco is one of the most common, commercial, and tasty foods. However, since its introduction to the public, it has successfully set off a cultural reset. That is why here is a list of taco-based pickup lines that will be perfect for any taco lover or just in general.

These are deliciously punny and perfect as something to catch your crush’s attention, icebreakers, and much more. 

Super Cheesy Taco Pickup Lines 

Tacos are incomplete without some cheese. Same for punny pickup lines. They are incomplete without some cheesy goodness. So here are a few that can satisfy your cheese-loving heart if you and your crush love cheese.

These are funny, silly, and hilarious, which makes them perfect for any type of use, from hitting on people to acting as a conversation starter. 

  • How do you feel about talking? Do you think you are taco-tive?
  • I think I am a very taco-tive person. 
  • I love talking so much that people usually assume I am a taco-tive person. 
  • I will probably never stop blabbing about tacos so that you can call me taco-time. 
  • I will literally talk your ears off as I speak about tacos. So let us call me Taco-time. 
  • Do you have some lengua for me?
  • I think you are a taco because I can not wait to taco to you. 
  • Lengua is good, but you are better. 
  • I think sex is good, but lengua is good. 
  • I think you are the lengua for me. 
  • I hope you know that I can spend hours eating you like a taco. 
  • You are not a snack, baby. You are the meal. 
  • I will eat you like I devour tacos. 
  • You wish you were this taco instead. 
  • I want to be your taco, and you can be my lengua. 
  • I think you are very good with your tongue with the way you eat your taco. 
  • I love my tacos juicy. Would you say you are juicy?
  • I think you must be part tacos because how are you so delicious?
  • It is a crime you are not patented as a snack because you are so tasty. 
  • I want to dip myself in you like I dip this in the salsa. 
  • Do you have tacos in your family? How are you so tasty?
  • I think if tacos could be personified, you would be the taco because look at you being so crunchy and delicious with your personality. 
  • I want you to feel beautiful, and I will stare at you as I stare at this taco. 
  • I wish you knew that the only thing that compares to your beauty in my eyes is this whole platter of tacos. 
  • You are not suitable for me, but I can not stop being with you, just like Tacos. 
  • You are the salsa to my tacos because, without you, I am incomplete. 

Funny Taco Pickup Lines 

Having compatibility between two people is very important for any relationship to flourish. Here are some funny ones to help you understand whether you and your love are compatible with each other. These are silly and hilarious and will surely get a reaction from your crush.

These will definitely help you understand whether or not you two are compatible in the best way. These will definitely help both of you get closer, and these will act as a good, core memory that you will often enjoy remembering owing to how cute they sound.

  • You are so spicy. I love you. 
  • I think you are a hot and spicy girl. 
  • I love how unique your personality is. It is hotter than this hot sauce, 
  • You are hotter than my favorite hot sauce. 
  • I think I would be burnt and in love with you quicker if I realized that you are like hot sauce. 
  • I want to be with you for the rest of my lids, just like hot sauce comes with Tacos. 
  • No plate of tacos is complete without hot sauce, just like I am incomplete without you. 
  • You are the hot sauce to my tacos because you are the spicy, hot one in this relationship, and I am the bland one. 
  • I think you are cute. You blush like you just tasted the hot sauce. 
  • You pant like your tongue is coated in hot sauce. 
  • I think you are so hot because my tongue burns every time I see you.
  • You are hotter than hot sauce because you make me pant so much. 
  • You taste so sweet even though you are as hot as a hot sauce. 
  • I eat so many tacos that I think taco is a part of me. 
  • I think you would like me if you like tacos. 
  • Do you eat the hot sauce with tacos? Yes? Then we would be perfect for each other. 
  • I think we would be the best couple if we both agreed that taco tastes better with hot sauce and lime. 
  • If you think hot sauce belongs to tacos, please hit me up. 
  • I do not mean to brag, but I am the guy you want. So I will save your name in my contact as a hot sauce for the rest of my life. 
  • You are wife material for me if you like tacos as much as I do. 

Flirty Taco Pickup Lines for Her

It is perfectly normal if you wish to be flirty with your crush. But sometimes, being flirty can be very difficult as there is a fine line between flirty and creepy. That is why, if you struggle with the same, fear not.

Here are some cute ones that you can use to ensure you do not come off as creepy as you let her know how much you like her and how she makes you feel. 

  • I got some beef for you. 
  • I will have beef with you if you do not agree with how we eat tacos. 
  • Tacos and tequila would taste good, right?
  • I think you would be the best companion to go with my taco. 
  • I hope you feel happy with the way we fit because we are like lime and tacos. 
  • I want to squeeze you dry like lime. 
  • I think you taste as great as lime. 
  • I think you would look the best with my beef in you. 
  • I do not want to stuff you with my beef unless you want me to. 
  • If you want my beef in you, beg. 
  • If you ask, my taco would be open for your beef. 
  • Do not be scared of your need. I think it looks good. 
  • Any meat tastes good with taco, so do not be insecure. 
  • I think you would be just fine for my taco, even if you are not the type of person I ever thought I would be with. 
  • I will sauce up your meat the easiest way. 
  • I am the sauciest of the saucy girls you would meet. 
  • Do you want some sauce in your life because? I am always available. 
  • If you want to be saucy, you can come to hang out with me. 
  • You are the sauce for my tacos because how are you so tasty?
  • You compliment me like sauce compliments the taco. 
  • I want to dip myself into you like this taco. 
  • I want to taste my sauce off of your fingers. 
  • I hope you know that you are the hottest sauce I have ever tasted. 
  • You get me all panting like the hottest of the hot sauce while being sweet like those sweeter sauces. 
  • You are like the best type of sauce, you are mysterious, and I can not wait to love you. 

Short Taco Pickup Lines 

Tacos are short and spicy meals. So then your pickup lines based on tacos should also be the same. That is why here are some amazing short and spicy liners that will definitely get your crush’s attention in the best way. These will definitely make her laugh. 

  • This is taco bell, and we can have a meal. 
  • You are like taco bell because you are my favorite meal. 
  • I want to eat you out like taco bell. 
  • I think you are a whole meal like taco bell. 
  • How come you are so low maintenance, and you are tasty? Are you human or a taco bell?
  • I hope you like your spicy tacos, girl, because I like spicy stuff too. 
  • You are way too spicy for me, and you do not even realize that. 
  • Man, I sure hope you realize that your spicy personality is what attracted me to you in the first place. 
  • I can not wait to pant because you like people pant over hot tacos. 
  • You are basically hot in a bottle, and I can not wait to devour you. 
  • I want to be with you like tacos want to be with hot sauce. 
  • Why are you so attractive? When can I finally have you?
  • Are you ready for me to spice up your night?
  • I want to spice up your night. I hope you are ready for that. 
  • Let me spice up your night, girl. 
  • I promise I will be the most excellent person you have ever had the pleasure of spending the night with. 
  • I will definitely ensure you have a spicey night if you decide to be with me. 
  • If you ever want to eat tacos, baby, I have got some tacos for you. 
  • I hope you like late-night tacos because I have late-night tacos for you. 
  • Whenever you feel like having a taco, I am here. 
  • If you are feeling a little bland, I would be more than happy to spice up your taco meat. Just say the word. 
  • Just say the word, Doll, and I will spice up your taco meat. 

Awesome Taco Pickup Lines

It is important to make a good impression on people when you first meet them. But that is why many people struggle to make the perfect first impression. Well, fret not because here are some amazing taco ones that will help you get that amazing first impression you crave. These are the best ice-breakers that you can use. 

  • I hope your taco shell will not break when I put in the meat. 
  • I can not wait to stick the meat in your taco shell. 
  • Your taco shell will never be empty without my beef. 
  • I am more than capable of filling up your taco shell with my meat. 
  • I have enough meat for your tiny taco shell. 
  • I do not know if you have ever been told this, but you have a very tiny taco shell. 
  • I think your taco shell will overflow with my meat. 
  • My meat is the best meat on this side of the town for your taco shell. 
  • If your taco shell ever feels empty, I have taco meat to fill you up.
  • I have enough to fill you up without any issues. 
  • I can assure you that I can fill you up with my raw beef; still, some will be left out of your taco meat. 
  • I hope your taco does not mind being overflown. 
  • I can see the sauce overflowing from your taco. 
  • You have the perfect taco I have seen so far. I hope you know that. 
  • I like hard-shell tacos and soft meat, but your soft-shell taco makes me have a slice of hard meat. 
  • Raw meat does not look good in tacos except when it is my meat. Then it does. 
  • I hope you know that you are the most attractive creature I have in my life, except for my taco. 
  • I want to go on dates with you, that is, I want to eat Tacos with you. 
  • I can not wait to have a taco date with you. 
  • Going out with you and having tacos for several meals sounds like a great idea. 

Good Taco Chat up Lines

Tacos are a convenient meal, are they not? So then, why should your pickup lines be any different? Here are some conveniently hilarious taco liners you can use in any scenario. You can use them to start a conversation, and you can also use them to hit on your crush in the most delicious way.

These are the best pickup lines to use without ever fearing you’d ruin the mood. 

  • You must be taco bell because you are so hot all the time. 
  • You smell so good, and you always make me hungry. You must be taco bell. 
  • I hope you know that I am more than ready to devour you, just for the sake of it. 
  • I think you are like taco bell because you are hot, and I am so ready to ruin you completely. 
  • I love that you are always up late because I can always devour you. 
  • I will love to devour you in the early and late hours of the night if you are up for it. 
  • I hope you realize how desirable you are to me. You are the taco for my hungry stomach. 
  • I desire you like my tummy desires tacos after a long day at work. 
  • You are so attractive and delicious to me. I hope that the savage in me can devour you like this soft-shelled taco that I have with me. 

Cheesy Taco Pickup Lines 

Puns are funny, and a lot of people love puns. They are cheesy, cheeky, and hilarious. That is why there are some cheesy pickup lines that you can use to come off as a charming and adorable person in front of your crush. These will definitely leave a good impression in your crush’s mind about you. 

  • You are definitely a foot long, like the taco. 
  • You always give the vibe of being a foot long. 
  • I wonder if I can take care of the foot-long that you are. 
  • I think you are a foot long in both size and girth. 
  • I think you are as girthy as the foot long. 
  • Kiss me if I am wrong, but you are happy to see me, are you not?
  • I hope that is a foot long in your pants, both ways. 
  • I can not wait to swallow your foot long whole. 
  • I hope you are open to me devouring you. Entirely in a few swallows instead f taking my time. 
  • I want to take my time with you because you deserve to feel the love that I have for you. 
  • You are the taco in a crowd of the burger. 
  • I think you are a fulfilling burger from taco bell because you are completely hot and stunning. 
  • You are as rare as a burger in taco bell, but you would be wrong if you think I do not enjoy what I see. 
  • You got me completely decked out in love with you, so I hope you are ready for the consequences of your action. 
  • You are so delicious and tasty, and yet, I simply can not have you. 
  • My dietician specifically asked me to say no to snacks, but why can not I say no to you?
  • You are not a snack, you are a whole damn meal, and I hope you know that. 

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