108+ Sweet Pick-Up Lines for Your Boy/girl

We know that gathering the courage to make the first move is not always as simple as it sounds. But do not worry because that big first step can be made more accessible using a wholesome and sweet pick-up line.

While there are thousands of pick-up lines to choose from, the one kind of pick-up line that you can never go wrong with is sweet pick-up lines. No one on earth does not smile a little bit at being complimented or made to feel important.

We are here to make your ventures easier and offer you a wide selection of sweet pick-up lines. These pick-up lines are great icebreakers and an excellent way to improve the first impression!

Cheesy Sweet Pick-Up Lines

Experimenting with things is good if you don’t mess it up. If you are nervous about talking to your crush about a date, we would instead keep it simple. Choose a cheesy sweet pick-up line from the list we have prepared. 

-Hey girl, do you happen to be a hypnotist by any chance? Because whenever you look into my eyes, I feel like I am going numb.

-We do not need nightlights in the bedroom. Your smile does a way better job at lighting up the place.

-Hey there, did you know that penguin are monogamous, meaning they only have one partner for their entire life? Now that being said, can I make you my penguin?

-You should refrain from using makeup. Messing with perfection is a risky thing to do.

-I am assuming you came fresh out of the bakery. Please don’t assume it is my fault because you are smoking hot.

 -If I had the power to rearrange the alphabet however I wanted, I would make sure to put You and I next to each other.

-I do not think I told you, but I am great with number magic. Do you not believe it? Well, can I have yours to prove myself to you?

-I want to walk up to your mother and tell her to thank you for bringing such a sweet soul to this world.

-Hey there, girl; I am running a little low on cash. Would it be possible to share a cab with you so we can go back home? We can both get off at the house that comes first!

-I am not the most handsome dude in this room, but you can not deny that I am the only one talking to you.

-Can you direct me to the nearest bank where I can make a deposit? Because I am trying to save all of my love for you forever.

-If you were right in front of a mirror and held up 11 tulips, you would be looking at a dozen of the prettiest things in the world.

Cheesy Sweet Pick Up Lines

Best Sweet Pick-Up Lines

Where have you been? People already use all the excellent pick-up lines. But don’t worry, we have reserved the best ones for you! Make sure to check it out! 

-If I had a dollar for every time, I thought about you today, I would be rich.

-Are you from the Star Wars movie? Because I feel like Yoda is one for me.

-On a scale of one to ten, you might be a solid nine. But guess what, the one you need is me.

-Hey girl, are you called Google by any chance? Because you somehow have everything that I have been looking for.

-I forgot which way I was headed, and I blame that on you. I got lost in your ocean blue eyes and did not want to escape them again.

-Amongst all the curves you have on that beautiful body, your smile is the one I fell in love with the most.

-Do you know what my life with you and a broken pencil has in common? They are both pointless. At least the eraser works, and we can erase our past and hope for a better future.

-Hey girl, do you happen to be a florist by any chance? Because ever since you came into my life, my life has been so rosy.

-If the lord created anything more gorgeous than you, I am sure he would probably keep it all for himself.

-There is no pick-up line; I just want you to know that you are the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long time; can I take you out?

-In school, we were taught that the word happiness begins with H, but I do not know why. Mine begins with you.

Best Sweet Pick Up Lines

Rare Sweet Pick-Up Lines

Love is rare, and your chances are not infinite. So why not use your turn as if your life depends on it? Take your pick from the rare sweet pick-up lines we are listing below! 

-Hey girl, if I could choose to be any animal in the world, I would be a cat so that I can be by your side for all my nine lives.

-People say that Disneyland is where one can find the most happiness. They are missing out because they have never stood beside you.

-Hey there, girl, you can call me a thief because all I am here for is stealing your heart, and I plan never to give it back.

-So are you going to tell me your name, or should I get used to calling you mine?

-Sometimes, I wish I was born cross-eyed so that when I would look at you, I would see two of the prettiest girls in the world.

-I am resisting the intense urge to make you the happiest lady on the planet tonight.

-Excuse me; I need to call God. He needs to know that I have finally found the angel that went missing.

-Six calories are burnt from a minute of kissing. What are the chances we can work out together this weekend?

Rare Sweet Pick Up Lines

Flirty Sweet Pick-Up Lines

After going through a bunch of clichés pick-up lines, we are finally here with your much-awaited list of unique and flirty sweet pick-up lines. Take a look at this list to pick your go-to pick-up line. 

-Hey miss, I was wondering if you have a crepe bandage with you or not. It seems like I sprained my ankle while checking you out. 

-Your parents must have faced utter difficulty while naming you. Thinking of a name as beautiful as you would be a tough job. 

-This might be the shortest pick-up line, but you are cute, and I like you. Please go on a date with me. 

-I thought a cell phone comes with all the crucial built-in features used regularly. But my cell phone lacks your number. 

-I am afraid your hand looks swollen. Do you find it heavy? If yes, I can hold it for you for a while. I think your hand looks heavy. Would you like me to have it for you?

-Trust me, I had thought of a brilliant pick-up line before approaching you. But your beauty blew me away, and now I am speechless. 

-If you are here to prove that you are cute and sexy, I agree. Now, what else do you do to earn your livelihood? Or are you a lawyer? 

-By any chance, is your name sunflower? You are so happy and bright, plus I want to watch you bloom with me. 

-I can assure you that falling from a tree or hill does not feel good, but if you ever choose to fall in love with me, I will make it beautiful. 

Awesome Sweet Pick-Up Lines

In a world full of hookups, be the sweet old-school love. Ladies love it when you express your heartfelt thoughts to them. These following great lovely pick-up lines might be the kick you need to start. 

-I would never call you a vegetable, but if you were one, I would definitely call you a cutecumber.  

-I am the sheriff, so I declare that being this pretty is an offense. Now you have to pay the fine by giving me a few kisses. 

-Hey girl, not to brag, but I own a Porsche. It matches the color of your eyes. Want to have a ride with me? 

-If you are not very busy right now, I will ask you to wait for a few seconds. In the meantime, let me decide where we can go for our first date together. 

-Excuse me, if you do not mind, could you give me the direction to your heart? But make sure the door is open for me to enter. 

-You must be very good at karate and taekwondo because I see how your body is kicking me to do many things!

-I have noticed how greedily you are looking at me. Oh, is it my hoodie you are looking at? You can hold it, and it’s pure boyfriend material. 

-Hey, help me out; I am in trouble. I have lost my contact number. Could I borrow yours for a while? 

-You should have carried a compass while coming to this place. You must realize this place is far from your homeland Heaven.

-I have to take my time thanking the little voices in my head. They have been a constant support in pushing me forward to talk to you. 

-If someone called you ugly, would you hold it against them? Yes? Now, if I call your body beautiful, would you please care to keep it against mine?

-I have recently been to McDonald’s and liked their burgers. But I suggest they take you to their outlet; you would make the perfect McGorgeous. 

-Would you please let me use your mobile for a little while? I just wanted to let my mom know I’m calling from her daughter-in-law’s cell phone. 

-I am afraid I am not carrying much cash with me tonight. But if you care for me, we could share the ride on our way back home. 

Beautiful Sweet Pick-Up Lines

No need to rush when you are with the right person. Just pick the sweetest sweet pick-up line from this list and be confident! You have got this one! We are right behind you to cheer you up. 

-I am running a little low on kisses. Do you think I could borrow some from you? I promise I will return it to you first thing in the morning.

-I wonder how the oven is not burnt even though you were inside it for a while. I have no better explanations to justify your hotness. 

-How much do they pay you to work for NASA? They must show the alien creatures as a perfect example of mundane beauty.  

-You must be sugar-sweet cause I want you for a coffee. 

-My friends and I have always wondered how it feels to be touched by an angel. Now, if you could please touch me, I would go to my friends to make them jealous.

-If I were born in Greece, I would hire hundreds of artists and sculptors to make a replica of you. They still would not have been able, though.  

-I was on my way home, but now I was lost. Could you take me to yours instead and shelter me for the night? 

-It’s a mystery how you look so charmingly delicious every time. It must be the lucky charms you have at breakfast. 

-The weather today is too sunny. Is it because of the sun, or are you beaming at me? 

-I hate to say this, but I wish you were a booger. That way, I would have been able to pick you up effortlessly. 

-Is there a name I can call you by other than your good name/ if not, I do not mind calling you sometime later? 

-Pardon me, but do you know which way I should go to take a shortcut to your heart? If there is no shortcut, I am also willing to take a long way. 

-Hey, freeze! Do not move, or I will fail to pick you up without falling flat on my face. 

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