190+ Subway Pickup Lines Use to Make Your Move

Subway is one of the most popular food brands that everybody has heard the name of.

While some people have not yet tried it out., most people have enjoyed the experience quite a bit. Similarly, if you wish to be someone people know about for their skill with words then the following will help you out.

These will help you achieve that level of smoothness some can simply dream of. 

Cheesy Subway Pickup Lines

Cheese is quite a versatile ingredient. It makes every dish better. That is why it is a favorite for a lot of people. A lot of people can not imagine a meal without a little cheese.

If you wish to be like cheese, the most favorite part of a conversation, then the following will help you achieve that. These will help you come off as a likable person in the friend group. 

  • This dough has not got anything on how I will be treating you. 
  • The dough is quite soft but you do happen to be softer. 
  • If I were to compare you and the dough on the factor of softness, I do believe you would be the winner. 
  • When it comes to softness, you are softer than the dough.
  • You make me feel like a cat because I want to knead you. 
  • I do not want to come off as rude but I do knead you a lot, sweetheart. 
  • I doubt you need to work hard to get in shape. 
  • You do not need any help, you are already in shape. 
  • Your shape is so perfect it is almost like someone made you with care. 
  • God must have been happy after making you because look at how perfect your shape is. 
  • Your shape is perfect for me, perfect to hold and to watch. 
  • Your shape is so perfect I can even take my eyes off you. 
  • I could be blind but I would still feel how perfect your shape is. 
  • You remind me of a nonspecific multimillion-dollar company that supplies us with food because you are fresh. 
  • I would say you are like subway because I love eating fresh. 
  • You are fresher than the subway I eat because you taste so much better than I imagined you would. 
  • Tasting so fresh should be a crime because I think Subway can sue you. 
  • You must be subway because their tagline of “Eat Fresh” is all that I think of when it comes to you. 
  • Your taste is so fresh that it is like no one has ever tasted you before. 
  • I taste fresher than anyone you have ever had. 
  • If you want a fresh sandwich then I can help you with that.

Funny Subway Pickup Lines

A lot of people who regularly visit a subway can tell you that there are often hilarious client-server interactions there.

These interactions end up becoming a core memory that they often return to whenever they are feeling a little sad.

If you wish to be someone who can provide people with such comforting core memories then these will help with that. 

  • No Subway can stop me from getting to you. 
  • Is there a subway that can help me reach your heart?
  • If the easiest way to reach your love is via food, can I buy you a subway?
  • I will offer you your favorite Subway when I propose to you since you are not like everybody else. 
  • If you want to propose to someone with a subway then I am your girl.
  • I wish there was a subway that can help me reach you quicker. 
  • I wonder if there is a subway route that can help me reach your pants quicker. 
  • Your pants are beckoning to see me in them and I am not one to refuse. 
  • Do you need someone to show you around once we get off the train?
  • Have you heard of Before Sunset? You can be a part of my real-life iteration of before sunset. 
  • This subway is our meet cute. 
  • Subway rides would be boring without having you in them with me. 
  • Let me be in the subway car with you. You would be a better pair anyway. 
  • Would you like some company as you go to where ever you are going? 
  • I can keep you company until you reach your platform. 
  • I see you are great at using your fingers with how you eat your sandwich. 
  • I can not assure you I have a subway sandwich in my pant pocket for you but I do have the next best thing. 
  • I can help you feel full in all ways. 
  • What I have in my pants can make you feel full. 
  • Let me help you feel satisfied with whatever you are receiving. 
  • I like 6 inches subways more but what about you?
  • Are you looking to try 6 inches subways or do you prefer 9 inches more?

Crazy Subway Pickup Lines

Every service center has some crazy stories of its own. While these are crazy, they are quite comforting and nice to enjoy for the one who is telling that story.

If you ever want to be a part of those comforting stories as the main protagonist then these will help you with that. 

  • Do you love things fresh or do you prefer things overnight?
  • I can help you feel fresh if you decide to shower with me. 
  • I have always liked things fresh so if you want, I can make you feel the same. 
  • I am great at making people fresh, shall I show you how?
  • Fresh loving is better than stale loving. Change my mind. 
  • The way I love you is quite different from the way I love my ex. You could say, I am giving you some fresh loving. 
  • Do you like chilled places? If yes then I suppose you would not mind chilling in my fridge until I am craving you. 
  • I feel like I would carve you like I crave subway- every day, at all times. You make me feel more satisfied than any club sandwich ever has. 
  • I can warm you up, either with my touch or the microwave, your choice. 
  • You are as filling as my lunch and it is great. 
  • Would you say you are germophobic? If you are then do not worry I have enough sanitizer. 
  • I follow a good sanitization protocol like a subway station. 
  • My bed is like the subway station, once you experience it, you will be coming back. 
  • I wrap sandwiches for work so you could say that I can wrap you up in the best way. 
  • If you want to stay toasty for a long time, let me know because I would wrap you up with my blanket the way I wrap the subway sandwiches. 
  • I see you spending a lot of time on lunch but why should you do it when I can cook you lunch for free?
  • You can have my sandwich for free. 
  • If you want dessert for free then I am the one for you. 
  • Come and have a lookie for I do have for you a cookie!
  • I am sweeter than a cookie if you have a sweet tooth. 
  • You can taste this cookie for free. 

Flirty Subway Pickup Lines For Her

Flirting over food is one of the safest ways of getting into someone’s heart.

That is why the following brings both of them together and provides you with something that packs the punch of flirtation with the spice of food in the best of ways. 

  • Ever since I met you my blood keeps rushing like a train. 
  • The only train I think of when you are around is the F train. 
  • You and I would be better as the 6th and 9th platforms together. 
  • Do you want to hop on the train with me? 
  • I can help you hop on a lot more than trains when you are with me. 
  • The platform for you tonight is my bed. 
  • I know you ride the subway quite a bit but would you like to ride mine?
  • I can help you experience the best ride of your life. 
  • With the way you are, you make my heart pump way more. You could say, you make me train my heart. 
  • Express is the only thing I wanna do when I am around you. 
  • I could run a train on you in the best way possible. 
  • I see you like trains, riding and having them run on you. 
  • Let me express how much I love you.
  • I have never been one to express much but I would love to express my love for you. 
  • I am dying to express my love for you if you are up for it. 
  • My love for you is similar to my love for subways. 
  • I hope you like sliders as much as you love my slider. 
  • My slider can make you feel just as great as subway sliders can. 
  • Subway sliders are good but my slider is better. 
  • Let me show you how amazing my slider can be.
  • Would you like to taste my slider tonight?
  • You can have my slider whenever you want. 
  • How do you feel about having my slider for dinner?
  • I can always wake up to a slider, especially if it is yours. 
  • Your slider is a better breakfast food for me. 
  • Let me enjoy your slider as much as I can. 
  • I will stay up all night enjoying your slider. 
  • Your slider deserves to be tasted and enjoyed in the best way.

Rare Subway Pickup Lines

Some people are really rare to find at your local subway, such as a famous actor. That is when you see them, you can never stop talking about that one time you saw an actor at your local subway.

Similarly, you can show off your pickup lines that are so unheard of that they would become memories people will not stop talking about. 

  • How do you feel if we work behind the counter together?
  • You look behind the counter but you would look better on the counter. 
  • I think you are the only thing that is missing on the counter. 
  • My counter would be empty without you. 
  • You are like the Purell on my counter because, without you, the counter would be empty. 
  • I have never been the one to eat food on the counter but I would be open to an exception when it comes to you. 
  • You would be the only meal I would be open to having on the counter. 
  • I think I can get used to seeing you on the counter every morning when I am making breakfast. 
  • You would be better on this counter than on this subway. 
  • I can have you on the counter and the table. 
  • I will have you on the table like I have my subway on it. 
  • I think men look great in uniform and that subway apron counts. 
  • I think you would be particularly delicious in just that apron. 
  • Green is the color for you even at the moment you do not agree. 
  • I can never resist you in the uniform so you better not resist me when I come all over you. 
  • Let me be all up in your business like a Karen at Subway. 
  • I can put more than my nose into your business if you do wish. 
  • I can tell you how to do your job if it is something you want. 
  • I can tell you exactly how you can make me feel happier if that is something you are wishing to know. 
  • I can be a Karen for you and tell you how much of a bad job you are doing at making my subway if degrading and humiliation are your things. 

Good Subway Chat-up Lines

If you ever find yourself crushing on someone at the subway, then the easiest way you can approach them is by using the following as they will show off your observational skills as well as your control of wordplay. 

  • I do not have any beef with you but if you want that, that could be arranged. 
  • I can help you with your daily beef cravings. 
  • I like having arguments so if you are seeking beef daily then I am your man/girl. 
  • Beefing with me will end up with us making out. 
  • Why do I have a feeling that beefing with you would end up with us making out? If that is how we end then you can tag me as a beef lover for life. 
  • If it is with you, I would love beef for the rest of my life. 
  • Beef is one of the things I love, as a meal and as an act. 
  • I think playful kinds of beef increase love between two people. 
  • So if you were to differentiate between beef and banter, how would you do it? Can you act as a volunteer with me so that I have a better idea of how to do it?
  • If I beef with you, would you take off my clothes?
  • I see you got some beef for me in your pants. 
  • My bread would look better with your meat and meatballs on them. 
  • Your beef would be the best garnish on my bread. 
  • I do not need an oven to have the bun that you like. 
  • You do not need to tell me that you love my buns because I already know. 
  • I can see how shapely your buns are and I believe they would be the perfect companion to my meat. 
  • My meat would look better between your buns. 
  • I am dying to place my buns on your meat. 
  • I bet my meat would be the best compliment for your buns. 

Best Subway Pickup Lines Ever

If you wish to impress someone over a short period, just like that, then these are the ones you can go for.

They bring the best parts of flirty pick up lines without being too much. 

  • I think you keep it fresh and I have no complaints about it. 
  • I know I can trust you to give me the freshest dessert every night. 
  • You smell fresh as fuck. 
  • You could take me out for lunch or you could be my lunch. 
  • How would you like to be my lunch? 
  • Seems like I have forgotten to carry lunch today so would you like to be that instead?
  • I think you would be better off being my lunch than this sandwich anyway. 
  • My lunch would be incomplete without a cookie and I was wondering if you would like to be that for me. 
  • I can gobble you up like I can gobble up this cookie. 
  • You are like my very own subway with how much your buns are toasted. 
  • Your buns are like perfectly toasted for me. 
  • I would love to taste your buns for a long time. 
  • Let me finish gobbling you up leaving no crumbs. 
  • I will devour you and leave no crumb in its wake. 
  • Let me completely obliterate you. 
  • You will feel obliterated once I am done with you. 
  • I could be the subway car you ride all night long. 
  • This Halloween I will dress up as the subway so that you can ride me for as long as you want. 
  • You would be better off riding me anyway. 
  • I think I am a subway that got derailed when I saw you because I definitely can not leave now. 
  • You are like a derailing machine because now you have got my thoughts running off the track. 
  • My thoughts are like the subway that you effectively derailed. 
  • I can treat you with some salad, some subway salad. 
  • I can show you the best place to eat- also known as the subway. 
  • I would take you to the subway if entertainment is something you look for on a date. 
  • If you like a challenge, I can assure you that you will face many in the subway. 

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