100+ Best Strawberry Pick up Lines 

Like your favorite person, strawberry is that sweet fruit your mind keeps returning to. If you want your conversations full of sweetness, use these funny, flirty and crazy strawberry pick-up lines. Strawberry is that fruit, the one that everyone is obsessed with.

Picking them up and making strawberry marmalade afterward brings back such sweet memories. It’s such a romantic activity to do with your partner.

In case you don’t have one, you have to find one. Impress them with your sweetness and extra sweet one-liners so that both of you have a good time. These fruity lines will act like a sweetener in your boring love life. Hit them up whenever you think of them. 

Flirty Strawberry Pick-Up Lines 

Are you looking forward to having an interesting conversation with them using some of the best fruity and flirty strawberry pick-up lines? Do not worry because we have got you the best ones—a tested method to make them fall in love with you. Saw someone cute at your local farmers market; use one of our lines to start a fruity conversation.

These lines will undoubtedly get you a date. Just like strawberries, they are fruity and flirty. You can use these lines to impress them without making much effort. 

● Strawberries are nature’s best berries. Would you like to have some at my place?

● I’d love to go to your place and enjoy strawberries with Nutella and all the pleasure that comes with it. 

● The best place to have strawberries is on my bed. 

● Nothing comes closer to picking up strawberries from my farm. It will make you realize how sweet and romantic I am. 

● Let’s go out and pick strawberries. 

● A Sunday spent picking strawberries from our backyard is all that I am looking for. 

● Want to taste your strawberry-tasted lips? 

● Do you maybe want to go to a strawberry field with me? 

● I am into you the way I am into my strawberries. 

● Happiness means picking strawberries together. 

● We can have a gala time by covering strawberries with chocolate to eat them later. 

● Breathe the fresh air with me as I feed you strawberries with my own hands. 

● The red on your lips reminds me of strawberries. 

● Darling, if you’d be a fruit, you must be a strawberry because I love eating strawberries. 

● Girl, you are the strawberry of my eye. 

● Your lips remind me of the strawberries of my orchard. 

● I froze some strawberries last summer; you are hot enough to defrost them.

● What do you prefer most, strawberries or blueberries? Because I want to know which pancakes I have to make you. 

● You might know already that your strawberries are too juicy. 

● Please have patience because it’s going to be fruitful in the end. 

● I can’t wait for you to have these strawberries. 

● Our love is like strawberry salad. Fruity and yummy. 

● If you were a berry, I would make you in a jam and eat it all the time. 

● Would you mind if I borrowed your strawberries? 

● I love you, berry, much. 

● Will you be the apple of my eye? 

● Do you want a peach of my heart? 

● Are you a banana? Because you are so appealing. 

● I love when you call me a strawberry. 

● Let us play a fruity game. 

● You are the straw to my berry. 

● Will you be the fruit of my heart? 

● I am very eager to go strawberry picking with you. 

● I like to find joy in the simplest things in life. For example, sharing this strawberry with me. 

● You look like a strawberry. Perfectly ripe. 

● Strawberry season is the best season to brew up some romance. 

● I know you got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth.

● The absolute pleasure lies in strawberry fields. 

● I know you want to receive chocolate-covered strawberries for your birthday, and I promise to fulfill your wish. 

● Our favorite dessert is chocolate-covered  strawberries. 

● I will never forget to get you strawberries on special occasions for you. 

● Whenever you look at me, my cheeks turn into strawberries 

● Every time I look at your strawberry-colored lips, I feel like kissing them. 

● I bet your strawberries aren’t sour. 

● If you plan to impress my family, you better bring strawberries. 

● If you want my heart, you better get me strawberries. 

● Your lips taste as good as strawberries. 

● I love me some fresh strawberries and you. 

● Do you plan on gathering mother nature’s blessings with me? 

● Fruit picking and being with me are much more fun than you think. 

● You can always find me in a strawberry field. 

Crazy Strawberry Pick-Up Lines 

I know you seem like a crazy person for strawberries, just like you are crazy about them. We love that you are so passionately crazy about these two things. Keep the passion alive because that’s the only thing that will keep your relationship going with them. 

Go ahead and find some extraordinarily crazy and fruity strawberry pick-up lines. Then, apply them in conversations with your favorite person. It will make their toes curl up while chatting with you. That’s 100% guaranteed. 

● Dear, you are so sweet because you make my heart smile. 

● Why do you speak so sweetly? Have you been eating strawberries? 

● Are you a fruit? Because honeydew, you have no idea how fine you look. 

● Would you mind if I borrowed your time to make strawberry marmalade with me? 

● Do you prefer eating oranges all night? 

● If I were a fruit fly, I would sit on you all day. 

● Are you that strawberry that my mind keeps going back to? Because I want to pick you up. 

● Baby, do you want to share a banana split? I will help you split and pop it. 

● You can call me Cherry because I will always be on top of you. 

● Do you mind if I take the berry out of your drink? 

● I cherish you. 

● If you were a berry, I would bring you down.

● You are strawberry sweet. 

● Do you like your cherry on top? Because everyone calls me cherry. 

● I got a sweet cake for you, and I want you to be on top as my strawberry. 

● My favorite fruit has to be a date with you. 

● I would share a good big fruit with you. 

Funny Strawberry Pick-Up Lines 

Do not be scared of the challenges that come with dating because we will prepare you for all of them. Cheesy, corny, and funny, it will make them LMAO. It will help you gather a lot of attention from their side.

These lines will make them feel butterflies in their stomach, which is a positive sign for your love life. You won’t run out of lines because we have got plenty. A little humor won’t embarrass you but will make them laugh out loud; laughing never hurts. 

● It would be great if you were a banana because I find you appealing. 

● Why do you think the little strawberries are upset? Because their parents were stuck in a jam. 

● What would you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry. 

● What would you call a strawberry that uses foul language? Berry rude. 

● What is that thing that resembles half a strawberry? The other half.

● What does one strawberry say to another? We wouldn’t be in this jam if you weren’t as sweet as you are. 

● Hey, would you like some fruit punch? Because I am pretty calm. 

● I would love to share a mouth-to-mouth strawberry with you. 

● You know I had a devil fruit because I wish to drown in your eyes. 

● Are you an apple? Because eating you will keep me healthy. 

● You are the life fruit that will complete me. 

● You are my favorite fruit because only you are the apple of my eye. 

● Your peach must be a fantastic fruit to munch on. 

● It would be best if you were a raisin because you keep raising the temperature. 

● You remind me of strawberry candy. 

● I’d turn into a fruit just for you. 

● Fun fact, I could eat those strawberries for hours. 

● Do you want to eat the strawberries we picked while I eat your cherries? 

● Girl, your personality is one in a melon. 

● I’m feeling thirsty. I need fresh strawberry juice. Will you help? 

● You are as tangled as these strawberries because I could never fully understand you.

● I know I don’t suck up at pick-up lines but do you?

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