How to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others: 51+ Proven Ways

You are unique in your own way. You have special gifts that no one has and you have talents that people would kill for. After all that, there is no reason left for you to compare yourself with others. Here is how to stop doing it. 

Here are Tips to stop comparing yourself with others

Focus more on yourself. The more that you focus on yourself, the more you will realize how amazing and beautiful you are. When you start admiring yourself, you will have no need of comparing yourself with any other person in the world. 

Have confidence. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself to do amazing things. When you are completely confident about the person that you are, there is nothing that you cannot achieve and you won’t compare yourself with anyone anymore. 

Have faith. Have faith in your abilities and your qualities so that you would never feel insecure about what you don’t have and others do. All that you would ever need is right there with you, inside your heart, you don’t have to look outside for it. 

Be your own competition. Instead of considering others as your competition and comparing yourself with them and their success, make yourself your own competition. When you compete with yourself to be better every day, nothing can stop you. 

Keep training. Keep training, keep working out, keep making your body and mind stronger every single day so that sooner or later you will be the best person that you know and you will have nobody to compare yourself with anymore. 

Acknowledge your insecurities.  If you find other people to be better looking than you, if you find other people to be stronger than you and you feel insecure about it, you have to start this journey by first acknowledging these insecurities to become better. 

Focus on your strengths. Focus more on what you are good at, your gifts, your talent rather than paying more attention to the things that you currently do not have. Stop comparing yourself with others in the areas that you are never meant to be competing in. 

Surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with people who are positive and like to see each other grow. When surrounded by such lively human beings, you would not want to compare yourself but find happiness in their growth. 

Have a smile on your face. No matter how long and hard your day was, if you just have a smile on your face, all your worries and stress will go away in a second. If you can smile at the end of the day with the pain that you have, nobody compares to you. 

Aim for greatness. Instead of comparing yourself with the people around you, aim for way higher than any of them have. When you try and achieve something that they have never even imagined, you would see no need for comparison anymore. 

Do not try to be the best in everything. Understand that you are good at some things and not so great at others. Instead of trying to be the best in everything, be good at everything but be the best in what you are truly passionate about. 

Concentrate. Concentrate on the present moment. Concentrate on the things that you love doing and are passionate about. When you put your heart and soul into something, you will have no time to stop and compare yourself with anyone. 

Be motivated. Always be driven by the right things. If you are motivated and have the will to put in your time and effort into anything, comparing yourself with anyone would be unnecessary. You would be more concerned about what you are doing. 

Work harder than everyone. Be the hardest worker in every room. When you work harder than anyone that you know, you would immediately stop comparing yourself as you would know how much you have struggled to get there and why you deserve to be there. 

Do not pay attention to hate. People will talk about everything and keep hating on things because that’s their job, they have always done it, and they will always do it. Do not concern yourself with some useless hate but keep carrying on like you always do. 

Observe the competition. In place of comparing yourself with your competition, observe them. Find out about the things that they are doing right and you are not, ask yourself what you can do to be better. Learn from them, do not compare. 

Look better. When you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, you are booming with confidence. When you are booming with confidence, you feel like you can do and achieve everything. And, when you feel invincible like that, you stop comparing. 

Be mentally sound. Having a sound mind is the biggest weapon that you can possess. A healthy mind not only helps you in taking the right decisions but also keeps you alert. If your mind is in the right place, you know that comparing yourself with anyone is useless. 

Be physically fit. Keep your body fit enough so that when the opportunity knocks, you are there to grasp it. Make yourself so physically able that no challenge seems impossible and that you feel confident enough to face any unforeseen threat. 

Read more. Reading is a great way to exercise your mind. The more information that you can store in your mind, the better. Plus, if you read enough, you start realizing what the world is actually like and how meaningless it is to compare yourself with anyone. 

Write your thoughts. Whenever you have thoughts in your head about comparing yourself with someone, make sure to write them down. So, whenever you read them a few days back, you will realize how stupid you sound while reading it. 

Be a team player. Be a team player who knows what is best for the team instead of focusing more on what is best for you. When you have the team spirit flowing inside you, you start to realize it is much more important to grow together than to compare. 

Lead from the front. Be a leader that everyone can look up to and count on. It is not at all easy to be a leader but you will learn when you lead. A leader does not compare himself with anyone but does what must be done, be like that. 

Play more team sports. Playing more team sports takes you miles away from the comparison mentality. Team sports like football, cricket, and soccer inculcate a habit of brotherhood and belonging in you which helps you a lot in the long run. 

Draw inspiration from your idols. When you think of your idols, you do not compare yourself with them because you know that you stand nowhere, yet you feel inspired by them. Similarly, get inspired by the people around you, do not compare. 

Everyone was a beginner. Know that no matter how good the person next to you is and however he intimidates you, there was a time in his life, when he was a beginner himself just like you. Keep grinding and keep learning and forget about comparisons. 

Do not be disheartened. Do not be disheartened if someone has something that you do not. Know that if you work hard enough for the right time, you can reach the place that he is in and maybe even higher. Be positive and keep your hopes high. 

Learn from failures. Learning is a lifelong process, no matter how old or how young you are. It is said that failure is your biggest teacher and you should keep learning from them instead of comparing yourself with the people who already succeeded. 

Accept defeat. Accept defeat when you know that there is no way out but make sure you come back stronger the next day. The battle of life is long, some you win, some you lose but you never give up. Do not waste your energy on a lost cause. 

Never give up. If there is one thing that could immediately change you for the better, it is to never give up. The only difference and the only comparison that you should even draw between you and the person that made it is he never gives up. 

Have lesser distractions. You will always be surrounded by distractions. Distractions that make you less productive, creative, and even those distractions that make you want to compare yourself. The fewer distractions that you have in your life, the better. 

Do not believe in social media. Everything that you see on social media is not real. Everyone posts about their success journey but nobody talks about their struggles and failures. Do not ever compare yourself with what you see on any social media platform. 

Socialize more. Talk to more people, people who have had different experiences, people who know how the world works, and people who you can learn from. You’ll know how big the world is and you do not compare to even the tiniest portion of it. 

Start traveling. Start traveling to places that you have always wanted to, the people that you always wanted to meet, and the sceneries that you always wanted to enjoy. Soon you’ll know that you are nothing compared to the mountain or the seas, so there’s no point comparing. 

Take calculated risks. Learn to take calculated risks. Do not bet your life on one single thing but divide the risk and pick the battles that you can win. Learn to be smart with your decisions, and if you make a few good decisions, you’ll have no reason to compare. 

Value the people around you. Value the people who have showered you with so much love and care. Value their presence in life and the only way to do it is to show faith and stop comparing yourself with anyone, it is not worth the effort. 

Use your time wisely. Use the time in your hand wisely. Time will not value you if you do not value it. If you wish to keep comparing yourself and waste the precious time that you have in your hands, it is not going to turn out the way that you want it to. 

Be disciplined. Inculcate discipline in your life by making a tight schedule. Do not give yourself time to slack off and allow your brain to wander off in an area where you would start to compare yourself. Focus more on productivity and efficiency. 

Follow a routine. Follow a fixed routine throughout the week. Wake up early, get cleaned, go to work, and spend time with the people that you love, and sleep as a happy man. If all the boxes are checked, you should be satisfied and you would have no need for any comparison. 

Learn to say No. Know that it is okay to say no to things that are not healthy for you no matter how much it pains you to say no. Say no to toxic people, say no to getting wasted, say no to bad habits, and most importantly say no to comparing yourself. 

Do what you say. Talk with more gravity and make sure that your words are for nothing. Practice what you preach and preach what you practice so that nobody can point any fingers at you and you never feel like comparing yourself. 

Take up challenging tasks. Take up challenges that people stay away from. When you willingly do the things that people are scared to even try out, you would realize that you are already better from them, no more comparisons thereon. 

Be more responsible. Be more responsible with your decisions, with your words, and with your actions. When you start acting more responsible and start shouldering responsibilities, you are too caught up to compare yourself with anyone else. 

Be ambitious. Be ambitious enough to know that just comparing yourself with the other person is not going to get you anywhere. You would actually have to slog it out to reach where you have dreamed about and you need to start now. 

Have faith in your skill. Have faith in the skills that you possess to lead you through the way and turn your life for the better. Use your gifts wisely and know that you are special in your own way and do not need any comparison. 

Do everything wholeheartedly. Irrespective of how important the task is, no matter what you are doing, make sure that you do it wholeheartedly and make the best use of the opportunity. Keep giving your best and soon you will be the best. 

Be the hero of your life. Be the hero in the story of your life. Even if it does not seem like it, it is going to turn quite into the story. However, you do know right that heroes do not go about comparing themselves with anyone else?

Be more expressive.  Be more expressive about your feelings and the things that bother you. You would stop comparing yourself with other people only if you started talking about the things that you want to do and it will get better. 

Smooth talker. Learn how to have a great conversation and be a good listener. A person who knows how to be a smooth talker has already taken care of more than sixty percent of all his problems in his life. Know how to talk well. 

Be clean and hygienic. When you are clean and hygienic, only the right kind of thoughts enter and exit your head. When you have control over your thoughts like that, your head will go to extreme lengths to compare with people who have no value in your life. 

Have positive thoughts. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your head. When you feel like you are low or are in a bad mental space, think about that one memory that makes you feel happy and gets your spirits back up. 

Eat well, drink well. Life is much simpler than we make it. Only if we eat well, drink enough water, and sleep well, will we have a less complicated and problematic life. Keep things simple, take it easy, and do not bother about comparisons. 

Let loose once in a while. It is okay to take a break from your daily routine and break off once in a while. Go to a place where you will find peace and clarity and soon enough all comparisons in your head will seem meaningless and will cease to exist. 

Have clarity. Have clarity of thought and be mature enough to know that everyone is special, each individual is unique, and that it is not only immoral but utterly wrong to ever draw comparisons between two different human beings. 

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