190+ Best Starbucks Pickup Lines [Cheesy, Rare, Flirty]

No one really exists now who has not heard of the brand called Starbucks. With their amazing coffee, Starbucks has everyone completely addicted to them, which makes it really difficult for anyone to stop.

Just how your crush makes it very hard for you to stop liking them. So why not compare them to coffee that everyone loves? These will help you with that. 

Cheesy Starbucks Pickup Lines 

Starbucks may not have a lot of cheesy items on its menu, but that does not mean you should not be cheeky when you are with your crush at Starbucks.

That is why here are some pickup lines for you to help you make a cheeky impression on your crush. These will definitely get their heart going.

So please tell me where you will be seated because I wish to be seated next to you. 

That seat next to you looks quite tempting. 

The only place I want to to be installed is next to you. 

I do not need free wifi to sit next to you. 

How do you feel about being in my company?

I bet that coffee and my company would make you feel better, definitely. 

My company is something like that of Starbucks, and it is quite addictive. 

Have you ever felt a rush after drinking coffee? Well, you will have the same after spending time with me. 

I will give you a sugar rush with just a conversation. 

I am a good conversationalist, and with that coffee, my company would definitely feel better. 

Would you like something with that coffee? My company would be good with you. 

The bagel would be good with this coffee, but I will be better with that coffee. 

Your coffee seems a little lonely. Can I keep you company?

I would like to sit next to you if you are open to having a conversation. 

Let me give you an excellent talk to keep you busy while we finish our coffees. 

I could not help but notice you do not have anything to go with your coffee. Can I be the one to go with your coffee? 

You remind me of my favorite drink with how tasty you look. 

You look like you would brighten my day, just like my coffee. 

You remind me of coffee, and you are the first thing I want to see in the morning.

You are like the coffee I crave every morning, 

My morning would not be complete without you, just like it is not complete without my coffee. 

Just like the cup of coffee makes my day, you do the same for me. 

The only thing I need to wake up every morning is you and this Starbucks. 

Short Starbucks Pickup Lines 

A coffee date is never short. So neither should yours be. So take an extended coffee date with your crush and have a fantastic time.

Remember to use the following pickup lines to make the conversation light. With the help of these following pickup lines, you are sure to have a great coffee date. 

You seem like you would prefer tea more than coffee. 

If you are not a coffee person, I am the cup of tea you have been looking for. 

A chai latte will merge the best of both worlds for you if you are into it.

You would look so much better with some whipped cream on it. 

Whipped cream will look better on both you and a frappuccino. 

You remind me of a tall frappe because you would be so much better with whipped cream. 

You would look so good with a big dollop of whipped cream on it. 

You remind me of whipped cream because just as my Starbucks is not complete without it, my life is not complete without you. 

You remind me of special holiday drinks because you are definitely noteworthy. 

I wish you were pumpkin spice latte because you would be the best boo for me this Halloween. 

You remind me of a pumpkin spice latte because I wish you were there all the time. 

You could be a special holiday drink because I would like to take you home on special occasions. 

You are as refreshing as a refresher. 

Have you thought of yourself as a Starbucks Refresher because you do rejuvenate me? 

Just like I need a refresher after a long day to feel better, you are also something I need. 

You are like the Starbucks Refresher because you definitely make me feel refreshed. 

I like a latte if you get my drift. 

I trust you a latte because you are a fantastic person. 

You look lonely, and I can change that by being the Starbucks cup for you. 

I am jealous of your Starbucks cup because it gets t touch your lips. 

You seem like you would prefer boba over Starbucks, and I quite like boba with my tiny balls. 

You can be my lonely lover for me while I sit in Starbucks. 

I always go for the window seats in Starbucks, but whenever I am with you, the only place I wish to sit is next to you. 

I hope the space next to you is open for me. 

That seat is not the only thing I would be sitting on today. 

Rare Starbucks Pickup Lines 

Finding a cafe with amazingly brewed coffee is quite rare, but that does not have to be the case for you when you are hitting on your crush.

Use these pickup lines to make your crush;’s heart go pitter-patter with how amazingly well-constructed and easy to use they are.

These will definitely swoop your crush off of their feet. 

The coffee is not the only thing that is hot here. 

The brewed shot is hot, but there are things that are hotter. 

The hottest thing in this cafe is not the coffee you hold but the one holding that coffee. 

You are hotter than the coffee you are holding in your hand. 

I wish I was lucky like that coffee because I do wish to be held by you. 

With the way you hold that cup, I can imagine how amazing your hold would be on my throat. 

I wish you would hold my hand like you hold my throat. 

My throat is itching to be held the way you hold that cup. 

You have a strong hold on that cup. I wonder if you would have a similar hold on my throat. 

My throat would look better being held the way you hold the cup. 

Being ripped off for that cup is not the only thing that you would be ripped for tonight. 

You are sweeter than the frappuccino I am having. 

My frappe is sweet, but you are sweeter than that. 

I have always liked spice in my latte, so I can assure you I can handle your spiciness. 

You are spicier than the pumpkin spice latte. 

You must be from a cafe because I do find myself fancying you a latte. 

You are sweeter than the brown sugar I add to my drink. 

I have always preferred the thicker straws more than, the lighter ones. 

I have something else for you to wrap your lips around the way you have lips around that straw. 

Your lips look good around that straw, but I bet there is something else you can wrap your lips around. 

Crazy Starbucks Pickup Lines 

Have you ever tasted a coffee that literally made you have an orgasm in your mouth? If yes, then these are the pickup lines equivalent to them.

These will definitely make your crush feel something so euphoric they will never want to quit spending time with you. 

I hope you like a little cream on your coffee. 

I would love to add some cream to your coffee. 

I have some organic cream for you if you are waiting on that. 

Do you want some cream on your coffee?

Your coffee would look better with some cream. 

I make better coffee than Starbucks. But you might have to come home with me if you want to have it. 

I can not promise I will buy you coffee every day, but I will make you some. 

I would love to be the one to wake you up with a cup of coffee. 

So, I see you like big things in your hand. 

I bet I am bigger than the cup you are holding. 

I see you like a lot of shots in your drink. 

I hope you can handle alcohol shots the way you hold your coffee shots. 

I hope you like hot things in your mouth.

I see you like swallowing a bunch. 

I like the way you swallow. 

You warm my heart like coffee does.

I could get you some coffee every morning for you if you promise you are open to giving me a kiss. 

I can buy you a coffee if you promise to provide me with a kiss after it. 

A kiss in exchange for coffee sounds good, no?

Quick Starbucks Pickup Lines

Skipping the line may sound like a good idea to get a quick cup of coffee. Similarly, if you can make their heart skip a few beats, you will definitely get them to all for you in a short time. These will help you with that. 

I think you are hot enough to make my tongue burn. 

I am scared I will burn my tongue the moment I kiss you.

I can not wait to kiss you and taste the coffee on your tongue. 

I wonder if I kiss you, would I taste you, coffee, or myself?

I am a very generous person, so I will buy you Starbucks. 

I will hold your hand if you are open to getting coffee with me. 

That coffee is not the only thing that is big. 

I have things more prominent than that cup that is dying to be in your hand. 

Your hand would look so much better wrapped around bigger things I have for you. 

Your hand is warmer than a hot cup of coffee. 

This cup of coffee warms my heart as much as it warms my heart. 

You are like a cup of coffee because you warm my heart and warm my hand. 

You are sweeter than the sweetest frappuccino on the menu. 

The s’mores frappe does not come close to how sweet you can be. 

You are sweeter than the drink after I add several packets of sugar. 

You remind me of the strawberry puree in my strawberry frappe, and you taste the best regardless of where we are. 

I like spending time with you because you keep me as active as coffee does. 

My coffee gives me a huge rush, just like you do. 

You make my heart rise just like coffee does. 

My coffee gets me high, just like you make me high. 

I like a caffeine rush just like I have a rush of you.  

You make my heart go pitter-patter as coffee does. 

I am allergic to coffee, so just like it takes my breath away, so do you. 

I see you are good with small beans. 

I have small beans that you can play around with. 

Flirty Starbucks Pickup Lines 

Starbucks coffee is a good thing to flirt with your crush ver, so these one-liners will be your best friend.

With how adorable they can be, they will definitely make your crush feel cute. 

I hope you like swallowing my cream as much as you liked swallowing that whipped cream. 

I see you are good with your tongue because nobody else can clean the whipped cream off the straw the way you do. 

Whipped cream tastes good, but you taste better. 

You clean the whipped cream off that straw so nicely. Would you do the same for something else?

I can not wait to have your tongue taste the whipped cream off of me. 

I see you like coffee with whipped cream. I wonder if you feel the same about sex. 

Sex and coffee both make me feel the same way. I feel incredibly happy. 

My day would be incomplete without a kiss from you, just like it is incomplete without coffee. 

My sex life is like coffee, and I am cranky without it. 

I am addicted to your kisses like I am addicted to coffee because my day gets immensely better when I have it. 

Your coffee definitely has some love potion in it because I am in love. 

So how do you feel if I go with you to the coffee? 

I do not need wifi to spend time with you at Starbucks. 

I would be more than happy to sit quietly next to you and have coffee. 

You and coffee sound like an amazing start to the day 

My day would be better if you would be a constant in it, just like coffee is. 

You are in love with coffee, and I am in love with you. 

Let me take you out on a coffee date so that you do not fall asleep mid-conversation. 

Best Starbucks Pickup Lines Ever

Some would say Starbucks makes eBay coffee, and that is why they always go back to Starbucks. You can be the same for your crush with how amazing these pickup lines are.

These will definitely get her addicted to your amazing company. These one-liners are adorable and perfect for every date. 

I will buy you coffee just to make sure you have a good time. 

I want to ensure you have the best conversation with me, so a coffee date?

Do you know the Starbucks guy? Me neither, but let us find out by going to Starbucks together.

We can try different cafes together if you are in search of a good coffee. 

I can help you find the best coffee in town if you are in search of it. 

Are you looking for coffee? Because I bet, I can help you find some good coffee. 

Let me accompany you in your adventure of finding the best coffee in town. 

I see you like coffee, and I bet I could help you try different coffees.

I am a better company for your coffee than these youtube videos. 

The work can help you keep your mind busy, but I will definitely stimulate you more than the coffee. 

I am more stimulating than your cup of coffee. 

Your coffee tastes good, but you taste better. 

I think the only reason I love coffee is that you are the one who makes it. 

Your hand is magical because the coffee you make tastes better than anything. 

I wonder, would I feel just as alive as coffee makes me feel if you touched me? 

There are several Starbucks, but my favorite one is the one near you. 

The Starbucks that you are at is my favorite Starbucks. 

The only thing that brings me back to this Starbucks is you.

You and the coffee make my day better. 

I bet your blood is full of coffee with how much you drink Starbucks. 

Others are made of water; I am made of coffee, so I am hoping that the coffee lover in you would love me just as much. 

I will go to Starbucks with you if you promise to order for me. 

I want to see you smile after you get the cup of coffee you have been waiting for. 

So how do you spell your name? I want to make sure I will say the right name tonight. 

I want to make sure I have your name right because I can not wait to say your name later.

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