171+ Flirty Sports Pickup Lines for Score with Date

Who doesn’t like Sports? Our lots of childhood and college memories are mixed with Sports. Whenever we meet our childhood school friends, we always discuss those sports days when we used to play like animals.

These memories are always beautiful. So if you plan to meet your friends again, you should go there with funky sports pickup lines and make them happy about it.

Cheesy Sports Pickup Lines

If you want to hit on that hot team member, then you better try something sporty cause why not.

These Cheesy Sports pickup lines would help you to impress them. 

I love your energy. I will fill you with an adequate amount of glucose.

I’m an endurance athlete. Want to get anaerobic?

Want to go for a ride? Want to lock our bikes together?

I dig you. Which side do you want?

My name is Shaun White. Your pace or mine?

No baby, this isn’t my flashlight…

You make my rain pants sweaty.

You make my spokes spin.

No, I am not a volleyball player. I am just flattered looking at you.

I can’t resist my feelings for you; Thekeepsep on increasing.

Crazy Sports Pickup Lines

Everybody loves to play sports and try new games. So, if you also want to play a game with your crush to win her heart, the dude you should give a try to these Crazy Sports Pickup Lines.

Smash or pass? In tennis, I’ll do both.

Come on; I am tired of doing the singles action now. So instead, let’s try the doubles.

During the training time when I saw you, I was just noticing how ABS-olutely perfect your body you have. 

Are you a campfire? Cause you are absolutely hot, and I want to have some more. 

Thank god I am a swimmer cause I am drowning just by looking into your eyes.

I have a saddle but no horse. Can you give me a ride?

Would you like to ice dance?…… Horizontally!

You are a good volleyball player, but how about playing with my balls tonight?

Hey girl, are you a soccer player? Cause I think you are a good keeper.

This is just my commuter bike. Come to my place for dinner, and I will show you the other ones. 

Funny Sports Pickup Lines

Those sports days of our school times were so hectic and still full of funny because of the punishments and random slips on the basketball ground.

So let’s relive those beautiful days with the help of these Funny Sports Pickup lines.

Is it your kickstand, or are you just happy to look at me?

Damn, I am amazed at your flexibility; wanna try something on the bed tonight?

Call me Hamstring, cos you’ve pulled.

Hey, do you play Center? Because you are the center of my attention?

Is your name Heskey? Cause I want to take you out tonight for Emile.

Baby, I can’t wait to line up myself in your neutral zone. 

Damn, babe, nice calves. Have you been working on them?

Do you run track? Because I heard you relay want this dick.

Are you scared of darkness and animals? Well, you can come to my tent anytime.

Can I make you a recovery drink? You’re going to need it.

Flirty Sports Pickup Lines

If you have the guts, you can flirt anytime with anyone, but if you are not that confident? Well, don’t worry.

We are here for you. We have these Flirty Sports Pickup Lines that you can try.

You can call me Mark Buehrle cause I want to pound it in your zone all night long and will not give you even a second to get out of the box.

Are you the breaststroke? Cause baby, I can’t feel my knees. These are weak.

May I check you for ticks?

You better wear those kneepads ar night.

I beat you 6-0 every time cause I don’t want to stop loving you.

You can call me Lionel Messi because I want to dribble my balls all over your body.

Can I make you a recovery drink? You are going to need it.

We were not able to do a workout today. So, do you want to do it tonight with me?

Do you want to use my pump?

I would like to play with you. Just on the court and not with your heart.

Rare Sports Pickup Lines

Repeating the same pickup lines every time would be so boring for anyone.

So don’t be that boring guy, please. Instead, try these Rare Sports Pickup Lines and make them happy, cause dude, you had put in some effort.

Dude, I am not bragging, but you will be amazed looking at my stretchable body.

The wait. Can you give me a second? When friends told me to call them whenever I see an angle. 

I may not be a thief, but I want to steal you, girl.

You look great on those pants.

Are you related to David Beckham? Because you got those curves!

This tent’s not going to pitch itself, baby!

Are you a volleyball? Because I’m digging you.

Do you want to come over and borrow my chain whip?

I am obsessed with your belly button. I know it’s weird cause it’s the most unclean part of the human body, but still. I love it. 

My feeling for you is both deep and dark, baby girl. 

Good Chat up Sports Pickup lines

To impress your tinder date, who s also a sports layer, you might be searching for some good sports pickup lines.

We heard you; here are a few good Chatup Sports Pickup lines you can try on her DM and see the magic.

I may not be a personal trainer, but I can train you well on the bed tonight.

Are you the 100 breasts? Cause you make my knees feel weak.

Well, it’s okay if you don’t believe in love at first sight. I can do all this again. 

I’m looking to get a bobsleigh tonight. Bobsleigh

I’d let you Chataranga over me any day!

I felt a little kink when I saw you dirty on the cyclocross course.

Did you get those pants on sale? Because at my house they’re 100% off.

Forget the Dodgers! You are the hottest girl right here.

I’ll take good care of your baton.

I need a hot and sexy assistant for my talent show tonight. Are you free?

Best Sports Pickup Lines

You can be her best date experience if you will do the things which she likes.

Like if you know, she is into sports, and you put some effort into and try some Best Sports Pickup lines with her. Then, she would be more than happy.

The match was good today. You must be tired; let me relax your body. 

Baby girl, do not think about those Dunlop balls when you can think about my balls.

Care to knock a few balls with me?

Your pants say, but your ass says McDonald’s.

Are you done roasting the marshmallows? Cause I can’t wait to see you more. 

I am amazed at your eyes, how something could be so beautiful and sparkling. 

Hey, bab,e are you a swimmer? Cause look at my eyes, you will see yourself swimming there all day. 

I want to make you my doubles partner for life. Will you? 

I bought a tandem to take a ride with you.

You can stop running after your dreams. I’m right here.

Short Sports Pickup Lines

Try these short sports pickup lines to impress your hot teammate. These would work for her. Let us know about her reactions after trying. 

Do you play volleyball? Because I can see you are good on the knees. 

I can work for so long. My body is designed that way. 

I want to see you next to my bed. Everyday. 

I may not be a good driver, but I can drive you crazy. 

Need a commuting partner? Cause I am good at the bike lane.

Don’t you watch movies or television? Hot women are supposed to date way beneath themselves.

What are your times? Cause I want to show you the Time of your life.

I like your frame.

Hey, you got enough mosquito bites. Now, feel my sites on your neck.

I will let you score all the points on the court, so I’ll always love you.

Catchy Sports Pickup Lines

If he is good at catching and fielding, my girl impresses him with these sports pickup lines.

Cause sports guys are just so hot. So try these Catchy Sports Pickup lines if you want to hit on him.

Do You look like a swim bag? Cause you have bought everything I want.

What do I lack in appearance and temperament? So I can fantasize about a good soccer game with you.

Hey girl, Are you a fielder’s selection? Dang!.

You might be a good volleyball player. But you never played with me?

MY athletic facility sidekicks are to get an ideal body, except for Pine Tree State; these are to own you.

I got a ball, darling. Can you kick it with me?

Is the temperature usually high during this Bikram studio? Or it’s you?

I am taking the racquet out of my bag. Can you hold my balls till then?

My game skills are not the only thing upgrading.

Can you be Zidane tonight? Cause I want some head tonight.

Beautiful Sports Pickup Lines

Try these most beautiful sports pickup lines to attract that beauty in a tennis skirt. This would work for the sportsperson. 

You must be tired of singles. So let’s play some doubles.

If we tend to race, I will allow you to win. Cause I love you.

I want to score from multiple positions.

Want to arrange a ride up the highest mountain? It feels nice once you’re on a high.

Do you want to be a part of Pine Tree State for the latest downward doggy style?

I might feel tired today, but I can ride you well.

I can see your excitement in your pants, baby boy. 

Do you want to come my way, to the bar? I believe I will take you.

Do you want to see my staff? Or just me?

You can practice and play with my balls tonight.

Awesome Sports Pickup Lines

Sports people are so awesome. Hardworking, smart, intelligent, and hot as well. Do I guess they do deserve some Awesome Sports pickup lines? Do try these with them.

I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight of someone’s butt? Well, I do!

I would let you win today’s match not because I want something from you. It’s just because I love you? 

Not just for table tennis, we can also use the table for other things.

Let’s do a workout session tonight. It will make you sweat very badly.

Are you my basketball? Cause I don’t want to make, you lose.

I don’t play football games. Still, you are my goal.

The finals are near. Let’s practice more from tonight.

Why don’t you hit my balls with your tight racquet?

Is your name Lionel? Cause you made me Messi down there.

I have some balls for you. Do you want to play with them?

Super Cheesy sports Pickup lines

The hardworking sports lines might avoid cheese on their platter, but at least they can have it in their pickup lines, right?

So try these super cheesy sports pickup lines to impress them.

I want to play on your court tonight.

I am tired of being alone. I want to play with you tonight.

Is your body stretching, or you just can’t control looking at me?

I love morning rides.

Baby girl, I can handle both your shots and you too.

Riding with protection in my way. That’s why I always carry a helmet.

For you, I’d offer unlimited lets.

I love those white ladies that wear pants.

I believe in riding with protection. See, I have a helmet.

Please forget about your defensive skills for a moment now. Girl, I am trying to approach you.

I love the way you bounce, baby girl.

Dribble those balls on my body tonight.

I like Ronaldo but would like to get with you.

I am impressed with your scores. Can you give me a chance to impress you with my performance tonight?

I guess you are Lane Rope cause I can’t resist touching you.

You simply took my breath away with your beautiful body and curves.

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