101+ Spoon Pickup Lines for a Sweet Romance

For the romantic couples out there, if you love to cuddle and spoon each other and then this is the right place for you.

You can try these Spoon Pickup lines with your partners.

Cheesy Spoon PickuP Lines

Try these Cheesy Spoon Pickup LInes we have mentioned below.

Are you sugar? You’re cute, so I want to eat you with a spoon.

Baby girl, if you come to me tonight, I will cuddle you and be your big spoon.

I wanna hangout with you all night.

Let’s go somewhere and I promise we will feel good together.

No spoon. But I have a rolling pin in my pants.

Let’s go somewhere and forget about the world.

It’s hot and creamy, and it’s not the first time I’ve tasted it with a spoon.

Hi! It doesn’t take a spoonful of sugar to swallow you up.

I wanna spoon to you tonight and protect you from cold winter nights.

You are so cute, I can’t stop myself from loving you.

Give up your morning cereal and spoon-eat you instead.

I have enough cereal to eat but I still wanna spoon you baby.

Hey girl, are you soup? Because I want to scoop you up

Are you ice? I can’t decide if I want to lick you or spoon you.

I love you,always and forever, if you”ll say yes, I promise i will never let you down.

Yogurt. Muesli. soup. You are. Those are all things I want to spoon up.

Are you my cereal ’cause I want to spoon you

No spoon. I only know how to bend and manipulate things in my pants.

Are you a fruit salad?

Cereal, soup, you.

Chocolate pudding because you want to spoon it all night? Are you my cereal cause I would spoon you

Are you a chocolate pudding? Because I want to spoon you 😉

What is your favorite tool? I want to eat it with a spoon

Hey girl, if you don;t mind can i kiss you and spoon you?

is it muesli because I wanna eat you with a spoon

You can eat yogurt without a spoon. She said, “Wow,” and I don’t know how to answer that.

Eat yogurt twice a day *without a spoon*

Rare Spoon Pickup Lines

Try these Rare Spoon Pickup Lines with your friends.

Because you want to slice the cabbage into a clean jar and sprinkle it with salt.

Girl, would you like to go out tonight? You can eat yogurt without a spoon

Are you a kitchen utensil because you want a spoon?

You must be Chilean.


I like being on a small spoon.

All I’m missing is a small spoon for my cuddly buddy.

Are you a stuffed animal? Because you already make me feel good and loved. Are you a good huge friend? Maybe I’ll let you join my gang.

Are you a toy at the Build a Bear workshop? Because you’re cute, I want to cuddle you in my bed after stuffing you.

you are my sweet pillow Because I want to wipe away my tears and snuggle up to you.

Are you unemployed? Because you have a vacant position in your heart as a companion who will always be there for you.

Damn you have a dog! Does that mean I’ll never win the title of best hug ever?

Do you know that hugging me will be the best thing in your life? Hey girl, that smile is huggable.

Hugs and cuddles aren’t the same without U.

You only have two minutes, so hurry up and hug.

Your pillow and mine have three things in common. -Both are good for snuggling -Both are appropriately dressed -Both deserve to be in bed with me tonight.

I’ve had a bad day, and if I can hold you, no more.

I heard you like teddy bears. you can hug me

I just want to c_ddeln, but I miss U so I can’t.

At night I see you snuggling up against your pillow. Would you like me to come and be your pillow?

It keeps you warm as nothing Starbucks has ever done. But do you want to hug me?

I am looking for a non-binding cuddle partner.

Love is hard, even writing. And you when we hug.

My magic clock says you want a hug in 5 minutes.

I lost my teddy bear. Can I hug you for tonight?

Funny Spoon Pickup lInes

Mentioned below are a few Funny Spoon Pickup lIes that you must try.

I would hold you, whenever you feel low, trust me, you”ll be safe with me.

Did you know that cuddling reduces pollution by 25%? Baby, I want to put a tactical pad in your bed and hold you all day long.

Hug and wake up in the tenth month when September ends.

I think you’re cute and I don’t want to rush anything, so I want to boldly crawl into your bed and hug you.

I get chills just thinking about Canada. Let’s hug!

Reminds me of Build-A-Bear. You look soft and cute, but you still have to stuff them before you can hug them. 

I would take you out and show the world how pretty you are.

Baby girl, I want to make you feel good always and forever. Trust me.

Are You a Toy in the Build-a-Bear Workshop? Because it’s cute and I want to fill it up and cuddle it in my bed

Snuggle up with a romantic comedy? No, thanks. I’d rather ride in your truck and have sex.

Did you know that cuddling puts you to sleep? Let’s try it once. What kind of relationship do you want? Where do you hug and kiss or have sex?

Girl, I want to hug you, but I’m drowning in your eyes

I would love to go on a date with you as you look so pretty already.

Do you mind if I come to your place tonight and spoon you all night.

Hey, are you feeling cold today? If yes, I can come to you and cuddle you.

Hey, are you okay, if not I can make you feel good with my magical hugs and cuddles.

If you are not feeling good then I can come to spoon feed you and I am sure you will be happy.So bring your little ass here and let’s cuddle up watching Netflix. On lazy Sundays:

Watch Netflix all day, get lost in museums, cuddle with me?

My favorite place is snuggling next to you, nibbling on something sweet.

On the other hand, your clothes look so cozy and soft that you will want to hug them. Hey girl I can hug you like I hug a dog

Are you a stuffed animal? Because you add a cozy element to my life.

Would you mind if I join you tonight and cuddle you.

Hey, let’s go on a date and hang around all night.

How much are these pants? You can take off her clothes 100% when we snuggle up at my place.

Do you know that snuggling with you will be the best thing in my life?

Catchy Spoon Pickup lines

Mentioned below are a few catchy spoon pickup lines, you should try them for fun.

Cuddling you is the best part of my day.

I miss you every night just because I can’t sleep without cuddling you.

I love your hands. They compliment my shirt when we’re cuddling.

I don’t feel well today. Can I hug you?

I wanna hangout with you and I know you will feel good with me.

Baby girl, do you wanna go on a date with me?

You are so pretty that anyone can fall for you.

Want to try my Super Pump?

Want to try the Australian Cuddle? It’s like a French kiss.

You are so good at cuddling that I could bring you to my house every day just to cuddle.

You probably should go. You make a bad impression on other girls. If your body can move like a mouth, you’ll be in great shape.

Since your bread is freshly baked, your father must be a baker.

I wanna cuddle you all night and wanna be your big spoon.

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