150+ Spiritual Pickup Lines to Soulful Seduction

Spiritual connection is something a lot of people seek. It is mostly because of how the literature and the media have spread the idea of soulmates, someone completely perfect for you waiting somewhere for you.

While that may sound quite astounding to others, for people who enjoy the concept of having someone perfect for them, these thoughts are comforting.

So to all the hopeless romantics around the globe, these are for you

Good Spiritual chat-up Lines

The easiest way to see if you have a spiritual connection with someone is by approaching them and starting a conversation. Starting a conversation may seem quite intimidating for a lot of people and if you are one of them, then fear not.

These are the best one-liners to go for when you are feeling nervous about how to thaw the ice. 

Your eyes glimmer with happiness whenever our eyes meet. 

I wonder if your eyes sparkle because you love me or not. 

I feel a connection between us. 

I feel something pulling towards you. 

Do you believe in strings? I do. I bet my red string ends to you. 

Every last drop of my blood loves you. 

I bet you would love to know where the blood rushes whenever our eyes meet. 

My eyes are always seeking you. 

Unlike trees, my eyes find respite in you. 

Your company is as rejuvenating as a drink at the end of a hot day. 

You are like my bed that I find my rest in/. 

I can not wait to feel my heartbeat sync with you. 

Without even realizing it, we are always in sync which makes me feel so good. 

You remind me of airplanes because when I am with you I am so high. 

I am high off of my rocks whenever I am with you, almost like I am drugged out on you. 

You are like a drug to me. 

I believe if you were a drug, you would be a mushroom because you make me feel like I am flying. 

I wonder if you have some red bull in you because you were definitely getting me trying to fly. 

Cheesy Spiritual Pickup Lines

Starting off as a cheeky person, you can definitely make a memorable impression on your crush. To do that, these oneliners are the perfect ones to go for.

These are cute, adorable and the perfect punny one-liners to make sure your crush remembers you as the punny one.

If you can pull these off, your chances of pulling your crush increase severely. 

 I think you are my soulmate because of how beautifully we fit together. 

If you are not my soul mate then why do I feel like I know you?

I wonder if you have some strong opinions about how it feels being the one with the most eyes at any given time. 

So what are you like? Interesting? Boring? A piece of me?

You would be very interesting as a girlfriend, or so is my opinion with how scary compatible we are. 

We are way too compatible for it to be anything less than fate. 

I think you should come a little closer, I see something in your eyes. 

Your eyes are bright as if there is something there hidden in them. 

I bet there is something in my eyes that draws you to me. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you are magnetic? Because you do attract all the people towards you. 

You have me feeling some sort of way with how you carry yourself. 

You are everything I have been seeking consciously and unconsciously. 

I wonder if you ever realized how perfect you are for me. 

Your eyes sparkle like glitter. 

Awesome Spiritual Pickup Lines

If you are struggling to find pickup lines that make them perfect for all-time use, then fear not. These are the best ones to go for.

These pickup lines will simply make you stand out in the group because of how cute and awesome you would be while using them.

These are the ones that would become a positive core memory for your crush regarding you. 

 It must have been fate that we met so it is only fair that we go on a date. 

I would go on a date just to finalize what we have between us. 

What we have between us deserves to be finalized, would you not agree?

If you could have a penny for my thoughts you would know how cute I find you.  

You are perfect the way you and it is a shame that you do not see it. 

My parents have been finding someone for me. I have a feeling that it is you. 

If I had to guess I would assume that you are the one for me because of how conveniently we met. 

I think we met quite conveniently. 

I could tell you a poem but I do not know if that would impress you as much as my words would impress you. 

I hope you feel wooed enough by me. 

I am trying my luck at wooing when it comes to you. 

I hope you do not find it surprising that my future has a huge part dedicated to you. 

Most of my future has you in it. 

My future would be incomplete without you. 

How do you feel about being a part of my future until we die? 

I have never really been keen on growing old but I do think that I would be perfectly fine doing that if it is with you. 

You have brought about quite a few changes in my life, including changing my views on life. 

I have always wondered if I would find someone who just knew me and here you are. 

Your meals are like pieces of my soul that I have been missing. 

Do you ever feel blessed with how gifted you are?

I think I have known you for a lifetime. 

Flirty Spiritual Pickup Lines for her

If you want to let her know how much you like her, then these would help you with that. Approaching someone you like can be quite tough when you are not quite sure how to start.

These will help you with that as these are definitely the best kind of pickup lines that you can go for. These are funny, cute, and adorable. 

I think we can be fate if we decide. 

I need to go to the doctor to check my eyes. 

My eyes are hurting quite a bit so I think it would be better if I go to the hospital because every time I try to take my eyes off of you, it feels worse. 

I can simply not blink whenever you are in my eyes. 

You are in my peripheral vision and I literally feel it. 

Have you ever been wondering about fate because I do feel that you have manifested me? 

I feel like I have manifested you with how perfectly suited you are for me. 

You are beautiful and perfect for me. 

I think you are the fate that I have been looking for with how amazingly you blended with my lifestyle. 

Have you been feeling rather wrong lately? Well, I am the right one for you. 

I hope you were looking forward to feeling right because if you were, I am here. 

I can make you feel the best kind of right. 

I can make you feel so right, you would never doubt the choice of picking me. 

I promise you will always end up picking me over a lot of people.

I believe in several soulmates are there for people but if you are looking for someone who is a little bit of all of that, then I am the one for you. 

Have you been searching for the best, perfect match for you? Then you have reached the right person. 

Consider me the one for you if you have been seeking someone for a long time. 

What does it feel like now that you have found the answer to everything you have been seeking for? 

Are you excited now that you have found the one for you who happens to be me?

Rare Spiritual pickup lines 

Finding a spiritual connection with someone can sound scary and it can be quite rare. So why not respect and celebrate such a rare connection with some rare pickup lines to ensure your crush feels that radiance and beauty from your words as you feel from them? The following one-liners can help you with that. 

I have been praying for someone to make it easy for me to live and I would like it to be you. 

You make my life easy to live. 

I wonder if you know easy you make my life. 

Before I met you, I was living but now that we have met, I am alive. 

I have been praying for a reason to be alive and here you are, my reason to keep going. 

You make my spirits go up. 

I wonder if you ever realized how much I appreciate your brightness in my life. 

In my mind full of darkness, you are the radiant sunlight. 

I believe your radiance is like the sun after a storm because you definitely brighten everything up/ 

I am desperate to have a brighter life and here you are, brightening my life up. 

I can not wait to feel beautiful thanks to you. 

I have prayed for beauty for so long only for you to come into my life and make me realize that I was beautiful all along. 

One would say you are my soulmate but I see you as my mirror because I see myself in you. 

Your eyes are better mirrors for me than I have been a mirror to me. 

Happiness was something untouchable for me until we met. 

I can see why some cultures allow polygamy but I do not think I would ever be in one thanks to you. 

The only polygamy I am willing to commit is marrying all different sides of you. 

You make me feel like I am in love with several different people with how dimensional your personality is.

The bright smile that I have on my face becomes brighter when it is because of you. 

My smile is because of me but the radiance behind it is caused by you. 

You are the one who decides how happy I am without realizing it. 

Funny Spiritual Pickup Lines

The following are the best ones to go for if you are someone who is waiting to find someone who has the same funny bone as yours.

If that is the case for you, then the following would be your best friend. These are hilarious in their own way and if you ever want to lighten the mood then these can help you with that. 

It must be fate that your body looks so beautiful in my sheets 

My sheets are the best fit for your sensitive skin. 

Is it not fate that you perfectly fit in all parts of my life without being an annoyance? 

You could never be an annoyance to me with how beautiful you are. 

You are so beautiful, it must be fate that you chose me. 

I have never been one to believe in fate and luck and yet, whenever I see how pretty you are, I can not help but thank my fate that I ended up with you.

Being with you must have been caused by something like fate because how else did we end up together?

You are like the fitted sheets on my bed because you would be the perfect addition to my life. 

I wonder if you know how adorable you are to me. 

If adorableness could be measured in currency, you would be the richest person in the whole world. 

You are so lucky that adorableness is not measured like a currency because people would definitely be hounding you for your riches. 

If there was a medal for every time I thought about you for an extended period of time, I would probably have one because I never stop having you in my mind. 

I do believe you are a part of my spirit with how amazingly well-fitted you are in my spirit. 

My spirit would be incomplete without you. 

My life was a jigsaw before you entered the picture because now that you are here, I think you would be perfect. 

Do you think there are soulmates? I never knew that but now that we have met, I feel like I have met my match. 

My life was a 1000 pieces puzzle that I was solving while missing a few pieces and ever since you came into my life, that has become so much easier. 

Short Spiritual Pickup Lines

While short kings and queens often do not get the recognition they deserve, especially true for short kings, that does not have to be the case for you.

If you want to leave a memorable impression on your crush, then these pickup lines would be your best friend because they pack a punch that none of the others do.

These are special, just like your feelings for your crush. 

Have you been looking for an answer to all your questions? I am the answer you have been looking for. 

You do not have to go for a soul-searching trip because I am right here. 

It must be fate because you and I together make the perfect couple. 

I think you are the piece of me that I have been looking for. 

I do not believe in fate but yet, here you are, in front of me. 

I wonder where you are, now that you are here, it is the most perfect my life has ever been. 

I have been looking for a missing piece all my life and it is you. 

I would not say you had me at hey because you had me the moment our eyes met. 

Your eyes speak to me more than your lips ever have. 

I am dying to taste your lips but I would wait. 

My soul has been searching for you. 

You are everything that my soul has been looking for. 

I have been waiting for months for your beautiful soul to become a part of mine and now that we are here, let us get down to business. 

Everything that bothers you is a part of me now that our souls have become one. 

Our meeting must have been fate because how else do you explain you, Ms/Mr punctual being so late. 

If we were not late, we would not have met. I call that fate. 

I would consider you my fate even if we met by coincidence. 

The number of times our life has collided with one another, I doubt you are just a coincidence to me.

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