200+ Spaghetti Pickup Lines to Satisfy your appetite for Love!

Spaghetti is the best dish to have if you are someone who prefers a quick, balanced meal. If you find yourself loving some spaghetti and someone who loves spaghetti, these are the perfect ones for you.

These will get to your heart just like the perfect cooking from the hands of a loving grandma. 

Good Spaghetti Chat up Lines

There are so many different recipes for the perfect good spaghetti/. Like, there are several ways to start a conversation using spaghetti as a pickup line.

These will be the ones that will help you break the ice in the way you are supposed to break the spaghetti.

These are the best ones to go for whenever you are confused and insecure about your capabilities to start a conversation. 

There are a lot of things straight, but you do not happen to be one. 

What are you? A spaghetti? You get anything but straight whenever you get a little damp. 

I can imagine you being wet and not straight. 

Not being straight and being wet goes hand-in-hand with you and the spaghetti, 

You are like the spaghetti I had for dinner because you are so much better when you are soaked. 

I think you would taste so much better when soaked.

You get softer the more I get you soaked, just like spaghetti. 

You are like a portion of spaghetti, you are better when you are soaked. 

You could be worse, you could be pineapple on pasta. 

You are as unwanted as pineapples on pasta to other people, but for me you are basil. 

Pasta is good but you are better. 

I think you are fulfilling meals just like pasta. 

I think you would be a good full-course meal just like my pasta. 

So if you are in my life, my life is better just like a life with Italian spaghetti. 

My life would be so much better with you as well as pasta. 

Life is quite horrible without pasta but I think it would be worse without you. 

If I could have something I would like to have penne. 

Penne is better than Pennies. 

Pennies are nice but I think you would prefer Penne. 

You like money and you like pasta. I am not surprised that your favorite is Penne. (Pennies)

I could give you pennies, but I would rather give you penne. 

Do you like penne or do you only like pennies?

I can imagine you swimming in a pool full of penne with how much you love pennes (pennies). 

Flirty Spaghetti Pickup Lines for Her

Flirting over spaghetti may sound lame but the Lady and the Tramp did it first.

If you are a Disney lover who wishes to have the perfect Spaghetti moment like that, then these may be the ones that can help you reach the heart of a true foodie and make it easier for you to flirt with them. 

Would you say you are spicy?

You are as surprised as spicy spaghetti. 

You are as unexpected as spicy spaghetti. 

Spicy spaghetti is quite rare but I think I have found the spiciest spaghetti whenever I see you. 

You remind me of Spaghetti that is spicy because you are way too exciting than I expected. 

I feel like I have hit the jackpot because you are spicier than I thought you would be. 

You have quite a spicy personality. You are like spicy spaghetti. 

With that personality of yours and height, you are like spicy spaghetti. 

You are as tall as spaghetti. 

I bet I could make you wet and warm with myself. 

I have a pot you can dip your spaghetti in me. 

Are you open to dipping your spaghetti in something?

I have something you can dip your spaghetti into. 

You seem like you could use some dipping action. 

Can I offer you some dipping action?

I would be more than happy to provide you with some sauce for your spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti would be better coated in my white sauce. 

I have some white sauce for your spaghetti if you are feeling like your spaghetti is a little dry. 

If you think your spaghetti is a little die, I can help you soak them up. 

I would be open to helping you soak up the juices and become soft. 

I bet I could make you go soft the moment you are wet just like spaghetti. 

You are like spaghetti because you get soft the moment you are wet. 

I think I like you better when you are wet. 

I mean I could have you while you are hard but I like you warm and soft. 

I like the way you leave my mouth tingling after a warm and soft meal. 

I slurp my spaghetti but that is not the only thing I plan of slurping. 

Awesome Spaghetti Pickup Lines

Spaghetti tastes awesome when made with a little bit of extra love. Similarly, you would feel the same when it comes to pickup lines.

They would sound much better when there is a little bit of love in them while being spoken.

So if you find yourself struggling to find the right words to express it to your crush then the following can help you with that. 

You can call me names if you want, but I will always slurp you up like I slurp up hot spaghetti. 

You remind me of hot spaghetti because of how much you burn me. 

You could burn my tongue like spaghetti and yet I would eat yours hungrily. 

You remind me of every time I burnt my tongue trying to eat hot spaghetti. 

You are hotter than a just-served plate of spaghetti. 

You make me feel the burn of my life on my tongue ever since I tasted you. 

I crave you like I crave spaghetti. 

You are like spaghetti because once I have you, you are all I want to have. 

You are like spaghetti, an obsession of mine. 

I am obsessed with spaghetti but I am more obsessed with you. 

Spaghetti has nothing on you when it comes to fulfilling meals. 

I could be craving spaghetti, I could be craving you. 

You seem like you could satiate my cravings better than a plate of spaghetti. 

You got me feeling hungry for more than a plate of spaghetti. 

You taste ten times better. 

This spaghetti tastes good thanks to your touch but I think you would taste better

You would taste 100 times better than my spaghetti. 

I have spaghetti for dinner tonight but you would be better. 

I think you would be better off being the one on the table instead of the spaghetti. 

I love spaghetti but that is not what I want for dinner tonight. 

The only thing I want for dinner tonight is you, so how about you present yourself to me at the dinner table like you serve the spaghetti? 

I think you would look perfect being served the way spaghetti is. 

I think you would look perfectly delicious with some basil on you like the spaghetti. 

Rare Spaghetti Pickup Lines 

Some rare spaghetti recipes make the same tasty for people. That is why no spaghetti cooked by two people following the same recipe feels the same.

Treat your pickup lines just the same. With the way you talk about them, you can make them feel rare than they are.

You can even develop a style that ensures your crush specifically knows it is from you. 

You are like a bowl of pasta. I would love to eat you out. 

I will eat you out like a bowl of pasta. 

You must be a bowl of pasta because I will devour you completely. 

Let me devour you like I devour pasta. 

You are like pasta because I will devour you. 

I am obsessed with pasta but I would be more obsessed with you. 

You would be filling my tummy and heart after I am done with you. 

You are like spaghetti because after having you I feel so happy. 

You make me feel as full as a bowl of spaghetti does. 

I am a messy eater when it comes to you and spaghetti. 

You are as thick as spaghetti. 

You could be tastier than spaghetti. 

You are like Capellini with how fine your ass is. 

Your ass is like bowls of spaghetti because they are quite big. 

Your ass is as filling as a bowl of spaghetti. 

Have you ever been eaten out the way a bowl of spaghetti is eaten?

I think everything tastes better if it is with you. 

You are the best person to have a meal with. 

You make me feel better about eating meals. 

You would be the one meal I would never complain about eating. 

I would eat you every day and I would never complain. 

You are like the one food I will never get tired of. 

You are my favorite spaghetti recipe because you comfort me in the hour of my need. 

You would be the meal I would go for whenever I am looking for comfort.

You remind me of Mom’s spaghetti because you have me nervous.  

You got me nervous like Mom’s spaghetti. 

You could be my mom’s spaghetti because you make me feel heavy. 

Short Spaghetti Pickup Lines 

Spaghetti tastes better when they are long. However. When they are short, that does not make them taste any worse. Similarly, all types of pickup lines, despite their size are perfect.

Here, we have an assorted collection of pickup lines that you can use whenever you are feeling like changing up the pace a little. 

I think you are the best spaghetti that would be perfect with some balls. 

So how do you feel about some balls?

I could give you some sauce to coat my balls in. 

I think you have the sauce to coat your balls in. 

My balls feel a little dry can I coat them in your sauce?

You have quite the sauces for me. 

You remind me of sauces that would be perfect for spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti would be incomplete without my balls. 

My balls are the best ones for your spaghetti. 

I was wondering if you would like to taste the meatballs. Mine specifically. 

My meatballs are dying to be tasted by you. 

I could help you taste the meatballs properly. 

Your spaghetti needs some balls in them. 

I have enough balls to put some in your spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti would be the most perfect one for my meatballs. 

I have tried several spaghetti for my meatballs and yours is the one that suits mine the best. 

I think your spaghetti and my balls are the most perfect match. 

Your spaghetti enhances the taste of my meatballs more than I could ever agree. 

I think you taste perfect as your meatballs are the perfect ones for me. 

If there were meatballs made for me, then they would be yours. 

Your meatballs make my spaghetti so much better tasting. 

You make my meatballs taste so much better. 

I bet your spaghetti would taste better when I put my balls in them. 

Tell Me A Spaghetti Pickup Line

Being witty, and quick to come up with words on the go is a very attractive feature to have. So if you are someone who likes keeping people on their toes, then these would be the best ones to go for.

These pickup lines are quick-witted and easy to come up with on the spot, making them perfect to show off your wit. 

Are you pasta-ive that you are not joking?

I think you are misunderstanding how badly I want your spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti is what wakes me up every morning. 

Your hands are magical because not only do they make me feel so good, but they also make such amazing spaghetti.

You make spaghetti with as much love as it deserves. 

Your spaghetti tastes like heaven. 

I feel like I am in heaven whenever I eat your spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti brings me to heaven in a go. 

You would be the best spaghetti that my balls would love to meet. 

So I have heard there is some secret sauce that you have, 

I want to taste your secret sauce. 

Your sauce would taste amazing coating my tongue. 

I can not wait to taste your sauce. 

Your sauce is all I want to taste. 

With how amazing your sauce tastes, that is all I want to astute every night. 

I could have your spaghetti for morning ad night. 

Let me taste your sauce every night. 

Would you be willing to taste my sauce every day? 

I do not mind the occasional red sauce. 

You have nice white sauce. 

I heard you have some white sauce which would taste the best with my spaghetti. 

Spaghetti tastes better when it is with sauce. So would you like me to add some of my sauce to your spaghetti? 

Your spaghetti looks a little dry. Let me wet it. 

I bet I could wet your spaghetti completely.  

Are you waiting for your spaghetti to be wet?

I am looking forward to wetting your spaghetti. 

Your spaghetti seems like it would be better off wet. 

Let me wet those dry spaghetti for you. 

I bet I could guide your spaghetti to be wet later. 

I can help you feel wetter if you are worried about your spaghetti being dry. 

Best Spaghetti Pickup Lines Ever

Just like everyone has a specific type of spaghetti that is their favorite, it is no surprise that some of us have specific pickup lines that are our go-to.

The following list has some of the pickup lines that you can go for whenever you feel like you want some help opening a conversation with someone. 

You are like a rare ravioli. 

You are a surprise like a ravioli. 

You have so much in you just like a ravioli. 

You are like a portion of spaghetti and I am a ravioli, which makes us perfect. 

I am glad you are like a ravioli because I would always be surprised by what I find whenever I bite into you.

You are as tasty as a ravioli and as comforting as spaghetti. 

Spaghetti is long but I think you are longer. 

I can never choke on spaghetti but I would choke on you. 

You seem like someone I would choke on unlike this bowl of spaghetti I have. 

How are you feeling today? Considering you are looking like a whole meal- spaghetti to be specific. 

Your fingers are magical like the chef who makes the spaghetti by hand. 

I would kiss your hands if I could with how beautifully you make the spaghetti. 

Your capabilities in cooking food impress me the most. 

I think you are the most perfect person to eat with you. 

Let me eat some food with you. 

I would like to have several meals with you. 

I think you would be the perfect person to have meals with. 

Meals are so much better when they are with you. 

You seem like you would be fun to eat with. 

I think I could eat you out more quickly than the bowl of spaghetti. 

You are like a bowl of spaghetti that I would finish in a second. 

You seem to be the pesto that I need in my life. 

My life would be so much better when I have you in there as some pesto. 

You are as tasty as the pesto that would look perfect on my pasta. 

My pasta would be perfect with your pesto. 

You seem to be the most perfect bunch of pesto because, without you, I feel like I am incomplete. 

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