180+ Snapchat Pickup Lines to Win His/her Heart 

Snapchat is a popular social media used by the young generation today. With its stylish filters, attractive features, and intuitive interface, Snapchat is a fantastic app.

So, it is not far-fetched to think that you might meet the love of your life on the app. Your first message must strike a chord in their heart to make a good impression.

That is why here is a compiled list of pickup lines you can use to strike up a conversation with your love interest without feeling anxious. 

Cheesy Snapchat Pickup Lines

The best way to make a good impression is to win their heart. For that, cheesy pickup lines are the go-to option. Being unbelievably pun-tastic and cute, these are the safest options. 

-I am like that amount of germ that sanitizers can’t kill. I am very reliable. 

-I am like that 1 out of 10 doctors in toothpaste advertisement. I am unique, and you’ll wonder why I am like this. 

-I don’t know if you knew, but we both have similar routines in this quarantine. So this is why we are perfect. 

-I could be expected and give you flowers, but I’d give you this meme instead. 

You’re like Sirius. You’re so bright. 

-I think your sense of humor is like the sun- it makes me frown, but I like it. 

-Do you live in the museum because you’re a piece of art?

-Not going to lie- I didn’t know birthday wishes came true until I saw you. 

– I may not be Jesus and do the whole water wine shenanigan, but I can make you mine. 

-What cereal do you eat? Lucky charms because you look so charming. 

-Pose for a picture, please. I need to show my Dad what I want for my birthday. 

-What material is that shirt? Cotton? Rayon? Boyfriend Material?

-If happiness could be measured in nickels, I’d be a billionaire because of you. 

-You’re a reckless driver because you’re driving me mad. 

-Dunno if you know this, but you can’t spell the menu without “Me,” “N,” and “U.” 

-You’re one of the wonders of this World because Eiffle for you. 

-You’re a 9, and I am a 1, so together, we make 10. 

-Do you like water? Because you’d already like 75% of me. 

-It is unfair that you’re not being popularised as the hottest single. 

 -What’s your job? Being gorgeous?

Cheesy Snapchat Pickup Lines

Funny Snapchat Pickup Lines

Who doesn’t like to be the reason why their crush laughs? Everybody does. That’s why here is a list of the funniest pickup lines ever that you can use to make your crush laugh and brighten their day just a little bit. 

-I am like an alligator. I will snap you up.  

-I am like that monkey who hears no evil because I only want to listen to you speak. 

-You’re like cinderella because you always come at night and disappear at midnight. 

-Do we have Wi-fi here? I feel so connected to you. 

-You’re like google. You’ve everything I need. 

-Hi, I can’t reach my number. Can I have yours?

-What’s 2 + 2? 4+4? Then you’d know you + me = fate. 

-So is your father God or what? How are you so beautiful?

-Question! When should I let you go so you can go home to heaven?

-You are a trampoline I’d love to bounce on. 

-My body feels like an airport because my heart keeps taking off. 

-I lost my virginity. Can we share yours?

-I thought happiness starts with H, but I think mine begins with U. 

-So what name will I be moaning tonight?

-I could swim in your eyes for the rest of my life. 

-I need a life jacket because your passion has drowned me. 

-Your eyes show that you have a kind soul. 

-I need some fresh air so do you want to go out? You’ve taken my breath away. 

-As a taser, you’d Stun me. 

-Your seat has sugar because you have got a sweet ass. 

Snapchat Pickup Lines

Catchy Snapchat Pickup Lines

In this generation where everything is a trend, who doesn’t want to be a trendsetter? To help you with that and make a sound, long-lasting impression on your crush, here is a list of unique, handpicked pickup lines that will be a trend once you apply them to your crush. 

-Is that sanitizer in your pocket, or should I assume you like what you see?

-I don’t know if I want to be within 6 feet of you in a public place or quarantine with you for the rest of my life.

-I never liked fishing, but you are an outstanding catch. 

-Our love is like infinity divided by zero. It is undefinable. 

-You are like the sunrise after the storm- you brighten my day. 

-You’re like Zeus- pervy and electrifying. 

-How good is your knowledge of Greek Mythology knowledge? I think you’re a descendant of Circe because you bring out the animal in me. 

-You snap selfies, and I snap my neck just to see you. 

-People might think you’re too out of my league, but I think that’s what makes it so perfect.

-I see you like English Literature a lot. I am like David Copperfield. I am sure I can make your clothes disappear. 

-You could be my General. You have that confidence in yourself. And you’ve already got my private’s attention. 

-Oh, hey, thanks! You’d look better on me than this shirt. 

-I think you should be that purple alien and snap at me. 

-I am like Microsoft; I crash anywhere and would like to crash at your place. 

-I am like Browser; I like taking my time. 

I think Date is superior compared to nuts. 

-Is your oven working, or should I put a bun in your oven and check?

-Let’s get you velcro’s so you don’t trip and fall for anybody else except me. 

-I want to be bi you if you’re bi yourself.  

 -Can I smash you like my controller?

Catchy Snapchat Pickup Lines

Pretty Snapchat Pickup Lines

It can be a little nerve-wracking to come up with cute pick uplines on the spot when you are speaking with your crush. That’s why you have pretty pickup lines curated for snaps that you can send while you maintain the daily streak.

 -You’re like tequila- you got my world spinning. 

-What’s the time? Time to decide a date for me. 

-If we Netflix and chill, the only thing I am watching is you. 

-I didn’t know I was at an arcade because I hit the jackpot. 

-You are a thesaurus because you are a synonym for my dream girl. 

-What’s your degree in because I feel so much chemistry? 

-I don’t know about history, but I want us to have our story. 

-I hope you know how to give a kiss of life because I can’t breathe when I see you. 

-Please call 911. Because you make my heart stop, and I need help. 

-Seeing you made me want to be a hoarder because can I keep you forever?

-You are like Siri. You finish my sentences. 

 -I am so cold, and please hold your hot body against me. 

 -I am lost. Please help me reach your pants. 

 -You have two wishes left now. Pick wisely. 

-I am here now. No longer do you need tinder. 

-If I am wrong, go on a dinner date with me, but you don’t have my number, do you?

 -So if I want to wish you good morning, what is the number that I should use?

– Let’s get you some Vitamin D.

–  You played among us, right? You must be the imposter because I died when you glanced my way. 

 -Let’s have some koala-tea time together. 

Cheap Snapchat Pickup Lines

Once you are confident with yourself and your relationship with your love interest, it is time to bring out the big guns, the cheap pickup lines. These are specific pickup lines with slight sexual innuendos that, once used, will guarantee a fair blush on your love’s cheeks. 

-Where’s your boy scout certificate? You have got me tongue-tied. 

-I hope you prefer football over soccer because I want you to touch down at my home.

-You’re like the free sample at Trader Joe’s, and I want to taste you so much. 

-This shirt looks beautiful on you. However, I reckon it would look better on the floor. 

-Your bra isn’t working correctly. Let me hold them instead for you. 

-Are you environmentally conscious? Let’s save water by using the bath together. 

-Where’s my switch because you keep turning me on? 

-Let me Slytherin you. 

-The weather is indeed a little nippy. 

-I hope you never wear a vest because you’d be hiding the best of your assets. 

-That hairstyle looks so pretty on you, but I think they’ll look better in my hand. 

-Here, I have a choker for you. *insert picture of hand*

-You are like Medusa. You make me rock hard. 

 -Karma bites back, but I bite harder. 

 -I hope you are flexible because I am dying to try a few Kama-sutra positions on you. 

 -I am no robot, but you did CAPTCHA me with your beauty. 

 -You’re beautiful and bootiful. 

 – I need you to stop running around in my head. I need to sleep. 

 -Our conversation is like McDonald’s because I’m loving it. 

– I think we are like socks. We make a great pair and are super comfortable. 

Awesome Snapchat Pickup Lines 

Do you wish to make an impression on your love interest and friends? Then, these pickup lines are for you. With their light tone, these are the perfect pickup lines for you. 

-How good is your geography? You’re Jamaican me crazy. 

-If you were in geometry, you’d be an acute angle. 

-I can hold your hands if they are too heavy for you. 

-You are suffering from a bit of malnutrition. Therefore, you need more Vitamin Me. 

-I must be crazy because I smile whenever I see you. 

-I will see if there’s any space in the zoo because you make me an animal.

-Call 911. I have fallen for you and can’t get up anymore. 

-Do you have an inhaler? Because I can’t breathe, thanks to you. 

Chocolate will lose the battle of sweetness against you. 

-Your beauty is blinding me like a theater light. 

-Your beauty gave me memory loss. 

-You are a time traveler because I see you in my future. 

-You brighten up my day like a street lamp brightens up an alley. 

-I think you’re the cure for amnesia because you are unforgettable. 

-You are like my coffee, refreshing and addictive. 

-Hi, I am a thief and will steal your sleep and heart. 

-Your lips look like they are begging for something. Shall I use mine on yours?

-This thesaurus is bullshit because there’s no word to describe your beauty. 

-You are like the sun- too hot to handle. 

-Your beauty got me breathless. I should sit down. Is this seat taken?

Good Snapchat Chat up Lines

Pickup lines are not just for hitting on people you’re attracted t. These lines can also be used as a conversation starter. So if you are a nervous nelly who struggles to find the perfect icebreaker for conversion, these are the lines for you.

-Before you say anything else- I solemnly take you as my husband/wife. 

-I think a beach wedding will do both of us good. What do you think?

-Did you hear what the phone said? It said Ring Ring- so will you marry me?

-So, I was wondering whether you’d like to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

-I heard the wedding bells ring. Did you?

-Does your phone autocorrect my name into ‘honey’? Because mine does. 

-My IQ is under the ground, but I think it would be stupid to leave without your number. 

-Punctuality isn’t my forte, but I have time for you. 

-You’ve been wrong. Go to my room. 

-I think I can explore Uranus with some training. What do you think?

-You can be Alice, and I’ll be Wonderland. 

-Do you like kids? We can practice making some. 

-I wish I were DNA helicase because I want to unzip your genes. 

-Let’s get some alcohol to catalyze the chemistry between us.

-So I think we would look adorable on a wedding cake. What do you think?

-I am not a physicist, but I know I will fall for you even without gravity. 

-You should purr like a kitty because you’re purfect. 

-Hope the fall from heaven wasn’t too bad. 

 -I am almost done with my phone book. I just need your number in it. 

 -Can I pin you against the wall like the art you are?

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