105+ Science Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Make Your Crush Fall for You

Pickup lines are unique, but imagine how fantastic science pickup lines can be. Why you may ask, pickup lines about science are so uncommon, so weirdly brilliant, and hilarious.

When we think of a potential partner, we picture someone who is both intelligent and funny. Use this array of science pickup lines to impress the person of your dreams!

Cheesy Science Pickup Lines

Who says nerds can’t be flirty? Look at the following list of cheesy science pickup lines that are perfect to combine your nerdy and flirty personalities!

-Hey girl, do you possess eleven electrons? Because you look sodium fine.

-Hey baby, do you happen to be an old carbon sample? Because something tells me that I should date you.

-I tend to hit my melting point whenever you are near me.

-Hey girl, are you made of beryllium, Gold, and Titanium? Because you look so Be-Au-Ti-Ful to me.

-Imagine my right leg is called the cell wall, and my left leg is the cell membrane. What are the chances that you will agree to be in the cytoplasm? 

-Allow me to rearrange the periodic table of elements, and I will place You and me beside each other.

-Can you tell me why Uranium is my favorite element on the periodic table? You guessed it; it’s because I love U!

-Are you the photon quanta to the electrons in my valence cell? Because you always manage to excite me to an energy level that’s on a higher spectrum.

-Are you sure we did not attend a lecture with each other before? I am so confident that we had chemistry.

-It is known to everyone that it is not the size of the vector that matters. What matters more is how much force it is delivered with.

-Scientists have recently found a new element called Beautium. I think I just saw the first person to be made out of it.

cheesy science pickup lines

Funny Science Pickup Lines

A little bit of laughter can go a long way. Borrow a few funny science pickup lines from this list to make your crush laugh and think about dating you right away!

-Let us act like tectonic plates and start grinding against each other.

-Obeying the second law of thermodynamics, you are meant to share all the hotness you have with me.

-When you are near me, I start undergoing anaerobic respiration because, girl, you never fail to take away my breath.

-I might require external support like a metal wall to stop my jaw from falling every time you walk past me.

-Hey girl, are you some metamorphic rock? Because you were way too damn hot.

-If I were an oceanic crust and if you were a continental crust, I would engulf you so that we could come in contact and create some hot magma.

-Assuming that Newton’s law of universal gravitation is valid, you should be attracted to me because I am attracted to you.

-Are you curious about the practical demonstrations of the laws of friction and laws of acceleration? Let us return to my house, and I will show you how they work.

-Engineers are not the best when it comes to knowing how to please a lady. Relying on online friction does not take anyone a long way.

-Hey girl, are you the Higgs Boson particle? Because I lost count of how many times I have collided until I managed to find you.

-Did your parents name you singularity? Because not only do I have a high sense of attraction towards you, but I also lose track of time the closer I get to you.

Science Pickup Lines

Rare Science Pickup Lines

There can not be anything possibly better than getting approached with fun and an intelligent pickup line from which you can learn something new! Use these rare science pickup lines to start some interesting conversations with the guy/girl you are in love with!

-I feel like I have the rhinovirus whenever you are near merus. I can not take my breaths properly around you.

-Did you mess my cerebellum up? I think it’s damaged because when I’m around you, I lose my balance, struggling to stand straight and walk.

-You don’t need to worry about all the mess we’ll create tonight. I have ordered some lysosomes to come to clean up later.

-If the mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse, then you are the powerhouse of my life.

-I like how your corona artery hugs your heart so tightly. Give me a chance to do the same for you. 

-No one on this earth is as beautiful as you are. Do you think you have mutated for the better?

-I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me the oxidation state of this component. And if you are unsure, could you give me your phone number?

-IIi hate how the concentration gradient is trying to separate us. But I promise I will never let it be successful.

-Baby, we can make the power couple of potassium and water jealous of how energetically we burn tonight! 

-You are like my appendix. Both of you exist, and I don’t know how you function. But what I know for sure is that I want to take both of you out. 

-You must have the composition of Copper and Tellurium. Because all I can think of while looking at you is CUTE. 

-I know how we can have a stable equation by sharing our valence electrons. 

Rare Science Pickup Lines

Crazy Science Pickup Lines

Warning! The following list of crazy pickup lines might earn you the label of a mad scientist! But fear not; you will surely draw some attention and get the spark of the conversation by using these crazy science pickup lines! So, what are you waiting for?

-I do not know why but my cardiovascular system starts acting weird when I am around you.

-If I came up to you and told you that your antibody is beautiful, what are the chances you would hold it against me?

-You can be my battery, I will be your aluminum foil, and when we come in contact with each other, we will set this place on fire.

-Hey girl, are you the square root of 1? There is no way someone this beautiful is honest.

-If humans had refractive indices, yours would be higher than 2.42 because your beauty can outshine any diamond this world has to offer.

-Are you currently vaporizing from a solid state? I find you very sublime.

-Hey girl, I am sure you can travel at speed greater than light. Why else would time stop every time I see you around?

-Theoretically, the multiverse theory states that we would be dating each other in at least one universe. Do you want this to be that specific universe?

-I am attracted to you the same way the sun attracts the earth, but you are way too hot for me to get close to you.

-Hey girl, did your mom give birth to you in an open cluster? You must have been because the way you shine reminds me of a young star.

Crazy Science Pickup Lines

Awesome Science Pickup Lines

Who says science can not be fun? Use these pickup lines to prove that wrong! This list of excellent science pickup lines is all you need if you are looking for some witty yet funny chat-up lines!

-I do not know why, but my brain is trying to tell me that you and I Argon get together.

-Do you happen to be my conjugate base, by any chance? Because, girl, it seems like you are. I have a lot of things in common.

-Hey baby, is it just me, or can you feel this strong attraction between you and me? Trust me, babe, it is more than just universal gravitation.

-What are the chances you will let me be your enzyme? Because my active site is keen for a reaction.

-You should take the positive role, I will take the negative, and we will make a beautiful compound together.

-If your name were physiology, I would be your anatomy because we would always go together.

-After extensive research, lots of testing, and experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that I think I am in love with you.

-Hey girl, I will break you like how a considerable non-polar substance disintegrates a phospholipid bilayer!

-You should consider exchanging your synapses with me because I want to transmit my signals to you.

-Theoretical learning is boring. I want to get a few practical hands-on experiences with you if you allow me to.

-Potassium in water is not near as hot as you are.

Catchy Science Pickup Lines

Worry no more, bestie! Your hunt for catchy science pickup lines to try on that girl/guy with glasses at school or college has ended with this list. Get ready to witness the most incredible compilation of chat-up lines; have a look at these following pick-up lines!

-If I could program the whole universe, I would put you and me in an adjacent memory block.

-Baby, if you allow me to put my H+ ions into the intermembrane space that you have, it would cause a change in my F1 complex massively.

-There is a difference between trying to describe my love for you and dividing a number by zero. The outcome is always unexplainable.

-Let us be laboratory partners. I am sure we will do excellent together at the experiments together, especially in the biology section.

-If I had a photosystem, you would be my proton. You never fail to excite my proton until I reach my state of reaction.

-What are your thoughts about heading to my room right now, and can I give you a lecture about exponential growth using my natural log?

-There is no doubt that your dress looks beautiful on you, but something tells me that it would look way better if you accelerate it towards the floor at a velocity of 9.8m/second.

-Hey girl, is your skin hurting from all that burning? Because it seems like you just fell from heaven, re-entrance into the earth’s atmosphere might have caused some issues for you.

-You are the only one for me, baby, because you are the only person who was let through by my selectively permeable membrane.

-If humans were elements on the periodic table, your name would be francium because no one is more attractive than you.

-I like all kinds of forces, but my favorite is Van der Walls forces. Can you feel it, or should I come closer to you?

Short Science Pickup Lines

Just because you are in a rush does not mean there is no time for a quick pickup line to try with your crush! We have put together a great list of short science pickup lines for when you are in a hurry!

-I can promise that I will produce 1000 Moles of water and salt if you let my base react with your base.

-It’s because of you that the anoxic sediments of my body are increasing the redox potential.

-The short stem elongation of my body is due to the hyperactivity of your auxin.

-I have a plan for your ligase. My Okazaki fragment wants it to be combined with itself and harden my strand. 

-I would like to have my ribosomes kept tightly together. Do you think you could hug me with your basal body?

-You would better buy a machine that uses evaporative cooling because you will sweat a lot after this. 

-Do you like RNA or DNA? I know that DNA is more advanced. Why don’t you and I create DNA from our RNAs? 

-Two vast chunks of masses are bound to radiate high gravitational waves. You are contributing a lot to the rule.

-Baby, do not worry about the mess we are about to make in this room. The lysosomes have been paid well for clearing the confusion up later.

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