148 top Savage Pick-Up Lines [Savage, Cheap, Good Chat Up]

Being savage has become necessary nowadays because no one wants to be dull. You’ll find many people who always have crazy replies to everything.

They just can’t answer directly. Well, it’s annoying sometimes, but fun to add flavor to your day. Also, savage pick up lines are great for girls, especially those who get cheap and annoying at Instagram DMs.

Savage Pickup lines could be used in any situation to lighten the mood, start a conversation, for sarcastic comments, or even make someone laugh. 

Cheesy Savage Pick-up Lines

Cheesy lines are suitable for your dates or girlfriends to impress them, but being a little savage will add a little spice to your personality and your day.

So here are a few Cheesy Savage pickup lines listed below for you. 

I’m not Microsoft, but I can crash at your home tonight.

Do you like Almonds? “Yeah,” okay, and what about a Date?

I don’t think you believe in love at first sight, right? So, do you want me to come to you again?

You might be made up of Oxygen and Neon cause you are the ONe for me.

I guess my heart is made up of Gallium cause it melts every time you come closer to me.

She’s seven but (Oh, wait) she’s ready to go on a date with me. She’s ten, bro. 

I guess you were born on October 10, cause girl, you are 10/10.

I guess Spotify is featuring you. “What?” Yeah, cause I saw you in hottest singles. 

Can I follow you on social media? Cause following dreams is good for our career. 

Your parents must be bakers cause they made a Cutie Pie.

 Are you a Covid Vaccine? Cause no one can protect me the way, you do. 

 There’s something on your face, “What?” a cute Nose.

Funny Savage Pick-Up Lines

Funny and savage comments are always mood-changing. It can always make them laugh in any situation; you just need some good lines.

But yeah, I advise you to avoid using it with your supervisors in challenging conversations. 

Are you a Laptop? “Sorry?” Cause you are hot now and then.

I used to think Love starts with L; well, I was wrong; it starts with U.

Do you know what is shared between a Mermaid and Me? We both want to enter your world.

You must be living in a pile of Sugar cause you are really sweet.

You must be terrific in Soccer cause you like a keeper.

Girl, what do you wear? Fishnets? Cause you are a real catch.

Your Family members must be aliens because you look completely out of this world.

If you were a salad, you would be a Cute-cumber.

Touch my shirt. It’s made of Husband material.

There are a lot of important dates in history. Do you want to make our date historical?

I’m suitable for an eight, but I guess this time I got at 10.

 Do you like stories about ghosts? “Yeah” Good, that’s the Spirit.

Flirty Savage Pick-up Lines

Healthy flirting is always good, but what if you don’t know whether they will like it or not because it could be offensive sometimes?

So, in these situations, you better use these Flirty Savage pick-up lines just to ensure they want it. 

(Insert a Lime Emoji) Here’s my Pick-Up lime for you. Well, how are you (their name)?

Well, I don’t know whether you like raisins or not, here I’m offering a Date to you.

Hey, I’m researching more delicate things in life. Could you tell me something about yourself?

Girl, you must get a bank loan. Cause my interest is increasing towards you.

Are you a magician? Because every time you come nearby, the world becomes magical and full of stars.

You must be tired, as you run on your mind all day.

I may not be a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever.

Girl, I think you should pay me to rent… cause you have been lic=ving in my mind and heart for so long.

I’m not good at maths, but if you give me the number, I can do magic with it.

Do you like Marvel? Cause Yoda one for me.

Are you a Banana? Cause you look a-peeling.

 You don’t need licenses to drive me crazy.

Rare Savage Pick Up lines.

Being Savage is good, but it should also be rare and unique cause no one wants to hear the same boring and dull lines again and again.

So try using these Rare savage pick-up lines for your next plan.

Are you Netflix cause I want to chill with you only?

My mom says nothing lasts forever. Would you be my Nothing? 

Just like it’s not easy to hold Diahrrea. It’s difficult for me to hold my feeling for you.

Excuse me; I think I lost something. “What?” my heart. 

You must have invented the airplane. Cause you the Wright one for me.

If I had a Rose every time I think about you, I would have a garden full of Roses by now.

Well, if kisses are snowflakes, I’ll send you a blizzard.

Someone, please call the cops; it’s illegal to drive someone(Me) crazy.

You look like the guy going on a date with me tonight.

Let’s flip the coin. Heads, you” ll kiss me, Tails. I” ll go on a date with you. 

Let me tie shoes first cause I do not want to fall for anyone else now.

Girl, you have me hooked. Who are you? A Fish?

Good Chat Up Savage Pick-up Lines

While chatting with strangers on dating apps, you don’t know anything about them, so it’s difficult to use any simple pickup lines cause maybe they already have a dozen in their DMs; in such cases, you can stand out by not being cheesy but being savage. 

If you were a geometrical triangle, you would be an acute Triangle.

You must be made up of Grapes cause you are fine as wine.

You must be a part of a significant passage cause looking at you is a highlight of my day.

You should visit the doctor; I think you are lacking vitamin Me.

Are you a Carbonated Drink? Because you make me feel bubbly inside my gut.

Please don’t mind. Did you just fart? Cause you blew me away.

You must be a Wi-fi because I can feel a strong connection.

Do you know what I’m wearing tonight? The smile you gave me.

I may not be religious but looking at you makes me feel I got the answer to all my prayers. 

You must be an Electrician, case you light up my world.

If being beautiful was a crime, you would be a criminal. 

My Puck Up line is, (pause) sorry, you distracted me with your beauty again, and now I can’t remember.

Best Savage Pick-Up Lines

Listed below are very interesting and the best Savage pick-up lines for you guys to make your day good and your next date the best. 

You must be French because Eiffel is for you.

Did the sun come out, or it’s just you smiling? 

I know we are not jeans, but together we would make a good pair.

Are you an Alien? Cause you don’t look like out of this world.

I should keep a compass with me cause I lose directions every time I look into your eyes.

I don’t know whether you are made of Copper and Tellurium, but you are CuTe.

I may not be a mathematician, but I can play well with your number.

You swept me away like a broom.

Even if I were in zero gravity, I’d still fall for you.

 You must have a charger cause I’m dying without you.

My cell phone is useless; it doesn’t have your contact number.

 I don’t know whether your dad is a Boxer, but you are a knockout.

Short Savage Pick-Up Lines

Your conversation is already boring, so you can’t use more long and dull pick-up lines, right?

So instead, use short and quick pickup lines to handle the conversation and save yourself from ruining your date. 

I may not be the Camera, but I want you to smile looking at me.

I’m not a History student, but interested in finding a date.

You must be living in Australia. Cause you meet all my koala-fications.

You are like Nachos, and I’m cheese; we go good together.

Go ahead and feel my heart; it’s entirely made up of forever material.

You must be Siri cause you just autocomplete me.

You are so sweet; you might not need sugar and a spoon for your coffee; your fingers must be enough.

If you were a meal at McDonald’s, you would be a McGorgeous.

 I wish I were good in Algebra to replace you with y ex.

I think I should buy life insurance ASAP, because my heartbeat stops when I look at you.

 On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m 9, and you are the one I’m missing.

Catchy Savage Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines could be easy to understand sometimes, there is no point using a Chemistry pick-up line for a Commerce student because they might not get it, so it’s better to use Catchy lines for them. So here we a few catchy savage pickup lines to make them laugh.

You must be jelly cause you jiggle very nicely.

I have 1-ply, I have 2-ply, all I need is your re-ply.

Are you a treasure? Cause I have been searching for you for so long.

You must be living with bees cause they are sweeter than honey.

You look super hot, and I want you more; what are you? A campfire?

Do you remember me? “No” Oh my bad, I only met you in m dreams.

I saw your name in the dictionary last night, beside the word gorgeous.

If you were the words of a book, you would be the Finest print.

Your name must be Ariel. Cause we are Mermaid for each other.

 Our love is like Pi, never-ending.

 Kiss me if I’m wrong, but I’m your next boyfriend.

You should offer me a drink because I dropped mine looking at you.

Cheap Savage Pick-Up Lines

These Cheap Pickup lines are so cheap that they are good to go.

You can try it with your jolly friends at any gathering just for fun, but please don’t blame us if they end up punching you. 

You must be a time traveler cause I can see you in the future.

You are boiling; my zipper can’t stop falling for you.

You know where I belong, your arms.

Excuse me, you got a sunburn, or you are naturally hot.

I want to slap n your face, “Sorry?” with my lips.

Let’s sin on Thursday night and go to Church Friday morning.

You know what, our lips are made for kissing; let’s not waste them.

Great outfit, but it would look better in my closet.

Is it an Elevator? Cause I want to go up and down with you.

I’m not feeling good today. Can I think of you?

There’s no dessert for today. Can I have a bite of you?

 Your lips are beautiful, but they would look better with mine.

Savage Pick-Up Lines Savage Pick-Up Lines 

For awesome GenZs, we have fantastic savage pickup lines cause just using the ordinary pickup lines is not enough.

You must stand out among your friends or all the DMs she got on her Instagram. 

That looks good on you, but I would look better on you.

What do you do in your spare time, except look goddess all day?

I have fallen in love with you lately; let’s fall in bed now.

I’m tired. Can is it in your lap?

I’m not a stand-up comedian, but I want to make you happy.

If four plus four equals eight, then why are you and I not comparable to fate? 

Excuse me, could you please stay away from the counter, cause you are melting all the ice over there.

Are you a thief? Cause you are an expert at stealing my heart every time.

Excuse me; I just noticed you noticed me, so I just wanted to let you know I saw you too. 

 If I had to choose life or winning a million-dollar lottery, I would select you. So it would be exactly, I guess, just the same.

 With my Intelligent mind and your beautiful body, we can produce incredible children and dominate the world.

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