159 Top Sarcastiac Pickup Lines Will Leave You Laughing and Loving!

Some might feel that Sarcasm is not always good. It can be offensive sometimes. Well, not wholly; sarcastic comments are fun.

You are laughing at your friends (just for fun) or enjoying the moments with your college classmates in both the times we want to feel free.

Even if we talk about dates or you are trying to impress your crush, sarcasm is good to go cause you can’t be cheesy and romantic all the time.

So go through the 100+ Sarcastic pickup lines listed and try them with your friends. 

Cheesy Sarcastic Pickup Lines

You do things for your partner effortlessly when you are in a relationship. But when you are just talking, you must try to impress your partner and make them happy.

So, you just have to read these pickup lines and try them. 

Just like I can’t control Diahrrea, I can’t even control my feelings for you. 

I dreamt about you last night. Gosh! That was scary.

Are you a Bike? Cause I want to ride you so bad.

I have a Brain and a Penis. Unfortunately, I can only focus on one at a time.

I reported a complaint on Spotify cause it doesn’t show you the hottest singles.

You must have an Ocean cause I want to dive into you.

Can you please find me a Band-Aid cause I just injured my knee falling for you?

Can I touch you to make sure how soft you are?

Flirty Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Flirting and Pickup lines have been connected for ages. When you try to win your partner’s heart or convince someone for a date, you look for pickup lines, right?

That’s why here we are with flirty sarcastic pickup lines for you. 

I’m curious, if you are here, then who is controlling things in heaven?

I guess I’m at a loss cause my interest is increasing gradually.

There are a lot of important dates in history. Do you want our date to be printed in history books as well? 

My friends call me David (your name) but can call me anytime.

When I look at you, I smile automatically as I smile at the Camera.

I wish I were a science student, so that increases the Chemistry with you. 

The moment I saw you, I started believing in Genie cause he had just completed my wish.

My feelings for you are like Pi; it’s infinite.

Rare Sarcastic Pickup Lines

You can not be different and extraordinary all the time, right? Wrong! We are here for you to provide you with some rare and sarcastic pickup lines that you can use with anyone and act cool.

Your dad must be an Electrician because you are always lightning.

I know you like to play hide and seek, but sorry, I can’t cause it’s impossible to find someone like you anytime.

Excuse me, thanks for the gift, (Pause) for the smile you gave me just by existing.

Different love languages exist; what about trying them with a kiss?

If you were a song, I would play you on a loop.

So do you breathe fresh air or just take your breath?

Are you Google? Cause you clear all my doubts.

You don’t need to work out cause you have to run on your mind all day.

Best Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Swiping right and getting a match is not enough for a perfect date, agree? You have to make sure that the person in front of you is comfortable or not.

To make the conversations easy and exciting, you can try these Best Sarcastic pickup lines with them and win their heart. 

I don’t need Electric Lights in my room, as soon as you enter.

Hello, my name is (your name). Sorry, you might not recognize we only met in my dreams. 

I’m not good at directions, can you give me a way to your heart?

Are you okay? It might have hurt when you fell straight from heaven.

I’m curious how you are not tired even after running on my mind all day.

Following my goal has been becoming difficult for me since I met saw you.

Whoever arranged the Alphabet should have put U N I together.

Your name must be Parking Ticket, cause you have got fine written all over your body.

Short Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Pickup lines can be cringy, so why not use sarcastic lines instead of simple pickup lines? Here we have a list of short sarcastic pickup lines that you can try anytime. 

I wish I were a Photographer so that I could capture the beautiful thing I’m looking at right now.

Are you a Maths student? Cause you are such a Cutie Pi.

If Genie existed, I would have asked you in all my wishes.

I left my library card at home. Can I check you out?

People might be dying to go to heaven, but for me, heaven is where you are.

People say Disney Land is the happiest place in the world; I guess they never met you.

You must be Siri cause you autocorrect me every time.

Good Chat up Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Are you chatting with a Tinder Date? Well, they might be bored of many unnecessary romantic pickup lines.

So don’t be one of them, and instead, try using these sarcastic pickup lines to start a good and funny conversation. 

There’s something familiar between you and Mermaid, as both of us wanna be a part of your world.

You must be a Magnet cause you attract me effortlessly.

If you are a good girl, I’d be the evil guy cause opposites attracts.

You must get a loan to cause my interest in you is increasing at a high rate.

You are so pretty that I’m curious whether you eat Cucumber or Cutecumber on salad.

Can I know your Instagram handle? Cause my parents advised me to follow my dreams.

Besides being gorgeous, what else do you do for a living?

If being pretty were a crime, then baby girl, you are guilty.

Awesome Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Entering college life is very interesting. You meet many people and make many new friends as well.

How will you make your group the most interesting one in college? How will you make your group the most interesting? We have fantastic sarcastic pickup lines for you. 

It must be so exhausting to be pretty all day, right?

Listen, I don’t know. Give me the CPR cause you are the one who took my breath away. 

Can somebody hold me because I can’t stop falling for this beautiful girl? 

You must be Magician. Cause whenever I look at you, everything else disappears.

My mom said You shouldn’t talk to strangers, so do you want to introduce yourself?

You must be a Boxer cause you look like a complete Knockout.

All your friends must be jealous of you, cause you look so beautiful, your friends must look bad in front of you.

I’m not good at numbers, can you give me yours? I’ll save it for a lifetime.

Funny Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Touches of Sarcasm are always made for fun if your friend is not taking it as an offense. Well, for your friends, you can use these Funny, sarcastic pickup lines listed below. 

Sorry, what’s your name? I was about to call you mine.

I wanted to call you gorgeous, but unfortunately, I don’t have your contact number.

My dad told me to focus on my dreams, but here my dream itself is distracting me.

I think the government should ban you from wearing black, cause you look gorgeous in black and you might kill someone with your beauty.

I went to the Bar last night, but the moment I saw you, I forgot about drinking, cause your beauty made me feel drunk.

I was not good at numbers in high school. Well, if you give me yours, I’ll never forget it.

Can I borrow a few hugs from you? Don’t I promise I will return on time with interest?

Are you from Tennessee? Cause you are the 10.

Super Cheesy Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Super Cheesy Sarcastic pickup lines for someone who always asks for extra cheese on toppings. JK! Try it and let us know whether it worked for you or not. 

I’m not a time traveler, but I can see a brighter future with you.

Can you give me a Map or Compass, cause the moment I looked at you, I was lost. 

Sorry, I just forgot your name. Can I call you mine?

You know I’m not that good at flirting, but you can try it with me.

Let’s click a picture together so that I can flaunt it and tell my friends that I met an angel.

I think I saw you somewhere, oh sorry, you look exactly like my next girlfriend.

Excuse me! “Yes?” if you ask yourself for a date, would your answer be Yes? Like the last question?

You might not know my name, so that you can call me Mine. 

Catchy Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Being cheesy all the time could be annoying for anyone. Like, even you can’t use such pickup lines every time to make your partner laugh.

But don’t worry, we are here for you. Here we have a few catchy sarcastic pickup lines. 

Your name must be Wi-fi cause I want to connect with you.

If I had a dollar for every time you look beautiful, I would have been a millionaire.

I would have asked you for a movie date tonight, but they said they wouldn’t allow snacks.

You look like my crush from school, and I still like you.

I don’t like Star Wars, but Yoda is one I love.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, so I’m planning to move next to your apartment so we can see you daily.

I am writing a paper on How A Hug can release Stress. Do you want to be my sample?

Are you the one who invented Airplanes? Caus you look Wright to me.

Crazy Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Not being stereotypical, but yes, if you can make your crush laugh, they will surely think about you.

So let’s not miss this chance to bring a smile to your crush’s face by using these Crazy Sarcastic Pickup lines.  

You are a Culprit for innocently stealing my heart.

I don’t like raisins much, but you know what? I’m good with a Date.

Love at first night is not my thing; let’s meet every day.

I’ve heard that you believe in 11:11 wishes. Well, I’m here for you; what else do you want?

You must be Jean-Claude Van Damme? Cause DAMMMe, you are so gorgeous.

I wear clothes only of suitable materials. For you, I’m always wearing husband material.

Your driving license would have been suspended for driving crazy all these guys.

Are you the printed words on a page? Cause you look fine print.

Quick Sarcastic Pickup Lines

Sometimes you are out of words while chatting with your favorite person. Try these Quick Sarcastic pickup lines with anyone.

These pickup lines would make anyone laugh, so if you’re going to impress them, you can do it with these. 

Do you live in a Microwave? Cause you are too hot.

I was feeling off today, but you turned me on.

I’m not good with numbers, but trust me, we will be a good date.

Are you fine wine? Cause the more I drink you, the better I feel.

You are beautiful outside; for inside, I have to check.

Undoubtedly, your smile is the most beautiful curve, but to make sure, I also have to check other angles.

You are more than I ever wanted. But, of course, I’m talking about your body and heart.

Bible says we should think about pure things all day, so I was thinking about you.

You are such an art piece; you must live in a museum.

You look most beautiful in Black Top and my Arms.

I visit Church every Friday; looking at you is like all my prayers.

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