180+ Sandwich Pickup Lines [Best,cheesy,funny,corny]

We love a good sandwich. It is filling, and it is definitely one of the more budget-friendly meal options that are out there.

So that is why, if you are someone who tries to equate the feeling of love with the feeling of satisfaction, then these will speak to you. 

Short Sandwich Pickup Lines

Short sandwiches are just as filling as more significant sandwiches.

If you ever find yourself wondering if you should go for a big sandwich or a smaller sandwich, then you should probably remember the front.

Similarly, when it comes to the art of flirting, it is essential for you to know how to take it easy on yourself.

You should never force yourself to flirt and make yourself come off as unnatural. That is why these will help you with that. 

  • You must be bread with how soft you are. You must be yeast because you make me rise. You are like the dough I knead because you leave my hands sticky. 
  • I definitely smell the yeast on you, and that does not scare me. 
  • I like my dough soft, just like your ass. 
  • Your ass reminds me of sourdough with how soft you are. 
  • Every roll in your body reminds me of sourdough with how soft you can be. 
  • Let me knead you like the diligent baker I am. 
  • I can not wait to feel how soft you are with my fingers. 
  • My fingers have a mind of their own, and I assure you that you will have a good time. 
  • My fingers assure you that you will have a great time. 
  • Let me take care of you the way I take care of the dough. That is, I use my hands on you. 
  • You remind me of dough because I have a rolling pin for you. 
  • Is that a rolling pin in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? 
  • You are as persistent as the dough under my nails, and I just can not get rid of you. 
  • You should be rewarded for being on my nerves like this little dough stuck under my nails. 
  • You are as hot as an oven because you definitely make me reach my peak. 
  • You make me swell with how warm you are. 
  • You are warmer than I expected you to be, almost like you preheated yourself. 
  • You are a good 9 inches, and lucky for you, I am not a complainer. 
  • You remind me of my sandwich because sometimes, you can be really corny. 
  • Do you like eating corn? No? Then how are you so corny?
  • For someone who hates Maize, you sure know how to be corny all the time. 
  • The only thing your corniness does is it gets me to smile. So keep it up. 

Flirty Sandwich Pickup Lines For Her

Food and sex are things that go hand in hand. Both make people feel better, feel satisfied, and happy.

That is why it would be perfect when putting both of these things together.

If you are looking for a perfect mixture of food and sex appeal wrapped together, then the following are the ones for you.

These one-liners are perfect for all of those moments when you find yourself wondering how to describe your sexual attraction toward someone without crossing boundaries.

  • You remind me of a Charcuterie board because you really do know how to present yourself. 
  • With how you present yourself, it is a surprise how no one has completely devoured you. 
  • You are like the best appetizer in the world because I can never get more of you. 
  • I would love to eat you out like the cheese platter I get at the local Sandwich shop. 
  • You are like an assorted dish, and you are a very acquired taste. 
  • I say you are an acquired taste with how beautifully you know how to handle yourself. 
  • You handle yourself like the cheese platter, and I can not wait to devour you completely. 
  • You are like the coffee I drink with my sandwich. My day is incomplete without you. 
  • You must be a baker with all those buns you have. 
  • You definitely know how to knead your dough because you do make your buns rise. 
  • I do not have a pet anaconda, but I do like your buns. 
  • Your buns look so tasty, and I can not wait to sink my teeth into them. 
  • Would it be weird if I were to sink my teeth into your buns? 
  • Your buns are begging me to take a bite out of them. 
  • Let me bite those buns of yours and have a taste. 
  • You do have the salami I have been looking for, and I hope you are open to sharing. 
  • Please do not feel bad. I have always loved turkey sandwiches. 
  • Let me eat you out like I eat my sandwich- leave no crumbs. 
  • I do not believe in leaving any crumbs. 
  • If you are open to me tasting your sandwich, I will definitely leave you with a good memory. 
  • I do like fish sandwiches as much as I like other sandwiches. 
  • I was feeling hungry before, but then I saw your buns, and I forgot about my lunch. 
  • Your buns are as warm as my sandwich, and I love it.

Good Sandwich Chat-up Lines

A good meal can definitely start your day properly, just like a good meal can end your day perfectly.

That is why, if you want to begin your love story with the most perfect start, then these will be perfect.

These one-liners make it easy to start conversations with your crush when you are scared you will end up making a fool out of yourself out of nervousness and anxiety. 

  • Your buns do have magical properties because I do forget about my lunch whenever I see them.
  • So what is something you like? I will buy you a sandwich and woo you over it. 
  • Honestly, the best way to my heart is by buying me food. 
  • What is your name? I would love to name a sandwich after you. 
  • Let me taste you so that I can make a sandwich that states like you. 
  • How do you feel about some sandwiches and some sex? What? Do you not like sandwiches?
  • Do you like sandwiches as much as you like sex? I do believe that I can help you experience good sex easily, while a good sandwich may be a bit difficult to achieve.
  • I can not promise you much, but I can promise you that I will make you the best sandwiches, and I will break your back easily.
  • I hope you like mayo because I definitely have some mayo for you. 
  • Do you like mayo in your buns? Because your buns would look great with mayo on it. 
  • I may not be up for menage a trois, but I would love to be in Fromage a Trois. 
  • I do think three people together would be great, but I think my sandwich would be better for you. 
  • You do remind me of a turkey sandwich with how pink you are. 
  • You are as fresh as a salami sandwich.
  • I will love a piece of that salami if you are up for sharing. 
  • I hope you like meat in your buns. 
  • I have some meat for you if you are open for a meat lovers sandwich. 
  • I hope you are a lover of meat because I would love to give you some of my meat. 
  • My meat is waiting to be tasted by you. 
  • I hope you like the taste of my meat when you later decide to taste it. 
  • Caesar? I would never cease her. 

Cheesy Sandwich Pickup Lines

Sandwiches are often better when you have them with some cheese.

Not just any type of cheese, your favorite type of cheese.

It is perfectly natural for you to want to carry on that love for your sandwich into your love for your crush.

If you ever feel like you might struggle to express the same without stuttering, then these are the ones for you.

These will help you easily express your love to them. 

  •  Ceasar? But I hardly know her. 
  • It is so gouda to see you. 
  • You are as toasted as the sandwich. 
  • Honey mustard is not the sweetest thing I want on my tongue.
  • I want a lot of sweet things on my tongue, and you happen to be one of them. 
  • You are like the best protein meal I can have, with how amazing you are. 
  • You are a whole meal with how delicious you are. 
  • If you were my diet, you would be the perfect diet to follow because you are healthy. 
  • If you were ever a food, I would never stop eating you. 
  • I could look at you like you are dessert, but I do believe that you are better than that. 
  • I will eat you like I eat my sub after a long day at work. 
  • Honey, I lick the honey mustard sauce off of my fingers, so I bet I could lick your juices off of them too. 
  • The only sauce I care about is the sauce of all that spiciness that you come with. 
  • You remind me of the honey mustard. I like a little sweetness. 
  • You are like the sandwich I have every night because you do deserve all the intricate details that there are. 
  • I like everything cheesy, including my relationship. 
  • You are more delicious than the subway I am having right now. 
  • I see the way you hold the subway, and I like the way you hold it. 
  • You make even that six inches look huge. 
  • I love how beautifully delicate your fingers are when you are holding that sandwich. 
  • I wonder if you would be this gentle with me, too, when you have your hand wrapped around me. 
  • I love the way you hold your sandwich. I wonder if you would hold me the same. 
  • I want you to look at me the way you look at that sandwich. 
  • Your sandwich is the only thing I will allow you to cheat on me with. 
  • The sandwich is not the only thing that will be stuffing your mouth tonight. 
  • Let me stuff your mouth like that sandwich. 

Funny Sandwich Pickup Lines

Whether it is out of you stumbling over your words or whether it is because you forgot how to order, sometimes you make fun memories at a local deli that can keep you going when you are having a bad day.

That is why, if you ever find yourself wishing to give your crush similar funny memories, then these are the ones for you.

With how brazen their approach is, these will definitely make them feel flattered in a funny way. 

  • I have some mayo for you. 
  • Do you like your mayo, organic and homemade?
  • I definitely make my mayo at home. 
  • I wonder if you want the mayo on your tongue or all over you. 
  • I think you would look cute with mayo in you. 
  • I can stuff you with mayo the way I stuff my sandwich. 
  • Oh, you definitely remind me of the sandwich I had tonight. 
  • After I am done with you, you will look like a turkey sandwich with mayo on it. 
  • You would be better off with me instead of that sandwich. 
  • I can not promise you much, but I can promise you a good breakfast every morning. 
  • I am great in bed, and I am better in the kitchen. 
  • I would ask you to make me a sandwich by using your two legs. 
  • The only time I would ask you to make me a sandwich is when I ask you to sandwich me between your legs. 
  • Your legs would be far more comfortable than the loaves of bread to sandwich me with. 
  • Og, you do seem quite toasty in the morning. 
  • I hope you are open to the sweetness of honey in your toast. 
  • You do end up taking care of briskets.
  • I do believe you will get somewhere with me if you butter me up properly. 
  • Whether you admit it or not, I know you are trying to butter me up. 
  • I see you trying to butter me up whenever it is convenient for you. 
  • So what are your hobbies other than eating toast?

Crazy Sandwich Pickup Lines

It is not often that you find yourself tasting a recipe so delicious that it completely blows your mind.

But when you do, you never want to stop having that food because you like how amazing that makes you feel.

That is why, if you ever find yourself feeling that way because of someone in your life, then these would be perfect for making sure they can never let you go. 

  • People like being in bed, but I think you would be better off your bread. 
  • You remind me of Pitbull because you do make me go deli. Oh, was it dale? Well, tomato, tomato. 
  • The only tomato I care about is your toe to my toe under the table. 
  • You would be better in my mouth and better in my hand. 
  • My hand is dying to touch you, just like my sandwich. 
  • You remind me of my sandwich because I like how crispy your sense of humor is. 
  • You are like crunchy water, like lettuce, with how perfect you tend to be. 
  • I like bread but only fermented. 
  • You are as out of place as a sandwich in the bar because no one would serve you. 
  • I would serve you on a hot plate like the way you deserve to be. 
  • My mouth is dying to taste you. 
  • With how good your personality is, you are like sriracha hot. 
  • I do not need the hot sauce to feel how hot you are. 
  • You are quite hot with how amazing your taste is. 
  • You are better when you are warm and moist than when you are dry. 

Awesome Sandwich Pickup Lines

Do you happen to have a go-to sandwich order? Eleven when others judge you for ordering the same thing repeatedly and refusing to try out new things, you still like it because it is awesome.

Your crush might be like that for you because of how smitten you are with them. So for anyone who is that special person in your life, the following are the best to use when you wish to make them feel that. 

  • Your clothes are like the crust of my sandwich. I do not want them. 
  • I like the crust on my sandwich, but I do not like clothes on you. 
  • Your clothes would be better off, like the crust on my sandwich. Not here on my plate. 
  • I would eat you up like I eat up my sandwich. 
  • If you are peanut butter, I am the jelly because that is why we would be the perfect couple.
  • Name a better pairing than us, like PB and J. 
  • We are better than peanut butter and jelly because of how perfect we are. 
  • You look better with toast in your mouth. 
  • Your mouth would look so much better stuff. 
  • I can imagine stuffing your mouth in several ways. 
  • Your mouth is begging to be filled in a way, is it not?
  • I do hope you have the appetite for something other than food tonight.

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