127+ Romantic Pick-Up Lines to Win Over Your Loved One

If you are always dreaming of your crush and planning to take them out on a date, save the most romantic pick-up lines for yourself from this article.

That’s right, and this article is your go-to guide to becoming a master of flirting by generating many romantic pick-up lines.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to sweat it when we are here to help you in this venture. Put all the embarrassing average pick-up lines at bay and welcome the cheesiest ones with us! Happy reading!

Cheesy Romantic Pick-Up Line

Now when everyone is trying to be relaxed and charming, how about you go old school to throw the cheesiest pick-up line to your romantic interest? I could not get any sweeter! We have compiled the best cheesy pick-up lines for you to try.

I don’t think my feet can stand this cold for long. You have stripped me of my socks. 

If there was a competition between Hershey’s and you, you would be the winner in sweetness.

I am not very fond of donating organs while alive, but I will happily give my heart to you. 

I can work as well as Microsoft. I can crash at your home equally well. 

I have kept my wallet under my butt and sitting on it. Just in case you are wondering why I’m so tall. 

Soft things are often lonely. No wonder your lips are too. I think they could use my company.  

It has been a long time since I have had a crush on you. It’s been only an hour since I came here, but I saw you in my dreams even before that. 

Why did you steal all the blue from the sky for your eyes? The sky looks dull today. 

My parents love you and want to meet you as soon as possible. I can see the future. 

People are saying things behind your back, and I can’t even defend you. Because I agree when they say, “nice buns.” 

You don’t have to worry about being down, as I am here now. I will push you up. 

You must be in the UPS, right? I thought I saw you scrutinizing my package from across the corner. 

If we keep the fact aside that you are a full-time sexy person, what job do you do?

I like to fish, and I can catch any of them. But the only fish I want to see tonight is you. 

Excuse me, ma’am? It’s not okay that you are melting all the ice cubes in the freezer. Please stop raising the heat. 

Let me guess, and you have a magnifying glass in your pocket because I can see myself large and swollen in your pants. 

Sea lions are my favorite animals. I’ll see you lion my couch just a few hours from now.  

Cheesy Romantic Pick Up Line

Funny Romantic Pick-Up Line

Looking them straight in their eyes and being confident has no substitute. And to your advantage, no one is immune to the charm of being the funny guy or girl at the party. It has a cool quotient to it. Here we are with some of the best funny romantic pick-up lines you could use on your potential partner.

How come the sun came out at night? Oh, forgive me, it was only you beaming at me. 

Let me see what you are hiding underneath your dress. Let me see your angel wings. 

If you let me love you for the rest of my life, I promise to keep loving you with the circles I have. They are never-ending.

I can feel the sun hating on you from up there. Your shine is making the sun jealous. 

The only assignment I’m willing to work on is to keep loving you for an eternity. I can start right away if you allow me to.

Would you please touch my fingers for once? That way, I can say that an angel came from above and blessed me. 

Your bright smile causes the lunar eclipse. 

If you were in a field full of beautiful flowers, you would stand out.

The God is a deft craftsman; I mean, look at you. He must have been very proud of his creation. 

Here, take this rose. It told me that it had wanted to have a closer look at you to learn how to be beautiful.

So, do you know who the most beautiful woman in the world is? The second word is the answer. 

I have always been fond of stargazing until I met you. All the sparks of the starry night sky were there in your eyes. 

Trust me, and I wanted to compliment you on how breathtakingly beautiful you looked. But even your personality left me speechless. 

Ma’am, just in case you don’t know which way to go back to heaven, I would like you to wait at the church for me. 

Romantic Pick Up Line

Crazy Romantic Pick-Up Line

Nothing can outshine a crazy romantic pick-up line if the girl or guy you have set your eyes on is equally crazy! You two could vibe together all day, and we are here to celebrate your craziness. Try these crazy pick-up lines with your partner! 

I don’t want to deceive my diary by telling it a lie. But you kissed me today. Prove me right, please. 

It’s easy to say there is no one like you on this planet. But it’s also equally easy to say that no one is like you in this entire universe. 

I opened the thesaurus to look up the synonyms of the word pretty, and I found you there.

I live by the principle that honesty is the best policy. And if I’m being honest, you are my everything. 

I have an illness of forgetting things. But were you always this beautiful or just turned tonight?  

Excuse me, ma’am, how much do I have to pay for the subscription to your fan club.

Blink if you are interested in going out with me.

I can feel that you are guilty of a serious crime. Being overtly cute is a punishable offense.

Can you confirm if the word Happiness starts with U? Everyone has told me that it begins with an H.

I tried to write your name in the night sky, but clouds covered it. I tried to write your sweet name in the sand, and the waves removed it. But now that I have written your name in my heart. Nothing, and no one can take it away from me.  

You must be a great player in the “hide and seek” game. I swear I would never be able to find a girl like you in my life. 

If you ever feel like changing your name, let me call you by mine. 

I just received a call from cupid, and he is steadfast in not giving my heart back to me. 

I was not a thief before I walked into the bar tonight. But now I want to steal your heart away. 

You have left me with only one word worth uttering, fascinating. 

Crazy Romantic Pick Up Line

Flirty Romantic Pick-Up Lines for Her

Flirting is not just all about being suggestive. It is about being subtle and smooth at the same time. And very few people know how to be subtle while giving your love interest a hint of your passion for them. The best flirty romantic pick-up lines are right here before you! 

I have stopped taking solo pictures of mine because I can’t picture myself without you.

If someone gave me a dollar every time I saw you and blushed, I would have outshone Bill Gates. 

I have never seen a kinder soul than yours in my entire lifetime, and I don’t want to. 

You are the reason men fall in love.

I want to do a lot of things for you, like kissing your lips, hugging your body, and possessing your heart. 

There are seven wonders worldwide, and I have a dozen roses. Would you like to be the eighth wonder of the planet by being my girlfriend?

I can never tear my eyes apart from the sunsets. And you are even better than a sunset. What do you expect me to behave like? 

People wear make-up to look prettier. But you can’t look any more adorable, so you should avoid make-up. 

Trust me, and I prepared a pick-up line before walking up to you. But I forgot that after seeing you up this close. 

Could you do me a favor? Pray to God so that I can become one of the tears. I want to touch your cheeks and lips as they do.  

Baby, have you ever thought of signing up for the job of a compass? Because without you, I’m directionless.

I need no dictionary in my life other than you. You are the best one that adds significance to my life.

Rare Romantic Pick-Up Lines

Imagine some random guy, and you are both fighting for your crush’s attention. Now, something about your pick-up line should make you distinctive from the other one. We are here to help you find the rare romantic pick-up lines that can help you win the game! 

I never believed in love at first sight before meeting you. But now that I have seen you, would you marry me? 

Ma’am, please remove all those fine tags off of you; you are not a parking ticket.

I am a very religious man when it comes to praying daily to God. And I thank God for sending me the answers in your form. 

I’m not too fond of the alphabet as arranged in the book, but I love how u and I are together on the keyboard.

I am baffled about the material of my shirt. But you should know that I am boyfriend material.

Hey, you should not lose weight because you are perfect the way you are. I saw you running all day on my mind. 

I am not qualified to be a photographer. But when picturing you and me together, I’m the best one. 

Pardon me if I was staring at your face. I thought I was looking at an artwork. 

Do you know what is similar between a bank loan and you? Both of you have got my interest high. 

Please help me, and I have lost my mobile. Can you use yours to call my number? 

Hey, it was kind of rude of you to cause my drink to spill. Why did you have to look so beautiful?

Always use a compass while walking. Now it will be tough for you to get back to heaven. 

Sorry, I think you have stolen my heart, so you have two now. It is only fair if I keep yours with me.

Best Romantic Pick-Up Lines Ever

Ice-breaking conversations are crucial for anyone to get to the point of asking their crush out on a date. Preserve nothing but only the best romantic pick-up lines ever for those special occasions where you are about to approach your girl/guy romantically.

Let me give you a dare. If dinosaurs are extinct, kiss me right now. 

Are you a fan of Marvel? Because baby Yoda is the only girl I want to love!

I want to take you to a movie, but sadly, they don’t allow us to bring food inside. I would take you to the film, but they don’t let you get your snacks.

Why is the Eiffel Tower in Paris? It is pointless because I fell for you not in Paris, but right here at this bar which is not in Paris. 

I think I know you from somewhere, have I seen you? Oh, wait, you resemble the love of my life.

Beautiful Romantic Pick-Up Lines

It is not necessary to be the cool kid everywhere. If you are trying to win the affection of your crush, you might very well want to consider showing your sensitive side to them! And trust us on this, no one ever dislikes a thoughtful person. These beautiful romantic pick-up lines are best for expressing your softer side. 

I think you brighten my day up more than the sun does. Please eliminate all the other planets except for me. 

Would you like it if I covered your eyes with my hands right now? If not, why do you want me to live a life so dark? 

I am usually not a big fan of prisons, but if your heart were one, I would be happily imprisoned.

How funny would it be if a thief steals another thief’s belongings? Because I’m about to steal your heart now that you have stolen mine. 

I thought that the universe was the perfect creation of God. But now that I have seen you, I have second thoughts about my former opinion. 

I don’t want to live as if it were a broken pencil. Life without you is pointless anyway. 

If I had to die again and again to be with you for one life, I would never stop dying. 

Where am I? is this a dream or heaven? Because you are either unreal or an angel. 

Short Romantic Pick-Up Lines

It would not take long for you to yell a short, sweet pick-up line out to your crush. But the short romantic pick-up line can go a long way and be helpful! Find these short pick-up lines listed below to impress your crush right away. 

So, ma’am, now that I’m here, please tell me about your other two wishes.  

Hey, do you remember me? You came to visit me in my dream last night! 

Is there any surgery to make one cross-eyed? Because I want to look at you in whichever direction I look.

You and I can take on the world if we wish to. Dating is an easy task. 

I went to this fortune-teller yesterday, and he said that I would be looking at you for the rest of my life every day after waking up.

Hey, I need you to call the ambulance quickly. I think my heart is failing after seeing you. 

There’s nothing that can keep me away from you. A non-sense 12-hour time gap is not even a problem. 

Do you have doubts in your mind regarding me? I am good at calming; should I pat on your back? 

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