100+ Best Rejection Pick-Up Lines

There is nothing worse than getting rejected by someone that you like. It is no less than a nightmare. It leads to self-doubt and anxiety. Sometimes rejection can be very hard to handle and deal with, but it’s not the end of your life.

There is always a correct way to deal with such confrontations. The first thought that usually comes to mind after being rejected is what are the reasons behind getting rejected. Below are some of our rare and crazy rejection Pick-up lines and comebacks for situations that you never thought you’d be in.

A creepy guy that you saw at a bar or a girl who can’t stop asking you for drinks, you can avoid it all if you try these witty comebacks. 

Rejection Pick-Up Lines

  • Pick-up line:- Your dad must be a baker because you have got nice buns. 

Comeback:- is your dad a plumber because you look like a piece of shit. 

  • Pick-up line:- I am good at pleasing a woman.

Comeback:- then please, you must leave me alone if you want to leave me alone.

  • Pick-up line:- I have a girlfriend. 

Comeback:- well, that is going to be a really short conversation 

  • Pick-up line:- do you want to sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that comes up?

Comeback:- well, that’s going to be a really short conversation 

  •  Pick-up line:- where have you been all this time? 

        Comeback:- I wasn’t born yet

  • Pick-up line:- it must have hurt when you fell from heaven

       Comeback:- no, not as much as this conversation is hurting me. 

  • Pick-up line:- I am sorry, but you look very familiar. 

       Comeback:- yes, we met at the family reunion. 

  • Pick-up line:- I would look so good on you; you have no idea. 

       Comeback line:- Do you know what would look good on you? Nothing. 

  • Pick-up line:- I am very capable of making you happy.

Comeback:- ok, wait, why are you leaving? 

  • Pick-up line:- let me help you with that box. 

Comeback:- it is fine; bones are so much light to carry. 

  • Pick-up lines:- do you have a compass? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes. 

Comeback:- no, but you are on the right track of getting lost. 

  • Pick-up lines:- what are you looking at? 

Comeback:- something very ugly.

  • Pick-up lines:- I’d be so happy seeing you naked.

Comeback:- I’d probably die laughing seeing you naked.

  • Pick-up line:- can I get your name and number? 

Comeback:- why don’t you have your name and number?

  • Pick-up line:- do you wish to dance? 

Comeback:- no, I don’t want to

  • Line:- I think you have misheard me because I said you look fat in those pants. 
  • Pick-up line:- is it you, or is it hot here? 

         Comeback:- it is the weather. 

  • Pick-up line:- how do you prefer your eggs in the morning? 

Comeback:- I prefer them unfertilized. 

Line:- not an issue because I’d love to withdraw onto your face. 

  • Pick-up line:- so, what have you been doing for a living? 

Comeback:- I am a female impersonator. 

  • Pick-up line:- you know you are the reason behind men falling in love. 

Comeback:- Thank you, and you must be why women don’t fall in love. 

  • Pick-up line:- what would be your answer if I asked you to marry me? 

Comeback:- I would laugh at your face.

  • Pick-up line:- I think we went on a date once or twice. 

Comeback:- Only once; I never repeat my mistakes. 

  • Pick-up line:- I think I have seen you someplace before. 

Comeback:- yes, that’s why I don’t go there anymore.

  • Pick-up line:- I am all yours and decided to give myself to you. 

Comeback:- sorry, but cheap gifts don’t match my vibe. 

  • Pick-up line:- I am ready to go to the end of the world just for you. 

Comeback: Oh my god, you would always stay there. 

  • Pick-up Line:- hey, we are both at this bar for the same reasons 

Comeback:- yeah, you love picking up chicks. 

  • Pick-up line:- I think it is fate that brought us together. 

Comeback:- no, it was just plain stupidity. 

  •  As you know, I am a photographer, but it’s difficult for me to picture us together.
  • Pick-up line:- hi baby, what is your moon sign? 

Comeback:-please, do not enter. 

  • Pick-up line:- if I could rearrange some alphabets, I would always put U and I together. 

Comeback:- they got it right when they put N and O together. 

  • Pick-up line:- so sad to inform you that I have lost my number. Can I have yours? 

Comeback:- sure, write it down 911-8473 

  • Pick-up line:- your face always turns a few heads 

Comeback:- It is the opposite with you because it always turns a few stomachs. 

  • Pick-up line:- is someone sitting over here, or is it empty? 

Comeback:- yes, it will be if you decide to sit over here. 

  • Pick-up line:- it must have hurt when you fell from heaven. 

Comeback:- no, but I hurt my knees a couple of times while crawling up from hell. 

  • Pick-up line:- baby, your body is no less than a wonderland. 

Comeback:- that’s so funny because yours is a complete wasteland. 

  • Pick-up line:- I am a very talented photographer and have been searching for a face like yours. 

Comeback:- I am a plastic surgeon, and I’d love to work on your face.

  • Pick-up lines:- your body is like a church. 

Comeback:- sorry, but there are no services for today. 

  • Pick-up line:-you know a quickie will have you and me together. 

Comeback:- too sad because ugly starts with you. 

  •  Pick-up line:- I have a boyfriend. 

Comeback:- that’s great; let us be friends then.

  • Pick-up line:- it must have hurt when you fell from heaven. 

Comeback:- no, not badly, as this conversation is hurting me right now. 

  • Pick-up line:- I think I will make you very happy. 

Comeback:- why are you thinking about leaving? 

  • Pick-up line:- Are you free tonight?

Comeback:- no, I am way too expensive for you. 

Comeback:- no, they are from prison, and I would like to escape. 

  •  Pick-up line:- Are you from Jamaica? Because Jamaican me crazy. 

Comeback:- no, I am Finnish and about to finish this conversation.

  • You look a little too clingy and hard to maintain a relationship with. 
  • Pick-up line:- do you know how to practice CPR? Because you keep taking my breath away. 

Comeback:- no, but I know how to perform karate. Shall I start?

  • Pick-up line:- why don’t we get wasted and make some regretful decisions? 

Comeback:- it looks like you already the regretful decision of your parents. 

  • Pick-up line:- what is an amazing girl like you doing in such a terrible place like this?

Comeback:- I was about to ask you the same thing, and once you decide to leave, this place won’t be terrible. 

  • Pick-up line:- do you believe in love at first sight, or should I come back? 

Comeback:- please move ahead. I, anyways, had to practice hitting on a walking target. 

  • Pick-up line:- do you remember when we used to take classes together? We had some chemistry. 

                Comeback:- I think we took history together. And your existence in my life is just like history. 

  • Pick-up line:- are you a magician because you seem magical? 

Comeback:- yes, now watch me while I disappear. 

  • Pick-up line:- can you help me with the directions? Because I keep getting lost in those eyes. 

Comeback:- no, I don’t. So why don’t you think of just getting lost?

  • Pick-up line:- does this smell like chloroform to you? 

Comeback:- no, but you smell like someone too desperate. 

  • Pick-up line:- you know you look like my next girlfriend.

Comeback:- You look like someone I will turn down in a few seconds. 

  •  Pick-up line:- your legs must be hurting from running through my mind all day. 

Comeback:- no, but I get tired of turning down such clingy Pick-up lines like that all the time. 

  • Pick-up line:- You must be from Tennessee because you are the only ten I want to see. 

Comeback:- You must be from Istanbul because you sound like a real turkey. 

  • Pick-up line:- I just googled “goddess,” and your picture came up. 

Comeback:- you will get somewhat the same result if you search for “not interested.” 

  • When I started to get to know you, I knew I would try my best to avoid you. 
  • Did you land on your face when you fell from heaven? 
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you look a lot like an inbred. 
  • Is your name trigonometry? Because you are making me cry.
  • Can you talk to Santa? Because you are not what I asked for this Christmas. 
  • Your parents must be prepared since you are so special. 
  • I know you wear Nike, but I still won’t do it.
  • You are my sun, so you should stay 93 million miles away from me. 
  • Is your name Calculus? Because I am genuinely not interested in doing you. 
  • You are a red flag, and you must stop. 
  • Beauty doesn’t run in your family.
  • Are you a banker? Because you have to leave me a loan. 
  • Are you a red light? Because your existence must come to a halt. 
  • I can tolerate anything in life but not you. 
  • You are so ugly that I dropped my drink; now, you owe me one. 
  • Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? It’s less than your weight. 
  • You look like a snack because everyone has been eating you for fun. 
  • You sound just like a fire alarm. Very loud and annoying. 
  • You and Satan are very alike because both of you fell from hell. 
  • Are you pi? Because you are being very irrational right now, and this conversation is just going in circles. 
  • Are you an alarm clock? Because I want to throw you away. 
  • Are you a lawyer? Because I am going to avoid you at all costs. 
  • Hey, you keep dropping something, and they are my standards. 
  • You remind me very much of my sister. 
  • Your face is very capable of taking a punch. 
  • Are you a mosquito because you are so irritating? 
  • You are that which everyone keeps a count on.
  • My feelings for you are just like all those stars in the sky. All of them are probably long dead. 
  • I always think of you when I see kites flying in the sky because, just like them, you are only beautiful while being at a distance. 
  • You are just like a fast food meal. Extra large. 
  • I think I have seen you on TV. Oh, yes, it was an animal planet. 
  • I wouldn’t care enough if we were dead or alive. 
  • It looks like you are missing some of your teeth. Is it because you are from Tennessee? 
  • I know karate. Would your crotch love a demonstration? 
  • You can buy me anything, but only if you buy it for my boyfriend. 
  • Just walk away. 
  •  Pick-up line:- Are those pants from space? Because your ass is just out of this world.

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