135+ Raccoon Pickup Lines for a Wild Romance

Below is a collection of slick and dirty raccoon pickup lines and opening pinnacles that work better as Tinder opener lines.

Do try these and let us know how you like them.

Cheesy Raccoon Pickup Lines

Try these Cheesy Raccoon Pickup Lines for fun purposes.

Hey, baby are you a raccoon? ‘Cause I’m an asshole, but I think you’ll still like me.

are you trash? Because you seem to be picked up on the street only once a week.

Are you a herd of trench-her-coat-wearing raccoons pretending to be girls on her Tinder? I’m not going to be depressed again, you garbage bandits of catfish fishing.

If I were a raccoon… I would choose you for my trash can.

Are you an adorable South American member of the raccoon family? Because you are so cute!

Girl, are you trash? I feel like a raccoon tonight

If I were a raccoon… I would choose you for my trash can.

Hello, I’m Tom. I have a raccoon on my head.

What kind of car does the raccoon drive?

What did the grapes say when the raccoon stood on them? There is nothing. Only a little wine left.

Why was the raccoon sleeping under the car? Because he wanted to wake up in oil.

Why did the raccoon cross the road? To prove to the possum that it can be done!

Is it a cat because it purrs?

are you a great white shark? Because it looks like it’s trying to devour me whole. are you a shark

Are you a sheep because your body is out of reach?

Are you a termite? Because soon your mouth will be full of wood.

Are you a unicorn because you’re my fantasy?

are you from Narnia because you make my lion roar

Are you the Energizer Bunny because you keep running through my head?

Are your other asses jealous because it’s a great ass?

Short Raccoon Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Short Raccoon Pickup Lines that will impress everybody.

Baby, you’re cuter than a shelter puppy because I want to take you home!

Baby, you’re a tree and I’ll wrap you up like a koala

Baby, you look like a championship base I don’t know if I will ride you or eat you!

May I borrow your cell phone? I just saw a fox and I have to call animal welfare!

Did I ever say I’m a Navy SEAL?

Did you grow up on a chicken farm? (NO) I heard you’re good at raising dicks!

Is it treated like a chicken because you’re good at cocks?

Do you have bug spray I have butterflies in my stomach

Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? (No) neither do I, but enough to break the ice, hello my name is…..

Do you know what a timber wolf is? No. This is a guy who chases a girl up a tree and kisses her between her limbs.

Do you like bald eagles? (Yeah why) Then ride on!

You’re in my splash zone, so do you love Seaworld?

Do you raise chickens? because you raise my dick.

When you get down on all fours and put your head in your mouth.

Does your father have a pet owl? because you are a cry

I like sushi, so does your cat smell like fish?

Excuse me, do you like whales? (yes, for some reason) because I thought you could ‘bump’ at my place.

Hey, baby, It’s the future role of the future prince.

Girl, you’re like a trophy base. I don’t know if it eats you or mounts you.

If you were a camel, I would fuck you!

Rare Raccoon Pickup LInes

These Rare Raccoon Pickup LInes are something way better than the ordinary Pickup Lines. So try it.

Girls are perfect if you were a chicken.

If you were a dinosaur you would be a gorgeous aureus

Girls, you can play in the zoo…and you can tame my monkey.

Big polar bear (What does she say?) He broke the ice!

Have you ever kissed a bunny between its ears? (Turns pocket inside out…) Are you sure?

Have you ever milked a cow? You also need a bucket for that.

Hey baby did you know they call me Yogi Bear?

Hey baby, do you want to play with a lion? all right. Get down on your knees and throw the meat.

Hey girl I heard you like snakes so blow my snake

Hey, are you a purebred? I got a Russian Blue Hey girl, where have you been all my life?

Hi, I’m a bird watcher looking for a big-breasted bed slasher. do you know where I can find it?

I heard you’re interested in dinosaurs… well, I’m a Lycarotopheus

I’m not a rooster but see what this rooster does to you

I am the flower, you are the bee. Won’t you take some sweet pollen from me? If I take you home, will you protect me?

If I were a squirrel, I would throw a nut into your hole!

If I were a dog, would you help me bury my bones?

If I were a rabbit, I would jump into your hole!

If you and I were squirrels, could you pop a nut in your hole?

If you were a farmer, I’d let my chickens open their mouths

If you were an aquarium, you would surely!

Funny Raccoon Pickup Lines

These Funny Raccoon Pickup Lines are so cool that you will end up impressing everybody.

If you were a sheep, I would clone you

Are those shirts (pants) obsessed with camel skin? (No, why?) Because I noticed the unevenness!

It’s hunting season and foxes shouldn’t be outdoors.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right? Life is a jungle, come to you and fuck like an animal!

my cat is dead Can I play with your pussy instead?

My cock is like catnip. It will drive cougars crazy like you.

Nice camel….(looks down then up)…do you want to hump?

I heard you like snakes…I have one called “Pants Snake”.

Someone told me that you like owls. You will love that the owl puts its tail on you.

Put me in the stupid bin because you drive me crazy.

There is much fish in the sea, but you are the only one who wants to catch and climb at home

They call me Cat Whisperer because I know exactly what cats need.

Early risers are said to catch worms, but you can show up at any time and still get a bite.

You are a screaming mom!

You must be in my backyard because I’m really into you.

Want to see a donkey show? You’re like a prize-winning fish… I don’t know if it eats you or mounts you.

Your chest must be sand because I want to put my head in it

Somehow you are always in my heart.

I like your (insert clothes) can I talk

Your hand seems heavy Can I hold it for you?

Quick Raccoon Pickup Lines

Try these Quick Raccoon Pickup lines and you and your friends will love it for sure.

If being gorgeous is a crime, I have to charge you.

I’m lost in your sight, so can I borrow your card? do you have a pencil I want to erase the past and start the future with you?

You are so perfect that you give me a reason for the sun to shine every day.

We all know you just fell out of there, so tell us what heaven is like.

I’m telling you now You make me want to be a better person. I know what heaven is like when I look at you, so I can die a happy man now.

My mother said her life is like a slot machine.

You are on tonight’s to-do list.

Are you a sea lion ’cause I can see you in my bed tonight

My nickname is plate. I’m very good at math, so let’s add a bed, take off our clothes, split our legs and multiply.

I am an archaeologist. Do you have a big bone you want me to examine?

Quick Crystal Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Quick crystal pickup lines that you must try.

My doctor said I have a vitamin D deficiency. Do you want to go back and fix this? I’m like a snowflake:

Beautiful, unique, one touch and you will feel how wet I am.

Can you poke my navel from the inside?

I am training to be an astronaut and my first mission is to explore Uranus.

Will you kiss me in the rain? I want to get twice as wet. I want to eat chicken, do you have it? No? what about the tail

Let’s do some carpentry work so I can nail you down.

There are 206 human bones, but I want 207. If I can swap the alphabet, I’ll place you between F and CK.

Are your feet tired? As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.

Best Raccoon Pickup Lines

Try these Best Raccoon Pickup Lines and be that cool guy in the class.

If you were a balloon, I would completely inflate you.

I want to get down on my knees and show you the best donut smile. I’m no weather forecaster, but I expect a few more inches tonight.

Are you a firefighter ’cause you make me hot and you make me wet

Don’t let this come to mind. But do you want anything?

If you were in an elevator, which button would you press to get off? The only reason I throw you out of bed is to fuck you on the floor.

I want to kiss your luscious lips…and your face.

I’m a tortilla, I want you to flip it over and eat it.

That shirt looks great on you. If I was with you, I would come too.

I’m not a fan of sunsets, but I would love to see you go down.

If I were you, I would have sex with you.

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