181+ Clever Question Pickup Lines to Master the Art of Flirting

Before moving, you better know who you are going on a date with. But asking questions back to back may sound annoying as the other person might not be comfortable answering.

So for situations like this, you can try question pickup lines with them so they can laugh at them and answer the questions without thinking.

This would also make them feel comfortable. Try them at the time when you are out of words. 

Cheesy Question Pickup Lines

Chatting with someone you like or want to date is always exciting. Asking them questions and knowing every detail about them becomes our hobby.

Well, here we are for you, with some cheesy question pickup lines that you can try with your partner, to know them better. 

You have a good body; can’t you hold it against me?

You must be Bi. Cause I wanna Bi yours.

You must magician, cause the way you control me; nobody else can do it.

You must be a Youtuber cause I want to subscribe to you for a lifetime.

You must be got injured, falling from heaven.

You must be Cat, cause you are just purrfect.

I don’t think you ever got tired cause you run on my mind all day effortlessly. 

I’m going for a jog, could you hold my hand?

You must be a box of chocolate cause when it’s open; I just can’t get satisfaction with one.

You look heavy and tired. Should I hold you?

Flirty Question Pickup Lines

To make your relationship successful, it is always better to know about the person and then take a step.

This would not only help you to start a conversation but can also make an excellent start to your relationship.

So, don’t miss this chance and try these flirty question pickup lines right now!

You must be a debt cause you got my interest.

Are you a flower? Cause you smell beautiful.

Are you a Triangle? Cause you look acute-ie.

You look weak; you must be suffering from Vitamin Me.

I’m a 9, and you are the one you lack.

Are you a Potterhead? Cause I want to cast a love spell on you.

Your dad must be a ring champion because you are a complete knockout.

You look lonely. Do you want my company tonight?

Your lips look dry; do you want me to moisturize them for you?

You must have two hearts cause you just stole mine.

Rare Question Pickup Lines

“How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had in the past?” “What are your hobbies?” Too dull, right?

Nobody would like to answer these questions on the first date. So instead, bring, put some effort and ask some rare questions from them using these pickup lines.

I should turn on my GPS cause I guess I’m going to get lost in these eyes.

Can you grab my fingers so I can flaunt that an angel has touched me?

Forget about Christmas gifts; I just want you every time.

Do you know your body is made up of 65% water, and I’m 100% thirsty? Can I take a sip?

Can you apply a Band-Aid to my knee? Cause I just injured myself falling for you.

I think there is some connection between us. But, oh, sorry, you look a lot like my future date.

They say Disney Land is the best play for happiness; I guess they have never been standing next to you.

You look cool. Do you want me to be your blanket?

Who gave you a driving license to drive me crazy?

My mood was slightly off today, but you just turned me on; thanks.

Best Question Pickup Lines

Who doesn’t wants to make their current date the best? But somehow, most of the time, we end up regretting that I wish I have not asked that question, right?

It happens with everyone. Don’t worry; you are lucky; you can read these best question pickup lines and try them on your date.

God must be regretting cause he had sent such a beautiful angel on earth.

Your name is good, but it would sound better with my surname.

Can I follow you to your home? Cause everyone says Follow your dreams.

My Cellphone is trash if it doesn’t have my number.

I guess I lost my phone, can you give me your number?

I guess, can you give me direction, to come out of your beautiful eyes?

Are you Google? Cause you have answers to all my questions.

Are you Harry Potter? Cause you are The Chosen One for me?

I’m writing a book about you. It’s a phone book. Can you give me your number to fill it out?

Are you from England? Cause you are like a queen to me.

Short Question Pickup Lines

Are you planning to go on a date this weekend? You might be nervous about what to talk about and how to start a conversation.

Don’t fear when we are here. We have a few short question pickup lines for you that you can use as text messages or even start conversations.

You must be working at an Airport, cause my heart is taking off.

I’m researching the most beautiful things in the universe. Can you be my sample?

Can I stalk your Instagram? I just want to show those pictures to my family.

Without you, my life is pointless, like a broken pencil.

I don’t think the alphabet is arranged in the correct order. For example, u and I should be placed together.

Am I in a museum right now? Cause you are indeed an art piece.

Do you live in a garden? Cause you look no less than a flower.

Are you made of chocolates? Cause you are so sweet.

If I” ll kiss you, I can have diabetes cause you are extra sweet.

I may not be good at holding tears, but I can hold your hand for a lifetime.

Good Chat up Question Pickup Lines

Conversations on a date may get awkward sometimes, mainly when you don’t know much about the person next to you.

To avoid such conditions, you better understand every detail of your date. Try these good chat-up question pick-up lines and ask them whatever you want, but not casually.

Do you have a Celebrity Crush? Or are you just like me?

Love, at first sight, doesn’t exist. So, let’s meet every day. 

I’m not a mathematician, but I will keep your Numbers with me forever.

Hello, I’m here from you, do you have any other wishes?

My name is Microsoft. Can I crash on your PC?

Your surname must be Tower, cause Eiffel is something for you.

My phone is not working well; it doesn’t have your number.

Must you be a Transformer? Because you look Optimus Fine!

I want to be Cross-eyed so that I can see you twice.

I just realized I’m a secret time traveler because I saw you in my future.

Awesome Question Pickup Lines

Everyone likes it when you ask them questions about their life. It feels like they are interested to know about you.

That means you can make your date feel special by asking more questions but let’s make it a bit more interesting. You are using fantastic question pickup lines. 

Do you study at Hogwarts? Cause you look magical.

Can you check my eyes? I think they are not well, cause I can’t take time off you.

Are you a Cardiologist? Cause you are treating my heart right.

We must not be socks, but we make a good pair.

Are you Lily? Cause I want to be your James, so we can produce magicians like Harry Potter.

Do you invent Airplanes in your free time? Cause you look Wright to me.

It must be challenging to shine brighter than the Sun every day, right?

Is it morning, or did you just smile at me?

You are so distracting that even a lens can’t focus on you.

 I don’t watch Star Wars, but I know Yoda one for me.

Funny Question Pickup Lines

If you can make her laugh, that means she is comfortable with you, and if she’s comfortable, you might end up winning her heart and attention as well.

So, just make sure you will sue these funny question pickup lines to make them happy. 

You are .. (pause). I’m sorry, you are just so pretty that I just forgot my pickup line.

You must be a Businesswoman. Cause first, you took away my breath and then attracted people so that they could ask for CPR.

You should start printing maps because people will ask for them every time they get lost in your eyes.

I don’t have to switch on the lights; my room shines bright as soon as you have entered.

What are the Physical Features you like in me? “Sorry?” Oh, okay, you want the whole me.

I don’t believe in Love at first sight, so I think we should plan dates frequently.

What is your favorite place to go? “Why?” Cause I want to take you on a date. 

Do you know turning on a switch and turning on me are similar; you just have to touch it?

I don’t believe in the idea of a soulmate, so for now, let’s just go for a movie date.

You may not be a Celebrity, but still, I have a huge crush on you.

Super Cheesy Question Pickup Lines

There is nothing better than asking a girl about herself on a date that you can do to make her feel special.

Instead of you directly asking uninteresting questions, you can try these super cheesy question pickup lines and can start an exciting conversation. 

Would you like to eat out? Or do you just want to eat me in the bedroom?

Do you know you drive me crazy every time I meet you?

Did anyone tell you that you look prettier than any angel?

You were smiling while sleeping last night. Did you think about us?

Do you have any particular type of guys, or are you just like me?

If Love at first sight exists, then I think I’m in love with you.

Can I know more about you, or do you want me to wait for things to happen?

You make me smile every time? Do you want a kiss as a return gift?

I have heard that you like rides, well, do you want to go on an adventure tonight?

Is the seat in my heart taken, or can I take it? 

Catchy Question Pickup Lines

Asking a girl for a date could be exciting and uncomfortable sometimes, especially when you have no idea How to start.

Wait, are you also in a similar situation? Don’t fear; we heard you. Just try these catchy question pickup lines and create a good conversation. 

What is your turn-on? Might it help me in the future?

Do you know what a perfect weekend is for me? Sleeping next to you for the whole day.

Do I know you? Oh sorry! You look exactly like my goals.

What are your hobbies? Except for getting kisses from me.

I want to share a secret with you. I like you.

Black looks okay, but you would look much better on me.

Are you Harry? Cause you got good Style, and I like that.

What do you on free time, except hypnotize boys with your beautiful eyes?

What do you like to eat? I’m asking so that I can prepare that for you on our first date.

If someone asks me to describe a perfect date in a word, I would say your name.

Crazy Question Pickup Lines

It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 25; first dates are always full of nervousness and excitement. We want to be our best on that one day.

So, after getting ready, what is the next thing you do? Practicing the conversation starter in front of the mirror? What to talk about?

Here we have a list of crazy question pickup lines you can use on your first date.

I don’t want to go out for dinner. I just want to eat you tonight.

Do you want to go out for a party, or are you just satisfied with my cuddles?

I have heard you like to go on adventures. Wanna try a high ride tonight?

Except for me, what else do you want in your Christmas Gift?

Do you have any secret Talent, or do you want me to explore something for you?

Do you like French Kissing? What about trying it right now?

What do you like the most on a date? The food, the place, or just me?

What are your dreams? Except being mine in the future.

Have you ever experienced how it feels like to be kissed? 

What is the best time for you for a cuddly date?

Quick Question Pickup Lines

Everyone likes it when someone asks you questions about your life. Questions like, “How’s your day?” make us feel special.

It feels like the next person is interested in us. You can use this fact to win your crush’s heart on the first date only.

Do you what are your top three qualities that I like? Your Eyes, Lips, and Neck.

Have you ever imagined kissing me? “No” Okay, then let me kiss you first.

What is your fear? Despite losing myself.

Have you ever been on date night? Or do you want to experience it with me?

I have no issues with taking the first step, but I would like it if you” ll start. 

When will you kiss me? So that I can note the time of the most memorable moment of my life.

If I” ll approach you, will your answer be yes? Or should I kidnap you? 

Have you ever received dirty text messages? If not, can I send you one? 

What do you like, more kisses or hugs? Well, I can do both for you.

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